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How to Join Isamu League

Throbbin Wood

League Member
Dec 5, 2009
It's easy to join. All you have to do is fill out this form below and post it in the Roster forum with your wrestler's name as the thread title. YOUR WRESTLER DOESN'T HAVE TO BE JAPANESE BECAUSE WE WANT YOU TO WRITE FOR CHARACTERS YOU GIVE A F-CK ABOUT! It can be a world class superstar, an old character that needs a fresh start, or someone entirely new.

Other Aliases: (optional)
Gender: (Hey, incase anyone wants to make a lesbian man hater like Chyna)
Ring Entrance: (Optional. It would be nice if you wrote the entrances for us, and wrote in past-tense to fit the style of our shows. Like if they do anything specific, it would be cool to know. If you want a ridiculous fireworks show, write it out here and we'll see if you get it or not, you big stud you...)

Physical Appearance:

Ring Attire:

Out-of-ring Attire:

In-Ring Style:

Moveset: (Min. 5)


Spots: (Optional)


Background: (Any previous fake rasslin' experiences or title history would be nice to know. It would also be nice to know if your guy killed his whole family and ate their bodies or anything absurd like that...)


I shunned a voodoo witch, decapitated a black cat
Jan 1, 2000
Milltown USA
Name: 'Gentleman' Jonathan Marx
Height: 6'2
Weight: 215
Hails From: Princeton, New Jersey
Music: "The Touch" by Stan Bush

Physical Appearance & Ring Attire: black tights, black boots, blonde hair, blue eyes

10 basic moves:
bow-and-arrow hold
cobra twist
diving knee drop
double arm suplex
axe bomber
figure four leglock
ground cobra twist
japanese leg roll clutch
octopus hold
sickle hold
spinning toe hold
fishhook camel clutch

5 signature moves:

Knife edge chops
Belly to belly suplex

Tactics/Style: technician, old school mentality (Corino), modeled
after Osamu Nishimura, William Regal, and Doug

setup: shoulder to the back of the knee

Secondary Finisher: Marx of Excellece (Canadian Backbreaker)
Primary Finisher: Marxism (STF)

Gimmick: Rich, scholar, gentlemen

Strengths: great technical ability, very intelligent, great stamina

Weaknesses: Not overly muscular, not a high flyer, intentionally blows
up older wrestlers

Character Bio: Second Generation Wrestler (son of Arthur "Werewolf"
Marx, The Godson of Chris Wink, Brother of Carlee Marx, Lost his
mother to Parkinson's Disease as a teenager, Princeton Graduate, top
amateur wrestler, rich, knowledgable about wrestling, Former IWF
Mexican Champion, Former Empire Intercontinental Champion, Captain of
the NFW North War Games Team, Point Leader of Season One in the NFW
North, NFW North/East Semifinalist (Lost to Manson in the conference
finals who went on to win the Ultratitle), Former Member of GOD
(Gentlemen of Dignity) with Manson & Anarky, Member of DREDD with Doe,
Jacobs, and Carlee Marx, PWI Mag Rookie of the Year 2004, Trained at
the same dojo in the US with Brandon Jacobs and broke his neck with
the Marxism, Trained in Japan by the legendary Panda Mask, Made his
wrestling debut at Korakuen Hall against Pat Gordon for the IWF,
Original Disciple of Manson the God in IWF, Carries the Good Book Of
Old School Wrestling with him where every he travels, rumored by be
written by Jim Cornette himself, Wants to reform wrestling and bring
upon the second Golden Age, Green Arrow Fan, Favorite Author:

With the death of TEAM and his salary being reduced from that of a world champion in NEW to a color commentator, Marx whose once plentiful bank accounts has taken a beating in this economy. Marx after feeling ill after a tag match with Shawn Hart, went to the doctors and was diagnosed with an undisclosed illness and Marx has been on a race to make as much money as possible (doing commercials in Japan, training students, doing MMA bouts in uncommissioned states, and writing his memoirs) so he can retire and be set for life while living the lifestyle has grown accustom to.

Brandon Jacobs: Season One FW Survivor Winner, WFW Play by Play Man,
Marx's Best Friend and Business Manager (wrestling only), Romantically
Involved with Holly Beckett, Irish Catholic, the youngest and only
male child of six children, lost his father at a young age, went to
college on both athletic and academic scholarships, the top student in
his dojo before a broken neck ended his career as a wrestler, hated by
Lindsay Troy, Boston Red Sox fan, Booster Gold fan, Favorite Author:
James Joyce

Holly Beckett: Season Two FW Survivor Finalist, regostered nurse and
physical therapist that helped Jacobs recover from his injuries at the
hands of Michaels & Hart who is now nursing Arthur Marx back to
health, Well endowed red head, modern day Gracie Allen, good friends
with Beau Michaels, jealous of Cameron Cruise, Favorite Author: Samuel

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