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Jan 6, 1995
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Name: Impulse

Real Name: Randall Knox

Nickname: The Marathon Man, the Eye of the Storm

Height: 5'11"

Weight: 188 lbs

Hometown: New York, NY

Alignment: Face

Physical Description: Wiry and skinny for his size, has nearly buzzed black hair, blue eyes, and is usually sporting the bottom half of a goatee, neatly trimmed. Wears long black tights with various color vector/grid/heartbeat monitor designs on the side, always has his hands taped up and the letters "JFZ" written on the back of his hand for every match. Wears a faded black leather jacket and T-shirt to the ring as well. T-shirt is matchwriter's choice, it can be a contemporary shirt (pick any current E-wrestler) or a vintage shirt (anyone who is not actively wrestling, as far as you know). If it's a contemporary, he'll toss it into the crowd before the match.

Tattoo of a Pagan Crucifix on his left bicep (see my avatar)

He has one shirt that is not affiliated with any promotion - it is a black and white cutout of his raised fist, with the JFZ letters clearly written, and the phrase "make your own revolution" underneath. More often than not, he'll wear that and toss it to the crowd.

Entrance music: "Revolution Baby" by Queen V. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yLebe2MHieM

Entrance Description: Music cues up. The fans start their cheering at the drum beat intro, because they know what's coming, and the "LEFT! LEFT! LEFT RIGHT LEFT!" start that V uses. Impulse and his valet Calico Rose enter the arena on the first official line of the song, "Revolution, baby, that's my sound," and take a moment to acknowledge the cheers from the entranceway, starting toward the ring on the first chorus of "You got yours, I want mine" - slapping hands the whole way through. Impulse enters the ring first, then holds the ropes for Rose, usually on the second verse of "The revolution, baby, I'm not for sale - if you think you own me, well go to hell!" line.

He keeps it simple. Fist in the air, smirk for the fans, if he sees someone with a cool shirt or sign he'll address them directly.

PPV Entrance Description: Same

Wrestling style: It's easier to say what he doesn't do.

- Brawling
- Hardcore

Impulse is a flawless, perfect wrestler. He can hold/counterhold, use submission holds, fly from the top rope, shoot wrestle, hook, and counter everything and anything under the sun.

He will never cheat; if given a count of five by the referee he will always break by the three. He will never use weapons directly: the closest he will come is setting up a chair for additional height for some kind of aerial attack. He does not argue with referees, rarely punches (Chops are the basic attack),

1) Sudden Impact - Superkick (main)
2) The Message - Hard to describe, easy to visualize. Opponent on knees, Impulse kneels behind them with his back to theirs, kneeling on their legs and pulling back on their chin. Rare finish.

Other Moves:

Limited by the size differential of the opponent and the imagination of the match writer alone, everything else is fair game.

Major strength: He knows everything about everything about wrestling, has a sponge - like ability to soak up all the knowledge anyone can ever drop, and can counter practically anything anyone can throw at him. When it comes to his hooking ability, he does not consider it cheating to pop an arm or leg socket, or to compress vertebrae, etc - if he is continually on the defensive from a particularly aggressive opponent but this is a VERY rare thing.

Major weakness: He's under 200 pounds and this will never change. He is small enough so that most opponents will be able to attack and toss him around at will. Because of this, he will usually have to outwrestle or take down his opponents and it doesn't always work.

History: Randall Knox wanted to be a wrestler from the time he was fourteen years old. He lucked into Terence Cooper's gym one afternoon and the old man took special interest in him. Knox learned the basics very quickly and became his prized student. He was helped by three of Coop's prior charges:

Eli Flair
Ivy McGinnis
Johnny Fizzbin

They taught him how to survive, he taught himself how to succeed.


Name: Calico Rose
Real Name: Rosalyn Callasantos
Nickname: Cally
DOB: 10/31/1987
Hometown: Bronx, NY
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 114 lbs
Entrance music (when not entering with Impulse): "Soothsayer Lies" - LOURDS

Looks: Almost nothing like the stereotypical valet. Petite of frame and non-silicon-enhanced. Attributes her good shape to yoga and Taebo as opposed to plastic surgeons. Chin length brown hair and brown eyes. Prefers comfort to glamour when on camera; prefers comfortable, multicolored converse or doc martens to anything with a giant heel (and not those obnoxious looking calf - high converse, either. Chuck Taylor low tops all the way). More likely to be at ringside in a wifebeater and jeans with a big belt buckle of some kind, or a slipdress/T-shirt and skirt combo than anything with sequins. (Sequins were actually invented in 1940 by Las Vegas to allow women to communicate to everybody, 'I'm a whore.' - Cally)

History: Randall Knox's childhood friend - turned - girlfriend - turned - valet, Cally was also trained in Coop's gym, however, severe asthma and childhood trauma to her lungs limited her practical future in the ring. No matter, she was really only there to be close to Knox.
He went off to college and she went off to the bar. She was the head bartender at TC's Pub from the age of seventeen to twenty two, when the owners, Eli Flair and Ivy McGinnis, promoted her to manager. Nowadays she only tends bar when she's home as her primary role is to travel with Impulse and support him from the ring.

Personality: Cally is a bit of a goofball with an offbeat sense of humor. She has a tendency to make up words on the spot to describe what just happened or how she's feeling when she can't think of the real thing; she has an optimistic view on life and wants everyone to be happy and friends; she will go out of her way to try to facilitate this, including but not limited to holding a potluck or a bake sale in the locker rooms, hiring a singing telegram to serenade someone who's depressed (all out of pocket and without looking for reward or notice), and insisting that people be polite all the time. She has her own Rules of Life that seem to be amended as needed (Rule #1 - Always be nice to Cally). She has the energy and the mania of someone who imbibes way too much caffeine, without being ironic, obnoxious, or ironically obnoxious about it.

5/13/2013 Edit

For posterity sake, here are all of Cally's rules (up to date as of 3/20/2012).

  • Always be nice to Cally
  • Mean people suck.
  • If you were mean to someone disrespecting rule #1 you get a free drink
  • Cally controls the music
  • No drink service when the Band of the Day is playing.
  • Cally reserves the right to hit you.
  • No foul language permitted in the bar
  • 'In the bar' excludes a two inch diameter around Miss Ivy
  • Always carry a lighter
  • The stray cats who live in the smoking area behind the bar have more rights than you.
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