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How Bored I Am (Top 5)

Damian D Stone

League Member
Sep 5, 2004
Since I spend most of my time here in Iraq playing video games (and I do have a vast collection), I got to thinking about what I thought was the five best moments that have happened in video game history. Now, I am about to get a ton of hate-mail for this list (because of where I put one event), but I think most will agree with it. I do appreciate feedback on this because, well, I know I'm not the only gamer in the federation.

So, without futher adieu, my top five moments.

5. No More Lance Van Dance (Grand Theft Auto Vice City)
Basically, it's where he turns his back on you and joins Sonny. I chose this because of how DIFFICULT this mission is. I also never really liked that wuss anyhow.

4. The Death of a Great Man (Mortal Kombat Deadly Alliance)
I don't have the new one, so I can't comment on it (but I will have it soon). Shang Tsung and Quai Chi join forces...kill Shao Khan...then kill Liu Kang. Yea, the good man dead here is Liu. This would be a good series to have Liu in...but I'm still happy they gave me my cheap bastard-of-a-fighter (COME HERE!)

Final Fantasy tops the last three.

3. We're...BROTHERS??? (Final Fantasy 2 US/ FF 4 Japan)
It all started feeling fishy when, in the Tower of Zot, Goblez had Cecil beat down...but noticed something and didn't finish the job. A Fu So Ya later and a battle inside of a giant later, we find out the truth: Goblez and Cecil are brothers...their father Klu Ya (the guy who makes Cecil a Paladin). It was nice at its time...and I really haven't seen that one done again.

2. The Death of a Great Woman (Final Fantasy VII)
If I even have to mention WHO dies here, but...
Aeries is seen kneeling down, praying that a holy materia would come to light and protect the world from a falling comet and Sephiroth. Well, you get to her, just as Sephiroth drives the Masamune right through her chest. But the big thing, in my mind, was all the rumors that came out about being able to "resurrect" her. To spawn something like that, that was a good thing for the series.

1. The End of the World As We Know It (Final Fantasy 3/ FF 6)
For a SNES game, this was the one that blew the FF series wide open. It all started with this game and this moment. You just beat Atma Weapon, arguably the toughest boss to that point in the game. You climb up to see Kefka go crazy, the moving of the statues (that controlled the World's magic), and Shadow's saving of your hide. You then wake up a year later, feeding fish to a sick old man, on a raft...and you got to do this all over again...this time finding all your friends, storm the castle, and pray to dear God that you don't die during all of this. This game was the one that, like I said, blew the series open. Scenes like The Opera House, Daryl's Tomb, and meeting Maduin made this game a must have.

That's my list.

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