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Hiroshi vs...*gulp* Flair?


Official Unofficial FW Party Pimp
Jan 1, 2000
Drury Lane.
* Kin Hiroshi likes to warm up. It doesn't matter, he likes to warm up. In '92, he warmed up for a jump rope contest. Needless to say, he walked out with a sore leg, and the Jump Rope Championship of Tokyo, Japan. In '99, he warmed up to party like it's 19-99. He did too, and partied more like a rockstar. Most recently though, Hiroshi warmed up for a week in preperation for a chili eating contest in Dallas, Texas. "Big Jim" beat Hiroshi, but not before the Muffin Man put up a fierocious effort. Quote Hiroshi,: "The cornbread did me in. I'm 'the muffin man' and cornbread is soooo close to the real thing..."

Now, Hiroshi is warming up once again, for a match against Wicked Sight. Is he intimidated? Yes. Is he anxious? Without a doubt. Is he warmed up? Almost. A CSWA camera crew enters with the next CSWA card.

HIROSHI: Hey guys, what's up?

CAMERAGUY: Not much, Mr. Hir...hia...hiba...Habooki.

HIROSHI: Damn it...it's Hiroshi, and please call me Kin.

CAMERAGUY: Whatever, guy. You see this?

* The cameraguy hands the line up over to Hiroshi, who pauses his stretching to grab the paper. He looks over it for a moment, and pauses once he reads his name. A discouraged look crosses his face as he hands the paper back to the cameraguy. *

CAMERAGUY: So, any words for your opponent?

HIROSHI: I don't have an opponent, they just scheduled me you idiot.

CAMERAGUY: Kin, what are you talking about? This is probably the most important match of your career, excluding Sight...

HIROSHI: Uh-huh.

* Kin takes his position stretching again, just leaving the camera crew hanging. The cameraguy stands in awe of Hiroshi's...lack of observance(?). *

CAMERAGUY: Hey, moron, your wrestling Flair. Eli Flair...

* Hiroshi looks up from his stretching, and a disturbed grin draws itself across his face. *

HIROSHI: Damn, I was hoping that I was seeing things...

* Kin keels over backwards in a faint. After much work, the crew revives Hiroshi. *

CAMERAGUY: Dude, are you okay? I thought I killed you...

HIROSHI: No, startled me though. I have Flair huh? Well, like I told Sight, one match at a time. Right now, I'm focused on my upcoming match. But after that...it's all Flair. Who knows what management is thinking. I mean, Hiroshi vs. Wicked Sight, then Hiroshi vs. Flair?!? Gentlemen, I believe I'm been weaned off of my CSWA rookie status by being thrown into the fray with two of the best wrestlers around.

Next thing you know, Kin Hiroshi, CSWA World Champion, will be walking through the halls. Maybe, maybe not. All I know is that I may be a noobie in CSWA, but you ask anyone who is anyone who Kin Hiroshi is, and they'll know. Flair has something coming if he thinks that the name Hiroshi is a pushover. I may be small, but I'm fiery. I'll walk out of there with a win over Eli, and he can try all he can to stop me. Hit me with a chair, break both of my legs, slap my ass and call me Susan, put a saddle on me and ride me around the ring, but it won't matter, because I can top it. Eli takes a ride off the top rope? I'll fly out of the scaffolding. Eli puts me through a table? I'll put him through the ring. Hit me with a chair? I'll run his ass over with a truck loaded with a ton of bricks.

Now, maybe you think you know the Muffin Man, but once you step in the ring with me you'll learn everything you wanted to know, and more about the Muffin Man.

Excuse me now, Mr. Flair...I need to go vomit...


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