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Houston, Texas. The scene fades into darkness, with the exception of a few stars the can be seen from the ground below. Old, brick buildings surround the area with the occasional vacant lot. Sirens and gunshots can be heard all around, but this is all normal for a place like downtown Houston. Dispite the minimal amount of light lumminating from the sky above, a figure can be vaguely outlined standing near the street corner on 5th and Pinemont Sreet.

The figure, which from a closer glance is a man, doesn't seem to even notice the cars that pass him by, as he stands in a trance of sorts. The man you ask? His name is Jake Dupont. Former United States Marine..served 7 years before being discharged for reasons unknown. But that's the past. His current situation has him standing on a street corner waiting for the metro bus.

Jake pulls out a cigarette and lights it. Slowly, he takes a drag and begins to speak..

People. Some big, some small. Some short, some tall. Some smart, some not so. However you want to look at it, people are everywhere and they all affect you in one way or another, indirectly or directly. President Bush raises the taxes. To a kid this means nothing, but to the parent it means a lot. More taxes means less that can be bought..less groceries, clothes, entertainment, and even toys for the kid. That is an example of an indirect effect.

Lets now go to a direct effect. The head hanchos of GXW decide to hire Jake Dupont, which in turn I enter the ranks of fellow wrestlers such as Deezee, Inferno, Jesse Falcon, and most importantly Kin Hiroshi. What is so important about these men you ask? Easily put, they all want the samething I want..the Cruiserweight Title. All these men will be directly affected by me, that you can be put your money on..whether it be Falcon, Hiroshi, or anybody else for that matter..In time I will become champion. Consider this fair warning.

The metro bus pulls up as Jake throws down his cigarette. The camera fades as the bus stops and takes off leaving an empty street corner with nothing but a few rustling newspapers..

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