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Holocaust vs Danny Collins

Danny Collins

League Member
Sep 4, 2004
London Calling.

(The scene opens on a familiar street. The camera pans around to the left, and we see that we are on a bridge, over looking a river that flows below, and in the murky distance and behind the fog, is a large clock tower, known to all as Big Ben. The camera pans around a little more and we see a sign that says; "London Bridge," but more notably, is the figures standing next to it, two men, same height, same build, same face, it is the Collins Twins.
Danny and Donny stand staring over at the river thames below, both men are wearing black trenchcoats with white shirt underneath, with blue jeans and black shoes. Donny takes a deep breath and then turns to Danny.)

Donny Collins: So, here we are Dan, your home, and now mine.

Danny Collins: Do I sense a little worry in your voice?

Donny Collins: No, I am not worried, just nervous I suppose.

Danny Collins: Well, that's understandable. But don't worry, everyone can't wait to meet you.

Donny Collins: I know, but it doesn't stop the nerves.

Danny Collins: Its just one night away, tomorrow, we will go see everyone, and then the nerves will go.

(A phone begins to ring, Danny looks at his belt and sees it is his. He unclips it from his belt and opens it up, before pressing the button and holding it to his ear.)

Danny Collins: Hey babe..... Yeah.... No, I'm just at the bridge with Donny..... Yeah....... Oh Yeah........ Twenty minutes tops, I promise..... Ok..... Bye.

(Danny puts the phone down and clips it back to his belt.)

Donny Collins: You staying out here? Cause' I am going to go in the hotel and get some sleep, the plane tired me out.

Danny Collins: Yeah, its been a while since I have been home, I like to make the most of it while I am here.

Donny Collins: I hope I feel that way someday.

Danny Collins: You will.

(Donny smiles and then turns, before walking down the street, the camera turns back to Danny, who is still looking out on the river.)

Danny Collins: Shame.
Holocaust has the title once more, and you all know as well as I do, that Holocaust is looking to pick up where he left off. Oh yes, the mighty Holocaust is looking to take the EUWC by the throat once more, and this time, he wants to completely crush it.
One problem though, when you grab EUWC by the throat, you grab Danny Collins by the throat! And Danny Collins is not ready to die. Holocaust, I will never know why STEALTH booked this match for the title, and frankly, I don't care, because if it wasn't me this friday, then it would have been next friday, because, and I have said it before, I AM going to be the world champion, and guess what, come this friday, I WILL be! But don't feel bad Holocaust, because, as they say, what goes around, comes around, and guess what? STEALTH received his karma, and its your turn next, you see, I said I would came after you all, I said I would get my revenge after what you did to me, and it has already started, I did one, and others, were taken care of by, well, each other!
Lets see, Havoc and Malice just beat the crap out of each other, and Malice left, Evol left the Dominion, and then FORCED Apocalypse out of EUWC, the little members just run away, I kicked STEALTH's ass and sent him packing, Sean Taylor never cared about the Dominion, he's just a corporate *****, and Holocaust, you was beaten by DDS, but reclaimed the title, congratulations. You seemed to be the only man in the Dominion who actually believed it would work, guess that's the reason it failed.

(Danny pushes away from the bridge wall and then begins to walk down the road, as the camera follows behind.)

Danny Collins: You see Holocaust, I never once said you was crap, I just told you I was better then you. There's no denying that you are a formidable opponent, hell no, I have been in the ring with you many times, and you have always come out on top, but guess what? There's no one behind you this time, no one is waiting in the wings to f**k it all up for me. No, this time it is just you and me, one on one, the first time Holocaust, this is the first time you and I will be one on one, no STEALTH, no AOD, no snivelling little s**ts like Sean Taylor. The question is, can you do it alone? Can you defeat me in a fair fight? Guess what Holocaust, the answer is no, because three times, THREE times, you have stolen the win in some way or another, and this time, it will not happen.

(Danny turns the corner and walks up some steps to a brightly lit building. He then stops and turns, before speaking once more.)

Danny Collins: Main Frame, twenty forth of September, that's the date, the beginning of the Danny Collins era, I will be champion, and not because I want the "power" as Holocaust put it, because there is no power. I want the glory, this is my dream, my life, it is what I have worked toward, and finally, FINALLY, I get my chance, but this time, it will not slip, and you know this..... MAN!

(Danny turns and enters the building as the doorman tips his hat. The camera pans around and looks out on the cloudy dark sky, as the scene slowly fades.)


League Member
Sep 4, 2004
New York City, New York
The Struggle

A pair of gloved hands dominate the screen, the fingers intertwined. They fill the screen and flex against each other, the leather tightening around the hands. Whomever the hands belong to, the person is obviously someone of great strength, as the gloves barely hold the powerful hands. Nevertheless, the gloves hold strong. Suddenly, a disembodied voice begins speaking...

"Was it worth it? The struggle to tame this place, the loss of comrades, the rise of the enemies, the eventual retreat by my own collegues? Was it worth it?"

The camera suddenly switches focus to the World title, sitting on a table just behind the hands. There is a laugh from the shadows.


The camera zooms away from the hands to reveal the whole scene. Holocaust sits at his desk, the World title carefully set up atop it. Behind Holocaust is the sweeping skyline of New York City. Holocaust laughs and sits up from his previous hunched over position. He has his familiar smile on, despite the recent waves of bad luck. He lightly touches the World title before continuing on.

"I once said that the belt itself meant nothing, that it was what the belt represented which I craved. I was correct. This belt is nothing more than a leather strap with a piece of gold on it. But the power it wields in unimaginable to those who have never held it. And of course, some people, such as Damian Stone, are not attuned enough to it's power to realize how great that power is. And so, when he got the belt, Stone felt nothing. He saw it as leather and gold. Which is why I could not let him have it. Now, you may ask, what is this so-called power? The answer is quite simple, this title is a mere physical representation of the true power that courses through my veins. That is what this title confirms to me and proves to the rest of the world."

Holocaust picks up the belt and looks at it's shining gold surface. He marvels at his reflection before letting the title drop to his lap.

"As for the Dominion, well, it doesn't really matter anymore, does it? What would change? Absolutely nothing. I still took my title and I am still the most dominant man in EUWC. The Dominion served it's purpose quite well, but now that I am at the top, frankly I no longer need them. They were becoming a bit of a hassle as it was, what with Havoc and Malice and Apocalypse and Evol's little feud. So the Dominion is gone, but then again, they never really had anything to do with my greatness. They only gave me the chance and I took it. But speaking of the Dominion reminds me of something...Oh, yes, my disgruntled traitor Evol. Sigh, such a waste. I'm disappointed in you, you were taken under the wing of the masters, yet threw it away with your own ridiculous ideology. Survival of the fittest indeed. You like to make the assumption that I am no longer fit to be king, but even with all your little analygies, that doesn't change the fact that I am alpha, and I am not even close to being unfit. So try your luck at taking the alpha male down, because I guarentee you cannot. Or why don't you just ask Darwin? I'm bigger, stronger, and a hell of alot better than you. So who do you think he would side with?"

Holocaust rubs his chin and picks up the title belt yet again. Holding it with one hand, he takes off his glasses and looks into his own firey eyes. A grin of satisfaction crosses his face.

"But, Evol, you aren't even in my league yet, so you have plenty of time to think about your weaknesses. Now, I would like to concentrate on a man who just doesn't understand the concept of three strikes and you're out. That man, naturally, is everyone's favorite English buffoon, Daniel Collins. I apparently need to face the same man YET AGAIN, despite the fact that I've used him as a mop on several occassions. But, I suppose I'll have to do it again and despite my complaints I do find him amusing as he tries to justify a fourth title shot. It is funny how patheticness knows no bounds with this man. I don't know what my "friend" STEALTH was on when he thought of Collins to be my opponent but if I ever meet him again, I'll have to ask him. And I doubt my questions will be very kind. But STEALTH's mental lapses are of no concern of mine at this point, he's gone and so be it. Getting back on topic, I saw Mr. Collins speak recently, and I do feel that in some small way, he is beginning to understand his place. I was pleased to note that he used facts rather than insults to get the point across and overall just spoke like a normal person. Normal as in using 'was' instead of 'were' and generally acting like an airhead. But, it's an improvement, so congratulations."

"Now then, I would just like to touch on one more thing. It's this odd little obsession people seem to have with me relying on others. Now, I'm almost positive this is derived from being too stupid to manipulate others, but let us think about this for a moment. I'll admit, I have used soldiers to my advantage, but honestly, who wouldn't? No one is completely clean. NO ONE. That being said, I would like you to look at my record. In case you haven't noticed, and this goes for all of you, I have rarely used others to win my matches. I won the World title from Jay Smash without so much as a distraction. I beat Damian Stone to reclaim this title without help. So what makes anyone think I can't deliver? Have I not won enough matches? Have I not beaten enough world class opponents? Because I seem to remember quite a few. Jordan Lockhart? Angel of Death? Lynch Garrisson? Lord Alucard? Jay Smash? Do any of these names ring a bell? Being that I have beaten these men on numerous occasions, I fail to see the logic in saying I am any weaker without the Dominion behind me. But keep believing I am any weaker without the Dominion, because it will only serve to haunt you in the end. In fact, I'm counting on it..."

Holocaust gets up and places the World title over his shoulder. He replaces the glasses and smiles as he looks out over the city.

"I am still the god of EUWC. I AM the Dominion. And my dominance will not fade, regardless of your protests. Oh, but Collins, you did get one thing right...I am going to crush EUWC. I am going to make sure you fools feel the full repurcussions of shrugging off the Dominion. Heh, you though you had ended the war, but all you did was bring forth another, more deadly one. Let the battle be joined..."

Holocaust continues to look out at the city as the camera fades to darkness.

Danny Collins

League Member
Sep 4, 2004
One more time....

(The scene opens in London's Heathrow airport, where Danny Collins stands anxiously with John Turbank and Cheryl Cassidy. Danny tiptoes, trying to look over everyone, while Cheryl stands by his side, also looking around, however, John Turbank is sitting and just reading a magazine. Danny begins to become impatient, and he starts to pace up and down.)

Danny Collins: Where the bloody hell are they? We have to check in soon!

Cheryl Cassidy: Don't worry, they will be here, besides, you are not usually this crazy.

Danny Collins: Are you kidding me? This is it! This is the week I will win the damn world title! I ain't letting it slip this time.

Cheryl Cassidy: I know you want this badly, but the other three times were never this bad.

Danny Collins: Well, maybe its the fact that I have been home, and that I beat STEALTH at Ultra Brawl.

Cheryl Cassidy: And now you want to cap it all off right?

Danny Collins: You know me all to well babe.

(Cheryl smiles as Danny continues to pace the floor. Suddenly, EUWC reporter Staci Seamore comes into view. With a mic in hand she taps Danny on the shoulder, he turns around sharply, causing Staci to jump a little.)

Danny Collins: Oh, sorry Staci.

Staci Seamore: No, its ok.

Danny Collins: What's up?

Staci Seamore: Just wondering if I could get a few words, The Board sent me out here to conduct an interview, and if I don't, I might get in a little trouble.

Danny Collins: Well, I have to check in twenty minutes, so make it quick.

Staci Seamore: Great! Ok, my first question is this, Holocaust recently said that you don't understand the concept of three strikes and your out. Which basically means....

Danny Collins: Staci....

Staci Seamore: Yeah?

Danny Collins: I know what it means. I saw Holocaust's promo, and I watched as he whined about how he has to face me again, want to know why? Because this time, he knows I am going to kick his ass and take the World title, so all the complaining that Holocaust does, its not because he is lazy, or his ego is massive, no, they contribute to it, but the main reason is, fear. Yes, Holocaust fears me, and I have said it before, he fears me, for one reason, the fact he cannot beat me one on one. Every time there has been someone to stop him losing the title to me, STEALTH and Sean Taylor thought the same as well, they knew that if they didn't do something, then Holocaust would never have retained his title. But this time it is different, Sean Taylor never cared about Holocaust, he just wanted to kiss STEALTH's ass and make a pretty penny or two, so he won't help, and STEALTH, well, he's gone, thanks to me.

Staci Seamore: Holocaust also touched on that point, saying how everyone thinks he always needs help to win.

Danny Collins: More complaining, dammit, lighten up you retarded goth! I mean, seriously Staci, can anyone ever be as uptight as Holocaust? I doubt it very much. And for the record, I said Holocaust couldn't beat ME fairly, I didn't ever mention Jay Smash or Damien Stone, all I said was Holocaust cannot beat me one on one, in fact, all I said was the truth.

Staci Seamore: Onto the match this week, do you think lighting will strike for the third time?

Danny Collins: You mean do I think that Holocaust will try to cheat? Of course, I always think that when I am stepping in the ring with him. But look at my face, does it look like I care? No, because I don't. In fact, if anyone tries to make their presence felt in the match, I might have to take care of them myself, or rather, my crew will take care of them!

(As Staci goes to speak, someone begins to shout, diverting Danny's attention to the left.)

Voice: DAN! DAN!!

(The camera spins around and we see Donny Collins and Nick Casey running toward us.)

Danny Collins: Finally you guys made it!

Donny Collins: Yep, and we still got ten minutes left. Oh, hi Staci.

Staci Seamore: Hi.

Danny Collins: Ok, everyone ready? Staci, it was nice speaking to you, but we have to go now, we got a plane to catch!

Staci Seamore: ok, thanks for the interview, oh and hey, good luck in your match!

Danny Collins: Thanks, but I don't need luck, its destiny. LET'S GO!

(Danny ushers his team toward the check in area, as Staci walks away, leaving the scene to fade out....)


League Member
Sep 4, 2004
New York City, New York
Simplicity & Difficulty

Holocaust sits in his familiar throne in his mansion, watching the television. The World title is hung neatly over one of the jagged edges of the chair as Holocaust continues to watch TV, a look of interest on his face. He laughs and pushes a button on the arm of the chair, causing the TV to shut off. Holocaust continues to smile as he reaches for his belt and cradles it across his chest.

"How I love to hear my opponents adding fuel to the fire. Case in point, Collins latest interview. I did enjoy listening to him speak, and I was quite entertained. Sigh, at this point I have to explain why, as most people watching probably can't even read, let along comprehend the spoken word. I enjoyed Collins interview because he glossed over the complex issues that I set before him during my last promo. Why did he not address his speaking issues that I so helpfully pointed out? Why did he not try and refute my accusation that he is trying to justify a FOURTH title shot? Why does he not get over the fact that I've beaten better men than him with no help?"

Holocaust gets up and adjusts his glasses before moving over to a bookshelf and pulling out a book labeled "EUWC". Holocaust opens the book and inside is a complete transcript of his time in EUWC. As he scans the pages, he brings up another point.

"One of the more amusing moments in Collins little interview was the part where he actually said that yours truly was whining about having to face him again. Now, I don't know what his concept of whining is, but I prefer to think of my comments as a speech about how disappointed I am that I have to face an opponent that I have defeated three times when there are so many others who have yet to be beaten once. But Collins, selfish man that he is, doesn't care about that. No 'I' in Team, indeed. And to be perfectly honest, if anyone was whining, it was most certainly him. In fact, he's been whining ever since he got here! For example 'boo hoo, Holocaust beat me again' one day and the next day he's got his bloody manager throwing a fit because T-Charger offered a shred of criticism for a column that lasted two editions! And I'm supposed to be the whining one? As I also recall, you STILL whine about the fact I beat you 'unfairly'. What does it take for you to just accept that? An act of God? I'm the one who should lighten up when all you do is complain about losses that happened months ago? Apparently you have a talent in contradicting yourself."

Holocaust then finds what he was looking for, a list of all his opponents. He reads down the line to himself, a smile appearing on his face as he reads the list. He then looks up at the camera.

"Now, I realize Collins had a bit of a problem understanding why I listed men I had beaten, but hopefully we aren't all as dim as he is (although I doubt it). I will be sure to say this slowly so everyone understands. I listed off men who are much better competitors than our good friend Daniel. So when he talks about how I can NEVER beat him fairly in a one on one match, well, he should look at those who are BETTER than him and see how I beat them without a shred of cheating. Was that clear enough for you? I beat men who are better than you without cheating, so what makes you think I won't do the same when fighting lesser men? Oooh, because you have a 'crew'? Has somebody been watching a little too much 'You Got Served', because I doubt such a phrase is used outside bad dance movies. Ugh, and I thought the British were so sophisticated until I met you..."

Holocaust slams the book shut and replaces it in the bookshelf. He walks back to his seat and sits down. He looks more than a little disgusted with the subject and runs his fingers lightly across the World title, which apparently comforts him.

"I am going to beat you again, regardless of what you think. It can be your dream, your goal, your destiny but it doesn't matter. Because the destiny of Holocaust overrides any petty idea you have. And my destiny is to destroy you, EUWC and all you cherish. Now doesn't that sound fun? I am certainly looking forward to it."

Holocaust laughs as the camera fades to darkness.

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