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Jan 1, 2000
Selden USA
Hello everyone...

Just introducing myself to those who don't know me... My name is Matt and I'm looking forward to Rp'ing in Empire Pro. Leagues I've been in are, WWL, XWF, SCWF, GXW, WFW, EWF, I owned formerly known as the ACF to the NAWA and I was in TWA. I used to run a league but my time has dwindled down. However lately I've been having more fun now Rp'ing than running a league and hope to have success in Empire Pro! Can't wait to see the outlook on this Poser program Empire Pro is using.

I'd like to get in touch with the person running Empire Pro about an angle I have coming into the next card. I'd also just like to meet the owner. So if your out there, my s/n is thebiggapple1287 or I'll throw ya an Email if we don't meet up online.

I'd also like to get to know the people here as well, if any of you don't mind shouting out and saying Hey!

It's nice to see new leagues every now and then!

Take Care


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