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I was wondering.......

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....if I could get boards for my ASW league earlier as I continue to put the new look to the All-Star Wrestling together. The ASW I founded back in 2000 suffered a big hacking. However, this time around I call it the Revival!

Anyhow, I was wondering even though the All-Star Wrestling at this time doesn't meet the specified requirements as far as having 8 members set in stone nor the 4 card requirement for that matter, may I still be able to get the boards like these here so I'll have them in advance prior to officially opening next year? [ 2003, which isn't too far away :) ]

Thank you
Ceo Mr. Glenn Ryder (ASW)



I'd suggest possibly setting up a web page using the Free Hosting option (click the "Hosting" button up top) to garner some interest. You might even want to go ahead and host a 'pre-opening' card with the members you currently have.

Basically when I look at leagues to add to FW Central, I'm looking for leagues that have the potential to last a while, have decent quality, and are interested in providing good content to the community. Basically, as we get ready to upgrade the board and the site, I'm looking for leagues that are worth the effort it takes to set them up, etc.

I am looking to add some leagues by the end of the year, so drop me an e-mail at chad@fwrestling.com with any additional info and your webpage address.


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