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Husani Dakarai


Jan 1, 2000
San Francisco, CA
RING NAME: "The Madman From The Motherland" Husani Dakarai
AGE: 33
HEIGHT: 6'8"
WEIGHT: 360 lbs
APPEARANCE: Huge afro. Full beard. Huge, hulking physique. White wrist tape. Short black trunks with the continent of Africa on the front AND the back in white. Black elbow pads. Black knee pads with the continent of Africa on them in white. Black boots. No tattoos. No piercings.
PERSONALITY: Imagine if you woke a bear right in the middle of his winter hibernation with the violent clangings of pots & pans. And then you shot it in the ass three times. And then you captured it and locked it inside a cage that was WAY too small for him. And then you beat him and tasered him throughout the day for many weeks before setting him loose inside a ring. . . .that's Husani.
BACKGROUND / HISTORY: Fresh out of jail. . .again. Hurting for cash. . .again. Craving a violent outlet for his rage. . .again. HD is back on the streets once more and looking to step back into the ring. For many years Husani has built a name for himself only to self sabotage it with out of ring antics that have resulted in numerous stints in jail & prison. He's back, fresh off a three year stint and looking to beat people down the legal & financially responsible way.
HOMETOWN: Philadelphia, PA by way of Dodoma, Tanzania, Africa
ENTRANCE MUSIC: "Wherever I May Roam" by Metallica
RING ENTRANCE: The fans in the arena all jumped a little as the eerie sitar intro of Metallica’s “Wherever I May Roam” resonated through the speakers causing more than a few goose bumps on the arms of those in attendance. The lights, which had dimmed as soon as the sitar struck up its tune started to flicker in time with the beginning of pounding drums. White smoke filtered thickly over the entranceway covering the scene in a dim, foggy mist as the guitars struck up and the bass bellowed menacingly. The fans didn’t have to wait long to see the hated man that accompanied the music as Husani Dakarai’s huge, hulking frame became silhouetted in the smoke. They booed as he burst into sight and pounded his chest letting out a primal roar at the same time. The African’s nostrils flared before he broke out into a smug smirk and slowly made his way down the aisle surrounded by fans who jeered and insulted him, but he paid them no mind as his focus was solely on the ring. Husani broke into a short sprint, sliding underneath the bottom rope fluidly and quickly getting to his feet. He let out another roar and held his arms out to his sides, flexing his muscles, before retreating into the closest corner.
WRESTLING STYLE: Powerhouse/Brawler

1. Yakuza Kick
2. High Angle Corner Splash
3. Running Powerslam
4. Multiple Rib Breaker
5. Backbody Driver
6. Running Sidewalk Slam
7. Pendulum Back Breaker
8. Full Nelson Slam
9. Stalling Brainbuster
10. Gorilla Press Slam
11. Multiple Powerbombs [usually two, first one softer shock wave style, second is the killer]
12. Snap Belly to Belly Suplex
13. T-Bone Suplex
14. Flapjack [Husani lifts running opponent high into the air, using their momentum as a booster. On the way down he places a hand or both on their back pushing down with all his might to drive them face first into the canvas]
15. Leg Drop [running or stationary]

16. Fallaway Slam
17. Burning Hammer
18. Clothesline from Africa

PRIMARY FINISHER: Random Acts of Violence (R.A.V.)
FINISHER DESCRIPTION: Swings opponent into opposite ropes, when opponent rebounds Husani lifts them up into the air, jumps and spins before slamming them spine first onto the stiff canvas with a colossal spinebuster.

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