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Inspire Pro's Relentless Preview


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<table align="center" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0" class="tr-caption-container" style="margin-left: auto; margin-right: auto; text-align: center;"><tbody><tr><td style="text-align: center;"><a href="http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-psH_kCLi-ss/U_6XJK3HOyI/AAAAAAAAAGA/Fm1jhXP2e9s/s1600/10615503_693339894093063_8266099784686635209_n.jpg" imageanchor="1" style="margin-left: auto; margin-right: auto;"><img border="0" src="http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-psH_kCLi-ss/U_6XJK3HOyI/AAAAAAAAAGA/Fm1jhXP2e9s/s640/10615503_693339894093063_8266099784686635209_n.jpg" height="640" width="427" /></a></td></tr><tr><td class="tr-caption" style="text-align: center;">Graphics via InspirePro.com</td></tr></tbody></table><div style="text-align: justify;">Have you made your travel arrangements for Sunday, August 31? You need to because Inspire Pro Wrestling’s RELENTLESS is going to be yet another can’t-miss event. There’s a reason they say “All Killer, No Filler,” because there won’t be a single match on this card that you’ll be able to take a piss break during. Bo-Lieve that! (Man, I’m sad now. WWE could have totally replaced Seth Rollins in The Shield after the backstabbing with Bo Dallas. If anyone needed a pick-me-up after that, it was Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns, but that’s a story for another time.)<br /><br />Check out what they have in store for us lucky fans:<br /><br /><a name='more'></a><b>Number One Contender’s Match: “Dirty” Andy Dalton vs. Jax Dane</b><br /><br />This is our opening match, as Inspire Pro always tries to kick off their shows with something that will set the tone for the rest of the evening. Luckily, Andy Dalton is there to needle the fans. It’s incredibly hard to draw heel heat on the independent wrestling scene, but Dalton makes it look easy. He’s just so easy to hate.<br /><br />The match is a Number One Contenders match for the Inspire Pro Championship, and these are two seemingly random people to be competing for it. The last time Dalton was in singles action, he was pushing Takaaki Watanabe to the limit before losing to the New Japan wrestler. His only real win in Inspire Pro was retiring JT LaMotta (who has since joined up with Dalton and his buddy Jordan Jensen).<br /><br />And his opponent, Jax Dane, is a virtual unknown to me. I don’t recall seeing him wrestle (at the last Branded Outlaw show, he just did a post-match run-in), so I have no idea if he’s good or not. But on the Inspire Pro website, in an interview with Max Meehan, it was said that the NWA chose Dane for the match (you can read more behind the decision here). So, that’s your reasoning for Dane’s inclusion, but Dalton? I dunno, doesn’t seem to make sense.<br /><br />I’m not against the decision, don’t get me wrong. It just seems other people on the roster would have a stronger claim to be in position for a Title shot, you know? As it is, I am not opposed to Dalton winning and then taking the Title off of Mike Dell’s waist. Dell is simply a bore and, to me, hasn’t impressed as the Inspire Pro Champion. I understand him being the inaugural Champ, but he just hasn’t produced to my liking (and it’s all about what I like).<br /><br />If Dalton were to win the title, it would be someone people would want to see lose every time out, and when he didn’t we would be livid, but immediately plunk down our money to see the next show, hoping he would lose it then. That’s provided he is given compelling challengers, of which there is not a shortage of. People like Ricky Starks, Jojo Bravo, Scot Summers, Thomas Shire, Matthew Palmer, and a plethora of others would definitely have the crowd behind them.<br /><br />So, I’m going with Dalton to win, and it just may not be his only match of the night.<br /><br /><b>Prediction:</b> <i>Andy Dalton</i><br /><br /><b>Street Fight: “That Guy” Scotty Santiago vs. “Chi-Town’s Finest” Mr. B</b><br /><br />POLITICS! I have no earthly idea what politics Mr. B continues to scream about, but I’m sure they’ll be a factor in him losing again. It’s kind of a tricky storyline to play. I guess his claims are he’s being held down even though he’s on every other show. And if he’s claiming he’s being jobbed out, well, that kind of ruins the illusion of wrestling. Just some stories don’t need to be told.<br /><br />But these two have had a bit of a thing going back a few months, with Santiago sneaking out a win at CLASH AT THE BASH. Being as this is a Street Fight, the action is going to spill everywhere. But will “That Guy” be able to do it again or will Mr. B overcome the politics and bash Santiago’s head in?<br /><br />I’m going with the scrappy underdog to keep B unhappy about his station in life (or whatever he’s mad about).<br /><br /><b>Prediction:</b> <i>Scotty Santiago</i><br /><br /><b>The Hollywood Knives (Stevo Reno and Bradley Axel Dawson) vs. The Orphans (Zac and; DG Taylor)</b><br /><br />The Hollywood Knives have not been defeated since their debut, but it hasn’t been without drama. In fact, it’s rife with drama! Rife, I say! In each and every contest, Bradley Axel Dawson has inexplicably been rendered unconscious for the duration of the match, only reviving after Stevo Reno has picked up the victory for the team (at which point he delightfully celebrates).<br /><br />At last months show, “NO TURNING BACK,” Reno was not particularly thrilled with what unfolded, but nothing came of it. He simply walked to the back with a look of frustration on his face. This month their opponents are the debuting team of Zach and DG Taylor, the Orphans. Their in-ring debut, I should say, as they have made a slight impact the last couple of months, first helping Jeff Gant take out Morbidus and Gregory James and then last month sandwiching Kyle Hawk’s head between two chairs.<br /><br />If they are aligned with Gant, the first attack makes sense. Taking out Kyle Hawk? A little more random. And if the Hollywood Knives have the same issues as they’ve been having, things could get out of hand, with these two vicious newcomers. ‘Cause, eventually they’re going to lose, right? At some point, Reno just won't be able to overcome the odds.<br /><br />I’m not quite so sure it’s going to happen this time. I think it needs to happen when something bigger is at stake. And hopefully that something are Tag Team Titles, which are not a thing that has even been casually mentioned by Inspire Pro (to my knowledge), although I wish I had asked Biss when I interviewed him. (Be better prepared next time, Michael!) There have been quite a few tag teams compete with the company since it’s inception, so it would be nice to see the people who choose to compete as a team be rewarded, and not just have random tag matches each month with nothing at stake. So far, there aren’t really any stories going on, as the Hollywood Knives are really the only featured tag team and their strife is all internal.<br /><br />So, hopefully Reno continues to find success as an one-man tag team (essentially) and they can fight their way all the way to some gold, although for their issues to come to a head. It’ll be like the Mega Powers exploding. Only not.<br /><br /><b>Prediction:</b> <i>The Hollywood Knives</i><br /><br /><b>“Absolute” Ricky Starks vs. Gary Jay</b><br /><br />When Inspire Pro first started, Ricky Starks was the star of those first few months. He got the most mic time, got to be vicious in the ring, and basically was able to demonstrate exactly how good he could potentially be. Then he lost to Scot Summers at “CLASH AT THE BASH.” There is definitely no shame in losing to Summers, not in the least, it’s just put him in no-man’s land with nothing to do.<br /><br />But he’s still Ricky Starks and I still hope Inspire Pro has big things planned for him. This month he gets Gary Jay, who is making only his second appearance. The only thing for certain about this match is that Starks will have a really red chest courtesy of Jay’s hellacious chops. There really isn’t much at stake in this match, as they have no existing feud, but it could honestly steal the show (although that could be said of most matches in this company).<br /><br />As it is, Jay is the guest star and Starks needs to get back to his winning ways and becoming a viable challenger for the Inspire Pro Championship. I think that happens Sunday.<br /><br /><b>Prediction:</b> <i>Ricky Starks</i><br /><br /><b>“The Bionic Beast” Franco D’Angelo vs. Jeff Gant</b><br /><br />In what I have seen of Jeff Gant’s career, he has been a bit of a giant killer. He isn’t afraid of challenging guys much bigger than him. Truth be told, that’s most everyone (including the women) as Gant is a small man. But he never backs down and I will always respect his willingness to get the utter shit kicked out of him.<br /><br />I suspect that will happen here as well, even though I’m almost completely positive that Franco D’Angelo won’t take him seriously to start the match. But after a few flash pins and the like, it’ll awaken the Bionic Beast inside Franco and he will MURDER.DEATH.KILL. Gant.<br /><br />The equalizer, however, could be The Orphans, if they are in fact in league with Gant. Matthew Palmer could neutralize them if he is there, although if they come packing chairs, he won’t be of much use. Still, I see Gant putting up a valiant fight, but coming up short.<br /><br /><b>Prediction:</b> <i>Franco D'Angelo</i><br /><br /><b>World Class Championship: “King of the Underground” Scot Summers (c) vs. “The American Psycho” Lance Hoyt</b><br /><br />The bigger question is, will Lance Hoyt murder the resident ring announcer, Brandon Stroud? My guess is no, although maybe they’re going to start doing Chikara-esque “killings?” Doubtful, but you never know. I’m fairly certain there is a plan in place and I hope that plan is Stroud becoming a manager for someone to stand up to Hoyt. Have him continue to throw guy after guy at Hoyt until the power of having a legion of titans to do his bidding at his fingertips corrupts him and he sets his sights on conquering Hulkamania or whatever.<br /><br />But does that interaction happen with this match or earlier? Someone is going to have to come out and become Brandon’s Champion, as if it were a trial by combat. If it happens here, that just makes it Summers, right? I dunno, I’m hoping for someone new to have Stroud’s back and just set something up for the future.<br /><br />That confrontation won’t be the only thing to keep an eye on, as Greg Symonds will surely poke his nose into the match (or have his bodyguard Gabe Roach get involved). As the Chairman of Inspire Pro proved last month, he isn’t above getting his hands dirty, as he helped Roach pick up a win over Thomas Shire, then put the boots to him.<br /><br />I don’t see how a company that made Jordan Jensen go to sensitivity training and parted ways with Sammy Guevara can continue to allow Symonds to get physically involved in matches. Eventually, Symonds is going to have to turn his business suit in for a pair of trucks, otherwise what’s the point of all this?<br /><br />As for the match itself, if it’s allowed to get very far, will be a bruiser. Two big, strong guys just way-laying each other. Should be a lot of fun. I don’t see a real winner coming out of this (besides us fans), with Symonds and/or Roach getting involved, but it still should be good.<br /><br /><b>Prediction:</b> <i>Scot Summers by DQ</i><br /><br /><b>“The Heaviest Sumo in the Land” Jojo Bravo vs. Jordan Jensen</b><br /><br />Finally, Jojo Bravo will get his hands on Jordan Jensen. It’s been a long time coming. The very first show, in fact. And, secretly, Bravo has been one of, if not the, best wrestlers in the company. He has the best music and is just too darn likable. So, if this is the ultimate blow-off of their story, he has to win. I’m hoping that happens and then Dalton wins the Inspire Pro Title and then Bravo transitions into a feud with Dalton (after a little detour match with Davey Vega if/when he returns to Inspire Pro, since he nearly kicked Jojo’s head off).<br /><br />If not that, then perhaps the vacant J-Crown? Just give Bravo something!<br /><br /><b>Prediction:</b> <i>Jojo Bravo</i><br /><br /><b>NWA Women’s Championship; Barbi Hayden © vs. Athena</b><br /><br />One of these times, we will see a title change. Not sure if this will be the time or not, but it wouldn't surprise me. Barbi has been a fighting Champion and has already headlined two Inspire Pro shows. I was actually a little surprised that another NWA Women’s Championship was booked on a non-XX show, but I’m not disappointed.<br /><br />It’s because the match is not on an XX-Division show that I don’t think we’ll see a Title change. Although I was hoping after the unfortunate accident that took Ray Rowe out of action, that they would move this match to the main event. I suppose that’s still possible, but doubtful. But these are two of the best ladies in the business and they’ve put on good shows against each other in other promotions, so it will be no different this time.<br /><br />I suppose we’ll be waiting until the next XX show to get further with the Inspire Pro Women’s Championship Tournament (although, if they are going to regularly use the NWA belt, do they even need their own?). I’m curious to see what Hayden’s stance on that is? She wasn’t apart of the tourney at all, and she has the NWA belt and has been headlining, but you would think she wouldn’t say no to another belt.<br /><br /><b>Prediction:</b> <i>Barbi Hayden</i><br /><br /><b>Inspire Pro Championship: “One Man” Mike Dell vs. ?????</b><br /><br />Sigh. Mike Dell. Well, we are sadly missing Ray Rowe for this show (and many more to come) thanks to an unfortunate motorcycle accident. So, instead Dell has been allowed to choose his opponent. And according to Inspire Pro it IS someone from the roster, so it won’t be some random outsider, although, could their definition of “roster” mean anyone who has competed on a prior show?<br /><br />In all honesty, the only person who makes absolute sense to take Rowe’s spot is the man who last defeated him - Robert Evans. I’m not sure what Dell’s reasoning would be to pick him, though. Of course, he could go with whomever wins the Dalton-Dane match in the opener, ‘cause that seems like the sort of thing Dell would do, challenge someone who’s already had a match (and probably a hard one at that).<br /><br />But if not that option, perhaps a friend? I believe James Claxton is the only real friend that we know of, although Carson has been friendly. But if he picks Carson, you just know Matthew Palmer would be less than pleased, since he defeated Carson recently and narrowly lost to Rowe when Ray won the Number One Contendership.<br /><br />Really, the possibilities, while not endless, are vast. He could go with Jiggle-O James, for all we know. I doubt he goes with Keith Lee though. That man would eat Dell alive.<br /><br />I’m kind of hoping he goes the Dalton route and loses. Or picks someone else he thinks he can beat and loses. Of course, I’m saying all this as if Dell were a chickenshit heel who would only want a match where he is almost assured a victory. That’s not the case at all. So, he’ll likely pick a friend or someone who has earned or deserves it from the shows.<br /><br />Whichever way it goes, I’m sure Dell will retain. And that’s fine, just get him into a story!<br /><br /><b>Prediction:</b> <i>Mike Dell</i><br /><br />But that’s the show and it’s going to be fantastic, like always. So, hop online and go to <a href="http://www.inspireprowrestling.com/">InspireProWrestling.com</a> and order your tickets or you can purchase them at the door. They open at 5:30pm (show starts at 6:00pm) at the Marchesa Hall and Theatre in Austin, TX.<br /><br />It’ll be the best $12 you spend all month, trust me. </div>

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