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Jason Payne

New member
Jan 1, 2000
Great Mills, Maryland
[[SFX: Heartbeat]]

The screen is black. A deep voice resonates from the void. A voice that you should all recognize.

Payne V.O. - "A fire that can not be extinguished."

FADE TO footage from the 06 Dupree Cup as the heartbeat fades and replaced by a dramatic synthesized bass line.

TH V/O: Here we see Payne going for his patented Payne Killer, but Derecho's fighting it off, elbows to the face. He's free and then just cracks Payne in the chin with a superkick. I was surprised that the Dog of War didn't spit a tooth out there, but he's definitely bleeding, both from one of those elbows to the forehead and from the kick to the mouth. Then, it was time for some punishment, Derecho grabbing the Dog of War by the scruff of the neck and just pounding his head into the turnbuckle there, ten times before exhausting referee Monet Samuel's count. Payne looked to be on dream street.

[Cut to Payne in a standing headscissors.]

TH V/O: And it would be the end here for Payne as Derecho sets up for the Vortex Powerbomb, or would it? Payne counters with a back body drop. Derecho's up, but Payne catches him with a haymaker right that turns Derecho around. Payne locks in the full nelson and... PAYNE KILLER! This match is academic, Payne wins.


[[SFX: Dramatic bass line continues.]]

Payne V.O. - "A will that can not be broken."

FADE TO more footage from the 06 Dupree Cup.

Cut to Payne struggling to apply the full-nelson again.}

SM V/O: He's got a half-nelson on, and now he's trying to get that other arm over, but Spoils is fighting and fighting. Out of Pat Jones' line of sight, Spoiler sends a backwards kick to Payne's privates, then an elbow to his gut and it's a SpoilerStunner. Now The Mountain of a Man smells blood.

[Cut to Spoiler with Payne in a standing headscissors.]

SM V/O: The big man is setting up for the Spoilerbomb, but there will be no whammage here. Payne somehow finds the strength to counter the bomb with a back body drop on the massive Force of Nature. Payne signals to the crowd and now he's going to try and give Spoiler a taste of his own medicine. I guess you could call this a Paynebomb attempt, but he'd have no luck here as Spoiler just uses his superior strength to shove Payne by his thighs right into the corner. Look at the impact and he only shoved him from a bent over base pushing on his legs. Unbelievable.

[Cut to Spoiler with Payne perched on the top rope.]

SM V/O: And now Spoiler's got Payne in that precarious position. Payne trying to fight it off, one, two, three punches to Spoiler, but the big man's deft as a cat. He retains his balance and as Payne winds up for a fourth punch, Spoiler just levels him with a quick forearm. He then grabs him and... goodnight Irene! Super Spoilerman Buster from the top rope, and I don't know how many people could survive that move. Spoiler gets the pin, and MBE will move onto the finals.


[[SFX: Dramatic bass line.]]

Payne V.O. - "Low on mercy."

FADE TO footage from TEAM SuperShow II: FREE FOR ALL~!

Derecho's theme song fades out and the Jumbo-Tron flickers to life. It shows a close up of Derecho, bloodied, bruised and beaten. The camera zooms out to reveal that he's handcuffed to pipes. The location is the boiler room. As the camera zooms out even more, the culprit of the assault is shown...

Jason Payne, and he's holding a Louisville Slugger.]

ID: Bloody hell!

JC: Jesus friggin' Christ! He... he didn't!

ID: He did! Arrest him! Someone!


[[SFX: Dramatic bass line.]]

Payne V.O. - High on impact.

CUT TO Payne with LindsayTroy in a full nelson.

SM V/O: As Payne lays in wait and nails her with the Payne Killer!

CUT TO Payne behind Hiroshi.

TH V/O: Payne Killer and pinfall on Hiroshi!

CUT TO footage from last years TiT.

DK: Payne with Storm up... PAYNE KILLER! Jason Payne with the cover... two... three! And just like that, Jason Payne has gotten himself right back into this tournament!


DK: PAYNE KILLER! PAYNE KILLER! Cover... one... two... THREE! Jason Payne has punched his ticket to Memphis!


TILL: PAYNE KILLER! PAYNE KILLER! And he's got the three-count! Jason Payne, make your way to the Elite Eight!


TILL: Yes again! Payne behind... PAYNE KILLER! Could this be it? One... two... YES! Jason Payne has punched his ticket to the Final Four!

CUT TO a black screen.

[[SFX: Heartbeat]]

FADE IN of Jason Payne superimposed on the black background.

Payne - "Let this serve as a warning to those who enter the Team Invitational Tournament. The destruction you have just beared witness to is nothing compared to that which I am about to unleash. It doesn't matter what or who gets in my way. I will not be denied. I will not be derailed. I will not rest until all who entered, lay vanquished at my feet. So lets not waste any more time. Start lining up now, so that I can start knocking them down on my way to glory."


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