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Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
"Even the brightest lights eventually burn out, replaced by that which is newer, brighter, more brilliant than that which came before...."

He moves a little more freely today. The pressure lifted, thoughts a little more balanced. He did what needed to be done...what he came to do....

A smile played at the corner of his mouth...

He wondered what Evan would think now.....

"Probably'd ask who his next match was with", he chuckled to himself.

Good old Evan.

But that was behind him now....

Cut into a wide-view shot of a vaguely rustic gazebo on the front approach area to a large estate, seen in the background. On an interior bench, one of three lining the octagonal innards of the structure sits "The Ego Buster" Dan Ryan. Ryan leans over as the footage begins, resting his elbows on his knees and clasping his hands together comfortably.

Ryan: "So that's what it was eh, Merritt?"


"I'm starting to feel your game a little bit. The more I study the way things are around here, the more insight I gain into the way your mind works...the way....this place works."

"Ya know, when I came in....I took you for the type of man who kept a close inner circle of lackeys around you....a man who gave the television time and the rub to the people he KNEW rather than giving that exposure to the most talented men in the company...."

"You proved me wrong with Evan Aho..."

"But not in the way you might think..."

"See, in MY eyes....you're just about as smart as they come when it comes to not exposing the weaknesses of your company. For a long time, many people wondered why it was that when the World Champion of another major wrestling company not only punked out your World Champion on one of their shows, but then came the next week and verbally bashed him again....you didn't send your champ for a little payback..."

"You sent out...Hornet."

"That speaks volumes. Don't get me wrong. No hard feelings, boss. You realized what I had been trying to tell everyone all along."

"You knew that for all of the 'purist' nonsense....the supposedly not giving a damn about anything but his 'next match'....for all of the talk about Evan Aho being the best wrestler in the world...."

"He simply can't beat me."

"No self-respecting fed owner would allow his company to be embarrassed in that fashion. I understand completely."

"It's all good though. All of this GXW vs. CSWA crap? As far as I'm concerned it's ancient history."

"And maybe Mike Plett wouldn't be happy to hear that. But let me tell everyone within earshot a little something. When it all comes right down to it? When everything is said and done? My career and my goals within this career will answer to the honor of my family and myself alone. I have no one else to thank for my accomplishments, and I will not apologize for the way I go about attaining my goals."

"Anything else is a waste of time."

"Sitting here after proving my point against Aho, I have to bide my time listening to one goon after another trot out cute little catchphrases or material older than Hornet himself."

"I have to listen as GUNS' lips continue to be permanently glued to Shane Southern's ASS and then watch as the man with the largest....ahem....arms...in the world loses to Kin Hiroshi??"

"And then, following that loss he manages to tape a promo whose entire premise is that he isn't gonna get angry at Powers over costing him the title....and then proceeds to get angry at Powers over costing him the title...."

"This is what passes for the future of this company these days. This is what gets passed off as a 'hot angle' to build television around for the next few months."

"Not any longer..."

"Understand something right now. Battle of the Belts is the beginning of something....but it doesn't involve Intruders, Professionals, Living Legends or Wrestling Purists. And the party's not over, Shane. This s**t's just getting started."

"The CSWA wants to pair me up with a drunk jackass and a freakin' mime? No problem. Wanna make me face my friends on the other side. Same deal, folks. I don't give a rat's ass about anything except putting myself in position to win the CSWA World title. And no matter who holds that distinction....no matter who THINKS...they hold positions of honor within this company or anywhere else, I will do what I have set out to do...."

"Because that's just the way it is."

"So at Battle of the Belts, we're all gonna have a little fun. Out with the old, in with the new."

"I'm gonna give this place a big f**kin' dose of reality..."

Fade out as the shot pulls away...

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