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It Starts!


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Jan 1, 2000
Mayflower, Arkansas
**Fade in.....

Once again the scene begins outside of Lance's familiar mansion. Still a peaceful scene. Only Lance's Red Corvette in the driveway this time. NO company. The scene outside the house remains peaceful this time....but inside.....

Cut to Lance's room. 'Bodies' by Drowning Pool blares across the house from Lance's high dollar surround-sound stereo system. Lance is laying across his bed looking at the latest issue of Metal Edge magazine.

Lance is also sporting a new hair style. He has his hair short, jet black with small spikes on the top of his head. Lance sits up, turns, and plants his feet on the bedroom floor. He has a very serious look on his face. A look of anger and aggression.**

Lance: So I've missed my first show in the place that I waited for so long to be a part of. Under normal circumstances I would've been alot angrier, but instead I would rather sit out my first show than have to work with her......

But now, my attitude is changed, and I don't really care. Now, I'm only looking forward to the next time I get the chance to get in that ring again. As for who my opponent will be....I'm not to worried about that since I know whomever it may be will be wasted. As for who I want my opponent to be....well, it seems that I never really got to settle what I got started with Mr. Deville, and I would like to prove to that loser who the better man is. And, ultimately, shut that idiot up once and for all. This doesn't have to be a challenge, but if J.J. just happens to be listening....well, if you've got the.....(Looks down).....GUTS, then why don't we square off so I can show you who the man is.

**Lance stands up and grabs his board. He walks over to the balcony of his room, overlooking the lake behind his home. He hangs the board over the edge of the balcony. We swing around to look directly into the eyes of Lance Liezure. He has his head tilted forward and an evil glare burning through.**

Lance: (Looking to the sky) I came here to make an impact....and now it's time I started to do that. I need to start my ascent to the higher ranks here. A victory over the lowly J.J. Deville wouldn't bump me up to much, but if I did shake up enough grounds in underneath the Playboys using J.J., then I might just get noticed by a few of the impact players here. One major fued with any one of them and that could be my road to destiny or spell my doom. Only if I play this out right will it prove my success....

**Lance begins to rub his goatee in thought. Another wicked smile comes across his face as visions of CSWA Titles dance in his head.**

Lance: Now will be my time to shine. No liabilities at ringside. Nothing to worry about. And now, on my own, I will do this myself, and prove it to the millions of viewers of CSWA Television.

**Lance looks off to the right and tilts his head forward.**

Lance: And now, in my return to the ring, new attitude and all, I will finally prove myself beacuase it is.....

**Lance looks directly at us with an evil glare.**

Lance: MY TIME!!

**Lance turns his back to us and walks back into his room leaving the scene looking inside the closed door of his room blaring out 'Bodies' still as we......

.....FADE TO BLACK!!!!**

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