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Jan 1, 1970


FADEIN: 'COCKY' CRAIG MILES standing in front of the INTRUDER backdrop. "HPI," "MIA," and "THIRD ROW INC." flash every five seconds. MILES has his Unified Tag Title strap slain across his shoulder and his signature Newport cigarette dangling from his lip. A puff of smoke fires out of his nose as MILES stares at the camera stone-faced. His shades are on top of his head, so you can see his eyes staring at the camera...

MILES: "Never let it be said that Shane Southern isn't a hypocrite when it comes to opening his mouth."

MILES smirks as another puff of smoke is exhaled...

MILES: "Y'know for someone that wanted leave Boston IN Boston, you seem to like that place as a background and TOTAL basis on what's about to happen here. Guess what Shane? This AIN'T Boston. I don't have to worry about any business, but the business IN the ring. You want to base Craig Miles' ring performance on what happens in Boston? (laughs) You may want to start putting a disclaimer on your promos, Shane. 'The views of Shane Southern are subject to change whenever he feels himself being backed into a corner by a much superior intellect than his own.' Listen Southern, I feel like I'm dealing with a little kid. Ooooooooh - you couldn't beat Bloodhunt, YOU SUCK. (MILES rolls his eyes) Shane, we both KNOW why I didn't 'BEAT' him. And we both know that YOU haven't beaten him either, so it's really just a mute point. Instead, why don't we try and focus on the situation at hand. 'Cause it seems like you NEED help with this."

MILES pulls his cigarette out of his mouth and flicks it to the ground.

MILES: "Maybe I've overestimated you. Maybe the ONLY thing you've got going for you is the wrestling skills you possess - 'cause over the last week, not only have you gone back on EVERYTHING you've said...(MILES pauses and smirks) but you've looked like a GODDAMN (BLEEP!)HOLE doing it. Read the sign on the backdrop, Shane - SEE-ESS-DUBYA-AY. Read the state signs on the road this weekend, too! FLOR-I-DUHHHHHH. I mean where are you going with all of this, Shane? (mocks Southern's accent) Damn Mahles, you ain't nuttin' but some washed up, hackin', waste of talent that I just don't seem to get. But make no mistake, we're gunna leave Boston in Boston - even though that's jus' about everythin' I'll be talkin' about. Oh yeah...(MILES smacks his head) the Party's Over - WHOO! (MILES rolls his eyes and out of accent mode) And then I'm NOT a waste of talent, but it's my time on camera that takes away from my ability. Yet, you're on camera THREE TIMES as much as me these days. Then even though I have all this talent, I've never faced ANYONE like Shane Southern before. BUT HOLD ON - I've been in and out of the CSWA for TEN YEARS - you know the league you've called yourself LUCKY to be in. Shane, honestly...What the HELL does ANY of this have to do with our match? It don't matter if I cut some good 'ol boy SH(BLEEP!) or if I wanna crack on your MOMMA, 'cause once we're in the ring - all that SH(BLEEP!) don't mean a damn thing. JUST LIKE BOSTON."

MILES pulls out a Newport and lights it.

MILES: "I'm not one to come out here and tell EVERY opponent I've got that I'm the best there ever was, the best there is or the best there ever will be...and end it with some silly catchphrase EVERY time to pay homage to a hometown I spend ten percent of my life in. You know why? 'Cause I'd shoot myself in the brain to end the horrible monotony of my life. Shane, the more you want to try and discount whatever Craig Miles is about just 'cause you don't like his personality only makes you look WORSE. You think you're that HOT SH(BLEEP!)? You don't think Craig Miles has walked into the ring with such (quotes the air) TALENT as Shane Southern? I'd watch out for all pins and needles this weekend, Shane - 'cause your head certainly has ballooned into one giant heap of HOT AIR. Southern, I've been in THIS league longer than you and I've faced the HORNETS, the ADLERS and the WINDHAMS all in their PRIMES. I've trained with MIKE RANDALLS. Don't tell me about the FU(BLEEP!)IN' talent YOU'VE got. I've been thrown into the ring against the ARMED FORCES all by my lonesome self. That's EIGHT HUNDRED pounds of pure MALICE, and I'm supposed to be in AWE of your talent? PUH-LEEEEEESE - you aren't anything, but someone with a VERY large ego."

MILES blows out a smoke ring and smiles...

MILES: "But that's alright, Shane. The INTRUDERS are all about being confident. Hell, what's my nickname again? (MILES winks at the camera) You're like a young version of myself, Shane - and that's why the offer still stands. Like I've said, you don't have to change anything about yourself and I don't expect you to come out drinking with the crew after the show. All I'm offering is a bomb shelter from the massive BLITZKRIEG that will be fired down on the CSWA. That United States title lies safely, Shane - but if you choose to fight for the bureacracy that holds the I's down...than that title becomes a target. I've already resigned myself to the fact that after Primetime you'll be as stubborn as ever about this proposal. I'll just warn you this ONE time, Shane - you make a move over your head...such as trying to take out the I's...then it becomes PERSONAL. And don't for a minute think that what you've got in BOSTON will stop me from giving the green light to the rest of the crew to light your A(BLEEP!) UP."

FTB as MILES smirks and exhales smoke into the camera...

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