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In lieu of GLCW's departure...


Jan 1, 1970
Well, first...I'm definitely upset things went down the way they did at the end. You'd always rather see something like the GLCW go out with a bang, but you can't plan these things. I was having alot of fun RPing a character I'm not used to using. Scott gave the league a great run, so I hope that's remembered more than the burnout.

Secondly, I know some of y'all might be fedless at the moment. Just in case you didn't know of stuff around...

I know WFW run by Paul Miller will be a logical choice for some of you, I hope others of you check it out.

I believe TWA is a new league opening that's gotten a good opening roster.

There's also GXW, and if you visit www.fwimag.com -- you could get linked to A1E.

While I can't say there's an opening in NFW right now...I did throw around an idea for a tag division with new characters to NFW members, but not too many of them were up for it. If anyone here is interested in something like that, let me know. I wouldn't actually be running it, Jeff Teterault (JT Tyler, the Powells, DC Stratton) would do most of it.

NFW also gets alot of turnover, so feel free to apply or send me an email in case you'd like to be notified.

Also -- www.ewplanet.com, you can find a bunch of leagues and a discussion board about leagues you've probably never been aware of. There's alot of angle feds and RP feds under the Link database they have.

Anyway, good luck to Scott and his new home...and certainly in a game 7 tonight at Wrigley Field.

Peace Great Lakes. :)

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