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Apr 16, 2004
Fade In: We see Tom Adler sitting on the apron of a ring in an empty arena

You know, Sean, I have to admit, I'm kind of surprised. I really thought you would have had something to say about this match. I don't know... maybe you think you said all you needed to say the last time. Maybe you think I'm not worth the time. Or maybe you're just not sure WHAT to say.

You can explain your silence away any way you want. It doesn't really matter. Because, ultimately, every time you come out here these days it always seems to revolve around one common theme. How, by the grace of God, you managed to fall into the Presidential Championship, but none of that matters because you are going to prove to me and everybody else that you're not a... "Transitional Champion."

I mean, that's what you're out to prove, isn't it, Sean? But, it's kinda funny, because the more you say it, the higher pitched your voice seems to get. I'll leave it up to the masses to figure out why that is. It's not worth me wasting my time on. Because no matter what the reason, when it's all said and done, everything about it is complete BS.

You see, Sean, I learned something a long time ago that you seemingly haven't quite got a handle on yet. And, since none of the "boys" that Merritt and the like are so high on these days seem to want to do it, let me be the one to clue you in on the deep dark little secret of this business.

No matter what you do... no matter who you beat... you are STILL destined to be what you fear the most.. a Transitional Champion. Because the sad fact of this sport is that whether we like it or not, we are ALL nothing more than Transitional Champions.

Whether Evan Aho, Hornet, you, or anybody else defends those belts one more time... or a thousand more times, you will STILL be transitional champions.

Bruno Sammartino was World Champion for seven years... and he was a transitional champion.

The Fabulous Moolah was the Women's Champion for almost THIRTY years... and she was STILL a transitional champion.

No matter how great you are, you are never any better than your last win. And nothing you say or do will ever change that. You may slip on a bananna peel. You may get ripped off by a ref who somehow misses your foot on the rope. Or, you may just get your ass handed to you. But one way or another, Sean, sooner or later, your transition WILL come.

If you're good, you'll get to be transitional again. If you're great, you may transcend to a better one. And, if you're one of the select few who becomes a legend in this sport... well... one step at a time.

Now, I could come out here and make a lot of excuses about our last match. I don't have to. Because all it really proves is just how easily that transition can come. The way you won, you can just as easily lose. Remember that when you go to bed tonight with that belt tucked safely underneath your pillow. And wake up knowing that the only thing inevitable in this sport is that every second that ticks away, you are one second closer to being what you swore you'd never be.

Fade Out


Long Live THE KING
Mar 16, 2004
Oh Really?

fade- in:

[small]Nearly a month had gone by since Sean Stevens last sat on a stool, title draped over his shoulder, with intentions of addressing someone from the CSWA. And, in that short time, alot has changed. His hair, for instance... was almost shoulder length, golden and healthy... he seemed a bit more prepared... a tad bit more focused... and, eager. Eager to wrestle. Eager to defend his Presidential Championship. Eager to address his opponent.[/small]

"In my six- or- seven years as a professional in this business, I've pretty much seen and done it all. Am I a twelve time champion, hanging onto what's left of my career via deathgrip? No. And, I'm not gonna sit here and bore anyone with stories of who I've beaten... how many titles I've won... and, who I used to be.

"That's Tom Adler's job."

[small]Dressed in his usual 'promo attire' consisting of a 100% cotton "Blue- Eyed Badass" t- shirt, leather pants, and wrestling boots... Sean ran his fingers through his hair, removing it from his face.[/small]

"All I'm saying is... I've been in the hospital for months at a time. Had concussions... been in comas... had doctors look me dead in the eye, and tell me I'd never be able to do the one thing I excell in, at a level higher than anyone else again. You know how much that hurts, Adler? I admit... I do talk a lot of trash... and, I can see why my silence may have stunned you.

"But, talking isn't all I do. It's not why I got into this business, and if I never spoke in front of a camera again... I'd stay. I'm a wrestler, Adler. Like I told Hornet... I'm not a philosopher... it's not my job to go deep into the meaning of a theory or quote. Because it isn't important to me... nor should it be. But this..."

[small]Sean pointed to the CSWA Presidential title belt draped over his shoulder.[/small]

"This is what it's all about to me... being able to be here. In the CSWA. Doing what I do best. Wrestling. Not being able to wrestle is my biggest fear, Adler. That whole "Transitional Champion" diatribe... is what YOU wanted me to fear most, so you could come out, like you did, and give the speech that you gave.

"Don't need it. Don't want it. Could hardly stomach it.

"But, you did make a good point, though... when you whined, all the while, making it appear as if it was the farthest thing from your mind. You were screwed. That referee missed your foot. His fault. Your loss. I'm not giving you this rematch because it's something I think you deserve. You've done absolutely, positively nothing to merrit all the attention and matchups you're getting. I'm getting in the ring with you, Adler... because I'm sick of you. I've proved it, time and again, to the other wrestlers in the CSWA... myself... the fans... the people working in the concession stands... the cameramen... the... you get the point.

"I want to prove it to you, Tom. I want you to know in your knower that Sean Stevens'... CSWA's transitional Presidential Champion's transition didn't end in the ring with you. I want to beat you clean. No excuses. I want to show you why I am better than you are now... were then... and, better than you ever will be.

"And, I'm gonna do it, Adler. I quicker than you... I'm smarter than you... and, at the end of the day... when it boils down to it... I'm better than you.

"It's about time you realized it."

fade- to- black

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