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International Incident


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Feb 4, 2005
Handler name(s): Seth Sheehan
E-mail: sethsilveira@msn.com
AIM: GreatSaage
NOTE: NPC TEAM. Will be used as spackle aka anywhere where holes in cards need to be filled.

TEAM NAME: The International Incident
Team Members:
-Alastair Taylor (Team Captain; representing all parts of England and Wales to a lesser extent)
-Isaac Dumont (representing France)
-KIRU (representing Japan)
-Rock Reidel (representing Germany)

-Great Britain’s Greatest (Taylor)
-The True French Phenom (Dumont)
-The Chop Doctor (KIRU)
-Death Metal Dynamo (Reidel)

-Taylor (5’11, 100 kilos aka 220 lbs.)
-Dumont (6’4” 260 lbs.)
-KIRU (5’8” 88.64 kilos aka 195 lbs.)
-Reidel (6’1” 252 lbs.)

Theme Music: “I’m Afraid of Americans (instrumental)” by David Bowie and Trent Reznor
Ring Entrance: The opening riffs to "I'm Afraid of Americans" by David Bowei and Trent Reznor hit the PA as lights in the arena flash the colors of the four men's respective nations. All four men make their way out, waving the flags of their respective countries. Taylor brandishes his flag proudly over the shoulder, KIRU marches quietly holding his flag, Isaac Dumont wears a custom-fitted cape to the ring, letting it drape behind him and lastly, Reidel brings up the rear, playing air guitar on his flag while flashing the heavy metal horns. The fans continue to jeer as the four climb into the ring and each take a corner, waving their flags proudly to the boorish American audience.

NOTE: All members wrestle in the same style of black Austin/Rock-style wrestling trunks with the flags of Great Britain, France, Japan, and Germany emblazoned on the back. The only exception is KIRU, who instead wears a pair of black wrestling shorts a la Brother YOSSINO that go to his knees.

Taylor: Caucasian, shaved head, blue eyes, average build. Boots, and trenchcoat in the shape of the Union Jack.
Isaac Dumont: Typical powerlifter/WWE developmental body. Long, shoulder-length black hair, brown eyes.
KIRU: Adorns a variety of different masks, all sporting a traditional Oni pattern for the face like so. http://judojewelry.com/images/OniRing.jpg
Rock Reidel: Black spiky mohawk, long pointed goatee. His entire upper body is decked out in tattoos. Brown, wild eyes. Somewhat on the short side for a wrestler, but a stout frame. Comes out to the ring in a sleeveless black trenchcoat and dark sunglasses.

Gimmick: Led by Alastair Taylor, The International Incident are a group of wrestlers from across the globe. Their mission: To take the fight to American soil, looking to achieve dominance on their home turf and prove their respective countries’ superiority.
Alastair is the mouthpiece/leader of the group, Isaac Dumont is the narcissistic muscle, KIRU is the silent killer and Rock Reidel is the rowdy one.

Wrestling Styles:
Taylor employs an almost pure grappling and submission style devoid of all strikes but, of course, stiff European Uppercuts. Dumont utilizes power moves, KIRU possesses adept striking skills and Reidel uses trickery (re: lots of cheating) and brawling tactics to overpower his enemies. As a team, they utilize various combinations to keep opponents guessing.

Taylor: Various and sundry weardown holds and submissions. All kinds of leg hooks, armbars, neck cranks, wristlocks, joint work and everything in between. Throws European Uppercuts like nobody’s business.

Dumont: Big Boot, Short-Arm Clothesline, Throwdown Spinebuster a la Ron Simmons, Sidewalk Slam, other generic power moves.

KIRU: Arm-Wrench Inside Cradle, Asai Moonsault, Dragon Screw Leg Whip, Shiranui/Sliced Bread #2, Running Knee to seated opponent, Leg Trap Sunset Flip Powerbomb, Octopus Stretch, Thrust Kick, Double Knee Attacks of all variants (ie, Evan Bourne/Matt Sydal), Lightning Spiral a la Brother YOSSINO.

Reidel: Punching, kicking, biting, clawing, yelling loudly about rock and roll being the law or similar nonsense, Pointed elbow drops (sometimes off second or top rope), Superplex, Thesz Press, Sit-Out Spinebuster Slam.

Taylor: God Save Yourself (Cobra Clutch/Crossface hybrid submission)
Dumont: Bonne Nuit (Sit-Out Powerbomb)
KIRU: The Cutdown (Low-Ki/Senshi’s Warrior’s Way/Top Rope Double Foot Stomp)
Rock Reidel: Rock-N-Rolla (Rolling Cutter)

Double-Team Combinations:
The Axis (Reidel/KIRU) - Powerbomb (Dumont)/Lungblower (KIRU)
Nations United (Dumont/Taylor) - Bearhug (Dumont)/Top Rope European Uppercut (Taylor)
Anarchy by the UK (Taylor/Reidel) - Running Lariat (Reidel)/Bridging German Suplex (Taylor)
The Peacekeeper (Dumont/KIRU) - Inverted Sitout Powerslam (Dumont)/Running Cutter (KIRU)
Supremacy (Any two team members) - Double-Team Cross-Arm Neckbreaker

Ultimate Finisher: (used in eight-man tags only or against opponents to make a statement)
Global Domination (Roaring European Uppercut by Taylor followed by Big Boot from Dumont, put down with the Rock-N-Rolla by Reidel, then capped off with the Cutdown by KIRU)

-Alastair Taylor has been up, down and all around the UK wrestling scene for close to thirteen years and feels that he has not been given proper respect by his peers. Has a reputation for having a very solid wrestling style, but never being able to break the proverbial glass ceiling. Isaac Dumont has dabbled in and out of wrestling with some potential, but never really quite bringing it out. KIRU, a up-and-coming junior heavyweight with exceptional speed and fury is seeking his first big break outside the confines of Japan while Rock Reidel was looking to take his act out on the road, as it were.

All four men met up and were forced to team together in several tours of another countries’ wrestling league after a group of American wrestlers no-showed the event. Possessing great synergy, Alastair Taylor proposed to the men that they combine their efforts and travel to the United States, looking to each help the other out in achieving their own goals.

Now in the States, here in WARFARE, the team dubbed by many as the International Incident look forward to declaring war on American professional wrestling.
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