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Is he really here?

Chris Eagles

League Member
Apr 14, 2012
We appear to be backstage at Slamtrack 7, Arin McHenry is waiting about, trying to find some wrestler to annoy...

Arin McHenry: Slow night tonight.

From off camera a voice is heard.

???: How about you interview me!

The face of McHenry is that of shock.

Arin McHenry: Am I seeing things?

Former TWOstars wrestler, Christopher Ryan Eagles steps into shot.

CRE: Live and in the flesh.

Arin McHenry: Why are you here?

"The Cancer" just smiles.

CRE:Enjoying a great show, it'll be a shame if Slamtrack 8 was spoilt.

A few second pass before Arin gets what that meant.

Arin McHenry: You're planning on showing up? Have you signed to join Red Line Wrestling?

Once more Eagles just smiles and walks away.

Arin McHenry: How dare he just ignore my questions, doesn't he know who I am?

Arin McHenry looks annoyed at the lack of respect shown by the five time TWOStars Television Champion, but it remains to be seen, has Eagles signed, will he show up at Slamtrack 8, will he actually be in a match... Watch this space...


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