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Jan 1, 2000
{{...FADE-IN: Shane Southern is sitting on the couch in his living room at his Bourbon Street apartment. He's appears to be on hold on the phone as he fiddles with a paddle-ball game. He's dressed casually in jean shorts, no shoes and a CSWA tee shirt. Suddenly, he drops the paddle-ball and clears his throat...}}

SHANE SOUTHERN: "AH HO. AYE ACHE OH. Yeah, first name Evan. {{...pause...}} Whadda' ya' mean you ain't got a number on file? {{...pause...}} I already called Seattle information. {{...pause...}} Well you're tha' CSWA front office, how do ya' notify him when he's gotta' match? {{...pause...}} Yeah, fine. {{...pause...}} I'm glad you gotta' address, but I ain't flyin' up ta' Seattle. {{...pause...}} Yeah, OK. Thanks for your help.

{{...Southern hangs up the phone and mutters "Geezus" under his breath. He then picks the paddle-ball game back up and begins bouncing the attached ball off the green paddle again. He picks up a half empty glass of tea and drains it while continuing to play the game. Finally, he stops, sets the paddle on the table in front of him, glances up at the camera, and begins to speak...}}

SHANE SOUTHERN: " Oh, hey guys. Well, lemme' just get this off mah' chest up front. Miles, Stunnin'...Evan Aho IS Evan Aho, I don't no more have control over him than Miles does over how damn silly he looks in that outfit, or Wilcox and Hardy do over that nice blond runnin' thier show now. If he wants ta' cut a promo, he'll do it. If wants ta' sit back n' let us jaw at each other, that's what he's gonna' do. He's tha' DAMN World Champion, I think he's earned tha' RIGHT ta' be reclusive should he so desire. "

" BUT, that don't mean that he's gonna' give Shane Southern up to tha' wolves. THIS man's 'bout wrestlin' first n' foremost, n' I don't believe for ONE second he'd let n' opportunity ta' win tha' UNIFIED Tag titles slip through his fingers. He's a professional, a TRUE professional. Not like YOU Miles, NOT like yer buddy Eddie, which coincidentally, ain't 'round either. This issa' man who's OVER 'cause of his talent, not 'cause he's funny, NOT 'cause he walks 'round Vegas in a damn clown outfit. Evan Aho is WHO he is, and I ain't about ta' try n' change 'em. "

" Now all that bein' said...ALL tha' praise I heaped upon Evan Aho...won't mean CRAP if he pulls another New Suicide Squad debacle. I'm not sayin' I see it happenin', only {{...shrugs...}} Well it's hard ta' get tha' bad taste outta' yer mouth once ya' swallowed tha' rotten egg. I'm not lookin' over my shoulder, I'm not plannin' for n' ambush...but Aho, <BLEEP> with me and this shot, n' I'll make damn SURE you PAY for it. "

" Miles, you can play up tha' "trust" angle all you wish. Truly I don't TRUST Evan Aho at all. I THINK I know what kinda man he is, and that's tha' way I'm goin' at this match. I'm not worried 'bout ANYTHIN' else. All I have ta' believe 'bout tha' match once that bell rings is that he'll BE THERE ta' tag mah' hand when I need it. Other than that, I'm lettin' 'em be."

" Simply Stunnin'...you're right, I'm one helluva TOUGH S.O.B. But don't play this like it's just an added piece in tha' game. Boys, you're steppin' inta' ring with two of tha' BEST in this sport. Tag experience er' not, it's gonna' be ALLLLL you can do ta' come away with those straps. I don't CARE 'bout your deal with tha' Pros, n' you can damn sure BET on tha' fact we won't be takin' a "step back" n' lettin' you n' tha' pros go at it. I'm here ta' win a wrestlin' match, n' a BELT...that's it. You're two great wrestlers, n' there's nuthin' I enjoy more than steppin' inta' tha' ring with guys that can go, but if you do ta' ME, what ya' did to tha' PROS, then we've gotta' HUGE problem...n' I'm not one ta' be NICE ta' people that <BLEEP> me over. OKay? "

" Shane Southern's gotta' point ta' prove boys...and it's comin' at YOUR expense. Party's OVER. "

{{...FADE OUT...}}

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