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inertia - pt 1


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Dec 1, 2002
Inertia - Physics. The tendency of a body to resist acceleration; the tendency of a body at rest to remain at rest or of a body in straight line motion to stay in motion in a straight line unless acted on by an outside force.

... carried on from a reply of Cruise's post, after leaving the hospital.

Fandango sits in the driver's seat of his car, rain beating down like millions of tiny little lazers, wipers slapping the waves of water back and forth from the windshield. The Red Dot can be made out ever so slightly...

It's been raining for days. Months. Seems like it's been raining ever since Ryp left GCW and retired.... like he'd offended some Roman God by retiring in his prime, and the rain was his punishment. The days of wrestling for the Fans, wrestling for honor and for the LOVE of the game had ended, and it was to the point where he couldn't litterally bring himself to make one more cent for the company that he so despised.

So far in CSWA things have been different... the love, the passion, the honor are all seeping back into his withered soul, rejuvenating what was once a champion of champions.

He thinks about Cameron Cruise laying there in that hospital bed, and his wife's forbidden concern for his welfare. Ryp thinks about his own family, his wife, his young son, who have gone through that same despair and angst because of his unwillingness to yeild. It's like a code a professional wrestler lives by, and it's one that Fandango, until a few weeks ago, had all but given up.

Does he owe Cameron Cruise anything? No. But he understands where he stands. Ryp knew that Mercy wouldn't tell her husband to take a week off, but he owed it to himself to go through the motions - just in case something bad happens.

No, Cruise isn't a fool... in fact, Ryp himself would do the same thing if in the same exact situation. He'd go out there for the Fans, for the passion, for the love that rockets through his veins. Ryp respects Cruise for his love of the game, and that was the reason why Ryp made the trip to see him.

If there is one thing that Ryp learned from his Retirement, it was that when you are in the spotlight, relish it, and seize the opportunity when it presents itself.

- H O N K -

The red dot has been replaced by a green dot now, as the motorist behind him so elloquently pointed out.

Ryp steps lighly on the gas pedal, as his thoughts continue to wander...

To be Continued - -


I spoil things.
Jan 1, 2000
Merced, California USA
Inertia--pt. 2

(OOC: Gen. RP or On Time is a judgement call. Sorry folks.)

Mercy looked on as the doctors poked and prodded at her husband, examining for any improvement on his condition. He would say the number two for pain, and vice versa for one, signaling for a normal feel on a specific question of movement with his head.

She still hasnt told him. The fear of a quick re-injury frightens her so that shes' torn by his inevitable first reaction. The whole time that she's known him, he's been under the perverbial cloud of "Work Now....Play Later.", and lately has noticed that Cruise hasn't had the time to even rest.

The doctors finish and declare small amounts of improvement in the injury, but the nose would still have to be protected by a face mask.

"Anymore of an impact on the nose in future matches might have to force Mistah' Cruise into overnight surgery to repair it. He's been taken quite a beatin'." the Doctor said. "I'm seein' shots on his head and some unusual reactions from neck movement, which look ta be a few years old."

Mercy nods in observance of an X-ray given to her. She knows what those are from.The three-to-four View To A Kills from Mike Plett as well as a Seventh Seal from Gabriel Poe, just to name a few excluding the recent shots from Craig Miles' and Ryp Fandango.

Her thoughts' wander from Cruise' condition to what Fandango had asked of her the day of his visit.

No one had come to visit since the show. Not lockerroom or family, her and Fandango excluded.

Forego a scheduled match? Would he do that? Could he do that?

(Mercy suddenly realizes that the last few minutes her thoughts have become more vocal than mental as Cruise snaps his fingers, breaking her train of thought.)

"You okay? The doc finished and said he wants to do more tests. I personally don't care for 'em, they've been taken too damn long, checking out the same spo--" Cruise begins.


(She caught herself, cutting herself off before Cruise suspected, but to be invain. Cruise' eyes had gone wide from shock and surprise to anger and irration (OOC: sorry, irration is a lack of better word).

"You mean to tell me that for the past few days that I've been sitting in this bed, I've been scheduled for a match?!?!?!! YOU'VE GOTTA BE KIDDIN' ME??!!!" Said Cruise. "I've gotta match I have to prep for and I haven't even been informed on it yet. Just great." Cruise continues, but also attempts to get out of bed.

"No, please don't Cameron, stay in bed," Mercy pleads. "Please believe me, Ryp doesn't want to wrestle you like this, not with a busted nose and a concussion....."

"Ryp?? Ryp Fandango was here?? Why the hell didn't you tell me? He's the one that *put* me here!! His butt is mine!!" Cruise said.

"Please no Cam...he wants nothing to do with you, honestly he doesn't!! Mercy says.

"So why didn't you tell me sooner?" Cruise asked.

"Because I was hoping you'd stay here and heal," Mercy explains. You need the rest, and not the stress."

(Mercy moved closer and embraced her husband softly.)

"Please promise me you'll call Mister Merritt and pull out? It's one time you can be absent and the teacher won't rap you with the ruler, I promise you, after this match, you can wrestle again."

(Cruise just stared blankly ahead into space.)

She was right, he thought. He hadn't taken much time off lately, taking overtime hours with the same pay. But he just couldn't refrain from the joys of the crowd, from the shouts of encouragement he received night in, and night out.

Then again, the Human Body can only take so much punishment before it just shuts down completely.

Catch 22, Cruise labels. I just can't, for the life of me, know which way to go.

(Cruise caresses Mercedes upper back in consolement, continuing to stare into space, and into an un-avoidable dilemma.)



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