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Immunites/Rewards System

The Great Eye

I came to cut you up
Jan 29, 2004
I've Godbooked everything up to this point for who wins stuff and what group has to vote somebody out, and I did that for this first show after the merger, but now, I'm gonna have chance take over a bit.

I'd been talking to a few people who thought my orginal system was flawed and so it's been fixed as much as I can fix it. Simply put, I'm gonna take a stack of cards and shuffle them, and then draw a card, whoever's card I pull gets immunity or reward.

Now if the challenge is something nobody would be good at (I.E. the impending golf and poker challenges), then everyone gets 1 card, if it's a phyiscal challenge, I give the wrestlers (American, Cloverleaf, Tact, Troy, Melton) 2 cards, and the non-wrestlers 1 card....

These drawing will be watched by my friend Casey, who suffered the shame of being the first person voted off the show (Matthew Malone.) you can both ask him to confirm the drawing, and mock him for his failed attempt to oust Brandon Jacobs at Crateopotatoes on AIM

Now two things.

1. If you think you're next to go, or you just really want to win the next immunity, you can once during the course of the show 'try harder' and get an extra card for that challenge only, giving you slightly better odds of winning.

2. Emily can only ever win immunity once, will never 'try harder', so the fix isn't in, I'm not going to keep myself off the chopping block via a giant series of bogus immunity wins, (but if Shii Ann wins again Thursday, well, mebbe...Nah.)

With all that said, good luck, and get strats into me for this show.

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