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High Flyer


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
NAME: High Flyer

Height: 6'

Weight: 225 lbs.

Hometown: Bethlehem, PA, Currently Resides in Los Angeles, CA

Entrance Music: "Crazy Train" by Ozzy Osbourne

Signature Moves:

Sliced Bread #3, Springboard Lou Thesz Press w/knuckle punches, Dragon SLEEP!(Dragon Sleeper), Lunatic Bomb(Urangi Powerbomb), FlyerDriver(Michanoku piledriver), *****1/2 Frogsplash, Traveling Through Time(Cartwheel Elbow off the top), Kicks, elbows, few punches, knife edge chops.


“Cold Snow”(A dual neck palmed leaping DDT)
Frequency: ****

Finishingness: **½

Usage: Usually used to drive the head and only the head directly into the mat. Very dangerous to the neck, won’t even be performed on those that are unwilling to take the blow. However, he’s built a way to drop off from grasping the neck as he lands on his back and time it so that the opponents head never really hits the mat, in a full on “worked” maneuver. But it’s not as showy in this fashion.

Sometimes done as a desperation counter when he’s been beaten down. Can be done as a setup to a high flying move, and even as a pinfall attempt, if the match has been going on for a while and Flyer has focused his attention on the head or the neck.

“Hypothermia” (Double Underhook Brainbuster)

Frequency: ****

Finishingess: ***

Usage: Usually done to those smaller or just ever so slightly larger. The smaller the body, the longer Flyer holds the opponent in the air before dropping them, British Bulldog style. He won’t perform the maneuver as it normally is when opponents weigh over 275 lbs. At this level to 350 or so, Flyer will attempt a double underhooked suplex, usually attempting to slam the opponents head milliseconds or a second before the rest of the body strikes the mat for full effect. Can be hit or miss in that regards for larger individuals. For smaller opponents, the Lunatic is in complete control. Done as a set up to a high flying maneuver, occasionally done as a pinfall attempt if Flyer is at a loss as to what to hit his opponent with. More times than not, if Flyer’s attempting this, the opponent will fight out of the underhook or reverse the motion or counter it in some way, usually into an exchange of counters.


Frequency: *****

Finishingness: ****(if hit)

Usage: This move is used all the time. Usually, when Flyer preps his opponent for this maneuver, he will be focusing much of his attention on his opponents head and neck. Flyer will sometimes even start out a match by charging at his opponent and going for the knock out blow. This will usually cause his opponent to become a bit more cautious, although it rarely(in fact, never so far) has hit in the first minutes of a matchup. Still, this is a finisher that can come out of nowhere. As long as both men are standing, and even one of them is running towards the other, Flyer can pull this maneuver out of nowhere and quickly fall on his opponent, cradling him for the pin. Usually, a connection means the finale, as Flyer’s Yakuza Kick lets out a resounding echoing sound inside whatever arena he resides.

Variations: Both opponents need to be standing. Besides being in the ring and being outside of the ring, there have been two variations.

On Ropes: Done once, at CSWA 17, Flyer sprinted on the top rope as the Undertaker would walk, and caught a standing Alias with a yakuza kick. This threw out the balance from the Lunatic, and both men tumbled to the outside, unable to return. Flyer now, is very unlikely to try a maneuver like this again.

Opponent sitting on top : Should the opponent be winded and their head bent down slightly, Flyer will charge and kick the top of the opponents head with his Yakuza Kick. Most likely, this would happen in a tag team match, with Flyer’s partner softening the victim up as they sit on the top rope.

Too Fly to Fly(3/4 Headlock Neckbreaker/RKO/Diamond Cutter)


High Flyer is a 17 year veteran, and as such, the sport has caught up to him. He views his days in the ring as numbered, and his goal now is not championship, but fun and games.

He has an ex-wife and two children. His best friend is his brother-in-law and tag team partner in the trio, Team VIAGRA. The other member of the trio is tiny petite red head protege lawyer Mary-Lynn Mayweather.

High Flyer is a head trainer at the Odessa Training Academy, where he has produced numerous classes of students, including the former ACW Tag champions the Pop Culture Phenoms.

High Flyer is a practical jokester, and is prone to almost bipolar like fits of anger. He has been under psychiatric care since 2004 by Dr. Clarissa Cambridge, a former member of Disney's psychiatric department. He has had a long standing unfulfilled crush with her.

RELEVANT TITLES WON: FWO World Championship, WWR World Championship, IWO World Championship, PRIME 5-Star Championship, PRIME Tag Team Championship, Various other lesser singular/tag team titles & awards.

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