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Hot Springs: Xoesh the Zith v. Max Pierce

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Aug 26, 2008
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RP Deadline: March 12th, 2013 - Midnight Los Angeles Time
RP Limit: 2 RPs
RP Word Limit: 1,500 words

Mad Dog

Original Gangsta
Jan 1, 2000
(FADEIN to what appear to be a long winding country road at dusk. The sun is setting and the sky is dark blue, the moon and stars are beginning to become visible.

CUTTO the spokes of a bicycle as the wheels are in motion. The camera pans back to reveal the figure behind the handlebars, the Leyenda de Ocho fan that was possibly abducted at the show in Louisville.

The camera closes in on his face. The young fan, Kyle, who is probably about 10 years of age, is peddling down the road in a red hoodie. His eyes appear glassy, lifeless, and almost desolate of having any emotion attached. It’s almost as if Kyle is in some sort of trance, beyond his own control.

As the camera pans back another figure appears in view on the bicycle. This entity is situated inside of a blue plastic milk crate that is attached to the handlebars. This isn’t another kid on a journey with Kyle…its Xoesh the Zith.

Xoesh is crammed into the crate and with a white blanket over his head with his “face” exposed, and somehow defying the laws of physics because the bike is not tipping over due to the weight differential. Could this scene be real or was it somehow constructed in front of a studio green screen?

As Xoesh’s legs dangle over the front of the crate, he extends his arm from the white blanket and sticks out his index finger, which begins to glow a yellow light which adds more lighting to the darkening path the two are riding upon.)

XOESH: (In a slow and faint voice.) Ell…i…ott…

KYLE: (In an emotionless, almost robotic response.) I told you…my name is Kyle.

(The two continue down the road and Xoesh puts his arm back inside the blanket. He notices the camera and proceeds to talk directly to it in order to address the IGC audience.)

XOESH: Don’t worry, Ocho…no harm has come to your beloved number one fan. But he no longer worships you as his idol. He has come to his senses and realizes you are a false prophet for him to show his devotion to. You no longer matter to him. And thanks to Sylo, you will be distracted from reaching out to him and looking deeper into the mystery surrounding his disappearance when Kyle accompanies me to the ring in Hot Springs..

(The camera pans to Kyle, still appearing zombified and not reacting to the words spoken by Xoesh.)

XOESH: There is much to look forward to for all in IGC. You all get to breathe easier knowing that your planet will not be destroyed just yet. My leader, Oxuzi, was growing impatient. He decided a few weeks ago to rain down on Siberia as a warning to all of you Earthlings…to show a sign of superiority and to send a message that your planet is very close to being wiped out of existence.

And only two survivors would remain from the onslaught, me and my new protégé…Kyle.

(Xoesh looks around at the scenery surrounding him before addressing the camera further.)

In Hot Springs I will meet up with my latest victim, Max Pierce. Pierce, I think you realize the magnitude of destruction that I can bring to your planet. You must know the devastation I bring to your planet…and I will dispose of any and all that stand in my way.

However…I will offer you the opportunity that I afford all of the humans I encounter before they end up on my examining table…and deliver my own version of your colonoscopy that many men your age must endure. You can bow to me, you can claim your allegiance to Xoesh, Oxuzi, and Saedomoe…and be spared. You can fight along side me as I rid IGC and your planet of those not worthy to live in a world ruled by Xoesh.

And of course, you can defy me. You can try to mock me, talk down to the only Supreme Being in IGC, but by doing so…you will suffer severe consequences.

This is a friendly warning to you, because the next time I speak and you have not succumbed to my conditions…you will face extinction along with the other humans that are not worthy of being preserved.

(Xoesh turns around and looks at Kyle, as he continues to peddle the bicycle.)

XOESH: Kyle…we may pay your old acquaintance a visit in Hot Springs. Perhaps, we can return the favor to Sylo for sticking his nose in Saedomoen business.

Or better yet, take a closer look at the new IGC Champion, Magnus Destructo. Since he bested the specimen known as Phil Atken…perchance he an individual we must closer examine.

KYLE: Yes…all hail Oxuzi.

XOESH: (A sly grin is revealed from the mouth opening of his mask.) That’s right, Kyle…ALL HAIL OXUZI!

(Xoesh turns around and the camera turns towards the upcoming path of the bike. In the distance the road comes to an end. A cliff exists beyond the dead end road. The bike goes from being on asphalt to a path of dirt and rocks.

The bicycle is approaching the cliff and suddenly appears to lift of the ground. Rather than falling into the ravine, the bike soars through the air. The camera cuts to a side shot from a distance as the silhouette of the two individuals on the bike appear with a giant moon in the background.)




League Member
Aug 8, 2007
(CUTTO: An exterior shot of The Pierce Building - a fifty-five floor skyscraper - in Midtown Manhattan. CUTTO: Max Pierce, dressed in a Kiton K-5 suit and Martin Dingman’s Crocodile Arlo shoes, standing at the head of an exquisite, twenty-eight foot boardroom table - mahogany edging and base, cherry top with an ebony center - with fourteen chairs tucked in around it. The rest of the boardroom is decorated with expensive paintings - except for one wall, which is all glass panels looking out at Midtown.)

PIERCE: “Greetings ... (smirks) Proper introductions are no doubt in order - I am Max Pierce. Manhattan’s Man of the Year. My successes in business are well-documented, but that is neither here nor there. I could speak at great lengths about my education at Princeton University. However, this enterprise in the Intergalatic Championship is an opportunity to triumph in a different kind of arena altogether. To step outside of business, to put aside my higher education, and to prove that a man of my stature can indeed thrive in combat-oriented athletics. I inherited an Empire and pushed it to even greater heights. Now, I fully intend on making my mark in Professional Wrestling and showing that I am the model of perfection … (folds hands behind his back) a Perfect Predator, if you will.”

(Pierce walks over to the windows and scans the city below him.)

PIERCE: “Xoesh the Zith, I have little interest in exposing you for what you may or may not be. I have no intentions of mocking you as you seem more than able to embarrass yourself without my assistance. I will treat you as you are, Xoesh. I am not like the fool, who parades around as if he is living a video game, but still chooses to immediately dismiss the idea of extraterrestrial life. (shakes head) Many men - much more intelligent and knowledgeable than him - have stated there is a great probability of other beings in space. Do I buy that you are truly Xoesh the Zith? It is irrelevant, at this point. I will, however, take issue with your people’s disrespect to our World. We can surely agree that many humans are far, far below acceptable standards. (turns away from the window) I cannot argue this, Xoesh. Where our disagreement begins is the thought that you are better than every human. (chuckles) There are men competing for the Intergalatic Championship that I would not even hire as my estate’s gardener. You are better than those people, Xoesh. (thinks, small smirk) Perhaps. But, to threaten me - Maxime Jonathan Pierce - a man far superior to you is a fool’s error. I do not take your threats, no matter how idle, lightly.”

(Pierce sits on the boardroom table.)

PIERCE: “A man in my position can never afford to act with weakness. There is no room for it - not in business or in general. Since I chose this path, many associates, subordinates, and family members have questioned my decision. I expected as much. I have a business to run and appearances to keep, but the most frequent question was not about my time. It was how could I, a mild-mannered member of high society, subject myself to such a violent and barbaric sport. They were concerned for my well-being. (adjusts his coat) I can understand their thought process, but they do not understand. They have never witnessed it, but, rest assured, Xoesh, they will see what I am capable of. Some men were born with the ability to do great things. Some men were born to do horrible things. (dark eyes lock in) I am the masterpiece that is both and you, Xoesh the Zith, will be the first of many works.”


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Mad Dog

Original Gangsta
Jan 1, 2000
(FADEIN to Xoesh the Zith in what appears to be some type of a cockpit. The windows surrounding him show patches of clouds in a blue sky as he is presumed to be traveling in the air to an unknown destination.)

XOESH THE ZITH: Max Pierce, no one is safe…especially you. How dare you have the audacity to downplay my ability? You humans have far too much arrogance embedded in your feeble minds to possibly understand the severity of the dilemma for which you are in.

I gave you the opportunity to kneel before me. An option to simply stand beside Xoesh and the citizens of Saedomoe, by being an underling to my cause, rather than to be obliterated like the rest of the retched waste that compiles your planet. Instead of accepting the offer like anyone in your position would, you chose to defy me and pretend as if the statements that I make have no merit.

That was your first mistake, Max Pierce. The next mistake may not only cost you your worthless life, but may very well trigger the cataclysm of Earth as a whole. I have displayed nothing but patience in this matter. I have given you people too many chances to do the right thing…and yet you ignore my warnings and carry on as if life and the continuation of your species does not hang in the balance.

You are only a human. I have stooped to play these silly games on your intellect level. I have tried to be among your people and understand the nature in which you react to situations. And every step of the way I have constantly been disappointed with the mindset in which you function.

The time for being nice and exchanging, what I deem to be, pleasantries ends in Hot Springs. There is nothing your vast wealth or self-proclaimed keen mental power can do to reverse my decision at this juncture. You must now face the Champion of Saedomoe and realize that this is not a game. This is not something that should be taken lightly. This is an extremely serious threat to your very existence. And for you to shrug it off as if it means nothing proves to me that your kind no longer deserve the grace period I have afforded you people.

The doomsday clock has officially started. The polar ice caps, the solar flares, the depletion of your ozone…all of these things began the process. It is now up to me to complete the mission presented before me. The only being on your planet that will not suffer from the egregious peril that I will soon unleash is Kyle. For he has accepted the Saedomoen way of life. He has pledged allegiance to Oxuzi and he is the only human worthy of being spared.

As for your building in Manhatttan that you treasure so very much, the phallic representation you use in an attempt to display your manhood for the world to see. I will demolish it. I will level it to the ground. You are wrapped up in material goods. You see this as some type of status symbol that will elevate you to protection. But I offer no such security for a piece of human excrement such as you.

As for your counter threats or making me some masterpiece in your grand scheme. That may apply to others of your kind, but you are dealing with a far greater power that you could not possibly begin to fathom. Your mental dexterity is not as advanced as a Saedomoen. I pity you people…I have for far too long. I was sent on a crusade to ultimately destroy your world and I shall carry out those orders as Oxuzi intended.

As for your proclamation that you are the model of perfection, perhaps I will get you on my examining table for further analysis. You can ask Raucous about the experience. You may walk funny afterwards, but you people willingly stick odd objects in your anus anyway…so maybe you will enjoy it.

Nevertheless, I can guarantee that your participation in this experiment won’t be one you will find comfort…it will be rather agonizing to say the least.

(Xoesh holds up a clear tube and does a probing jab like motion with it.)

You will see me in Hot Springs…unless, of course, I see you first.

(The camera pans to the view outside of the “aircraft” that Xoesh is piloting. The shot reviews Kyle seated behind him. As the camera shifts to display the location, it appears to be stock footage from something, with a spacecraft hovering over the Hudson River.)


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