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History Lesson


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Jan 1, 2000
Raton, NM
[Fade in: Before you is a tall man with an athletic build, with short, dark brown hair, brown eyes and a goatee. He wears blue jeans and black T-shirt. He leans up against a wall, a scowl o his face.]

Man: I hear some of you want history lessons... history lessons about who people are, what their motivation is and why they want that Ultratitle so badly.

[A shrug.]

Man: Always find it funny people have to know about history when most people used their high school history class as a chance to take a snooze, but I'll humor you and see how many of you pay attention. Because, you see, I'm not as much of a stranger to these parts as you may think I am.

Let me tell you a tale about a man who used to wrestle in CSWA and other places... a man named Rocky Ford Meloneer.

[A slight smile.]

Man: For some of you, your fuzzy memories might be jogged now... for the rest of you who either never heard of him or whose brains are too far gone to remember... Rocky Ford Meloneer was a guy who grew up on a farm, won high school wrestling championships, got convinced to turn pro -- and then quickly found out the reality of what this business is all about.

Promoters who make you promises they fail to keep -- people who call themselves your friend, as long as you don't become a threat to them -- and watching as both of them take every opportunity they can to just walk all over you once you let your guard down.

Still, he took it all on and managed to prove himself worthy of accolades on multiple occassions -- but all he kept hearing about was all these people who had been making promises of dreams fulfilled and friendships realized -- so long as he didn't actually get too far ahead.

And if he did, then there they were to pull the rug out from under him.

[A shake of the head.]

Man: Then, one day, a neck injury meant he was out of action -- and a part of him was actually relieved that he wouldn't have to be part of a business in which everyone says one thing to your face, then turns around and does the opposite.

But once word got out that this man could continue wrestling, the phone calls started coming again, and so that man gave it another shot, in one of his old stomping grounds, the WWL... but that man made it clear his only purpose was to have some fun.

Only problem -- as the WWL was in a state of shambles, so the best laid plans of the man didn't become reality.

[A shrug.]

Man: In other words, yet another promise by a promoter that was never kept. And it might have been the end of the story, except then, other promoters started seeing the footage and were trying to sell this man on giving it another shot.

If you haven't figure it out by this point, that man I described is me.

[A sneer.]

Man: But that's where the story takes a turn -- because the day the man decided he'd take another shot in this business, is the day Rocky Ford Meloneer was gone.

The name is "Dead End" Derek Martin, and I am a product of all the broken promises made by promoters, allies and others in this business who pretended they had my best interests in mind, only to forget about that when it was convenient for them to do so.

And the day Rocky Ford Meloneer was no more, and that I, "Dead End" Derek Martin, stepped forward, was the day I saw to it that I take it out on this business by any means necessary.

[A laugh.]

DM: And honestly... I haven't had so much fun in my entire life. I've taken wrestlers they called legends and put them out to pasture. I took guys who they said were among the greats and left them broken men who were never the same. Hell, I even took a title I won and used it for one purpose... as bait to lure guys who thought of themselves as heroes to come after me and then spring the trap when they least expected it.

If I named those I've taken down, I'm sure it would get the usual "never heard of them" reaction from the rest of you -- never mind that they'd say the same about the rest of you.

The point is -- I am the man who lives for nothing more than taking the world of self-importance that each of you live in and making it come crumbling down.

[And now, a wicked smile crosses his face.]

DM: And that is my purpose in the Ultratitle tournament -- it matters not whether you are a so-called legend coming out of whatever hole you crawled into, wanting to prove you've still got what it takes -- whether you are riding high on whatever achievements you've claimed and now thinking you are invincible -- or whether you just hope to make a name for yourself and maybe shock the world by outlasting 127 other men.

Whatever your reason for being here, you have a dream -- and my reason for being is to make sure all those dreams are crushed and you are left battered and broken.

[Another laugh.]

DM: The Ultratitle? Hey, don't get me wrong, it's a nice accomplishment -- but it's not as satsifying as crushing the hopes and dreams of anyone who gets in my way and leaving them broken.

That's why I'm here. That's what I do. And that's what I'm gonna enjoy doing to anyone who faces me.

History lesson over... if you were paying attention, then maybe you'll be a little wiser. If not, well...

[A snicker.]

DM: It'll just be that much worse when I crush your dreams before your eyes.

[Fade out.]

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