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"In the Office"


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Sep 24, 2005
Lebanon, MO
Jalen Latham, Chairman of Major Championship Wrestling, is in his office. As usual, he is on the phone with somebody.

Jalen: No, what I'm trying to say is that I believe we should use the exposure gained in the Tag team Tournament and the Invasion of UCW to start something more along the lines of the original MCW vision.


Jalen: I don't necessarily believe that the name needs to be changed, as there is still a great deal of value in it. What do you think about moving out to the Midwest?


Jalen: I agree. There is a void there for great local wrestling. I'm concerned that we might lose some of our identity, though. Image is ninety percent of the battle.


Jalen: Yeah, I've talked to my champions. I think they are going to get behind it because it will give them a more wide-ranged exposure to the national audience. I still want to take in the new and underutilized. They are cheaper and the workrate is usual high with those guys. They have something to prove.


Jalen: Well, first things first. I need you to contact some of the other territories and see if they are interested in doing business. I'm compiling a list of contenders and should have everything set up by the time of our next show.


Jalen: I'm going to relax the disqualification rules and count out enforcement. The staff refs will have all of the information. There won't be any more incidents like the Celtic Assassins versus Irishred and James Irish, I assure you.

Get on the phone with TEAM and some of our other financial backers. We have the opportunity the really get something nice going.


Jalen: I hear there is a promotion looking to step up and fill the void here, so I'll get in touch with him. I'll also call up some of the global organizations to see if they're interested in a development deal.


The phone conversation has ended with a huge question mark now placed on the future of MCW. Could the Main Event at Finale and the Tag Team Invitational Tournament have been the wake up call? What about the invasion of UCW?

More on the way...

Scene fades.

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