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Feb 24, 2009
Santa Monica
Handler Information

Name: Aaron Stewart
Email Address: aaron.stewart@hotmail.com
Best Way to Contact You: Forums and Email.
eWrestling Experience: Defiance, Wrestle Coast Cascadia, NWC, CAL, WfWA, NeWA, Ultratitle(Sweet Sixteen), Something else I’m sure I’m forgetting.
How did you find DEFIANCE? I went to my favorites tab.

Writing Sample:
The most recent thing in my google docs I'm one hundred percent certain I participated in writing. I have better older examples. But they have more spelling and grammar errors than I am comfortable showing off. You can always look at UltraTitle for those types of winding monologues.

[There is a kiddie-pool. The super cheap plastic sort, with soft blue coloring. There are no luxuries such as a slide. This is a ten dollar pool. It is filled to the brim with baby oil and Rich Mahogany. Meanwhile, Dapper Don Hollywood is tanning under the yellow sun of a stolen lamp next to him, foil board held around his neck to maximize coverage. Note: The soft white light of the 45 watt energy-saver bulb is doing absolutely nothing for Don’s tan.]

[Knock. Knock. Knock.]

[Before either man can answer. The Door Bursts open. Pete Whealdon is standing in it’s frame. Sunglasses smudges, Bandana a more worn down shade of pink. His skin tight shorts grimier. His Mesh Hoodie with larger holes. His Cigarette is no longer American Spirit. In his hands, he has a fedora. Likely absconded, and sensible looking.]

Pete Whealdon:
They say when a man bails on his partner. His tag team partner, there had better be a good reason. A good damn reason.

And Rich, I know I’m a man who can apologize, man to man..s

[Whealdon stroked his mustache with regret]

Pete Whealdon:
Daddy, I’ve come to you with a hat in my hand.

[Whealdon motions to the hat]

Pete Whealdon:
To tell you that, When EPW went down. I had the Clap. And Man to Men, we all know how long and hard it is to work back from the Clap.

[Mr. Morning After turns the page of his Penthouse Forum magazine.]

Rich Mahogany:
Mr. Hollywood, would you tell the finely mustachioed gentleman here that the Rich-man understands, and even knows first hand that there is a cream for that. I could have let him borrow some. That thing in The Empire though, that was BAD HOODOO.

[To his credit, Dapper Don is paying zero attention.]

Don Hollywood:

Pete Whealdon:
Mr. Hollywood, would you tell Rich Man here that we’re talking the ACL of Crotch Rot? It required more than cream, it required a full stint in rehab, and Daddy, While I was in rehab, in an unrelated incident, I blew my wrist out… doing some heavy lifting.

[Dapper Don snores loudly. Rich dog-ears his page and looks up at his erstwhile partner in SHENANIGANZ~!]

Rich Mahogany:
Seriously? Like, SRS BSNS seriously? Ya wouldn’t lie to a brother, would’ja?

[Again motioning to the hat.]

Pete Whealdon:
Rich there comes a time in a man’s life when he has to look long and hard at what he wants to pull out of life, and Daddy, I would never lie to the one man DP!

[Rich contemplates, absently rubbing oil into his skin.]

Rich Mahogany:
I’ll tell you what.

[Pete’s eyes perk up.]

Rich Mahogany:
You get rid of that ridiculous hat, and you find us a place to work that is dumb enough to run a trios division, and I’ll put in a good word for you with Dapper Don here about getting you properly inducted into the Angel City eXpress!

[The hat is launched into the hallway.]

Pete Whealdon:
Daddy, I know just the rubes! It’s the great place, you’ll love it, it’s called DEFIANCE~! As a matter of fact, you already work there! Further still, we’re on tour with them in Europe right now, AS WE SPEAK!

[Rich nods, then launches his Forum into the still snoozing Don Hollywood.]

Rich Mahogany:
Hey, DON-HO! Remember how you were telling me that if we were a trio we could go after the World Trios Titles and how I should forgive Pete for that thing and give him a call and see if he wanted to hook up and win some gold while we’re busy mackin’ hoes? Well he’s here. We’re doing that. That is a thing that is happening now.


Ring Name: Ishimaru Masato (石丸聖人)
Height: 5’8
Weight: 194

Hailing From:Nagoya, Japan

Gimmick: Basic gimmick is Japanese hardcore wrestler who listens to crusty punk(which more influences his look than anything else.)I don’t want to pin down too much, just to see how things evolve. This is flexible enough that he can be in a trios with a couple of other dudes. Or run solo if need be. Really the general look and Brawling style is the gimmick.

Wrestling Style:Modern Japanese Ultraviolent. In the tradition of BJW more mobile and able to string together a few reasonable moves between gore bumps.

Three Weaknesses:Size- Masato is not going to overpower anyone. Or confuse anyone into thinking he is going to overpower anyoneOverall Wrestling ability- While perhaps a little better than some brawlers in terms of general wrestling ability. Still dependent on brawling. Easy to out wrestle. Injuries, And the like- Further complicating his style is that he often isn’t wrestling at 100%, Nobody jumps off of things, into things and through things without racking up serious mileage. Masato is often bandaged/stitched after big matches/tournaments, leaving him more prone to submission from wrestlers, and maybe without a full tank of gas.

Three Strengths:
Tough as Cast Iron- Able to take some of the most obscene bumps imaginable and keep ticking(Obvious diminishing returns aside). This also translates to a reasonable general toughness.No risk too great- Masato has that classic throw caution to the wind attitude. In the hardcore environment this means that there is literally nothing he won’t dive off of, in the standard wrestling environment it means he’s still willing to throw his body off of things in to any kind of fray, regardless of potential outcomeAttitude- Masato possesses that wonderful, slightly off kilter, yet intrinsically positive attitude one acquires from a lifetime of listening to both Crusty Hardcore and having been dropped on the head a few(too many) time. This makes him both a steadfast partner, and generally amusing.

Ten regular moveset moves:

1) Hurricanrana
2) Forearm strikes
3) Basic kicks
4) Top Wristlock
5) Headlock
6) Backslide
7) Dropkick
8) Arm Drag takedown
9) Brawling
10) Leg Lariat.

2-5 trademark moves:

1)Grind Killer- Running Corner Cannonball Senton
2)Suicide Dives
3)Haphazard Moonsault
4)Running Knee strike to a seated opponent(Or from the apron to the floor)

1 Finishing Move: FOTB(Fuck On The Beach)-Diving Double Knee Drop. Nominally from the top rope, but starting location to landing location isn't necessarily the most important thing.

1 "MDK" (murderdeathkill) Finishing MoveShikabane- Poison Rana. Can be done Avalanche style for extra flavor.
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Feb 4, 2005
Definitely a unique subset of wrestling, I would like to see this character at play.

Yes also.

Evan H.

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May 7, 2012
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