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IWF Presents: Surge!


Grandma Took Me Home
Jan 31, 2004
(Camera opens up to Vizier ta Seti and Perfection staring at each other down in the middle of the ring.

CUEUP: Thousand Foot Krutch- "Let The Sparks Fly"

CUTTO: Vizier ta Seti holding the Emerald City Title.

CUTTO: Mary Lynn Mayweather hitting a perfect Moonsault!

CUTTO: Erik Mateo tossing his opponent out of the ring!

CUTTO: Derrick Allen clocking Scott Douglas with a chair.

CUTTO: Perfection posing for the crowd and soaking in the boos.

CUTTO: Spooky Doom's Wheel of Doom mid flight.

CUTTO: Kerry Kuroyama hitting the Kuroyama Driver.

CUTTO: Scott Douglas, chair in hand, standing over a fallen Derrick Allen.

CUTTO: The Minstrel laughing.

CUTTO: Vizier ta Seti, close up.

Fade to:

IWF Presents:


Camera opens up to Aaron Creed, accompanied by Terry 'The Idol' Anderson and Brian McGinnis.)

Creed: Welcome wrestling fans to IWF's Surge! Our second super show leading into what I'm sure will be a whirlwind West coast tour landing us smack dab in the middle of the desert oasis known as; Las Vegas! But tonight we have quite the show for you all!

Anderson: The show is of no importance. All that matters is the yellow fellow goes down tonight and the rightful champion takes his place and title!

Creed: Now, as if we didn't already before, we know what match Terry is looking forward to; how about you, Brian?

McGinnis: Surge has an incredible line-up tonight and much like Terry ... I'd be lying if I said I wasn't looking forward to the main event tonight.

Creed: As am I, Brian. One question on everyone's mind leading into tonight is of course whether or not Scott Douglas will be medically cleared to compete in what has turned into a violent feud with his childhood friend Derrick Allen.

McGinnis: And with Courtney caught in the middle, there is really no telling how this will finally be resolved.

Creed: Indeed, Brian. The fans also have to be wondering what will The Minstrel be up to this evening and what, if any, precautions Courtney Paz has taken to contain the chaos this man has brought to the IWF. Speaking of which; I being told Courtney Paz has just arrived here at the Key Arena tonight.

(Cut to: Backstage. The camera rack focuses in on Courtney Paz as she bursts threw a back door of the infamous, Key Arena. The combination of a commanding suit jacket and an awe strikingly short dress skirt put forth a certain image of Paz that viewers had grown accustom to in the recent months.

She stomped in four inch heels as she walks with an cell phone jammed against her ear and a patent brown leather briefcase dangling from her free hand. Her tone of voice denoted a sense of urgency and a rapidly depleting supply of patience.)

Paz: Are you going to fax it over or not? I’m running out of time here, doctor!

(She rounds the corner and puts her shapely hip into the door that would lead into the small administrative office currently serving as her make shift work space.)

Paz: Need I remind you of our agreement, Doctor?

(She flops her briefcase on the top of the empty desk that sits along the back wall of the small room center block room.)

Paz: That’s what I hoped you would say! You have the number. Fax it over immediately!

(Paz pulls the phone from her face without a response and ends the call with a single finger graced across the screen of her mobile phone.

Cut to: Aaron Creed, Brian McGinnis and the incomparable Terry “The Idol” Anderson sitting comfortably at the commentator’s booth.)

Creed: Well I think I speak for everyone watching at home when I say; I hope that means what I think it does!

Anderson: Look, nothing matters tonight … except the dethroning of that yellow guy by what will soon be our Perfect Champion!

Creed: That is simply your opinion, Terry... and you've already stated it! Fans have to be wondering right now; could that be the answer to the question everyone has been asking for the past two weeks?

Anderson: How would that have anything to do with knowing what Erik Mateo was, is or will be talking about?

Creed: Not that question, Terry. As I previously stated; The question that has loomed over the IWF for the past two weeks is; whether or not Scott Douglas will be able to compete here tonight.

McGinnis: Well, even now Aaron, we still don’t have a definitive yes or no.

Anderson: Who cares? Granted, I can’t wait to see Douglas get his head taken off at the hands of … "SQUIERL!" … Derrick Allen, but Douglas being medically barred is, honestly, the next best thing.

Creed: Who knows what can or will happen, here tonight, at the Key Arena … LIVE in Seattle! We have a hell of a match to kick off Surge as Steve “Axion” Jackson takes on Leyenda de Ocho in what you could certainly call a proving ground match as these two try and win the support of the IWF faithful.

Anderson: Who the hell could care what the IWF faithful thinks? They should be trying to destroy each other and become a force to be feared, not to be loved.

Creed: Let's go to the ring to Donald Bell!


Grandma Took Me Home
Jan 31, 2004
Surge!; Debut Match: Leyenda de Ocho vs. Steve 'Axion' Jackson

Donald Bell: This following contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, debuting at six foot five and weighing at two hundred and thirty five pounds ... from Ravenswood Neighborhood of Chicago, Illinois – Steve "Axion" Jackson!

("How Heavy This Axe" by The Sword plays while Steve “Axion” Jackson appears from behind the curtain. He makes his way to the ring, and is keen to acknowledge some of the fans on his way down as he slapped their hands in an almost half hearted way. )

McGinnis: Neither man is anything to be sneezed at this point, both have certainly showed themselves as talented athletes during the UltraTITLE. Whether that remains the case here tonight we will just have to wait and see.

Creed: Jackson; making a “I mean business” entrance if ever there was one.

(Jackson hops into the ring and took his place in his assigned corner. He stares down at the entrance way, awaiting the arrival of Leyenda de Ocho.)

McGinnis: You have to imagine there's a lot of pressure in a bout like this. It's important to show your focus and determination and above all else, make a good first impression.

Anderson: If he was truly focused, he wouldn't have paid any attention to the miscreants in the crowd, he'd be focused on Ocho and Ocho alone. These fans won't bring him the victory.

Creed: You can't underestimate crowd support in giving a competitor the drive to win, Terry.

Donald Bell: And his opponent debuting five foot eight and weighing one hundred and eighty eight pounds ... from Rogers Park Neighborhood of Chicago, Illinois -- Leyenda de Ocho!

("Final Battle" from "Dr. Horrible's Sing-A-Long Game" by Dr. Octoroc plays as out from the back storms Leyenda de Ocho attired in what could only be described as some type of Pac Man like suit. The crowd pops at first sight of his yellow mask with black eye holes and a large black wedge for the mouth. This outfit is accompanied by yellow tights with black knee pads as well as boots to match.)

Anderson: Jesus Christ, we've hit peak nerd.

Creed: Well, the fans seem to love it!

Anderson: I'm think I'm going to puke.

(Ocho bounces up and into the ring and directly meets face to face with Jackson. Both men show a bit of respect for each other and shake hands before referee, Tony Daniels, signals for the bell.)

Anderson: A well placed boot after a hand shake is the perfect opportunity that these two rookies have just let go to waste.

Creed: Everyone isn't quite as sneaky or underhanded as yourself, Terry.

Anderson: Underhanded? You mean tactical, Creedy.

(Both men back off to their respected corners and began take measure of each other. Both men are concerned about making the other and instead they opt to circle around the ring for a little while.)

Creed: Pick it up! Let's go.

(Jackson decides to go in for the first attempt, locking Ocho up on a collar-and-elbow tie up, he uses his size advantage to back Ocho into the ropes where he whips him into the opposing ropes. He drops his head looking to take Ocho down with a back drop but Ocho manages to flip over Jackson's back and land on his feet directly behind Jackson. )

McGinnis: And there is the speed that we should come to expect from Ocho. He'll need that attribute to overcome the massive weight advantage he gives up to Jackson.

Creed: Certainly, Brian. Ocho has to either out run him, or ground him.

(From his soft landing, Ocho spins around Jackson and leaps up at his surprised opponent. Wrapping his legs around Jackson's head and neck he spins him around and down to the ground with a flying head scissors.)

McGinnis: Textbook Spinning Head Scissors from Leyenda de Ocho! Jackson back to his feet.

(Jackson, almost immediately back to his feet, was able to telegraph and duck out of the way as Ocho attempted to follow up with a second flying head scissors. Ocho landing on his feet but as he turns around to meet Jackson, Jackson is more than ready for him and smacks him with a stiff dropkick right to the face.)

Creed: Both men are finding it very difficult to gain the upper hand on this one.

McGinnis: Ocho certainly has the speed advantage but it would seem that Steve Jackson has lightning fast reactions of his own!
(Jackson measures Ocho as his opponent pulls himself up. Jackson drops him back down with a second drop kick. As Ocho gets back up for the second time, Jackson grabs him once again and whips him into the ropes once more. This time Jackson follows Ocho, looking to clothesline him right up and over the top rope but Ocho again shows his fast reactions, low bridging the top rope and sends Jackson tumbling over the ropes and down to the floor below.)

Creed: Ocho looks like he has something on his mind.

Anderson: Something stupid and risky that does nothing to help him but I'm sure the crowd will lap it up.

McGinnis: Sometimes it's the risks that seal the match, Terry.

(Ocho waits until Jackson gets back up and finds steady footing but the second that he does, Ocho launches himself over the top rope, wiping out both himself and Jackson with a Plancha. Both men are laid flat out on the mat by the ringside as Tony Daniels begins the count.)

Daniels: One!

Creed: Head Referee, Tony Daniels, administering the ten count.

Daniels: Two!

(Both men began to slowly struggle to their feet.)

Daniels: Three!

Anderson: Told you it was stupid.
Daniels: Four!

McGinnis: Ocho seems to have come out on top of the collision.

Daniels: Five!

(Ocho manages to pull himself up the apron and slide into the ring.)

Daniels: Six!

(Jackson makes it to his feet with the use of the guard rail and receives a few slaps on the back from the front row attendees for his effort.)

Anderson: Barely. Are they trying to drag this out as long as possible?

Daniels: Seven!

Creed: It's coming down the wire. Jackson has to get a move on!

Daniels: Eight!

(Jackson lumbers toward the apron and rolls in to break the count.)

Anderson: Ocho was clearly going for a count-out victory there. It's the cowards way!

Creed: You would know, Terry. Ocho is just putting on the best show he can, while trying to secure a victory.

Anderson: Yeah and I crap rainbows.

Creed: You should see a doctor about that.

(With both Ocho and Jackson in the ring, the two men come face to face. This time however, it is Ocho who decides to make the first move, as he ran at Jackson and slides in between his legs. The stunned and confused Jackson turns around but only meets a Hurricanrana in response.)

McGinnis: Gorgeous Hurricanrana by Ocho, and a pin attempt!

(Ocho keeps the legs hooked in and manages to get a two count before Jackson can power out of the hold.)

Creed: Incredible maneuver and a near fall! Tony Daniels signaling two.

(Ocho looks frustrated for a brief moment before he turns his attention back towards Jackson. The moment he gave himself ended up being costly however as Jackson drilled Ocho with a stiff knee to the gut.)

Creed: Jackson is proving he's not a guy you can take you can take your eyes off of. Not even for one second.

Anderson: ... And Ocho is proving he was an ADHD child.

McGinnis: That gut kick is really going to shift the momentum here.

(Jackson grabs Ocho and flips him over and down to the mat with a rapid fire Snapmare Takeover. Instead of letting go; Jackson keep his grip of Ocho and begins to stretch him out with a Pectoral Stretch in the center of the ring.)

Creed: This may spell trouble for Jackson.

Anderson: Not a lot of action in him now, Creedy-Boy!

McGinnis: Tony Daniels checking with Ocho but he doesn't seem apt to giving in.

(Ocho remains in the hold for a good thirty seconds as Jackson locked it in tighter and tighter. Just as it looks like there is no escape for Ocho, Ocho managed to flip up and wrap his legs around Jackson. He manages to shift just enough momentum that he monkey flips out of the hold.)

McGinnis: That was impressive flexibility shown right there!

Creed: It is willingness never to give in that kept Ocho going there.

Anderson: It was pure ego. A smart kid would have just tapped and went on to fight another day but not this kid ... he wants his moment of glory.

(Both men remain flat out cold on the mat for a few moments as they try to regain a little steam after the last exchange. The first person to sit up is Jackson, who immediately goes to Ocho, looking to tangle him up with another hold but Ocho manages to show enough ring awareness to Drop Toe Hold Jackson before he gets the chance to lock anything in.)
Creed: Drop toe hold by Ocho! And I have to imagine; Jackson is wondering where the hell that came from!
(Ocho bounces up to his feet and springs off the ropes but this time it was Jackson's job to stop Ocho in his tracks. Jackson pops up from the mat and grabs Ocho, slamming him down to the mat with a snap Power Slam. Jackson hooks the leg and Tony Daniels hits the mat.)

McGinnis: One, two ... and it's Jackson this time with the near fall! It's looking increasingly difficult for either man to get the upper hand in this one.

Creed: They really want to show the fans what they've got in this debut contest.

Anderson: And that's exactly why they'll never go anywhere in the IWF. No one should care what this lot of lollygaggers think. Most of these morons still think the Super Sonics play here!

(As Terry Anderson laughs at his own joke, Jackson grabs Ocho back up by the mask. Jackson looks slightly frustrated, trying to figure out how to put the young video game lover away. He pulls in Ocho and looks to take him over with a Northern Lights Suplex but Ocho struggles, giving Jackson quite a bit of resistance as Jackson tries to hoist him up and over. Jackson makes a few more attempts to lift Ocho and is finally successful on his fourth try but instead of slamming Ocho into the mat, Ocho manages to flip up over behind Jackson. Jackson is quick to act this time however, drilling another knee into the gut of Ocho and whipping him into the rope.)

Creed: It's like Ocho is made of silly putty. Jackson can't help but let the guy slip out of his grasps.

McGinnis: But Jackson is a smart competitor, he knows that you need to keep a cool head in situations like these.

(Jackson charges towards the rebounding Ocho as he looks for a spear type move. He fails at making contact however as once again Ocho manages to flip over the charging Jackson. This time however he manages to grip on to Jackson's tights and keep him in his clutches with a Sunset Flip pin.)
Creed: Ocho, for the win here.
(Jackson continued to try and break free but the referees hand slapped the mat for the three just before Jackson broke free of the pin attempt.)

McGinnis: Did he get it?

Creed: He got it!

Anderson: Hardly a dominating victory.

(Ocho looks around the ring, slightly bewildered until he notices the referee has called for the bell. Ocho leaps to his feet in joy at his successful IWF debut while Jackson looks completely flabbergasted that Ocho just pinned him to the post.)

Creed: Jackson put up a hell of a fight but Leyenda de Ocho manages to pull this one out by the skin of his teeth! I think we'll be seeing a lot more of both men right here in IWF.

McGinnis: Incredible matchup between these two competitors and what a way to kick off the IWF's second Supershow!

Anderson: What's next? Perfection, right?

Creed: No, actually we will go back to Gail Martin with one of IWF's newest acquisitions.


Grandma Took Me Home
Jan 31, 2004
Segment: Introductions Are In Order ...

(CUTTO: Gail Martin standing backstage in front of the IWF backdrop, standing next to Gail is a suited gentleman and four burly gents in tight white t-shirts and short red shorts lined up behind him)

Gail Martin: Thank you Creed, I'm here backstage with one of IWF's newest talents, no not any of the large gentlemen behind me...

MAN: Pay no attention to the trainers behind the talent.

Martin: You just heard the voice of IWF's newest talent, Mr. Cecilworth Farthington.

FARTHINGTON: Please, just call me C-worth.

Martin: So Cecilworth, care to explain this army of men behind me.

FARTHINGTON: Why? You interested in 'em? Just remember you can look but you can't touch. Touching is extra.

(Martin looks slightly frustrated at the aloof English Gentleman as he begins rubbing his fingers to signify he wants him some money)

Martin: Thanks for the offer but I would rather know why you need an army of what appear to be trainers.

FARTHINGTON: Well you see Gail, I can call you Gail right? Well you see Gail, I'm kind of the black sheep of the Farthington family line but I still have access to the Farthington family assets, which I can assure you are quite large. My father has quite a large ass, he really does. What you see behind me is merely my usage of those assets to hire the best available talent.

Martin: A male prostitution ring?

FARTHINGTON: NO! How dare you! I'm not like that. I'm a classy C-worth. These are the best physical, mental and wrasslin' trainers in the whole of your filthy United States. These are the kind of men you can only dream of hiring!

Gail Martin: And you think these guys are going to help you succeed here in IWF?

FARTHINGTON: I guess we'll just have to find that out at the next Chain Reaction, won't we sweetie? Boys, come on, we're blowing this crumpet stand!

(FARTHINGTON snaps his fingers and his army of four follow behind him as they walk out of shot. Martin turns he attention back to the camera.)

Martin: Cecilworth Farthington will certainly have a lot to prove in the future but for now, it's back to Donald Bell in the ring.

(Cut to: Donald Bell.)


Grandma Took Me Home
Jan 31, 2004
Surge; The Minstrel vs. Go-Go Spectacular

Donald Bell: The following match will be under Caribbean Strap Match rules! Introducing first, standing at five foot three and weighing at one hundred and thirty pounds ... from El Paso, Texas – “Latina Fire” Go-Go Spectacular!

(As Jay-Z and Rhianna’s “ Run This Town” blares over the speakers, Go-Go Spectacular steps out from behind the black curtain and onto the stage to a nice, loud, supportive pop from the arena crowd. She poses on the stage then jogs down the aisle high-fiving outstretched hands from fans across the barricade in en route to the ring.)

Creed: Well, ladies and gentlemen we just met Cecilworth Farthington and now Go-Go looks great – ready to go here against her nemesis!

(Go-Go runs around the ringside area then runs up the steps, up onto the apron, vaults over the ropes and onto the nearest top rope. After soaking in the cheers from the crowd, she leaps backwards off of the rope and lands on her feet in the center of the ring.)

Creed: Tony Daniels attaches the strap to Go-Go’s wrist here.

Anderson: I’d like to attach some straps to her!

McGinnis: Remember to take home the victory tonight either Go-Go or The Minstrel will have to drag the other around the ring and tag all four corners of the ring consecutively.

Anderson: Dumbest match ever.

Donald Bell: And her opponent standing five foot eleven and weighing in at two hundred and fifteen pounds -- The Minstrel!

[Brand New’s loud, abrasive “Gasoline” struggles to be heard over the booing crowd. After a moment the Minstrel struts out from behind the curtain and holds his arms up, seeking to embrace the crowd’s scornful welcome.]

Creed: Here he is – one of the more despicable men in the IWF!

Anderson: I don’t understand why, he’s always so well-dressed and who doesn’t like a sharp dressed man. Every girl goes crazy for one...

McGinnis: The Minstrel clearly has the size advantage here and when it comes to dragging you opponent around that ring, that is a big plus.

(The Minstrel walks slowly down to the ring the masked face mocking his opponent – just the sheer sight of the Minstrel has Go-Go fired up as she start yelling from the ring at him as Tony Daniels attempts to hold her back. The Minstrel points at her and laughs before he slides under the bottom rope.)

Creed: Go-Go looks like a bull ready to charge The Minstrel as if he was draped in deep red.

(The referee walks over and hooks the Minstrel’s arm into the strap.)

Creed: Referee, Tony Daniels calls for the bell. And Go-Go charges in hard!

McGinnis: Too hard – Go-Go, let her emotions get the best of her and flew right into the top turnbuckle.

(Stunned - she stumbles back and the Minstrel hits a Belly-to-Back Suplex and follows up with a several stomps.)

Creed: The Minstrel’s laughter is just inciting this crowd’s venom as he steps away from his opponent. He drags Go-Go to her feet and delivers a Snap Suplex to his opponent.

Anderson: I remember the first time I Snap Suplexed a girl - Oh what a night!

(The Minstrel delivers a kick to the back of Go-Go’s knee before dragging her back to her feet and tries to catch Go-Go with a short clothesline but she ducks and delivers a reverse Neckbreaker.)

McGinnis: Go-Go with an early impact reversal to slow the Minstrel’s assault down.

Creed: Both wrestlers are getting back to their feet and Go-Go with a spinning heel kick and follows up with a series of blows to the Minstrel’s head!

McGinnis: She’s wailing away on him and the crowd is going nuts – cheering her on!

Anderson: Imbeciles! This is not MMA!

(Go-Go is repeatedly slams The Minstrel's head against the mat with both hands.)

McGinnis: Not a bad strategy here - if the Minstrel is out cold he won’t be able to stop her from tapping the turnbuckles.

Anderson: Speaking of tapping ...

Creed: Don't even think about it, Terry.

(Go-Go gives the Minstrel a moment to regain himself and as he gets to his knee and then delivers a missile dropkick. The Minstrel crumples to the mat.)

McGinnis: Go-Go right to her feet she’s headed for the first turnbuckle!

Daniels: ONE!

Creed: She heads to her left…

Daniels: TWO!

Creed: She’s going for three…
(The Minstrel yanks the strap and prevents her from hitting the third.)

Creed: Go-Go struggling to reach that third turnbuckle!

McGinnis: Go-Go needs to realize she’s not going to get to four yet and just…

Creed: The Minstrel yanks her towards him and puts her down with a vicious spear! Go-Go is rolling in pain – remember she hurt those ribs a few weeks ago!

Anderson: Here we go now – the Minstrel is on rising to his feet – he’s laughing… Now. The fun begins!

McGinnis: Go-Go struggling to recover here and OH!

Creed: The Minstrel just kicked a field goal with Go-Go’s torso!

Anderson: It’s Good! Three points from long range!

(The Minstrel picks up his smaller opponent and puts her back down a backbreaker.)

McGinnis: The Minstrel has now found his point of attack. Go-Go’s weakness and he’s being relentless now stomping away on her back!

(The Minstrel picks Go-Go up again and back down with a Gutwrench Suplex.)

McGinnis: Such force there – Go-Go bounced about two feet off the canvas after impact!

Anderson: Bouncing like a Mexican jumping bean! Love this guy, he is relentless and happy about it!

(The Minstrel comes from behind Go-Go and wrap the strap around her neck and begins to choke her.)

McGinnis: Go-Go struggling, but she’s got no leverage here!

Creed: This is sickening but perfectly legal in a strap match!

(The Minstrel grabs Go-Go's hair and taunts her before slamming her head to the mat.)

Creed: He’s going for his first turnbuckle.

Daniels: ONE!

McGinnis: Go Go still struggling to breathe this might be it for her…

Daniels: TWO!

Creed: The Minstrel is headed for three, but stops to taunt Go Go as he passes her…

Daniels: THREE!

McGinnis: Go-Go scampering to her feet now as the Minstrel goes for four. Can she get there!?

Creed: Rolling Reverse Cradle!

Anderson: Can’t pin here little Go-Go!

McGinnis: That’s not what she was trying to do – just looking to prevent her opponent from hitting the fourth turnbuckle!

(The kick out launches Go-Go towards the corner. She uses the second turnbuckle and launches back at The Minstrel with a cross body. Both are laid out, but Go-Go seems to have a half second in getting to her feet – bounces off the ropes and lunges toward The Minstrel.)

Creed: Spinebuster! Go-Go goes down hard! She might have whiplash with the way her neck snapped off the mat!

McGinnis: The Minstrel is setting her up in the corner now. Not the best move here. He should be focusing on hitting the turnbuckles.

Anderson: Don't you mean tapping?

(The Minstrel climbs the inside and launches himself off the top turnbuckle. Go-Go rolls her knees and The Minstrel takes the blunt of the splash.)

McGinnis: She’s got guts!

Anderson: With the food they eat – I hope so.

(Go-Go making the same move as the Minstrel – climbing the inside of the turnbuckle as The Minstrel is getting to his feet just as he turns Go-Go leaps from the top.)
McGinnis: Moonsault!

Creed: They caught Daniels on the way down! It’s a train wreck in the ring…

Anderson: Brilliant move by the Minstrel!

Creed: The Minstrel grabbed Tony Daniels at the last second and he caught quite a bit of impact there! I don’t think Go-Go realizes it yet.

(Go-Go hits the first turnbuckle.)

Creed: She heads for the second; I don't think this will count.

Anderson: Of course, it won’t – if no one is around to see it – it does not count!

(Go-Go realizes Daniels is out and goes to check on him. She tries to stir him, but he isn't responsive.)

Anderson: She might get suspended with the way she’s been beating up on Daniels of late.

McGinnis: Go-Go is calling for help from the back now.

Creed: Here come the medics now.

McGinnis: Crowd is going crazy here as Courtney Paz is coming down with a referee’s shirt on!

Anderson: Too much vagina in the ring at once! SEXIST!

Creed: Paz hits the ring – she is telling Go-Go to continue here !

McGinnis: Look out! The Minstrel snuck to his feet and spun her around and…

Creed: Kick to the midsection and vicious Scissor kick!

Anderson: YES!

McGinnis: Paz looks absolutely shocked! The Minstrel staring at her; laughing.

(The Minstrel gives Paz the thumbs up and wraps the strap around Go-Go neck once again.)

Anderson: The assist to Paz!

Creed: Oh my… Oh NO!

(He leverages the strap over his shoulder and lifts a struggling Go-Go up on his back.)

Creed: He is carrying her like a backpack!

McGinnis: Paz is horrified! He’s hanging her! ONE!

Creed: He’s got one turnbuckle. Paz practically begging now!

McGinnis: That's TWO! Go-Go’s legs are kicking, but she has no way out!

Anderson: Hung out to dry like fresh laundry! A women's work; I might add.

McGinnis: There is THREE!

Creed: Paz grabbing at Go-Go’s legs, attempting to relieve the pressure of that choke! The Minstrel is approaching the fourth turnbuckle.

McGinnis: FOUR!

(The Minstrel unwraps the strap from his forearm and Go-Go crumbles to the ground. Both Paz claws at the strap trying to release the pressure that remains. The Minstrel calls for the bell and time keeper hesitates but complies.)

Creed: What will this monster do now! Go-Go is gasping for her life!

Anderson: Paz better look up.

(The Minstrel is standing right on top of Paz, she looks up and surprisingly shows no signs of fear.)

Creed: She’s infuriated!

(The Minstrel removes the strap and places it in her hand and says something.)

Creed: What is he saying?

McGinnis: I think he told her thank you?

Anderson: How polite.

Creed: Can we get some help out here!? I think Go-Go is going to require some serious medical attention!

(The Minstrel exits the ring celebrating and grinning in a mischievous fashion. Paz frantically attends to a wounded and winded Go-Go.)

Creed: Ladies and Gentlemen, let me be the first to apologize for The Minstrel's actions here tonight, as well as the backstage and front office decisions that allow this type barbaric violence to continue in our fledgling promotion and glorious sport.

(Cut to: The Minstrel standing at the entry way admiring his handy work as members of the medical staff blow through the curtain and head to the ring.)

Creed: As our incredible medical team attends to Go-Go Spectacular, we will go to the back where Gail Martin is already with tonight main event challenger; Perfection!


Grandma Took Me Home
Jan 31, 2004
Segment: Perfect Intentions/False Start

[We cut backstage to Gail Martin with Perfection. He isn't in ring attire yet. Standing tall, focused, and ready for action he looks at Gail before looking at the camera.]

Gail Martin: I am standing alongside the challenger to the Emerald City championship and the man in tonight’s main event, Perfection!

Anderson: These people tonight should be lucky they get to see such a great wrestler!

Creed: They are very lucky! They get to see Vizier Seti!

[We zoom in on Gail Martin as she speaks]

Gail Martin: Perfection, it has been months since the Emerald City tournament and since you lost in a match to become the very first IWF....

[And like always a sharp, direct, cut off from Perfection]

PERFECTION: Let me put the stop on you right there sweet cheeks. I am the first IWF champion, I have always been the first IWF champion, all that has been missing is a piece of metal that was, as you know, stolen from me.

Gail Martin: Many people disagree...

[And the second cut off of the night]

PERFECTION: Many people, such as but not limited to, Art Mori, Aaron Creed, the IWF fans and Vizier Seti, are damn fools and need to stop pulling the wool over their own eyes. Of course they disagree, why would they want to admit I am the best. Why would they want to tarnish their golden boys image, why would they admit that he is not Perfect.

Gail Martin: I see. Well, tonight you have the chance to claim what you say is rightfully yours in the first ever steel cage match! What are your thoughts on this grueling and intense match up!

PERFECTION: Other than I was the one who set it all up, that I was the one who picked this match, that I obviously did this all for a reason? I can ensure you, Seti, the thousands of lazy Seattleites in attendance tonight, that MY belt is coming home with daddy.

Gail Martin: As far as Vizier Seti, any words for him?

[Perfection huffs in frustration and just turns his back walking away, the camera following him down the hall]

Creed: Not even a word, he has nothing to say!

Anderson: He doesn't have to say anything! He will prove it with his fists!

McGinnis: Tonight, we are going to see an amazing match guys, Perfection and Seti! This is the match people have been wanting for weeks!

[The camera cuts the corner with Perfection as we get a shot down the hall of Seti going to his locker room which is dead center between Perfection and himself. And like two very angry bulls that have made eye contact they begin their charge down the hallway. Seti letting his title drop to the floor as they both enter full sprint]

Anderson: HERE WE GO!!!!!!

Creed: We may not make it to the Main Event! They are going to kill each other! Seti and Perfection are throwing fists of fire in the back!!! And here comes security to tear them apart!

McGinnis: What a way to start off tonight! You know it is only going to extend!!!

Anderson: Security pulling them both apart, Seti starting to calm down....Perfection just spit in Seti's face! Art Mori and Courtney Paz are making security push Perfection back so they can force Seti into his locker room! Let Perfection tear that yellow bastard up right now!!

Creed: Again, another reason I hate that man! No need to spit in Vizier's face!

[Cut back to the announcing booth with Terry Anderson, Brian McGinnis, and Aaron Creed]

Creed: Well folks once again Surge has grinded to a complete halt as tempers flare and the backstage area is in complete upheaval! While we attempt to calm things down let's take a look at the events that led up to our next match up!


Grandma Took Me Home
Jan 31, 2004
Surge: Johnny Niles vs. Eddie Patton vs. Spooky Doom

(Cut to: A dull and dusty Surge logo on a black back drop.

Cue up: Thousand Foot Krutch- "Let The Sparks Fly"

A jolt of energy hits the logo and it lights up instantaneously in a violent and abrupt fashion. Sparks fly from the logo toward the viewer as the song continues through the vignette.

Cut to: Johnny Niles with a reporter's microphone held to his face mind interview.)

"Because, I'm the BEST... IN... THE... WORLD!!!!"

(Johnny Niles looks into the camera, takes it in his hands, and turns it off.

Cut to: Eddie Patton standing in front an enormous IWF Surge banner.)

"The electricity... it’s already flowin’ through me... just waitin’."

(Cut to: Spooky Doom, kneeled down next to a pile of skulls, addressing the audience directly.)

"... I mean, sheesh! Geeze! Cripes! Jeepers! ..."

(The crowd pops with a light hearted yet endearing laughter.

Cut to: A small study where Eddie Patton sits.)

"... in every match, there is that moment that defines us ... "

(Cut to: Johnny Niles front of the Key Arena a few days prior. The mid-sized crowd, gathered in preparation for the Supershow, chant.)

"Johnny! Johnny! Johnny!"

(Cut to: A reaction shot from one Spooky Doom.)


(The crowd pops again for Spooky Doom.

Cut to: Johnny in his recliner, drinking a blurred beverage.)


(Cut to: Spooky Doom walking down a hallway.)


(Cut to: Johnny Niles in his recliner.)

"I'll admit that I'm flattered"

(Cut to: Spooky Doom.)


(Cut to: Johnny Niles.)

"I don't think you know how wrestling works"

(Cut to: Spooky Doom in a different promo.)


(Spooky's last words echo as the screen fades to black.

Cut to: Donald Bell.)

(The lights mysteriously go out. Silence. Darkness. Suddenly, spotlights illuminate the arena with a mixture of whites and greenish hues, buzzing about all over the stage and the audience before converging towards a single point near the entrance aisle. There's definite excitement coming off from the crowd as a droning sound is heard-)

"We've always been this to feel all this pain!

We've always been this to feel all this pain!"

(A mysterious coffin ponderously emerges from a pit located beneath the entrance aisle, hissing with smoke as it rises! Greenish lights from the projectors glance off against the polished wood finish as the camera does a close-up through the haze, the casket seemingly glowing through the soft mist from below. The sound then melds into a familiar tone... )



("What's up People", by Maximum the Hormone plays from the loudspeakers as SPOOKY DOOM bursts right out of the coffin, spazzing away to the gibbering music! Grim Avenger of Lucha Libre, 5' 7" muscular luchador in the sleek bone-colored bodysuit!!! White hood over the sinister mask, black Pac-Man ghost across the chest appearing on TV: Spooky Doom rocking out with the fans as he heads towards the ring, slapping hands and receiving a big crowd reaction.)

Creed: Head Referee Tony Daniels took quite the hit last match and our medical staff is reporting that he is a little shook up but will be back with us shortly. Until then IWF's auxiliary referee, Paul Tyler, will stand in for Tony.

(A running burst allows the Spooky Doom to slip underneath the bottom ropes, rising to his knees with a double devil horn pose!)

Donald Bell: His opponent standing six foot three and weighing in at two hundred and forty six pounds, from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Johnny Niles!

(Johnny walks out to the song "Lying From You". He stops at the top of the ramp and bends down to one knee, staring at the ramp. He then starts fisting the ramp before standing up with his wrists in an "X" shape with each of his fingers (except for his ring fingers) extended, executing his signature "Straight-Edge 8" pose, then extends his arms to each side as some pyrotechnics explode behind him. The crowd gives him a pop comparable to Spooky Doom's.)

McGinnis: This should be an interesting matchup, Aaron.

(He walks down the ramp slapping the hands of the fans before climbing to the top rope and posing with his "Straight-Edge 8". He then smirks and jumps into the ring and awaits his, and Spooky Doom's, third.)

Creed: It most certainly should. Spooky giving up quite a few pounds to Johnny Niles, and a little less to Patton.

McGinnis: Yes, but it bare mentioning that Spooky Doom has defeated Johnny Niles here in the IWF before.

Donald Bell: And their opponent standing five foot eleven and weighing in at two hundred and twenty three pounds, from Gary, Indiana; Eddie Patton!

(Eddie Patton emerges from curtain to ACDC's "Thunderstruck" and makes his way to ring.)

Creed: With all three combatants in the ring we should see auxiliary referee Paul Tyler call the bell.

(The bell rings as Spooky Doom and Eddie Patton are jawing at one another. Well we assume Spooky is jawing at Patton because his head is bobbing back at the rookie sensation. Their interaction causes them to miss the blitzkrieg that is Johnny Niles, as the largest man in the match drops both of them with a double clothesline, sending the smaller men to the canvas.)

Creed: Fast start from Johnny Niles. Big double clothesline.

Anderson: Best clothesline in the world, Creed!

McGinnis: Niles' is going to want to isolate one of his two opponents and work them over. Bigger man or not; he can't fend them both off the entire match.

(To say Niles' focus is on Doom might be an understatement, as he grabs Patton up and tosses him over the top rope to the floor, leaving Spooky Doom alone in the ring.)
Creed: The rookie, Eddie Patton to the outside.

McGinnis: It's just Spooky Doom and Niles now.

(This rivalry is just heating up as Niles drops a boot to the side of the little reaper's head. He begins to stomp viciously over and over again. The crowd is booing, hating to see Spooky get treated like this.)

Creed: Niles' is not the crowd pleaser thus far.

Anderson: Again with this fan pleasing! They love you, they hate you ... either way win the match. They'll still slap your sweaty back if you get close enough to them.

(Niles pulls Spooky to his feet and sends the smaller man for the Irish Whip across the ring. It looks like a major reversal is about to take place when Doom leaps and manages to get his feet around Johnny's neck, but Niles regains control of Spooky's body and drops him across his knee with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Niles hooks a leg quickly to try and finish it fast.)

Creed: Amazing reversal, and now a cover! ONE! TWO!

(Eddie Patton recovers from his spill to the outside and returns to the ring via the top tope. Patton leaps off the top turnbuckle and hits a Super Leg Drop on top of Niles' head to break it up. The crowd erupts at the save!)

McGinnis: Broken up by Eddie Patton from the top! He needs to capitalize here and now!

(Patton gets Niles up to his feet and drills him with a textbook dropkick that sends Johnny staggering into the corner! Patton pulls Spooky Doom to his feet and grabs his arms in double-underhook position. He pauses to smile toward the crowd).

Creed: Classic rookie mistake here.

McGinnis: Patton can't afford to waste time here.

(The pause was devastating, Spooky kicks his feet into the air and smacks Patton's nose with his heel. Patton crumbles and releases the hold he has on Doom's arms. Doom grabs the neck of Patton and snaps Eddie over in a gorgeous snap mare. The Little Reaper runs off the ropes and pegs the rookie's face with a dropkick.)

Creed: Oh, and that is simply a vicious dropkick from Spooky Doom.

McGinnis: There is no worse position to get hit with a drop kick like that then while seated! Spooky picked a good moment to whip out a classic tactical maneuver.

(Spooky gets to his feet and notices Niles. He takes a few steps and then leaps into the air, drilling one foot into Johnny's stomach and the other smacking the side of his head! Niles crumbles back to the mat as Doom rolls back to the outside and raises his arms to the crowd's reaction.)

Creed: Spooky Doom in full control now and the fans here in the IWF seem to love it!

Anderson: What did I just tell you?

(Doom gives a couple of high fives to ringside kids before sliding back under the ropes and into the ring. He pulls Patton to his feet and goes for an Irish Whip into the corner that Niles is pulling himself up in.)

McGinnis: Niles moves and Eddie hits nothing but turnbuckle!

Creed: Quick thinking from Johnny Niles.

McGinnis: Niles grabs Patton and drops him with a inverted DDT.

(As Niles stands up, Doom begins sneaking up on him, but Johnny adjusts and drills Spooky with a Super kick. Terry Anderson enjoys a chuckle and this exchange.)

Anderson: Spooky might have two feet in the grave after that one!

Creed: Johnny Niles has Spooky now and leads him into the corner.

(Niles grabs a nearly standing Eddie Patton with his other hand and smashes their heads into each other with as much force as he can!)

Anderson: Double headbutt! Love it!

( He doesn't let go! Niles holds them there and smiles before doing it again. Niles, still with grasp on both men's heads, tosses them toward the ropes. Patton goes flying through the middle and top ropes and to the floor like a rag doll, but Doom drops his head and actually flips around the top rope to stand on the ring apron.)

Creed: Patton to the outside again. What a save by Spooky Doom!

McGinnis: Spooky showing Niles why it will take more than just brute force to pull the smaller of the three men down.

Creed: You would think Niles would have learned that after their last encounter.

(Niles looks confident, but he turns around and sees Spooky Doom leaping off the top rope and propelling himself into the ring. He is high enough that his legs get around Niles' neck and he swings around in a satellite head scissors, which he then turns into a diamond cutter.)

Creed: Doom Reaper! Doom Reaper!

McGinnis: Spooky Doom covers!

Creed: One!

Anderson: If I see one more head scissors tonight!

Creed: Two!

McGinnis: Satellite Head Scissors into a Three Fourths Front Face Lock Bulldog, Terry.

Anderson: Watch it, Guinness.

(Patton rushes back into the ring and lays a big boot to the back of Spooky Doom's head. The crowd gasps.)

Creed: Thr ... no! Patton breaks it up, once again!

( Patton continues laying the boot to Doom for a few shots and then reaches down and applies an standing armbar.)

Creed: That was as close as it gets folks. Eddie Patton, now, showing he has some technical savvy and he is wrenching that arm and pulling Spooky Doom away from Niles with every jerk of that arm.

McGinnis: If Patton was ever going to capitalize; it has to be now. Niles is down and Spooky Doom is on the defense!

(Niles is still motionless as Eddie pulls Spooky to his feet and pushes that arm into a hammer lock! Patton with a waist lock that traps the arm between their bodies and performs a textbook German Suplex! Doom lands in such an awkward way that he actually rolls once around and falls out of the ring from the toque of the move.)

Creed: The rookie showing everyone a little something right here! Can he put this one to bed though?

Anderson: Not with the Best in the World in the ring, Creed.

Creed: I think Niles' is out cold, Terry.

(Patton walks over to Niles, who still has not moved since taking the "Doom Reaper." Eddie reaches for his opponent, but gets a surprise when Niles grabs his arm and jerks him down into a Gogoplata hold!)

Creed: Niles playing opossum! He has it locked in!

McGinnis: Patton went from showing this crowd his technical skill to reminding everyone that he lacks in ring experience. He walked right into one of the oldest tricks in the book.

Creed: Old indeed. You came up with that trick didn't you, Terry?

Anderson: Hilarious, mister he's out cold.

McGinnis: Niles is digging the hold in deeper and it looks like Patton is slowly going out. This is not good for Eddie.

Creed: Referee Greg Mitchell asking Patton if he wants to give it up and Patton ... Patton yells no!

McGinnis: It sounded incredibly strained and labored, Aaron.

(Spooky Doom is back on the ring apron watching all of this and he rushes into the ring.)

Creed: Indeed, Brian. No chance the kid can hold out much longer.

(Spooky heads toward the other two men in the match and just as it looks like Patton has passed out form the hold and Niles will claim his victory Spooky strikes.)

Creed: Spooky breaks the hold!

Anderson: Niles had this one in the bag! Someone get this sawed off freak out of here!

Creed: Niles is up to his feet immediately and he is not happy!

(He yells at Doom for costing him a victory. Doom makes the "come get some" motion and Niles takes the bait.)

McGinnis: Johnny Niles rushes but Spooky Doom dodges the lunge!

(Spooky then runs off the adjacent ropes himself to gain speed. He grabs Niles by the head and uses the momentum to head into the nearby corner, walking up the turnbuckle and flipping Niles around with a nasty face driver! The impact bounced Niles legs under the bottom rope, where he eventually slides out and to the floor!)

Creed: Niles to the floor! Spooky Doom is the only man left standing!

McGinnis: Spooky Doom can take this home if he acts right now!

(Doom looks at the still unconscious Eddie Patton and signals to the crowd that this match is over! He rushes to the corner nearest Eddie and quickly climbs up. He sets himself and the crowd is amped!)

Creed: Spooky Doom from the top rope! He leaps ... Wheel of Doom! Wheel of Doom!

McGinnis: And the cover! One, two ...
(Niles hands appear on the apron and his head follows.)

McGinnis: TWO!

(Niles scrambles to his feet and slides in the ring lunging at Spooky and Patton.)

McGinnis: Three! Spooky Doom takes it all!

Creed: Niles attempting to break this one up and comes up just shy! Terry, your thoughts?

Anderson: That little masked freak cheated somehow, I know it! You don't just beat the best in the world without cheating... well unless you're Perfect!

(Spooky Doom celebrates in the ring as Nile pounds the matt in frustration. A reeling Patton rolls out of the ring virtually unnoticed.)

Creed: What a night we have had here on IWF's Surge! Electric, to say the least!


Grandma Took Me Home
Jan 31, 2004
Segment: Beginning of the End

(Cut to: Backstage; to what once served as the away locker room for a myriad of NBA Pacific Division teams in the Key Arena; Courtney Allen rubs Scott Douglas’ shoulders as he prepares for the ring. His right hand and forearm are already wrapped tightly in white athletic tape as he methodically applies the same technique to his left arm.)

Courtney: Have you heard from Dr. Shultz?

Douglas: Not yet. Regardless, I’m going to be ready … just in case.

Courtney: Was he supposed to call?

Douglas: Last we spoke; he said he needed to go over my test results from last week before he made a final decision. I told him just to fax it to Mori, no matter the decision. Last thing I need right now is to give Derrick something … hell, anything, to feed off of. I think he’s losing it, as is …

Courtney: I’m going to spare you my outlook on the situation. I’m sure you’re tired of hearing it.

Douglas: That’s a safe assumption, Court’. I want this all to be over as badly as you do… but at this point what other option do I have?

(Courtney halts the back rub and moves around the front to face a sitting Scott Douglas.)

Courtney: I don’t know, Scotty. What did your Dad tell you? … It’ll get worse before it gets better.

(Douglas mouths the words with a mocking look along with his girlfriend and caps it off with a look conveying his lack of interest in her sentiment.)

Douglas: Short of ending my career; this will happen. It’s the only option left … regardless of the outcome.

Courtney: Ok … ok babe. I’ll go a see if Art has any word.

(Douglas nods and turns back to his tape job as Courtney exits the locker room.)


Grandma Took Me Home
Jan 31, 2004
Surge; Eddie Whisky vs. Mary-Lynn Mayweather

Eddie Whisky vs. Mary-Lynn Mayweather

Donald Bell: The following contest is scheduled for one fall and stipulated to be a "No Cheating" match! Introducing first standing five foot two and weighing in at one hundred and eighteen pounds, from McCandles, Pennsylvania; Marry-Lynn Mayweather!
("Dance-Sing" by Ice Cream Fire hits the PA system and the crowd jumps to their feet in a loud chorus of cheers. Mary-Lynn steps out from behind the curtains and makes her way to the ring slapping a few hands.)

Donald Bell: And her opponent standing six foot six and weighing in at two hundred and eighty four pounds, from San Francisco, California; Eddie Whiskey!

("Ride of the Valkyries" hums over the PA played by a kazoo. Eddie Whiskey struts out from behind the curtain to a mixed reaction but mostly disapproval. He slowly makes his way to the ring and meets Paul Tyler and Eddie Whiskey in the center of the ring.)

Creed: This should be an interesting matchup folks. While auxiliary referee Paul Tyler gives Eddie Whiskey and Mary-Lynn Mayweather the final refresher course in the stipulations of this contest; we will go to our match analyst for the same.

Anderson: Well, Creed, this is a ridiculous ...

Creed: Not you, Terry. Good lord, not you. Brian?

McGinnis: Thanks, Aaron. This is one is a little different than normal but still very cut and dry. In today's professional wrestling we see a lot of relaxed rules and sometimes cheating that the referee just misses. Normally, to preserve the authority of the referee the in ring decision is the final. In this match up ...

Anderson: You cheat, you're fired. The end. Was that so hard, Beer Boy? See I should be the match analyst.

Creed: The subtle and elegance of Terry "The Idol" Anderson folks. Let's go to the ring!

(Tyler calls for the bell and Eddie Whisky starts the match bullying the smaller Mary-Lynn, locking up and forcing her down in a blatant show of superiority. Jostling for position, Mary-Lynn finds herself in the corner where Eddie chops her across the chest repeatedly, with Eddie relishing each and every blow.)

Creed: That's a bit excessive!

Anderson: How can you begrudge Eddie Whisky getting his hands all over the luscious body of sweet Mary-Lynn Mayweather? What's a little oil check between friends?

McGinnis: First of all, you can hardly call them friends after everything Eddie has done to torment Mary-Lynn, secondly and knowing what an oil check is in amateur wrestling; I have to agree with Creed. That said, Eddie is certainly dominating Mary-Lynn Mayweather, utilizing all of his physical tools and power advantage to his disposal.

(Referee Paul Tyler asks for Eddie to back out of the corner and he complies, making a show of obeying the Daniels' instruction to demonstrate beyond the shadow of a doubt; he isn't breaking any rules. Then he wallops Mary-Lynn with a big right hand. Eddie backs off immediately afterwards.)

Creed: Eddie is bending the rules as far as he possibly can, no one can afford to break them when the outcome signifies the expulsion from the IWF.

Anderson: I stand corrected! This is the dumbest match ever!

(Undaunted, Mary-Lynn gets back up. Searching for another lock-up, Mary-Lynn deftly outmaneuvers her foe and pulls him down in an Arm drag before hitting him with a Step-up Elbow to the crown of his head. Mary-Lynn tries to go for a front headlock on the kneeling Eddie Whisky but Eddie shoves her off.)

Creed: And now who wants nothing more of Mary-Lynn, huh? Proper technique will always win out against brute strength and size!

Anderson: I have a proper technique for her.

Creed: Terry Anderson's patented Small Package, I'm sure.

(Flying forearm off the ropes from Mary-Lynn gets caught and Eddie plants her with the Samoan Drop.)

McGinnis: Samoan Drop from Eddie. Brilliant reversal and what a way to use size against your opponent.

Anderson: Wait, what!?

Creed: Mary-Lynn struggling to her feet.

(Mary-Lynn tries to get up but Eddie only stomps her down. Mary-Lynn STILL tries getting up but Eddie hits her with Mongolian chops.)
Creed: She just won't go down!

McGinnis: Eddie, now, Gutwrench Powerbomb! No, overshoots, Mary-Lynn lands on her feet!

(The crowd pops as Eddie attempts a Discus Lariat, Mary-Lynn ducks.)

Anderson: Oh sure, now she goes down.

Creed: Mary-Lynn on the offensive!
McGinnis: Kicks, palm strikes, forearm to the face, a back fist...

Creed: Eddie blocks!

(Eddie grabs the right arm of the attorney and broadly spins her around. The momentum sends Mary-Lynn flying into the corner. Mary-Lynn with the up-and-over, grabs Eddie's head between her legs and spirals out into a flying head-scissors.)

McGinnis: Flying head-scissors, from the agile Mary-Lynn.

(Whisky recovers and stammers to his feet. Mary-Lynn catches him with a running Yakusa Kick.)

Creed: That's M-Kicked! Goes for the cover; one, two ... He got a shoulder up!

(Eddie sits up and Mary-Lynn attempts to keep him off his feet with a Grounded Sleeper but Eddie blocks the arm from slipping underneath his neck. Eddie controls the arm and makes it up to his knees. He swings Mary-Lynn about and draws her back in with a hard short-arm clothesline.)

McGinnis: Whiskey's power coming in handy on that exchange.

(Eddie straddles his foe and sets Mary-Lynn up for the camel clutch but she quickly scurries out underneath, hitting Whisky with a neat seated dropkick to the butt.)

Anderson: Hey! That looks like cheating to me! You can't strike a man below the belt!

Creed: Wrong side, Terry.

(Eddie, embarrassed and angered, lunges at Mary-Lynn for another clothesline. Mary-Lynn expertly ducks and counters with a big kick, only to find Eddie expecting the kick and pulling her by the leg into a full Bear Hug.)

McGinnis: Nothing fancy from Eddie Whisky: he knows how to fight, knows how to brawl, knows how to hurt anyone that steps inside of the ring.

Anderson: Certainly knows how to cop a feel. Let's go Eddie!

Creed: I'm actually surprised Eddie has been strictly observing the rules so far.

McGinnis: Paul Tyler, now, checking on Mary-Lynn.

(Daniels approaches Mary-Lynn to see if she wants to quit. She's fighting, hitting Eddie across the head with Bell Claps but it's just not enough to break his grip.)

Creed: Mary-Lynn refuses to quit!

(She hits her opponent with more Bell Claps but Eddie clamps on the move even harder.)

Anderson: Let's be fair; Mary-Lynn came to fight, she talked a good game but now you can plainly she can't play with the big boys. Mary-Lynn's weak, Mary-Lynn's frail, Mary-Lynn is five foot two.

(Mary-Lynn screams out. Paul Tyler approaches, yet again, and asks if she will give up but Mary-Lynn is defiant. She goes for a face rake but the ref is watching. However, she does pushes herself against the face of Eddie Whisky and snaps back with a Headbutt.)

Anderson: Facerake! Facerake!

Creed: Looked like a Headbutt from here, Terry.

Anderson: Weren't those illegal too, like many long years ago?

McGinnis: Possibly during the fifties but not in this day and age, Terry.

(Mary-Lynn throws repeated Headbutts which clearly have an effect on Eddie Whisky. He loosens his grip just long enough for Mary-Lynn to drop, executing a low dropkick to the knee in desperation. Eddie stumbles, Mary-Lynn falls, clutching her ribs. Eddie chokes her off the ground but Mary-Lynn, ever resourceful, wraps her legs around Eddie's waist.)

McGinnis: Eddie with a choke lift on Mary-Lynn, but Mary-Lynn wrapping her legs around Eddie, possibly attempting to lock Eddie in her guard.

Anderson: How many times tonight do I have to say it? This is not MMA! Instant disqualification.

(Mary-Lynn slides her arms between Eddie's, wrapping them around Eddie's head and forcing it down.)

Creed: Classic counter to the chokehold! Mary-Lynn back on her feet!

Anderson: That might be a totally new position for her!

Creed: Here's something that might be more familiar; a big straight kick to the outstretched head of Whisky!

McGinnis: She's climbing the top rope; wouldn't say that's wise after taking such a grueling Bear Hug.

(Mary-Lynn leaps from the top with the missile dropkick and connects with Eddie's chest.)

Creed: And that's one way to bring the fight to a big boy! Double feet to the chest will knock even a heavyweight down. Covers!

(Eddie kicks out at two. Mary-Lynn takes to the ropes as Eddie struggles to his feet. Mary-Lynn springs from the canvas and down goes Eddie Whisky from a flying cross chop. Mary takes to the top rope again as Whiskey clambers to his feet.)

Creed: Back to the well!

Anderson: Turn around! Turn around, you half wit!

(Mary-Lynn flies off the ropes and the resulting chop block takes dazed and turned around Whisky off at the knee.)

McGinnis: Say what you will about Mayweather, but say that she's a spitfire! Back and forth, again and again with the rapid blows knocking Eddie Whisky off his feet!

Anderson: It's that eye rake! He can't see and doesn't know where he is! I'm sure of it. Eddie Whiskey wins by disqualification and finally we can have one less chica in the IWF!

(Mary-Lynn locks in another sleeper and applies the pressure.)

Creed: Is that a shot at Go-Go, Terry?

Anderson: Oh, you mean Gone-Gone? The Minstrel took care of that in fine fashion!
McGinnis: Mary-Lynn has that sleeper locked in! This may be all she wrote for Eddie Whiskey!

(Eddie struggles and flails trying to find some reprieve from the pressure or an escape route.)

Creed: And now it's Eddie who's going to have to find a new avenue of assault if he wants to defeat Mary-Lynn Mayweather! Eddie has to struggle with the varied skills of the spunky single female lawyer.

Anderson: I loved that show, and movie. And other movie.

(Eddie throws a series of wild elbows and manages to catch Mary-Lynn with one or two and her grip loosens.)

Creed: Mary-Lynn in trouble now!

(Eddie slips from Mary-Lynn's grabs and spins around only to be met with a big clinching knee to the gut. Mary-Lynn grabs a hunched over Whiskey and locks in a front headlock. She swings several knees and connects with the immobilized Whiskey.)

Creed: Whiskey can't seem to escape this tenacious young women!

(Whiskey uses his weight advantage to drag the pair backward until he finds the ropes a few short steps away.)

Creed: And it's Eddie Whisky of all people backing off from the petite Mary-Lynn, needing a rope break at this period of the match.

Anderson: It's a no cheating match, not a no ... "no rope break" match, Creed.

McGinnis: Still a no-no when you want to show up your skills

Anderson: I see what you did there, McGinny. Welcome to my show!

(Eddie Whisky hangs on near the ropes once Mary-Lynn has complied and released the hold. Despite the referee asking him to get back to the fight Eddie hesitates. Mary-Lynn argues with the Daniels so that he may do something as Eddie takes advantage, running through the young attorney with a monstrous running boot of his own.)

McGinnis: The Whisky Kick! And that nearly took her head off!

Anderson: It's a much better kick than the M-Kicked.

Creed: It's the same move, Terry.

Anderson: Whisky does it better.

McGinnis: Eddie Whisky picking up Mary-Lynn Mayweather... just flings her across the ring!

Anderson: Nothing fancy from Whisky, just toss the poor girl outta here!

(Eddie Whisky slowly ambles across the ring to where she tossed Mary-Lynn. He's been hurt, and it shows as he's clutching his belly.)

Creed: Gutwrench Suplex. And it would appear that Eddie Whisky is firmly in control now!

Anderson: Damn right! He has been the entire match! It was all a rope-a-dope! And Mayweather is a dope!

McGinnis: Surprising turn of events; Eddie Whiskey ascends the turnbuckle!

Anderson: I'm going to enjoy seeing this, watch it, you'll see the big man fly!

(Eddie Whiskey comes off the top rope with a astonishing Hangover Moonsault.)

McGinnis: Eddie Whisky Moonsaulting two hundred and eight four pounds on poor little Mary-Lynn Mayweather! I'd have to assume this one is over right here!

Anderson: Yeah, even big men can fly! Heck, I heard these rumors of this big bear of a man ...

Creed: And look at the carnage inside the ring! Eddie up now, mocking Mary-Lynn when he should be pinning her and ending this match.

McGinnis: That was a devastating Moonsault if I ever saw one... and I've seen my fair share.

(Eddie Whisky hangs on the ropes, just posing for the camera and jaw jacking with some fans of Mayweather, totally ignoring the immobile body inside the ring. Referee Paul Tyler confronts Eddie, telling him to take the match seriously and pin the woman. Eddie grudgingly complies.)

Creed: Eddie finally goes for the cover; one, two ... Mary-Lynn kicks out!

(Huge pop from the crowd. A spasm of activity, coupled with a sloppy pin, manages to let Mary-Lynn Mayweather escape defeat.)

Creed: I can't believe it!

Anderson: She's conscious, not in tip-top fighting shape. So she kicked out of a sloppy cover, so what? Let's see her kick out of a real cover!

(Shocked awake, Eddie Whisky suddenly realizes that he has not won the match and there is still much to do. Eddie covers.)

McGinnis: Whiskey hooks the leg! One, two ...

Creed: Good lord, she's done it again! The fighting spirit in this women is undeniable!

(The crowd is in shock and so is Eddie. He goes to pick up Mary-Lynn but she wraps her hands around his head and drops suddenly into a jaw jacker. She's hurt and she's crawling towards the ropes as Eddie recovers. Risking everything, Mary-Lynn slingshots herself off the ropes.)

McGinnis: Slingshot Crossbody... caught by Eddie Whisky!

Anderson: It's guaranteed to be over for Mary-Lynn now!

McGinnis: Mary-Lynn swinging wild elbows trying to fend off Eddie Whisky's offense.

(Eddie snatches Mary-Lynn and dead lifts her up on his shoulders.)

Creed: The Minstrel? It's the Minstrel, rushing to the ring!

Anderson: First the Sour Mash, then whatever the Minstrel has planned for her!

(Eddie Whisky drops Mary-Lynn and attacks Minstrel, knocking him down with a huge clobbering blow to the head. He adds a few stomps in for good measure, the referee has no choice but to ring the bell.)

Creed: Wait- Wait! That can't count! It can't!

Donald Bell: Ladies and gentlemen, your winner by disqualification Eddie Whiskey!

Anderson: Whiskey wins! Whiskey wins! By disqualification!

McGinnis: That means; Mary-Lynn Mayweather ...

Anderson: Cheated! She's gone, she's out of here!

Creed: Mary-Lynn had nothing to do with the Minstrel's interference! Whatever happens, she doesn't deserve getting thrown out of the IWF!

Anderson: If she's been disqualified, then it's because she broke the rules.

McGinnis: Please gentlemen, a modicum of silence. We're waiting on word from the back to see how the officials will determine the outcome of this match in regards of the "no cheating" clause. Alright, we'll go to the back now to Gail Martin.


Grandma Took Me Home
Jan 31, 2004
Segment: A Cocktail with Gail

(Cut to : The backstage area where Gail Gail Martin stands with the microphone in hand.)

Gail Martin: Thanks Aaron – I’m back here hoping to get a word with the Minstrel.

(On to the screen walks the Minstrel holding a bottle in one hand and a shot glass in the other.)

Gail Martin: Minstrel, do you have a moment?

Minstrel: Of course, my dear, for a lovely, young lady like yourself I can always makes time… Especially when I am in a celebratory mood!

(The Minstrel pours the contents of the bottle into the shot glass.)

Gail Martin: Ok… Well, the whole IWF universe is wondering why you would get involved tonight in the Eddie Whisky – Mary Lynn Mayweather bout? Why attack Eddie Whisky?

Minstrel: Oh Gail, this reminds me of a song… AS LONG AS THERE IS WHISKEY IN THE WORLD!

(He throws back the shot into his mask, which of course, just splashes away.)

Minstrel: Whoops! Excuse me. Well, frankly, I didn’t appreciate Ms. Mayweather interjecting herself into my relationship with our beloved Courtney! Now she won't be poking around in my, our or ANYBODY'S business ANYMORE!

(He pours himself another and turns his back to the camera – he places the bottle on the ground and goes to take the shot. The cameraman steps to the right to get a look, but before he can.)

Minstrel: Mister Cameraman if you move even another half-inch to the right – I tear your head right off your shoulders!

(He takes the shot and readjusts his mask and turns back towards Gail.)

Minstrel: That and I love whiskey – greatly enjoy it.

(He tips his glass at the camera and wraps his arm around the obviously uncomfortable Gail Gail Martin.)

Minstrel: Oh, as long as there is whiskey in the world!


Grandma Took Me Home
Jan 31, 2004
Surge; Kerry Kuroyama vs. Erik Mateo

(Cut to: The guys in the commentary booth. Aaron Creed and Brian McGinnis are there, but Terry Anderson has stepped out for the time being.)

Creed: Welcome back, fans... strange actions and cryptic messages from The Minstrel! Who can really be sure what this man will do next... and to who!?

McGinnis: It is anyone's guess, Aaron.

Creed: Well, folks ... as you can see, our partner in commentary Terry “The Idol” Anderson has left the commentary booth, as his presence is needed at ringside for this next match.

McGinnis: Which means we thankfully won’t have to listen to him cutting in every few minutes... at least for one match.

Anderson: Don’t be so SURE about that, Bri! HA HA!!

(Aaron and Brian, hearing Terry’s voice but not seeing him in his seat, look at each other then around the commentary booth in confusion.)

Creed: …Terry?

Anderson: Down here, Creedster!

(Aaron and Brian turn their attention down to the ring...)

(CUT TO: Ringside, on Terry “The Idol” Anderson’s million dollar smile. That’s a million dollars after taxes and a few years of bad investments, anyway. For some reason, he’s wearing a pair of tinted shades and a floral print shirt that is so stupidly bright with clashing oranges and blues that he should be punched in the face for wearing it. It doesn’t help that the top few buttons are unfastened to reveal a flakey patch of chest hair... and a pacemaker scar. He raises a bottle of Jim Beam to the guys in the commentary booth, and speaks to them through a wireless headset on his head.)

Anderson: Check it out, guys... WIRELESS!! Wave to the future of color commentary! You didn’t REALLY think you’d get through this without MY input, did you?! I should think NOT!

McGinnis: Well, so much for that...

Creed: Looks like Terry Anderson will be joining us after all, fans... coming to you live right now from ringside, where he will be serving as special drink coordinator for this following special attraction match... a drunken brawl between ERIK MATEO and KERRY KUROYAMA. Let’s go to Donald Bell, now in the ring...

(Terry begins pouring shots on a nearby table set up for him as we fade to IWF’s ring announcer standing in the ring.)

Bell: Ladies and gentlemen... the following contest is a DRUNKEN BRAWL match!

Crowd: *POP!!*

Bell: Introducing the special drink coordinator for this contest... TERRY... “THE IDOL”... AAANDERRRSOOOONNNN!!

(Terry nods to the fans, raising the whiskey bottle, getting a rather mixed reaction.)

Bell: And now... introducing the contestants!

(CUE UP: “Revolve” by the Melvins. The rented projection screen over the entryway begins showing clips of Kerry Kuroyama either training in the Dojo or in action in the ring. Green strobes and LED lights light up the entrance, showing much flashier production value than what’s been seen by fans attending recent Chain Reaction shows.)

Bell: Introducing first... from SEATTLE, WASHINGTON... weighing in at two hundred and thirty two pounds... please welcome... the PACIFIC BLITZKRIEG... KEEEERRRRYYYYY KUROOOOYAAAMMAAAAAAAAA!!!!

(KERRY KUROYAMA emerges from the other side of the curtain, clad in his standard Dojo shorts and a matching robe. He pauses for a moment on the stage as the fans give him a solid hometown pop. He acknowledges them with a fist pump, and starts for the ring as the song goes into its main riff.)

Creed: The young Seattle native is on his way to the ring, and there is a look of determination on his face tonight!

McGinnis: Determined to get down to some serious drinking, anyway. Kerry’s talked a big game this week... referred to himself as a future professional wrestling legend in the making. The thing about legends, though... is that they usually back up their words. Tonight, we’ll see if the young Kuroyama can BRING a big game with him into the ring.

Creed: Kerry’s shown definite potential every time he’s been in the IWF ring, and he is no doubt looking forward to make a statement here tonight on his first major show appearance!

Anderson: Yeah, yeah... the boy’s got some chops. But don’t forget what this kid is walking into. This is a MAN’S contest! Look at him... he’s barely got any hairs on his chin!

Creed: Looks like he’s got more facial hair than YOU, Terry.

Anderson: Hey now, you forget... the LADIES love a smooth chin on their Idol, heheh...

(As Kerry reaches ringside, he immediately takes note of Terry holding up the bottle of Jim Beam and shaking it as if to taunt him. Instead of looking threatened, the young Kuroyama nods with bold confidence, and ascends the steps to enter the ring. As he removes his robe, the arena lights come down.)

(CUE UP: “Great To Be A Man” by Rodney Carrington. The highlight package shows Erik Mateo pounding down various liquors, pounding down various opponents in the ring in drunken rampages, and posing with the LVW Heavyweight Title. Yellow and red spotlights pass over the entrance, stage, ring, and various corners of the arena.)

Bell: And his opponent... hailing from LAS VEGAS, NEVADA... he weighs in at two hundred and sixty-seven pounds... he is the reigning Las Vegas Heavyweight Champion... HE IS... EEEEERRRIIIIIIIK MMMMAATEEEEEEEOOOOOOO!!!!

(The curtain is pulled aside, and ERIK MATEO steps onto the stage with the LVW Heavyweight Title draped over his shoulder. With an intoxicated smirk on his face, he pumps his arms up, extending his index fingers to indicate that he’s number one, and the IWF fans in the arena greet him with a chorus of jeers. Mateo ambles down the ramp making his way to the ring, yapping at the fans in his slurred speech and occasionally pointing at the defunct title carried with him to assert his importance.)

Anderson: Take a look, gentlemen... cause here comes a REAL man!

McGinnis: Looks like he had a bit of a head start before going into this match. He might regret that as this brawl wears on...

Anderson: Not a chance. We’ve all seen what happens when Mateo hits the sauce. Alcohol only FUELS the fire of a champion burning within him! If anything, he’s just getting his head in the right place!

Creed: Erik Mateo is showing the laid back and confident swagger he’s known for as he makes his way to the ring, and I don’t find that very surprising, considering this is his kind of fight! If he manages to overcome the young rising star here tonight, he would definitely earn himself as a second chance at the IWF Emerald City Championship, whoever may hold that title by the end of the night!

McGinnis: I think the only championship that interests Mateo is the one hanging over his shoulder now, the Las Vegas Heavyweight Championship from the erstwhile Las Vegas Wrestling, where Mateo was a top contender along with the likes of “The Cowboy” James Donovan and “The Butt-Dominator” Olvir Arsvinnar.

Anderson: OLVIR!!! Oh man, I haven’t seen that stud since TEAM! Wonder what he’s been up to...?

Creed: Never mind that now, Terry... you got a job to do down there, remember?

Anderson: Oh, right...

(Mateo arrives at the ring, pointing at Terry and giving him a wink, then takes his time shuffling up the steps and going through the ropes. He pumps a fist, ignorant of the booing audience, then turns his attention to his opponent, taunting his manhood through his unintelligible dialect. Kuroyama shakes his head, silently letting him know he’s not going to be intimidated.)

Creed: If we all remember back to Chain Reaction 7... it was Erik Mateo who attacked Kerry Kuroyama’s teacher “The Undying” Rocko Daymon, costing the wrestling legend his match against the reigning IWF Emerald City Champion, Vizier ta Seti. No doubt Kerry hasn’t forgot about that, and tonight, I’m sure he’ll be looking for some payback.

Anderson: Well he’s in for a disappointment, because Erik Mateo doesn’t pay back ANYBODY except the bartender!

McGinnis: Kuroyama wants to rise up to the level of the Emerald City Championship... and Mateo wants to overshadow the title with his own Las Vegas Heavyweight Championship. Whoever stays standing out of this Drunken Brawl match will move on.

Creed: Head official Tony Daniels has returned and is in the ring now...

Anderson: Looks like that’s my cue...

(With the whiskey bottle and a set of shot-glasses in his hands, Terry goes up the steps, and the referee holds open the ropes to allow him to enter. Everybody in the ring converges toward the middle, where Mateo and Kuroyama stand only a foot apart, with Anderson between them, flanked by Bell and Daniels. The ring announcer holds up a microphone for Terry, since his hands are currently occupied.)

Anderson: Gentlemen... before we get this shindig started, let’s go over the rules one more time. Both participants will drink FIVE shots of this Jim Beam before the bell rings! Every subsequent THREE minutes, the bell will ring and there will be a break in the action. Both competitors must then drink an additional TWO shots before the bell rings again! You get one minute to drink your shots... otherwise, you’ll be disqualified for being unable to continue. The winner of this match will be declared when his opponent is unable to stand until the count of ten. Any questions?

(Kuroyama shakes his head. Mateo doesn’t seem to notice the question, busy eyeing the bottle of Jim Beam.)

Anderson: Okay, then... if there’s nothing else, then let’s get this party started!

(Terry hands the official the glasses and begins unscrewing the cap off the whiskey bottle, when a voice suddenly breaks in over the PA and interrupts everything.)

“Just a minute... I object!”

(Startled, the men in the ring look around in confusion. A moment later, COURTNEY PAZ steps through the entry-way with two IWF security guards as her escort and a microphone in her hand. There is a folded up piece of paper in her hands. The audience jeers at the delay, but she is indifferent to the reaction as she walks down to the ring.)

Creed: Uh oh... Chairman Cho’s assistant is here, and it looks like she’s got something to say! What’s this about?

McGinnis: I guess we’re about to find out, Aaron.

(The security guards hold open the ropes as Paz steps through them and enters the ring, and she goes right to the men impatiently waiting to get the match started.)

Paz: I’m afraid there’s going to be a minor alteration in the stipulations of this match. While I credit Mr. Mori for his... “creative” ambitions in designing this contest, I’m afraid our commissioner was remiss in that he did not check his facts.

Anderson: What’s this about?

Paz: I’ll TELL you what this is about, Terry...

(Paz holds up the paper in her hands.)

Paz: I had the Seattle office of records fax this over to me today. It’s a copy of Kerry Kuroyama’s birth certificate... and it clearly lists his date of birth at August 25th, 1992. Now, I don’t know if you can COUNT, Terry... but what that basically means is that Kerry Kuroyama is still below the legal age to consume alcohol.

(Everybody seems to react different. Terry looks dumbstruck. Kerry looks peeved. Erik looks amused. The fans seem stuck between surprise and outrage toward Chairman Cho’s assistant for blowing the whistle.)

Creed: Dang... I can’t believe we didn’t notice that earlier! We’ve always been talking about how Kerry Kuroyama is a young wrestling star, but I don’t think anybody once considered just HOW young!

McGinnis: Of course, Kerry knew about this all along. Seems rather curious that he said nothing about it.

Creed: Perhaps he truly wanted to go through with this challenge, but didn’t want to let the cat out of the bag, for this exact reason...

(Paz gestures to the security guards, who approach Terry and take the whiskey bottle from him.)

Anderson: Whoa, hold on a second!

Paz: We don’t want excise giving us any trouble, so therefore, this alcohol is being confiscated and taken backstage.

Crowd: “BOOOOOOOO!!!!”

Anderson: But that’s MY Jim Beam!

Paz: Then you can reclaim it from my office on your own time. As for this match... it will continue as a standard Last Man Standing match.


Creed: The fans clearly don’t like this change in the match... and who can blame them? The International Wrestling Federation was treating them to a unique match that you wouldn’t see anywhere else, and now they’re being denied of that opportunity.

(Paz directs the guards out of the ring, and they leave with the whiskey. Erik Mateo looks especially saddened to see it go, and then enraged, knowing his advantage has just been taken away. Kuroyama doesn’t look any happier. Before Paz can leave though, “The Idol’s” illustrious eyebrow perks up and he takes the mic from Donald Bell.)

Anderson: Hold up a sec, Miss Paz... I think I might have a solution to this!

Paz: Oh...?

Anderson: If whiskey’s out of the picture, then allow me to offer a healthy, non-alcoholic substitute!

(Terry reaches into his pants and pulls out an unlabelled plastic Coke bottle.)

Anderson: IDOL JUICE!!

Paz: ...Idol Juice?

McGinnis: Has that thing been in his pants the WHOLE TIME?!

Anderson: It’s my patented energy drink... for sale at any gas station or smoke shop on the West Coast!

Paz: So... what’s in it?

Anderson: Oh, you know... taurine... benzotine... uh, nicotine, supertine, megatine... and some of Terry Anderson’s own IDOL greatness!

Creed: I hope that doesn’t mean he PEED in it!

Anderson: I’m just thinking, you know... if we can’t have a Drunken Brawl, we have something like an ENERGIZED Brawl! Might even make things more interesting!

(Paz takes the bottle from Terry and eyes it with skepticism.)

Paz: Well... it’s not like we have any way of testing it right now, so I guess we’ll just have to take your word for it. I’m going to allow this, Terry... but I better not find out later that you were LYING to me.

Anderson: Lie to Chairman Cho’s assistant? Not on your life, toots...

(Paz returns Terry’s “Idol Juice”, sneering at his sexist remark.)

Paz: Okay then... carry on, gentlemen.

(The crowd cheers as Courtney leaves the ring and heads back up the ramp. Delighted, Terry calls forward the referee with the shot glasses and begins pouring some drinks.)

Creed: Well ladies and gentlemen, pardon the interruption. Looks like this match will finally get underway, although I guess it’s now classified as an “Energized Brawl”.

McGinnis: Terry, out of curiosity... was “Idol Juice” made in a bathtub down in your basement?

(Terry smirks and flashes the camera a wink as he distributes the drinks.)

Anderson: Heh heh heh...

Creed: Oh boy...

McGinnis: Now I honestly don’t know WHAT to expect!

(Mateo takes his first shot... and smiles as an all too familiar feeling runs down his throat. He returns Terry’s wink. Kerry goes on with his first shot and makes a peculiar face as a range of tastes assault his central nervous system. He smacks his lips a couple times and calls for another.)

Crowd: “GO! GO! GO! GO! GO! GO! GO!”

(Egged on by the crowd, Mateo takes another shot, as does Kerry. The two appear to be racing, but Mateo easily pulls ahead, downing his last three shots as if he were drinking water, while Kuroyama reacts to every one of his like taking a sobering slap to the face. Both men look noticeably woozy as they pull away from each other and get ready to fight. Bell and Anderson clear out of the ring as official Tony Daniels cues the bell.)


Creed: And our brawl is underway!

Anderson: FINALLY!!

Creed: Both men stepping forward, with Mateo continuing to taunt the younger Kuroyama, but it does nothing to wash away the look of fierce determination on the young man’s face!

McGinnis: Mateo tells him to bring everything he’s got, and Kuroyama eagerly steps up... and they go right into the lock-up!

Creed: OOH! Mateo with a BOOT TO THE GUT as soon as they went into the collar-and-elbow tie-up! Kuroyama doubles over, and Mateo forces him to the mat with some HARD clubbing strikes to the back of the neck!

Anderson: He roped that dumb kid right into that one! Make no doubt about it, Erik Mateo came here tonight to BRAWL!

Creed: Kuroyama isn’t down for long, quickly trying to get back into this fight, but Mateo puts a BOOT right up against the side of his head and kicks him over onto his back! Now Mateo stomps the TAR out of him while he’s lying there!

McGinnis: This is not how Kerry Kuroyama wanted to the start this match... especially since it’s only going to get harder for him as this match wears on and these two men drink more of whatever the hell Terry’s got in that bottle of his! Mateo now gloating over his fallen opponent! He thinks he has this won already!

Anderson: He had this match won before the BELL even rang, McGinnis!

Creed: Tony Daniels looks like he might start the ten count, but Mateo steps in before he can, eager to give more punishment to this young man! Here’s Mateo with another stomp -- but Kerry catches his FOOT... and Erik Mateo is SWEPT to the mat in surprise!

McGinnis: Mateo doesn’t look so cocky anymore! There’s anger on his face as he gets to his feet at the same time as Kerry, and throws a wild lariat out of left field -- and Kerry easily ducks it, slipping behind and getting him into the rear waistlock!

Creed: Kerry with a GERMAN SUPLEX!! That was an excellent counter!

McGinnis: Mateo’s a fierce brawler, but if he doesn’t keep that drunken rage of his in check, then Kuroyama will only find more opportunities to turn the tables on him, as we just saw!

Creed: Mateo holding the back of his head and he quickly gets back to his feet again! Here he comes with another wild lariat -- but Kuroyama turns it around again, this time into an Arm Drag!

Anderson: Come on, I thought this was supposed to be a BRAWL! What’s with this wrestling crap?!

McGinnis: Mateo is holding that back a bit gingerly as he gets up once again, and here comes Kuroyama, trying to keep up his momentum... but Erik Mateo meets him with a HARD shot right to the abs! And a SECOND! Kuroyama is stunned, and Mateo grabs him by the head as he gets up to his feet... GOOD GOD, what a head butt!

Creed: That knocked Kuroyama flat out onto his back, and Mateo sternly orders the referee to begin the ten count!

Daniels: ONE...



Creed: Kuroyama shaking his head as he comes to and immediately realizes where he is, and he wastes no time getting back up before the official can get to the count of five!

McGinnis: Here comes Mateo, looking to get a shot in before Kuroyama can get back onto his feet -- but Kerry sees it coming, and catches Erik by the leg as he was attempting to put a knee right into his ribs! Kuroyama with a LEG WHIP puts Mateo back to the mat, and now he mounts his chest!

Anderson: What the CRUNK?!

Creed: Kuroyama is WAILING AWAY at the face of Erik Mateo as he is pinned on the mat, and he is definitely making liberal use of the closed fists! Mateo wanted a brawl, and now the young Seattle native is bringing the brawl right to him!


Creed: Hold on... that was the bell, and the end of the first round! Tony Daniels pulls Kuroyama back up by the shoulders and directs him to his corner!

McGinnis: Mateo was saved by the bell right there!

Anderson: Oh, give me a break... if the bell saved anybody, it was that Kuroyama kid! Erik was about to turn it around... I could see it in his eyes! You guys obviously couldn’t see it because you’re all the way up there! Not that it matters... I got plenty of Idol Juice left!

Creed: Mateo is back on his feet, rubbing the pain out of his face, and Tony Daniels directs him to his corner, where Terry Anderson is waiting with his next two shots...

Anderson: Here you go, Erik... bottoms up!

McGinnis: Mateo with a sigh of relief as he drops his first shot, and Terry crosses over to Kuroyama to give the young man his own dosage. Kerry’s already flushed in the face and looking a bit loosened up. On the other hand, Mateo looks the exact same as he did when he came to the ring...

Creed: I think Erik Mateo is ALWAYS drunk...

Anderson: The man simply knows how to hold his liquor... unlike this kid.

Creed: All the same, Kuroyama hasn’t had his confidence shaken yet as he drinks his next two shots. Once again, he reacts like somebody just slapped him across the face. Are you sure you aren’t putting something extra in his drinks, Terry? We all know you favor Mateo pretty heavily!

Anderson: That’s an OUTRAGEOUS accusation, Aaron! As if Erik even NEEDED any help in this kind of match. Anyway, all done here... come on, ref, let’s keep it going!


Creed: There’s the bell to signal the beginning of round two! Now it’s Kuroyama, coming out of his corner, telling Erik Mateo to bring his best!

McGinnis: Looks like he’s finally getting into the spirit of things, but he shouldn’t make the mistake of underestimating the abilities of Erik Mateo!

Anderson: Couldn’t have said it better myself!

McGinnis: I doubt you could have, Terry... even if you wanted to. Here comes Mateo with angry haymaker -- BLOCKED by Kuroyama! Kerry puts a right hand right into his jaw... and another!! Mateo reeling back into the ropes, and Kuroyama presses onto him, whipping him to the other side!

Creed: Kuroyama bending over for the back body drop before Mateo hits the other set of ropes! Telegraphed that WAY too early, and Mateo makes him pay for it with a kick right to the face! The alcohol already seems to be impairing the young Kuroyama’s judgment!

Anderson: Or he could just be stupid...

McGinnis: Mateo with the opportunity to turn things back into his favor! He hits the ropes... and BLASTS the stunned Kuroyama to the mat with a short-arm clothesline! Kerry couldn’t counter it that time!

Creed: Kuroyama trying to get back to his feet, but Mateo has other plans! He takes Kerry by the neck and the tights... and MY GOD, he drives him right through the ropes and shoulder first into the STEEL RING POST like a human bobsled!

McGinnis: Mateo’s looking noticeably more violent now! We’ve seen the wrath that man unleashes when he gets enough alcohol in him, and no doubt we’ll see plenty of it here tonight as this match wears on! Kuroyama, meanwhile, falls through the ropes and lands on the outside in a heap!

Anderson: Come on, ref, start countin’!

Daniels: ONE...




McGinnis: Kuroyama slowly recovering, and using the apron to pull himself back up. He’s DEFINITELY looking buzzed right now... I’m not even sure he knows what just happened!

Creed: Here comes Mateo, rolling under the ropes to join his opponent on the outside! It’s ANYONE’S guess as to where this brawl might go now that the action has spilled to the ringside floor!

McGinnis: Kuroyama isn’t quite back up yet, so Mateo starts bringing him up the rest of the way... but Kuroyama puts a FOREARM right to his gut! And a SECOND! Mateo is doubled over, and Kuroyama springs up to his feet to put him into a standing Head Scissor!


Crowd: *POP!!*

McGinnis: Looked like Kerry almost lost his footing on that one, but nevertheless, he put Mateo head-first onto the thin padding covering the unforgiving concrete surface of the arena floor, and the former Las Vegas Wrestling Heavyweight Champion is OUT OF IT!

Daniels: ONE...



Creed: Now it’s Kuroyama’s turn to gloat, as he leaves Mateo dazed on his back and paces up and down the barricade, pumping up his hometown fans in the ringside seats!

Anderson: A little early to be celebrating, don’t you think? Come Erik... GET UP!



McGinnis: Erik Mateo finally showing signs of life and struggling to get back up! I’m surprised he’s even CONSCIOUS after taking that pile driver right on the floor!

Creed: Years of drinking must have dulled his senses... and now Kuroyama turns his attention back to his recovering opponent! He pulls Mateo up the rest of the way and slides him back into the ring, and enters after him -- but not after nearly tripping himself on the bottom rope!

Anderson: This kid is like a dumb drunk frat boy at a pep rally!

Creed: Hey, don’t forget, Terry... YOU were that dumb frat boy once, many, MANY years ago!

Anderson: Hey, I don’t even REMEMBER college, so what’s that tell you?

McGinnis: Kuroyama steadies himself and waits for Mateo to get back to his feet! Mateo is up... still groggy from taking that shot right to the head... and here comes Kuroyama with a RUNNING KNEE LIFT -- no, I guess not, instead he just BARRELS RIGHT INTO HIM, and both men collapse into the mat!

Creed: Alcohol is definitely showing its effects on the younger Kerry Kuroyama, as its now affecting his timing and motor skills! Regardless, he’s hung in this drunken brawl with the veteran drinker Erik Mateo every step of the way!

McGinnis: Kuroyama is back on his feet, and takes a moment to whoop into the crowd! Yeah, make no mistake about it... he is DRUNK!

Anderson: And he’s gonna get MORE DRUNK, as long as my Idol Juice keep flowin’!

Creed: Mateo rising up as well, and Kuroyama draws him in... going for a BODY SLAM -- but he LOSES HIS BALANCE and falls onto his back with Mateo ON TOP!

McGinnis: Mateo’s not one to look a gift horse in the mouth! He quickly mounts the chest of Kuroyama and begins laying right into him with some HEAVY rights and lefts!


Creed: There’s the END of round two, but Mateo must not have heard the bell, because he’s still laying into the face of Kerry Kuroyama! Tony Daniels has to forcibly pull him off and restrain him from continuing to punish the younger man any further!

McGinnis: Looks like Kerry Kuroyama has a busted nose, but he either doesn’t notice or care at this point, as he laughs from his place lying on his back on the mat! Daniels helps him to his feet, but only after making sure an angered Erik Mateo has gone to his corner!

Anderson: Relax, Erik... it’s still early, you’ve still got this. Here, drink...

Creed: Terry is distributing Erik Mateo his next two shots as Kerry Kuroyama is finally pulled off the mat and shambles to his corner, pumping his fists to the crowd! That boy’s got seven shots of Idol Juice in him, and he’s about to have two more!

McGinnis: Mateo takes his shots... but he just keeps looking angrier and ANGRIER! His earlier smug demeanor is completely gone at this point! And I’m sure it doesn’t help that he just keeps drinking!

Creed: Anderson crossing over to Kuroyama for the young man’s next two. He seems rather eager to drink at this point!

Anderson: Yeah, enjoy it while you can, kid... this is probably the drunkest you’ve ever been!

McGinnis: Kerry downs his shots, and looks ready to go again, despite the blood draining out of his nose! Across the ring, Erik Mateo is FUMING with rage!


Anderson: Round three... FIGHT!

Creed: Both men have had nine shots at this point, and it’s DEFINITELY starting to show! Kerry’s got a drunken swagger as he comes toward the center of the ring, where he meets a determined and pissed Erik Mateo! What’s this now...?

McGinnis: Kerry Kuroyama leans forward and points right at his chin! He’s giving Erik Mateo a free shot, but I’m not sure that’s a very good idea!

Creed: Is ANY idea a good idea when you’re drunk?!

McGinnis: Mateo coils back... and WHAMMO!! BOY, HE KNOCKED THAT ONE OUT OF THE PARK!!

Crowd: “OOOOooohhhh...”


Creed: Kuroyama just paid for his mistake in SPADES as he drops to the mat like a ton of bricks! He is OUT LIKE A LIGHT!!

Daniels: ONE...



McGinnis: If this is the end for Kerry Kuroyama, then he is going to KICK himself tomorrow morning when he wakes up hung over realizing he stupidly threw this one away!

Creed: In a Drunken Brawl, there’s bound to be stupidity involved. Still, let’s see if Kerry Kuroyama can recover from this...

Daniels: FOUR...


Creed: Kuroyama’s eyes are fluttering... I think he’s coming to! But he’s running out of time!

Anderson: Come on, ref... why are you taking your time with this?! I could have counted to ten EIGHT TIMES by now!

Daniels: SIX...


Crowd: “KER-RY!! KER-RY!! KER-RY!! KER-RY!!”

Creed: Kuroyama rolling onto his side... whatever is still sober deep in his mind is telling him to get back up! The fans are cheering his name, trying to give him support!

McGinnis: He’s on his hands a knees now, making a shaky attempt to get back up!!

Daniels: EIGHT...

Creed: AND KUROYAMA LURCHES TO HIS FEET, just a fraction of a second before the referee got to the count of nine! That was a close one!

McGinnis: And it’s only going to get closer from here on out!

Creed: Wait a second, here comes Erik Mateo from behind... SIDE RUSSIAN LEGSWEEP!! As soon as Kuroyama made it to his feet, he finds himself right back on the mat again!

Anderson: That move was invented by drunken Russians from the Siberian wastes!

McGinnis: Mateo won’t even give Tony Daniels a chance to count at this point! He takes a quick bounce off the ropes... HARD ELBOW DROP!! That was right across Kuroyama’s forehead, and Kerry reacts in agony!

Creed: Kuroyama fumbling to his feet now as Mateo beckons him back up! There’s a glazed look in the Seattle native’s eye as he turns around to find his opponent, and Mateo meets him with a HARD hook that knocks the spit right out of his mouth!

McGinnis: Amazingly, that didn’t put Kuroyama back to the mat... but I’m not even sure he felt it in his drunken stupor as he looks at Mateo again with a completely dumbstruck look on his face! Mateo pulling back for another shot... and Kerry just stands there STARING AT HIM!!

Creed: And Erik Mateo lands a HARD UPPERCUT right beneath Kuroyama’s chin! Kerry stumbles backwards and falls into the corner!

Anderson: Erik’s got him right where he wants him now!

Creed: Mateo’s drunken rage is giving him all the momentum he needs at this point! He measure Kuroyama up and gives him a KNIFE EDGE CHOP -- oh man, RIGHT TO THE FACE!! Was that intentional?!

McGinnis: I’m sure he was aiming for the chest, but he’s probably seeing only a green and tan blob in the ring with him at this point! Here’s Mateo, taking Kuroyama by the head... going for a SNAPMARE -- err, maybe not! He was TOO DRUNK to pull all of Kuroyama over his shoulder, so he settled with a sloppy Ace Crusher instead!

Anderson: Whatever... got the job done!

Creed: Mateo back to his feet, and he’s STILL steaming! Now he looks angry that he doesn’t have anybody to PUNCH anymore, and he tells Tony Daniels to start counting!

Daniels: ONE...


McGinnis: Kuroyama showing signs of life on the mat! I don’t think Mateo got all of that last move!

Anderson: Not that it matters! With as much Idol Juice as that kid’s had at this point, I’d be surprised if he could sit up at this point, much less stand!

Daniels: FOUR...


Creed: Kuroyama is fumbling around on the mat... and he found the bottom rope! All he has to do now is work his way up, and that’s exactly what he’s doing!

McGinnis: Kerry’s up to the second rope... off his a knee as he rises up to the third rope... and OH JEEZ, he loses his grip and drops back down to the bottom rope!

Anderson: Kinda like ANOTHER Creed I know!

Daniels: SIX...


Creed: There’s enough left in Kuroyama to know he has to hurry, and he’s desperately groping for that top rope! He misses on the first reach... but GETS IT on the second!

Daniels: EIGHT...


McGinnis: And Kuroyama is BACK UP with only a SECOND to spare!

Creed: But here comes Mateo, charging at him with another CLOTHESLINE -- OH WAIT!! Kuroyama JUST FELL TO THE MAT AGAIN!! Mateo goes FLYING OVER THE ROPES to the ringside floor!

Anderson: D’OH!!


Creed: And this round is OVER... thankfully! This match is starting to look RIDICULOUS by this point!

McGinnis: Were you expecting a five-star wrestling clinic in a contest labelled as a “Drunken Brawl Match”?

Creed: Good point...

Anderson: Come on, Erik! Pull yourself together, man!

Creed: Terry Anderson is attempting to get Erik Mateo off the floor and back into the ring, and meanwhile, head official Tony Daniels is doing the same with Kuroyama! Kerry is completely HAMMERED by this point! He can barely STAND!

Anderson: And that’s a GOOD thing!

McGinnis: We’re getting to a point where this has become more of an endurance contest than an actual all-out brawl. Mateo is finally back up and sluggishly rolls under the ropes to re-enter the ring...

Anderson: Whoa, whoa... hold up, Erik! You forgot your shots!

McGinnis: ...and Terry Anderson gives him his next two shots of Idol Juice! Mateo puts them down like a CHAMP! I’ve NEVER seen a man drink like that...

Creed: It’s amazing at how well he’s able to handle himself at this point. He’s gotten sloppy, as would be expected of any man with that much liquor running through him, but he’s still moving quickly and punching hard! The same can’t be said of Kuroyama, who’s looking pretty bad at this point.

McGinnis: Is he even aware that there’s a break in the action?! He’s trying to go after Mateo, but Tony Daniels is trying to hold him back!

Creed: Daniels is trying to explain that the bell rang, and Kerry... wait... now he’s CRYING?!

McGinnis: Jesus Christ...

Creed: Kuroyama has just lost ALL CONTROL of his emotions now as he buries his face into the referee’s shoulder and cries into it like a baby! Hurry up and give him his shots, Terry!

Anderson: Come here, you dumbass kid... drink up!

McGinnis: Kuroyama takes the shotglasses and just DOWNS THEM BOTH AT ONCE... and he just THROWS THEM CARELESSLY into the crowd!

Anderson: YOU IDIOT!! Those were my Jerry Lee Lewis collectible glasses!

Creed: Oh hell, Terry, you just buy another pair at Wal-Mart... now get out of the ring and let these two at it!


Creed: There’s the bell to start round FOUR! Both of these men have each consumed ELEVEN SHOTS of Terry’s “Idol Juice”, which I assume is some sort of homemade brew made at a ridiculously high proof!

Anderson: At least until I get my distillery up and running!

McGinnis: Mateo out of his corner, red-faced and furious! Does he even have a reason to be angry at this point?

Creed: Kuroyama out of his corner to meet him, and... AND HE THROWS UP RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF THE RING!!


Anderson: I am NOT cleaning that up later!

McGinnis: Thirteen shots of Idol Juice is clearly more than the young Kerry Kuroyama can handle! This brawl has degraded from sloppy to downright MESSY!

Creed: At least Kerry got a bit of that noxious stuff out of him for the time being! But here comes Mateo... MY GOD, DOUBLE-AXE HANDLE across the BACK OF KUROYAMA’S HEAD, knocking him face first into his own vomit!

McGinnis: That could be IT right there, but Mateo looks ready to explode, and bends down to lift Kuroyama back off the mat! He takes him the arm... there’s a HEAVY whip, and Kuroyama STUMBLES en route to the ropes, falling over and nearly GARROTING himself over the second rope!

Creed: That’s a bad place for the kid to be! Here comes Mateo, driving a KNEE right into his back and choking the life out of him! There are no holds barred in a Drunken Brawl Match, so don’t expect any breaks here!

Anderson: That kid is learning the HARD WAY what happens when you get on a drinkin’ man’s bad side!

Creed: Kuroyama looks to be fading, and I think Mateo senses it! He pulls off and just THROWS the young man right onto his back! The official begins the ten count!

Daniels: ONE...



Crowd: “KER-RY!! KER-RY!! KER-RY!! KER-RY!!”

Creed: This capacity crowd is rallying behind their hometown favorite, rousing the wounded Kuroyama from his drunken stupor! He’s trying to get back up! WHAT SPIRIT!!

McGinnis: He’s having a hell of a time, though! At this point, I imagine his vision is blurred to hell and his head is absolutely swimming!

Anderson: Clearly, you’ve never drank Idol Juice before...

Daniels: FOUR...


Creed: Kuroyama rolls over onto his hands and knees... and Erik Mateo has grown impatient with waiting any longer! Before Daniels can get to the count of six, he moves in and starts stomping away at the Pacific Blitzkrieg from where he sits on the mat! Kerry has to roll under the ropes and to the outside to escape the onslaught!

McGinnis: Kuroyama is hurt, drunk, bleeding, and covered in his own vomit! This is an OFFICIAL drunken brawl now! Mateo uses his free time in the ring to pump his fists up and spout vulgarities toward the fans!

Crowd: “BOOOOOOOO!!”

Creed: Meanwhile, Kerry is desperately trying to get back to his feet, groping at the apron for assistance! Mateo spies him, and he’s got something in mind!

McGinnis: Here he goes off the far set of ropes... comes running BACK... BASEBALL SLIDE -- NO, WAIT!! He didn’t slide into ANYTHING!! His AIM was COMPLETELY OFF!!

Anderson: Damn double vision!

Creed: Mateo just slid right under the ropes and right in front Kuroyama, who just BLASTS HIM with a big right hand! Clearly, the Idol Juice is having an impairing effect on Mateo as well!

McGinnis: Kuroyama trying to RALLY now, throwing wild rights and lefts and only hitting Mateo with every other blow! Mateo is TOO DRUNK to defend himself as he flails backwards and TRIPS over the steel steps! Kuroyama coming after him... BUT HE TRIPS OVER THE STEPS AS WELL!!

Creed: These guys can barely make their way around the RING, much less compete at this point! Both men scramble back to their feet and rise back to back, and now they can’t seem to find each other!

Anderson: Behind you, Erik! BEHIND YOU!!

Creed: Mateo is the first to turn around, and quickly tries to blindside Kuroyama with a WILD HOOK -- but Kuroyama DOUBLES OVER AND VOMITS AGAIN!! Mateo TWIRLS AROUND after hitting nothing but air and FALLS ON HIS ASS!!


Anderson: Somebody better call down the janitor... this kid is making a mess EVERYWHERE!!

Creed: Blame your Idol Juice, Terry! Kuroyama wipes his mouth clean and turns around as Mateo gets to his feet again with the help of the steps! Here comes Kerry -- but he SLIPS ON HIS OWN PUKE and falls FACE-FIRST ONTO THE STEEL STEPS!!

McGinnis: Man, at this point, these guys are doing more damage to THEMSELVES than to each other! Mateo now has a chance to capitalize as he drags Kerry back off the floor and clumsily pushes him onto the apron and under the ropes!

Creed: Is Kerry even CONSCIOUS at this point, or has he blacked out?!

McGinnis: Looks like Kuroyama is still awake, but clearly dazed after taking those steps right to his forehead! Tony Daniels could give him the ten count right now, but Erik Mateo isn’t going to give him that chance! Mateo sluggishly gets back into the ring and takes a moment to get back to his own feet, before he begins stomping away at the prone body of Kuroyama!

Creed: Why doesn’t he just let Tony get to the ten count and end this match?

Anderson: He’s too far into this to care at this point! This kid walked into HIS Drunken Brawl and tried to embarrass him, and now he’s going to see what it’s like when you try to mess with a REAL MAN!

Creed: Mateo orders Kuroyama back up, but Kerry can’t do much of anything at this point! Erik pulls him back up and leans him against the ropes, where he begins to slap him silly across the face! Kerry is so smashed, he can barely defend himself!


Creed: FINALLY, the bell sounds and the round ends, but Mateo isn’t letting up! Daniels trying to pry him off now, and Erik looks FURIOUS that the referee even laid a hand on him!

McGinnis: Better get in there quick, Terry! Erik Mateo is a drunken stick of dynamite that looks ready to blow!

Creed: Anderson hits the ring, ready to distribute another round of shots, while Mateo throws Kuroyama into the corner. If not for that turnbuckle, I doubt that young man would be able to stand at this point!

Anderson: Erik! Come here, man! Chill, bro, chill... you’re doing GREAT! You got this thing WON!

McGinnis: Terry hands Mateo his next two shots... that’s TWELVE and THIRTEEN for those of you keeping count at home! Mateo’s finally back in his corner to drink more, but his eyes still burn with an anger I can’t even comprehend!

Creed: The more he drinks, the more violent he gets... and we’ve seen him drink a LOT here tonight! Anderson going to Kuroyama now, for his next two shots.

Anderson: Here you go, kid... uh, kid? Hey! HEY, you dumbass! Wake-up!

McGinnis: Looks like he was catching a snooze for a moment, but Kerry Kuroyama perks up as Terry berates him and shoves two more shots in front of him. Kerry looks like he’s about to lose his lunch again...

Anderson: If you puke on me, so help me Lebowski I’ll IDOLIZE YOU right here and now in front of all these people!

Creed: Kuroyama can barely keep standing at this point... he has to lean in the corner to remain on his feet! Nevertheless, his hands fumble forward and he finds the shot glasses in Terry’s hands! There’s one down... and there’s two!

Anderson: GAME ON!


Creed: ROUND FIVE!! I doubt ANYBODY expected this match to go on for this long!

McGinnis: No matter who comes out the winner, both of these men are going to regret agreeing to this match when they wake up tomorrow!

Creed: Here comes Erik BLAZING out of his corner like a rabid bull! OH MAN!! Kuroyama just got PANCAKED in that turnbuckle with two-hundred and sixty plus pounds of intoxicated flesh!

Anderson: Erik’s going for the throat now... no doubt about it!

McGinnis: Mateo pulls off of Kuroyama, and goes right to work on the young man’s face! There’s a shot! Another! ANOTHER!! My God, he’s trying to turn his face into HAMBURGER!!

Creed: These men have consumed so much that there is no doubt that the next one that hits the mat will NOT be getting back up! Although the way things are looking right now, Kuroyama will be that man!

Anderson: He’s NOT a man, Aaron! Erik is proving that to you RIGHT NOW!

McGinnis: Mateo’s working his way down from Kuroyama’s face to his mid-section, continuing to crush him up against that turnbuckle with some HEAVY knee strikes to the body! He better be CAREFUL hitting him there...

Creed: OH MY GOD, KERRY KUROYAMA JUST PUKED ALL OVER ERIK MATEO!! Looks like you were RIGHT, Brian! Mateo backs up and looks at the mess on his chest, and he ROARS in anger!!

Anderson: That kid just made a FATAL mistake!

Creed: Mateo is on top of Kuroyama like a rabid dog! He takes him by the back of the head and just RAKES that forehead across the top rope! Kuroyama clutches his face, howling in pain, but that’s probably the least of his worries as Mateo throws his hands to the side and starts PUNCHING HIM PROFUSELY!!

McGinnis: Kerry keeps taking hits, but he’s not going down, thanks to those ropes against his back! All Mateo has to do is let him DROP, and this match is over!

Creed: Then why hasn’t he done that yet?!

Anderson: Kinda trying to figure out myself! Punishing this stupid kid is one thing, but it’s time to finish this up and seal the victory!

Creed: Does Erik Mateo even realize he’s in a MATCH anymore?! Mateo pushes Kuroyama off the ropes... Kerry connects on the other side chest-first, and backpedals on the rebound! Mateo meets him in the center of the ring with a CLUBBING forearm to the back of the head, and Kerry sprawls into the ropes once again!

McGinnis: The kid is taking a HELL of a beating, but miraculously, he hasn’t hit the mat yet!

Anderson: Come on, Erik... FINISH HIM!!

Crowd: “BOOOOOOOO!!!”

McGinnis: Mateo has Kuroyama by the shoulders now... my God, what is he DOING?!

Creed: He’s BITING HIM!! Erik Mateo is CHOMPING DOWN on Kerry’s collarbone, and Kuroyama is SCREAMING in pain!

McGinnis: Terry, your Idol Juice turns people into ZOMBIES!

Anderson: Hey, don’t be knockin’ the Juice, it’s completely innocent in this situation! Mateo’s just seeing red right now! His head’s not in the right place, because this kid and his stupid “never say die” attitude are making him really frustrated!

Creed: Tony Daniels is POWERLESS in stopping this match until one man stays off his feet for ten counts! Meanwhile, the clock throughout round five continues ticking! What’s going to happen if these guys take ANOTHER two shots?!

Anderson: I dunno, but I’m about out of Idol Juice! And here I was trying to save it for the main event!

McGinnis: And here I thought you were drinking Cola this entire time!

Creed: I’ve never seen anything like this in all my years of calling matches! Mateo continues to pulverize Kuroyama against the ropes, seemingly forgetting how one wins this match! Terry’s Idol Juice has turned his mind into absolute rage!

McGinnis: Looks like Mateo has sated his thirst for blood as he takes Kuroyama by the back of the head and leads him BACK to the turnbuckle! Kerry goes FACE-FIRST right into that top padding... and AGAIN... and AGAIN!! Mateo is RELENTLESS right now!

Creed: But he has to relent at SOME POINT if he wants to win this match! Otherwise, Kerry Kuroyama is just rope-a-doping him at this point!

Anderson: More like just plain doping...


Creed: Mateo leaves Kuroyama leaning lifelessly in the corner to jaw at the fans once again! They’re clearly giving him an earful at this point!

Anderson: Forget those morons, Erik! KILL THAT PUNK already! All you gotta do is BLOW ON HIM and he’ll fall over!

McGinnis: He’s got to pull him out of that corner first, but Mateo can barely concentrate on anything at this point! He’s too busy cursing the audience as they litter the ring with trash!

Creed: Wait a second... where’s he going?!

McGinnis: Mateo just LEFT THE RING!! Now he’s shambling over the time keeper... and he just took his own Las Vegas Heavyweight Title! I think he wants to USE IT against Kuroyama!

Anderson: Now THAT’LL do the trick! Hurry up, Erik! Only seconds to spare here!

Creed: Mateo takes a moment to argue briefly with a ringside fans... and he nearly SLIPS and FALLS once again in a puddle of Kerry’s vomit! Now he’s KICKING OVER THE STEEL STEPS in a FURY!!

McGinnis: He’s got no time to throw a tantrum now! He’s gotta win this brawl!

Creed: Mateo rolls back into the ring, and he’s got that title ready!


Creed: TOO LATE!! That’s the END of ROUND FIVE!!

McGinnis: How in the hell could this be going into a ROUND SIX?!

Creed: I don’t think Mateo heard the bell, because he’s still going after Kuroyama! Daniels in his way now, telling him to get to his corner, but Mateo isn’t listening!

McGinnis: Better get in there, Terry! Only YOU can calm him down at this point!

Anderson: Hang on, you idiots, I’m pouring shots here!

Creed: Mateo still arguing with the ref... what the hell is he SAYING?!

McGinnis: Who the hell knows at this point? Looks like Terry finally has two shots ready, but he sets them off into the corner to help Tony with the raging Erik Mateo at this point...

Anderson: Erik! Listen, man... put the title down! Calm down! Just go to your corner and have some Idol Juice! Here, let me pour you a little -- OH, HEY!!


Anderson: That’s ALL OF MY IDOL JUICE!!

McGinnis: Mateo tosses the empty bottle aside and ROARS LIKE A DRUNKEN BEHEMOTH, whipping the Las Vegas Heavyweight Title over his head like a gold and leather flail! He has gone just COMPLETELY BERSERK!!

Creed: Tony Daniels and Terry Anderson clear out of the way! Mateo will hit ANYBODY at this point!

Anderson: WHOA!! HEY!! ERIK!! ERIK!! RELAX, MAN!!

Creed: Curse your Idol Juice, Terry! You’ve made a MONSTER!!

McGinnis: Daniels is trying to get that belt away from him! He reaches for it... OH GOD, MATEO JUST SPUN AROUND AND BLASTED HIM IN THE FACE WITH IT!!


Creed: Security are already on their way down the ramp, sent by the commissioner who is probably seeing this all go down in the back! They’re hitting the ring, and Mateo’s going after THEM now!!

McGinnis: That belt is a lethal weapon in Erik Mateo’s hands! OH MAN, he just blasted another security guard upside the head! DO SOMETHING, TERRY!!

Anderson: What, are you CRAZY?!

Creed: Wait a minute... KERRY KUROYAMA is recovered in the corner!! He’s finally woken up, and notices his two shots on the apron nearby!

McGinnis: Looks like SOMEBODY still remembers that this Drunken Brawl is a match! Kuroyama bends over and grabs his glasses... nearly FALLS OVER in the process, but he keeps ahold of the ropes for balance!

Creed: Meanwhile, Erik Mateo has just cleared the LAST of IWF security guards from the ring! Even a WHOLE TEAM of SECURITY GUARDS can’t subdue that raging drunk right now! Tony Daniels is lying in the corner, holding his head in pain... which leaves only TERRY for him to direct his wrath!

McGinnis: Get out of that ring, Terry!

Anderson: Hang on... ERIK!! Buddy, come on! You wouldn’t hit your old buddy “The Idol” wouldja?

SFX: *BAM!!*

Anderson: OOF!!

Creed: TERRY!! Folks, Terry Anderson just got PASTED with that Las Vegas Title!

McGinnis: Hey, I warned him!


Creed: Erik Mateo’s DRUNKEN RAMPAGE has just cleared everybody from the ring!

McGinnis: Not EVERYBODY! Kerry Kuroyama is STILL on his feet, and he just put down his next two shots! Somebody... RING THE BELL!! BRING ON ROUND SIX!!


Creed: There’s the bell for round six, and Mateo turns his attention back to Kuroyama! Kerry twirls around...


Crowd: *POP!!*


McGinnis: Mateo nearly got lifted a FOOT off the mat from that punch! He is OUT like CLAY AIKEN!!

Creed: Tony Daniels is back up, and now he BEGINS THE TEN COUNT!!

Daniels: ONE!!



Creed: This COULD BE IT!!

McGinnis: I sure hope so, because if Erik Mateo gets back to his feet, somebody better call the NATIONAL GUARD!!

Daniels: FOUR!!



Anderson: UGH... what just happened?

Creed: Welcome back, Terry! In case you missed it, you just got KNOCKED OUT!!

McGinnis: But you’re not the only one!




Daniels: NINE!!


Creed: IT’S OVER!!

Anderson: NOOOOOOO!!!


(CUE UP: “Revolve” by the Melvins. Immediately after a wounded Tony Daniels raises Kerry’s arm in victory, Kuroyama falls like a fallen oak face-first onto the mat and blacks out.)

Bell: Here is your winner, by knock out...


Creed: What a glorious victory for the young Pacific Blitzkrieg, Kerry Kuroyama, overcoming the odds and defeating the favored Erik Mateo in a Drunken Brawl!

McGinnis: I’m sure he’ll bask in the glory once he wakes up.

Creed: EMTs are on their way down to the ring. Hopefully, these men aren’t suffering from alcohol poisoning... although I’m certain both knew the risks when they agreed to this match. One has to wonder where the young wrestling prodigy Kuroyama will go after this hard-fought win.

McGinnis: Uh... where did Terry go?

(CUT TO: The commentary booth, as a red-faced Terry “The Idol” Anderson returns to his post.)

Creed: Welcome back, Terry... you sure got up here in a hurry.

Anderson: Oh whatever... that kid just got LUCKY! I don’t know what you guys saw up there, but I was down here the entire time, and Erik Mateo OWNED this match from beginning to end! What just happened there was a FLUKE!

Creed: That may be... but in the end, Erik Mateo’s own drunken rage, which has long touted as his greatest strength, proved to be his downfall when he just got a bit TOO drunk for anybody to handle! Kuroyama found the perfect opportunity to put him down and went for it.

Anderson: Bah... Erik is STILL the only champ I recognize in this federation! One lucky shot doesn’t change that one bit!

McGinnis: Of course... you probably have other things to worry about, since you lied to Chairman Cho’s assistant about the contents of your Idol Juice... not to mention committing a felony.

Anderson: The hell you talking about?

McGinnis: Soliciting to a minor...?

Anderson: Hey man, she told me she was THIRTY!

Creed: ...WHAT?!

Anderson: OH WAIT... you were talking about that whole thing down there. Forget what I just said.

Creed: I try to do that every day, but every time you open my mouth, so say something so flabbergasting, it haunts me for years. HAUNTS me, Terry!

Anderson: Christ on sale, A-C! Take your Midol and CHILLAX already...

Creed: Ugh... let’s just get on with the show. Next up folks; the match Seattle has been waiting for! Derrick "ADD" Allen vs. "Sub Pop" Scott Douglas! Let's go to the ... hold on; I'm getting word something is going on backstage!


Grandma Took Me Home
Jan 31, 2004
Surge; "Allen Family Meeting"/Derrick Allen vs. 'Sup Pop' Scott Douglas

(Cut to: Derrick Allen stands on the back stage side of the curtain preparing for his entrance. Awaiting his cue he rotates his right arm and then left in an attempt to loosing up and psyche himself up for his pending appearance on his first IWF Supershow.

Cut to: Courtney Allen rounding the corner and following the path of arrows marked in tape on the floor along the path to the entrance ramp. She approaches Derrick and places a soft hand on his shoulder.)

Courtney: Derrick …

(Derrick spins around on the defensive with his opposing hand raised and bawled into a fist. He drops his guard once he sees its only his sister but keeps his head on a swivel looking out for Scott Douglas.)

Courtney: Please, please… give up on the ridiculous pissing match! Nothing good can come out of this. Scott’s already been injured and you don’t even seem in your right mind! Please, don’t go out there and stir this up anymore than it already has been!

(Derrick stars at the pleading sister with no detectable emotion or consideration for her requests.

"Sail" by AWOLNATION hits and blast through the sound system just beyond the entrance curtain and the crowds muffled reaction sound to be mixed but mostly negative.)

Derrick: Mind your damn business, Courtney. Stay out of this. It's between me and him ... whatever happens ... happens!

(Derrick turns and hustles up the steel stair insert and steps through the curtain.)

Creed: Ladies and Gentlemen, maybe aside from the Emerald City Championship match itself … I feel it’s safe to say everyone has been waiting to see this next match up!

(Derrick Allen stomps his way toward the ring taunting fans and ducking half filled cups of beer and soda.)

McGinnis: Or if it will even take place.

Creed: Touché, Brian. In a matter of seconds we should find out.

(He circles the ring and heads for the time keeper and demands a microphone, as well as his seat. The timekeeper gives in to his request, stands and heads for cover after handing over the mic. Derrick snatches the chair by the back rest and flings it high into the air; where it comes crashing down in the ring with a thunderous clang. Crowd reaction dwindles and a general curiosity seems to overtake the audience as a whole.)

Creed: Well, with Allen at ring side tossing chairs haphazardly into the ring, I can’t imagine this is going to happen tonight.

(Derrick rounds the ring to the other corner and snatches up a second chair and gives it the same treatment as the first. He rolls in just behind the crash of the second steel folding chair into the first.)

Creed: This can’t be good.

(Derrick sets up both chairs in the center of the ring facing on another and takes a seat in the first, and props up his feet on the second with his ankles crossed.)

Allen: Seattle, Washington!

(Allen receives a cheap pop. This pop isn't nearly as loud or intense as others may achieve with such a cliché act, but a decent pop none the less.)

Anderson: What the hell does he have to say? Either you’re going to beat the living hell out of Douglas or you’re just getting in the way of what will be day one of Perfection’s decade long title reign!

Creed: Calm yourself, Terry.

Allen: The place of which I was born … The birthplace of GRUNGE! The re-birth of ROCK! Home to Sub Pop Records, Nirvana, Overpriced Coffee Houses’, a less I forget … Scott Douglas!

(Starting from “GRUNGE! …” and repeating throughout his opening speech; Allen receives sizeable pops for each statement culminating in a house shaking applause and affection for the mention of Scott Douglas.)

Allen: Yeah, yeah … one more time, Seattle: Scott … DOUGLAS!

(The crowd pops again.)

Allen: Really? That’s all you got for Seattle’s Favorite Son?! Come on, you can do better than that! One more time … Scott … DOUGLAS!

(The crowd pops yet again with a little more intensity then before.)

Allen: That’s … more … like it! I’m glad to see everyone so EXCITED … so exhilarated at even the slightest mention of “Sub Pop” Scott!

(Crowd pops again, this time with a little less than before.)

Allen: It really warms my heart. It really does! Mostly because Seattle, tonight your hero disappoints ... YET AGAIN! Mighty Casey has struck out! Again! And this time he NEVER even made it up to bat!

(The crowd lets loose a chorus of boos and Allen revels in their disappointment.)
Allen: Much like Scott the crimes he committed against his own, close, personal friend; Scott Douglas’ has LET YOU DOWN, Seattle! Not ONLY does he boast the worst win loss record in the IWF, save … Waltz ...

Anderson: HEY!?

Allen: ... perhaps, but now he can’t even find the HEART … No, the BALLS to sulk his sorry ass down to the ring and FACE THE PAST!

Creed: Easy, Terry.

Allen: Face it; Seattle … Scott Douglas’ is like Cobain pulling the trigger in the middle
of this ring every ... SINGLE ... night!

(A packed arena worth of boo’s follow a gasp in awe of Allen’s tactless comments.)

Allen: So …

(“Let it Go” by KHZ hits the sound system and Courtney Paz emerges from behind the curtain. With a microphone in hand she motions for the music to be turned off.)

Paz: You’ll have to excuse me momentarily, Derrick.

Derrick: By all means …

Paz: Seattle, Washington!

(Another huge albeit cheap pop occurs at the mention of the IWF’s home city.)

Paz: After seeking a second opinion amidst Art Mori’s continued mismanagement of the IWF … I’ve received a fax just moments ago stating …

(Paz pauses for effect and Allen becomes anxious.)

Derrick: Hey, spit it out!

Paz: You'll do best to watch your tone... and I’ll save my breath! Hit it!

(“Baby Takes” by Green River hits and the Key Arena crowd come unhinged. Allen jumps to his feet and kicks over the chair he was sitting in.)

Creed: Looks like we’ll get to see this match after all.

Anderson: Allen don’t fail us now!

(Scott Douglas steps out from behind the curtain and raises his clinched fists in the air and takes in the pop and admiration of his hometown. Courtney makes her usual delayed entrance just as the noise level begins to fall only to raise it back. Scott gives Paz an appreciative nod and heads for the ring.)

Creed: Ladies and Gentlemen, make no mistakes about it; this will be a knockout drag out fight.

McGinnis: Yes, Aaron. Don’t expect a clinic here. This will be a slug fest. Tony Daniel’s has quite the feat in front of him.

Anderson: All he has to do is stay out of the way and let Derrick Allen finish the job he started on Chain Reaction 7!

(Scott Douglas makes it to the ring and slides in under the bottom rope as his adopted theme fades away. Tony Daniels enters the ring and motions that the chairs have to be removed before the bell can be rung.)

Creed: Tony running into difficulty already.

(“Let It Go” by KHZ hits again. Douglas, Daniels and the Allen siblings all turn toward the entrance way.)

Anderson: What now?

(Cut to: The entrance way. Paz backs out from behind the curtain as if her exit was interrupted by Art Mori’s microphone wielding entrance. He is accompanied by a middle aged man in a golf style pull over and slacks.)

Mori: Seattle, Washington!

(Huge pop.)

Mori: I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but unfortunately in her continuing effort to undermine me; Courtney Paz has misled you, the fan, as well as endangered the career of Scott Douglas.

(The crowd reacts with some boo’s but overall a resounding sense of confusion.)

Paz: I have done no such thing, Art!

Mori: Ladies and Gentlemen, fans of the IWF …

(Large pop.)

Mori: This man is; Dr. Justin Stahl. Scott Douglas’ Neurologist and the only man truly informed and abreast to Scott’s medical condition. Dr. Stahl?

Stahl: Uh, well … Scott it is and has been for the past few weeks, my medical opinion that you should not compete here tonight or take part in any strenuous activity that could further exacerbate you condition. And after further review of your test results and records, regretfully I cannot at this time sign off on your clearance to perform.

(A symphony of boo’s and poorly organized chants flood the arena.

Cut to: Scott and the Allen family in the ring. Scott’s face shows the look of shock and rising anger. Allen pitches a fit and kicks over the other chair in the ring.

Cut to: Close up of Courtney. Outside of her brother and Scott’s view he smiles and appears to be extremely thankful.

Cut to: Entrance way.)

Anderson: No! Once again Mori steps in the way of GOOD business in the IWF! Not to mention the destruction of Moppy!

Mori: Congruent with Dr. Stahl’s statement for both your safety and keeping in mind the liability the IWF may face in the event of your injured, I cannot allow this match to take place. I apologize for everyone in attendance and everyone watching at home. But this match will not be sanctioned or take place here on Surge!

(The crowd roars again with little less intensity this time.)

Mori: Tony, shut it down.

Paz: You won’t get away with this, Art!

Mori: I’m just doing my job, Paz. I suggest you do the same and in the future; try and factor in some ethics.

(Mori turns and heads back behind the curtain. Dr. Stahl shrugs and follows suit.

Cut to: Scott Douglas snatches the microphone from Allen’s hand as the commotion has him distracted. Allen snaps back in a defensive stance.)

Scott: What the hell, Paz? I don’t know what you and Mori have going on but next time leave me and my livelihood out of …

(Derrick clocks Scott before he can complete his sentence. Courtney reacts and rushes to Derrick.)

Creed: Oh! And it looks like these two are hell bent on having it out! Just to remind everyone watching this is NOT an IWF sanctioned match up and I have to imagine security is on the way.

(Scott pulls himself to his feet as Courtney pleads with Derrick once again to stop the madness. Derrick moves her out of the way with a swipe of his arm and slings her to the ground and pursues a recovering Scott.)

Anderson: That’s right! Don’t let anyone in your way!

Creed: Terry that is his own sister!

(Derrick is met with a shot to the gut and takes a second on the chin. Dazed but not down he returns fire and the two slug it out in the center of the ring as Courtney drags herself to her feet in the corner.)

Creed: I’m getting word now that security is on the way and will put an end to this before someone gets injured, again.

Paz: Not so fast …

(Cut to: Paz still on the entrance way stopping security just as they cross the curtain. They all pile into one another as the lead man comes to a dead stop at her out stretched hand.)

Paz: Not a step further.

(The first two speak to Paz in what comes off as only a mumble through the microphone she is holding to her own lips.)

Paz: I don’t care who you got your orders from! I say it continues. If Mori thinks differently I suggest you go get him! I'm sure you can find him ruining this company somewhere in the back.

(A few of the men in black t-shirts break off from the back and head back behind the curtain. The rest wait in baited breath to carry out their orders, yet appear timid to cross Paz.

Cut to: Derrick and Scott going blow for blow in the ring, neither giving up and inch, although slowing dramatically. Both men are bleeding either from a nose or lip, and both streaming blood from the right and left eye respectively.)

Creed: The struggle of power continues in the IWF, here on Surge, as Courtney Paz, seemingly to prove a point, isn’t going to allow security to break up this mêlée!

Anderson: And that is why she should run the show! She has more balls then Mori has seen in …

Creed: I’ll stop you right there, Terry. There is no possible way that road leads to anywhere good or broadcast friendly. This honestly can’t continue much longer the tension between these two has really boiled over here tonight!

(Scott lands a heavy hand on Derrick jaw and he stumbles backwards placing his left hand on the mat to steady his self. Scott wipes the blood streaming from his busted lip and steps toward Derrick. The Key Arena crowd is going wild for the long awaiting confrontation.)

Anderson: Opossum!

Creed: The ADD Kick!

(Scott telegraphs the fake and its subsequent attack. Derrick’s follow through and Scott’s ducking reverses their position in the ring, yet facing away from one another.)

Anderson: Damn it!

McGinnis: Allen misses by mere inches!

(Both men find themselves in close proximity to the steel chairs Derrick had tossed in the ring previously. Punch drunk, and partially blinded by a mixture of blood and sweat they both grab one each…

Courtney gathers herself and can see what will unfold…

Scott and Derrick stand …

Courtney steps toward to the pair to beg for this to end…

Scott and Derrick turn …

Courtney holds her arms out stretched, crying and screaming …

Scott and Derrick swing …

The crowd falls silent.)

Creed: Oh my god! We need paramedics right now!

Anderson: Holy …

(The steel chairs collide and clap one another with Courtney Allen’s head and upper body caught in between. The force of the collision causes both men to release the legs of the chairs and collapse to the mat.

Courtney drops to the canvas as well, lifeless.)

Creed: Brian, go… go get someone now! Terry, where is your cell phone.

Anderson: Dead... What you say? Oh, it’s in my car.

Creed: This is atrocious.

(Cut to: Behind the curtain. Courtney Paz has let security pass her by and has retreated, leisurely, to the backstage area. She is met by Mori and the security personnel sent to retrieve him. Mori stops to address her, but she keeps walking by at full speed and only offers a passing comment.)

Paz: All yours...

(Mori looks dumb founded for a second and shakes it off to continue out into the arena.)

Brian McGinnis: Mori!

(Brian McGinnis sprints from a side curtain and approaches Mori with his tie swinging over his shoulder and his jacket blow back by his speed. He reaches Mori, severely out of breath.)

Brian McGinnis: Chair … Clap … EMT!

Mori: What? I don’t understand.

Brian McGinnis: Douglas, Allen, Allen … chairs… clap … bang.

(Mori still confused approaches the curtain to see for himself.

Cut to: Three bodies lay in the ring surrounded security. While Derrick and Scott are stirring, Courtney still lays still as the night.
The members of security have no clue what to do other then secure the perimeter.

Cut to: Mori on the arena side of the curtain. He witnesses the aftermath and duck back behind the curtain screaming for medics.)

Creed: Ladies and Gentlemen, I sincerely apologize for the entire IWF and staff for what has just taken place. I’m nearly speechless…

Anderson: … yeah.

(Scott crawls to his knees and wipes the blood and sweat again from his face to clear his vision and survey the damage. The look of fear and disgust comes over his face as he puts together what just happened.

He frantically crawls to Courtney and in place of an embrace; fear and panic takes over. He alternates between trying to check for signs of life and looking toward the entrance way for emergency services.

Derrick pulls himself to his feet with the use of the turnbuckle and turns around to find this solemn scene. He is paralyzed with fear and stands deadly still with his back pressed against the turn buckle.

The white shirts and blue gloves sprint down to the ring with a slightly slower man lagging behind and pushing a stretcher. They slide into the ring and go to work on Courtney Allen.)

Creed: Thank God!

(Derrick Allen, never taking his eye off of his fallen sister, exits the ring slowly amidst the commotion and walks slowly toward the curtain.

Scott Douglas is shoved away by the EMTs and sits against the ropes on the verge of tears. His father’s comments in Courtney’s voice… surely echoing in his head.

Cut to: Allen heading for the curtain as Mori emerges. The two share a look for a moment. Allen’s still of confusion; Mori’s of disappointment.

Cut to: A sullen Aaron Creed, a surprisingly quiet Terry Anderson, and the returning Brian McGinnis at the commentary booth.)

Creed: Folks, there isn’t much to say here. This is the product of a bad situation turned exponentially worse by a plethora of bad decisions. We've watched Scott Douglas wheeled out on a stretcher, Derrick Allen barely squeak by, and now ... Courtney.

McGinnis: It’s always sad when an outsider, if you will … a non-combatant gets in the mix of this exciting but almost always dangerous sport. My thoughts and prayers are with Courtney…

Creed: As are all of ours. As the very skilled and highly trained medical staff attends to Courtney Allen we will take a look at the events that led to tonight main event!


Grandma Took Me Home
Jan 31, 2004
Segment: Aftermath

(Cut to: Several quick scenes of Vizier ta Seti and Perfection slugging it out over their several different matches including Scott Douglas, and Erik Mateo. Scenes of Vizier ta Seti winning the Emerald City title and Perfections tantrum like antics that followed. Perfection attempting a save during the pin fall of Scott Douglas in the three way match. Perfection stomping the champ during the tag match with Mateo and Douglas.

Cut to: A less than professional photo shopped graphic of each man, champion and contender, facing one another. "Emerald City Championship Match" scrawled across the bottom of the screen.

Cut to: The commentators booth.)

Creed: Ladies and Gentlemen, as the medical team continues to secure Courtney Allen and do their all to insure her health and safety; I come to you as the bearer of bad news. We have ran out of our allotted television time this evening and will not be able to air our main event. With all the chaos and injuries suffered at the hands of our talent tonight, and the time it has taken to properly care for our IWF family; we have less than five minutes left on air.

Anderson: What?! Where the hell is Mori?! Paz?! Somebody! This cannot stand! Get that ring rat out the ring NOW!

Creed: The match will take place in the Key Arena tonight and will air on next week's Chain Reaction 9!

Anderson: Oh, never mind. As long as I see it tonight.

Creed: For the IWF, I would like to express our deepest apologies to our audience watching at home and we hope everyone will tune in for Chain Reaction to see more live IWF action as well as our championship main event!

Anderson: Oh, I'm so spoiling the ending as SOON as we go on air! The very second!

Creed: Chain Reaction 9, added bonus. Terry "The Idol" Anderson has the night off.

Anderson: Paz!?

(Fade to black. Copyright.)

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