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Hida Yakamo vs. Ricky Bernero

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Jan 1, 2000
Amsterdam, NY

Open on the deck of a house just off the campus of San Jose State University on what is a warm spring evening at the Northern California institution. Sitting on a rattan chair, his feet kicked up on the railing of the deck, is Ricky Bernero, who has recently completed his junior year at SJSU. Of course, the young man, decked out tonight in shorts and a Golden State Warriors jersey, is about to embark on what one might call the ultimate summer vacation. Maybe its best for the young man to explain himself.

RB: Jenkins World Order, it's great to finally talk with you. Now, I know some of you probably expected to see me at the inaugural edition of Power Trip, but sometimes, folks, the life of your everyday college student gets in the way of squared circle dreams.

Final exams. They're a *****, right?

But now, ladies and gentlemen, the semester is over and I've got no more worries about Professor Tomlinson and that nasty Philosophy paper. I'm here, and I'm fully committed to giving each and every wrestling fan out there in the ether the ultimate summer thrill ride, one that no Spider-person, Pirate, boy wizard, memory-wiped secret agent, professional thief, member of a fantastic foursome, or robot-in-disguise can provide.

And yes, wrestling fans. Yes, Hida Yakamo, I am more than meets the eye.

You see, my friends, you look at me, you look at Ricky Bernero, and you see a wide-eyed college student, a punk frat boy with professional wrestling pipe dreams who's in way over his head and'll end up sent back to the halls of academia by the time next August rolls around.

Well, folks, that's just wrong on each and every count.

I may be just a couple months short of turning twenty, but I'm no stranger to elite competition. I've been competing on the highest levels of sport that this country, that this world can provide, and I will wager everything I've got that I've got more natural athletic talent in my right big toe than anyone else in this company has in their entire body.

Fact of the matter is, I'm quicker than all of you, I'm more agile than all of you, and pound-for-pound I am stronger than each and every one of you. I may not be the most seasoned pro out there, but I've got more untapped potential than most alternative fuel sources. And the problem for each and every man and woman who'll call the jWo home is that I'm ready and willing to tap into all of it at any given moment, just for the hell of it.

Which is my advantage when I step into the ring with one of the greats that this industry has ever known, Hida Yakamo.

Hida, I know you can still get around the ring as well as pretty much anyone out there, and I know you've got the smarts and the experience to get any match in your advantage, but let's just admit this, Hida--you've lost a step since the height of your World Championship winning career. You're just that little bit slower right now, and Hida, I'm quicker than you ever were in your prime.

That's not bragging. That's a fact, and I will run circles around you at Power Trip, buddy. I'm gonna tear the legend down bit by bit, because there is no bigger thrill in the entire world than making your name by writing it in directly over where you've just crossed out the name of an all-time great.

And make no bones about it, Hida, that's exactly what's going to happen. In the end, youth, talent, and athleticism are going to trump an athlete who just happens to be heading very quickly past his prime. It's a young man's world, and right about now is a perfect time for this young man to make his first in a series of very deep, lasting marks.

Get ready for a whole new kind of summer blockbuster, kiddies.

Risky Business is about to pick up. I'm out.

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