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Hubble, bubble, toil and trouble.


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Jan 1, 2000
Boldon UK
(Alfred walked into the living room whilst flicking through a pile of letters. He spotted Lawrence Stanley in the corner of the room with his eyes closed and walked over to him.)

A: Lawrence?

LS: ………..

A: Lawrence?

LS: ………..

A: Ahem…..LAWRENCE!!!!

(Stanley’s eyes shot open and he sat bolt upright.)


A: Oh nothing, were you asleep?

LS: No, I was partaking in a sponsored comatose for charity.

A: What?

LS: Bah…..yes I was asleep…but for some reason I am not now, did you want me for anything?!?!

A: Yes, I have here a series of requests for interviews with you leading up to ANNIVERSARY, how many will I book you in for?

LS: None.

A: Okay, well this one looks like a must and….wait….how many did you say?

LS: I said….none.

A: None?

LS: Hmm, there appears to be an echo in this room for some reason.

A: But, why none?

LS: I need to be motivated, I need to be concentrated, I can allow myself no such distractions.

A: I appreciate the enormity of the card Lawrence, but I think a few choice interviews would not hurt.

LS: Alfred please, there is too much riding on the results of ANNIVERSARY for me to take time out of my schedule to go and meet some snivelling reporter and answer their banal questions.

A: I understand.

LS: Good….thank you.

A: There is one slight problem however.

LS: (Sigh) What?

A: I sort of promised Rudy Seitzer he could have an interview.


A: He rang up a couple of days ago and asked if he could interview you….and I said yes.

LS: And you did not think to mention this to me?!?!

A: Well, like you say you’ve been extremely busy of late, I didn’t want to trouble you.

LS: And talking to Seitzer would not be a trouble?!?!

A: I know what you’re saying….but I did promise him.

LS: Bah, very well, his shall be the only interview “The English Gent” will allow before ANNIVERSARY.

A: Excellent, thank you Lawrence.

LS: Pray tell, when is this interview?

A: Umm……tomorrow at 11am.

LS: Ye Gods…..so much for preparation.

A: Well, I told him to come here, so its not all that bad.

LS: I am positively lucky.

A: You’re just crabby because I woke you up aren’t you?

LS: If I said yes would you feel better?

A: Not really.

LS: Good, then I will not humour you.

A: Just make sure you give Seitzer a good interview.

LS: I always give good interviews.

A: I know, I was just saying.

LS: If that is all I will get back to thinking about Hornet and Teri.

A: Hmm, I often think about Teri, usually she is…..err…..I’d best get back to work.

LS: Yes, maybe you had.

(Fade to black.)

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