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History Repeating?


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Apr 16, 2004
(Ok, I know this is late, but I figured I'd post it anyway)

Fade in: We see Nathan Storm sparring with both members of Raw Deal as Tom Adler looks on

Adler: You know... it seems for every guy in this federation who p<bleep>sses and moans about the very notion of history being brought up... there's somebody else who seems to revel in it. Joey Melton, I suspect that you are the latter.

I probably don't have to remind you of the history of this match. But I suppose there are a few people here and there who weren't around at the time.

The place? The AAWC. The match? Tom Adler and Nathan Storm, representing the <> X-Change, taking on Joey Melton and Peyton Wright... Arrogance. Remember it Joey? Yeah, I figure you do.

Of course, back then that match was far more about me and you than it was about you and Nate. But, since it's the last time you and he stepped into the ring I figure it's worth mentioning.

On that night... there's no denying it... Arrogance was a far better team. I suppose history will bear out that Arrogance was a better team over the long haul. Nate and I never wrestled a lot of matches as a team after that. Tag matches really aren't either of our forte's.

And, on that night, there's also no denying that Joey Melton was better than Nathan Storm. You were already a legend. Nate was barely a rookie. Now, here we are... a far different time... a far different place. You're still a legend. But Nathan Storm is by no means still a rookie.

Will history show that at On Time that Joey Melton is still better than Nathan Storm? Perhaps. I won't stand here and say you can't beat him. Lord knows that recent history has proven that people can lose matches in a variety of ways.

I'm also not one to stand out here and make empty threats or shallow promises. But, I will make you this one. The days of expecting to get an easy win over Nathan Storm ended in another place along with his desire to do cheap mic spots and willingness to wear moon boots.

Nate didn't ask for this match. I don't know whether you did or not. I don't know if you even remember wrestling him. But whether you remember your last match with Nathan Storm or not, it's a safe bet that you WILL remember this one.

Fade Out

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