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Injury Report after SLAMTRACK 6


Main Event Caliber
Apr 16, 2012
St. Louis, MO
[Ring announcer and occasional backstage interviewer ARIN McHENRY stands before an RLW backdrop in a khaki-colored suit with a lemon yellow button down shirt, holding a Bob Barker-style microphone. He's bouncing a bit from foot to foot, strangely energized and maybe even a hair nervous? He hesitates for three or four seconds after the camera opens and shoots his eyes behind the camera before an audible "GO!" is heard off-screen. He stops bouncing and instantly puts on his game-face, clears his throat, and begins.

Editing by Barry the Intern, folks.]

AM: "Hi there folks! Arin McHenry here with a short update on the status of two Red Line Wrestling competitors in the aftermath of this past week's SLAMTRACK 6, live at the Sullivan Athletic Center in Chicago.

First, we have an update on 'Suicidal' Skylar Montgomery. Evidently, certain portions of his medical clearance to compete were forged, misappropriated, or otherwise inaccurate. Furthermore, his injuries seem to have been exacerbated by being thrown through a table by Emevlas Stastias. He has been diagnosed with a Grade IIIa concussion and will be out for an as-of-now undetermined about of time.

Secondly, I must report on multiple injuries sustained by "Sci-Fi" Russ Spackler at the hands of "The Last Titan", Ivan Dalkichev. In addition to a sprained knee, Spackler suffered a severely separated shoulder, a broken clavicle, and torn cartilage in his ribs. He is sidelined indefinitely.

We here at Red Line Wrestling hope for a speedy recovery for both competitors. This has been ARIN McHENRY, and I'm SIGNIN' OFF."


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