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IWF S02E01 - "King of the Mountain" (Tacoma, WA - 2/17/13)

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Jan 1, 2000
[CUE UP: “King of the Road” by Fu Manchu. The opening guitar riff accompanies a wide shot of the city of Tacoma, with MOUNT RAINIER looming against the horizon to the east. We slowly zoom in on the mountain...]

[FADE TO: The engraved image of the mountain on the silver face of the IWF MOUNT RAINIER TITLE. The camera zooms out to reveal the belt being held in the hands of IWF Commissioner NATHAN FEAR, who stands flanked by his assistant MISS PAZ and his enforcer IVAN DALKICHEV.]

[CUT TO: “SUB POP” SCOT DOUGLAS drilling PERFECTION hard into the canvas with the Sub Pop!]

[CUT TO: JOHNNY NILES celebrating his first victory in IWF, mouthing “I’m the Best in the World!” to the audience as he pumps his arms!]

[CUT TO: LEYENDA DE OCHO spiraling through the air with a dazzling corkscrew lionsault!]

[CUT TO: PAIN GRILLE humorously being tasered by customs officials on his way to an event!]

[CUT TO: KERRY KUROYAMA driving STEPHEN WALTZ down into the mat with the Kuroyama Driver!]

[CUT TO: AARON CREED and TERRY “THE IDOL” ANDERSON soundlessly arguing back and forth while BRIAN MCGINNIS sits to the side and shakes his head as he watches the two bicker.]

[CUT TO: The IWF Emerald City Champion, PERFECTION, boosting himself up onto the second rope and proudly holding his championship belt over his head for all of the city of Seattle to see!]

[CUT TO: An epic low-angled shot of MOUNT RAINIER against a purple evening sky as the overlaid graphic bursts into view...]

The Immortal Wrestling Federation Presents...


[FADE TO: The exterior of the Tacoma Dome, lit up at night. The camera zooms in on the banner reading “IWF Presents KING OF THE MOUNTAIN” hanging over the main entrance. We are greeted by the voice of IWF himself, AARON CREED.]

AC: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the Immortal Wrestling Federation! Welcome to the premiere of Season 2! And WELCOME…to King of the Mountain!

TA: “Immortal” has to be the most ironic name in the world for the IWF.

[FADE TO: An interior shot of the arena. Though quite cavernous in size, a huge number of wrestling fans from the Seattle metropolitan area have converged to fill the dome’s lower seating decks circling the ring, which bears the updated IWF logo on the canvas along with ropes that match the green, blue, and black color scheme.]

AC: We are here at the Tacoma Dome where several hundred wrestling fans from across the Seattle Metropolitan area have gathered to witness the first event of IWF’s new era!

[CUT TO: AARON CREED, TERRY “THE IDOL” ANDERSON, and BRIAN MCGINNIS at the new ringside announce table.]

AC: I’m Aaron Creed, and with me as always are my broadcasting partners… the illustrious Terry “The Idol” Anderson…

TA: You can say that again!

AC: …and Brian McGinnis!

BM: It’s great to be here in Tacoma, Washington. This is the IWF’s first event outside of Seattle, and I’m willing to wager that Nathan Fear wants tonight to be a landmark event for the newly christened Immortal Wrestling Federation going forward.

AC: Indeed, you’re right, Brian! We’ve got major action here tonight, and it sounds like we’re going to get started right away!

[CUE UP: “Spontaneous Devotion” by Random.]


[LEYENDA DE OCHO emerges from behind the curtain to a loud ovation from the crowd. He runs down the entryway, slapping hands with as many fans as he can before sliding into the ring. He raises eight fingers to the air from atop the turnbuckle, smiling widely at the cheering arena. He motions for a microphone, which is brought up by the timekeeper.]

TA: Yeah, that’s a GREAT way to start off the show, guys. Let’s bring in Nerd Mach 5 in here and give him the stick. No wonder things are all over the place around here…

AC: Give Leyenda de Ocho credit, Terry! He’s the Number One Contender for Perfection’s Emerald City Championship, a title shot he earned at Chain Reaction 11 after the conclusion of the “Dastardly Duo’s” tag team tournament!

BM: It was clearly pronounced “Dou’s”, but you’re right, Aaron. Ocho found a way to get it done in Seattle, and he’ll look to continue his momentum here in Tacoma.

OCHO: Thank you all, thank you…

[The crowd continues cheering loudly. Ocho raises his hands up to try to quiet the crowd, his grin almost wider than the spiked Sonic the Hedgehog mask he is wearing.]

OCHO: The IWF is back…and this time, it’s here to STAY!

[Cheers from the crowd.]

OCHO: And as long as the IWF is around, I’ll be around, too!


OCHO: It’s something that my opponent for tonight doesn’t seem to understand. He doesn’t grasp what the IWF is all about. You see, this – this, is a special place. It’s the first place that opened its doors to me nearly a year ago, it’s the place where if you’ve got the heart they’ll give you a chance. The best fans in the COUNTRY. But more importantly, the IWF… it just FEELS like home. And no matter what roads this life will take a person, he will always come back home when he’s called.

TA: Words cannot express how much I want to gag right now.

AC: Would you be quiet! He’s having a moment!

OCHO: I love this place. I want to give everything I can to you fans, and I really mean it. You’re the reason we do what we do here in the ring, you’re the reason that I will ALWAYS be there for the IWF – you’re the reason that no matter what happens in that ring, we can all hold our heads high, knowing that we’ve got you supporting us. Thank you all, sincerely.

[The crowd loudly applauds Ocho as Anderson makes over-the-top gagging noises.]

OCHO: There’s only one thing I regret, and it’s not your fault at all. One bit of business that, sadly, I may never get to finish here in the IWF…

[The lights mysteriously go out. Silence. Darkness. Suddenly, spotlights illuminate the arena with a mixture of whites and greenish hues, buzzing around the arena and the stage before focusing on the entrance.]

[CUE UP: “What’s Up People?” by Maxiumum the Hormone.]


[CUT TO: OCHO standing in the centre of the ring, eyes wide and mouth gaping shock as he cannot believe what he's witnessing. The sound of the crowd grows in anticipation as they think they're about to witness what they believed to be the impossible.]

"We've always been this to feel all this pain! We've always been this to feel all this pain!"

[CUT TO: A mysterious coffin emerging from from below the stage, hissing with smoke as it rises! Greenish lights bounce off against the polished wood finish as the camera does a close-up through the haze, the casket seemingly glowing through the soft mist from below. The sound then melds into a familiar tone...]



AC: I see it but I don't believe it.

BM: What on God's green earth is happening? I thought Spooky Doom was FIRED from the IWF!

TA: Boo to you two! Here comes the Li'l Grim Reaper Thingy!

AC: Leyenda de Ocho was just about to tell us how sad it was that he never got to finish up his business with Spooky Doom but unless my eyes are playing tricks on me it looks like he's about to get JUST what he was asking for.

[Maximum the Hormone plays from the loudspeakers as SPOOKY DOOM bursts right out of the coffin. The crowd pops loudly as Doom, wearing a full length white hooded robe stands there in all his glory, pointing down to the ring at Leyenda de Ocho.]

[CUT TO: OCHO shaking his head in disbelief, mouth still gaping wide open.]

AC: Would you take a look at the face of Leyenda de Ocho? He thought tonight he'd just have to deal with Perfection in the Emerald City Championship match but he's got MUCH bigger problems.

TA: Ocho must've thought all his Christmas' come at once, Creedy, when Doom was bum-shuffled out of this joint but this... just... got real!

[CUT TO: Doom rocks out with the fans as he heads towards the ring, slapping hands.]

BM: I never thought I'd lay my eyes on a scene like this ever again. I never thought I'd see Spooky Doom walking down the aisle toward and IWF ring but I sit here and I think I'm JUST as in shock as Leyenda de Ocho.

[A running burst allows the Spooky Doom to slip underneath the bottom ropes, rising to his knees with a double devil horn pose right in front of Ocho, who still shakes his head and refuses to believe what he sees right before his very eyes. Doom turns his back on Ocho, who sees this as a safe-zone and turns to the commentary table to see the reactions of the commentary team.]

AC: Leyenda de Ocho is ACTUALLY looking to us to see if this is all some sort of sick, twisted, crazy dream. DOOM CHARGING!

[From behind, Spooky charges forward and drives a knee into the base of Ocho's spine. Leyenda drops to his knees, clutching his back, yowling in pain as Doom steps back and strikes with a stiff kick into the back of Ocho's head.]


AC: Did you HEAR that shot to the back of Ocho's head?

TA: Sounds like Spooky just knocked some sense into Ocho.

BM: I have NO IDEA what the Hell is going on here.

[With Ocho down, Spooky stomps away on him viciously. Raining boots down before snatching the microphone up from the ground. He drags Ocho to the center of the ring by the arm before dropping down onto his face with the point of his elbow. Ocho barely moves.]

AC: Spooky is about to let us all know his intent.

TA: Because that beat down was SOOOO vague.

[He raises the mic to his lips, staring down at Ocho before looking up at the fans. He tosses the hood back to reveal the full Doom mask before wrenching the mask off his face, revealing another.]

[A purple mask.]

[With a blazing piece of toast on the forehead.]

[pain GRILLE!]



BM: Ocho NEVER even saw that coming.

AC: Who could have? Who could have predicted this?


GRILLE: Immortal Wrestling Federation. I - AM - PAIN - GRILLE!

[The fans boo loudly as the robed PAIN GRILLE stands over the top of OCHO, who still hasn't come to his senses.]

GRILLE: And zis sorry sack of meat standing beneath my boot’s ‘eel is Leyenda de Ocho. Zee most contrived piece of pop iconoclasm I ‘ave ever ‘ad zee displeasure of seeing step inside of zee ring.

[And the hate rains down from the fans as Ocho begins to stir. GRILLE leans over him and drives the microphone clean into his face, laying him out again so that he might continue over the top of him.]

GRILLE: I ‘ave been in zis industry for over TEN – YEARS! And I bet zat only a ‘andful of you American pigs ‘ave ‘eard of zee name pain GRILLE. Much like Spooky Doom, whose contract was torn to shreds by zis company for ‘is management’s poor attitude, I myself ‘ave been ‘eld down by (fingers quotes) “ZEE MAN!”

[He nods his head in testament to his own words as he begins to pull the robe off. Some movement begins in the crowd, distracting some of the fans as GRILLE continues to speak.]

GRILLE: Zey all said I ‘ave a bad attitude. Zat I ‘ave issues avec my temper. Zey all say zat I am my own worst enemy but I’ll tell you now... (points down at OCHO) ...I’ll tell YOU now... I’m not my own worst enemy for I – AM – YOURS!


GRILLE: Zis industry wants to see zese t-shirt selling catchphrase jockeys flip around zee ring like zee trained monkey. Zey want Yes-men who kiss zee asses of zeir superiors.

[Clucks his tongue and waggles his finger toward the camera.]

[CUT TO: A man wearing a what appears to be a mask like a tomato and a strange attire themed by salad stepping over the guardrail.]

[CUT TO: A massive behemoth of a man whose mask resembles a packet of McDonald’s fries stepping over the barriers.]

[CUT TO: A man leaping over the crowd barrier wearing a white mask covered in lipstick kisses.]

[CUT TO: a smaller man leaping over the barrier behind the announce table before leaping up onto the table.]

AC: Who the Hell are these guys?

TA: If you knew ANYTHING about pain GRILLE you’d know that this is his French Foreign Legion and this little monkey costumed character on our announce table is Rendre Singe.

GRILLE: What zese Corporate powers zat be neglect to understand, people, is zat you cannot just turn your back on pain GRILLE like ‘e does not exist. No, monsieur. Zat would be zee biggest mistake of your lives. And finally, it all reaches climax for pain GRILLE when zee IWF send me off to do zee spoof comedic scene at zee airport where I am supposed to be tasered by some Canadian mongoloid for YOUR (points at the fans) entertainment.

[Holds his arms out from his sides as the four intruders enter the ring around him.]



[Ocho lifts his head up to receive a stomp from GRILLE. GRILLE then steps over him and lets the other four members of the French Foreign Legion pull Ocho to his feet. Ocho’s head lolls around.]



[GRILLE puts a hand under Ocho’s chin and holds up his face for all to see.]

GRILLE: Zis is zee American poster boy for professional wrestling. Zis is zee image zey want us to portray in zis industry. Zey want us all to fall in line and be zee ‘holesome American ‘ero so zat you ignorant pigs can cheer loudly and buy enough t-shirts to put zee Executive’s grandchildren through college. Put ZIS on a t-shirt... (flips the bird toward the back) Screw you and zee ‘orse you rode in on!

[The fans boo loudly as GRILLE drops Ocho’s head. He climbs up the turnbuckle, still on the stick.]

GRILLE: So, Immortal Wrestling Federation, I ‘ave come ‘ere avec my bretheren to show you zat zere is ONLY one thing zat you need to be zee best in zis industry. You can stick your behavioural meetings up your ass. You can tear your Codes of Conduct into little tiny pieces and snort zem up your Capitalist pig snouts. I will come out ‘ere EVERY – FUCKING – NIGHT and pull zee wings off zis fly time and time again until zis promotion recognises zat I am NOT going away.

[Waggles a finger at the camera. Clucks his tongue.]

GRILLE: I am zee Best Thing Since Sliced Bread! And I will destroy Leyenda de Ocho until zee Immortal Wrestling Federation see fit to offer zis video game wonderboy as sacrifice to my altar.

[And on those words he drops the microphone from his hands to ringside. The large man wearing the mask covered in kisses drives Ocho into the canvas with a Uranage suplex.]

AC: The man with the kisses on his head...

TA: bAISERS, Creedy. That’s bAISERS. The massive monstrous one with the fries for a face is fRiTtUrEs and the other guy who looks like a tossed salad is Dressage.

AC: Well then, bAISERS driving Leyenda de Ocho into the canvas with that Uran--OH MY GOD!


[pain GRILLE leaps from the top rope landing a double foot stomp onto the sternum of Leyenda de Ocho to the fans hatred. The French Foreign Legion all rise a defiant fist into the air as GRILLE spits on the fallen Ocho and they begin to make their way out of the ring.]


BM: pain GRILLE comes out here, pretending to by Spooky Doom, blindsiding the man who is facing Perfection tonight for the Emerald City Championship and I DO NOT KNOW if Ocho will be able to compete this evening.

AC: GRILLE delivered those nasty kicks and now this Hellacious double-foot stomp RIGHT on the sternum of the 8-Bit Warrior. Can he overcome this?

[CUT TO: French Foreign Legion heading up the ramp, with GRILLE walking backwards as he stares down at the fallen Ocho.]

[CUT TO: Ocho rolling around on the canvas clutching his ribs and sucking wind erratically.]

AC: In any case, the French Foreign Legion, led by pain GRILLE, have made a statement here at the onset of King of the Mountain! Let’s not forget, we’ll see him later in tonight’s “King of the Mountain” main event to determine the federation’s first Mount Rainier Champion!

BM: And considering his actions and the statements he just made, I wouldn’t be surprised if there was a huge target on pain GRILLE’s back!

[CUT TO: Aaron, Terry, and Brian at the commentary table.]

AC: We’ll keep you updated on Leyenda de Ocho’s status... hopefully, the damage isn’t too serious, and he’ll still be able to compete in the Emerald City Title contest.

TA: Well, once my man Perfection inevitably puts his nerdy ass flat on the canvas, at least he’ll have an excuse to lean on!

AC: Speaking of Perfection... we’re getting reports that the Emerald City Champion has just entered the Tacoma! Our camera crew is standing by...

[FADE TO: The entrance area as the camera catches PERFECTION entering the security area with roughly eight to ten women behind him. Security stops him but Perfection continues to push through his title on his shoulder bright and shined.]

SECURITY: Sir, unfortunately I cannot allow you to enter with all these people.

PERFECTION: What’s your name?


PERFECTION: You're fired.

SECURITY: I don’t even work for you…

[The camera follows Perfection as he continues down the hall with his entourage of women. Only to be stopped again this time by MISS PAZ.]

PAZ: You! You are late! You were supposed to check in with Fear an hour ago! Remember? And who the hell are all these people!?

[He pushes his finger onto her lips to shut her up.]

PERFECTION: We really have to stop meeting like this Courtney. In the middle of the hall? How unprofessional!

[She tries to talk but he only turns his finger into a hand covering her mouth.]

PERFECTION: No, shut your mouth! My turn to talk! First… you restructure my pay….

[He pushes Paz back by his hand making her walk backwards down the corridor, a nervous look entering her eyes.]

PERFECTION: Then you let that turn coat Leyenda de Ocho come back after he runs off for any ol’ paycheck?!

[Perfection pushes her roughly into a near wall. Getting uncomfortably close to Paz he adjusts his belt and tie smiling a bit before motioning to his entourage to go into his locker room.]

PERFECTION: And then you tell me... ME! The man who has to defend his title on the first night of your last miserable revival... that I can’t have a flood of beautiful women gaze upon the next great wonder of the world?! You drag on because of me! I make IWF able to succeed, not some ring-rat.

[Perfection turns around to go into his locker room as Paz turns red in anger.]

PAZ: That’s enough!

[She throws her portfolio at his back. Perfection stops turning the handle to his locker room and begins turning around slowly.]

PAZ: I am sick of you and your attitude! You may be the champion, but not much longer if I have anything to do with it! You carry yourself around here like a king, like you own me or this company! You better pull your head out from the clouds! You think you can talk down to me? Sexually harass me? Intimidate me? You dead are wrong James!

[Perfection moves in quickly reaching up to grab Paz by the throat before a loud voice is heard from the other end of the corridor.]


[The camera turns quickly to get a shot of IWF Commissioner NATHAN FEAR with IVAN DALKICHEV power-walking to Perfection. He quickly drops his hand then turns to address Fear eying him up and down only to puff his chest out a little. Dalkichev positioning himself behind Perfection.]

FEAR: I know you weren’t about to physically assault Miss Paz here, now were you?

PERFECTION: Of course not... just catching up.

FEAR: Mmmhmm. I hope you have been training while we’ve been off, Perfection, I hear Leyenda de Ocho is a handful. Especially after the performance he gave us at Chain Reaction 11. Very impressive showing by that kid. I don’t quite remember how you did in that match, do you Miss Paz?

PAZ: No sir… it’s almost like he wasn’t even there.

[Perfection snarls at Paz who mean mugs him right back.]

PERFECTION: Maybe if certain individuals paid…

[Fear cuts him off abruptly.]

FEAR: I don’t want to hear your crying, Perfection. We signed a contract that means... you.... wrestle. That or I can just strip that belt right off your (he uses bunny ears) “Perfect” waist then sue you in court.

[Fear smirks as Perfection whose face has been vacuumed of pride.]

PERFECTION: You want me to wrestle Nate? ...Huh?

[Perfection gets closer to Fear almost ready to jump. Fear chuckles which only makes Perfection back off and bump into Ivan behind him.]

PERFECTION: Okay. You want a match? You got it boss...

[He turns around and looks up at Dalkichev, side-stepping around him.]

PERFECTION: Someone get this idiot out of my way!

[The door to his locker room opens and perfection disappears inside. Paz quickly picks up her portfolio as the camera pans all three of them, Fear shaking his head and walking away with the group.]

[FADE TO: The commentary table.]

AC: Not surprisingly, the Emerald City Champion is ruffling some feathers backstage...

TA: The Commish better slow his role if he knows what’s good for this company! Without Perfection, IWF goes BELLY UP!

BM: That’s debatable...

AC: I’d have to agree with Brian on that. In any case, ladies and gentlemen, the action is about to get underway with two hometown favorites... SCOTT DOUGLAS and KERRY KUROYAMA!
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Jan 1, 2000
The Battle For Seattle (Kerry Kuroyama vs. Scott Douglas)

[FADE TO: Archived footage of KERRY KUROYAMA and SCOTT DOUGLAS competing at Chain Reaction 2, with the two trading suplexes. The footage ends with Kerry hitting the Kuroyama Driver and sealing the victory.]

AC: It seems like forever ago when these two Seattle natives clashed for the first time over a year ago in the main event of Chain Reaction Two!

TA: Believe me, forever wouldn’t be long enough. I could wait until AFTER forever before I’d care to see these two suck-jobs in the ring again...

BM: Both men have followed distinctly different paths since that first encounter. Scott Douglas became involved in his blood rivalry with “ADD” Derrick Allen, at the unfortunate expense of his girlfriend, Courtney... and Kerry Kuroyama, meanwhile, has enjoyed a string of successes over some notable opponents.

[FADE TO: The commentary table.]

AC: Ever since that match, these two men have remained as heroes in the eyes of the Seattle fanbase! And tonight, while one man’s journey here in IWF comes to an end, another man’s will begin with a new chapter!

[CUT TO: The ring, where Donald Bell stands ready to announce the competitors of the match, as a graphic overlay takes up the screen.]



[CUE UP: “Revolve” by the Melvins. The crowd POPS loud as KERRY KUROYAMA emerges from behind the curtain, pumping a fist as he strides out across the stage and scans over the crowd of cheering fans!]

DB: Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, making his way to the ring... he weighs in at two-hundred and thirty two pounds, and he hails from Seattle, Washington! Here he is, in his FINAL match in the IWF... “THE PACIFIC BLITZKRIEG”... KERRRRRYYYYYYYYY KUUURROOOOYYAAAAAMMAAAAA!!!!

AC: A tremendous ovation as always for Kerry Kuroyama, appearing before these loyal fans in his final appearance in IWF!

TA: Personally speaking, I won’t be sad to see this loser go! The only reason these people care about this chump is because he grew up in the next town over... but what does he do the minute Japan starts flashing him the dollar signs? He packs his bags and BAILS!

AC: Well regardless of how you may see it, I’m sure there are many of us that see it as a real opportunity for this young man to move up to the next level in his professional wrestling career! In any case, Kerry Kuroyama, looking pumped and confident as he enters the ring, will be wanting to walk out on an up note with a win here!

[CUE UP: “Baby Takes” by Green River. The crowd POPS hard once again SCOTT DOUGLAS confidently walks out past the curtain and down the rampway, slapping hands with eager fans reaching over the steel barricade.]

DB: And his opponent... from Seattle, Washington, and weighing in at two-hundred and twenty six pounds. Making his return to the Immortal Wrestling Federation, PLEASE WELCOME... “SUB POP”... SCOOOOOOOOOOOTT DOOOOOUUUUGGLLAAAAASSSS!!!!

AC: “Sub Pop” Scott Douglas is BACK in the IWF! Listen to these fans! That reaction is almost equal to the one received by Kuroyama!

TA: Professional wrestling fans are like the goldfish of the ocean that is the human race. They can’t even make up their minds on who to cheer for...

AC: On the contrary, I think everybody is looking forward on this long anticipated rematch between the federation’s two most prolific hometown stars! “Sub Pop” Scott Douglas has had a career begrudged by personal turmoil... but through it all, this young man continues to persevere and prevail!

[Douglas enters the ring and pumps up to a few turnbuckles, while Kuroyama watches him intently. As referee Tony Daniels makes his final checks, the two men boldly stare each other down, getting the crowd charged! A moment later, he cues for the bell.]


AC: One man’s time ends as another’s begins anew in this showdown... THE BATTLE OF SEATTLE has BEGUN!!

[Kuroyama and Douglas collide right into a lock-up, the fans roaring as they dance around the ring in a struggle of power. Kerry finally shoots in and catches the arm, attempting to go behind for a hammerlock, but Scott quickly reverses and goes behind Kuroyama himself. With the waistlock in place, he attempts to put Kerry to the canvas with a side suplex, but Douglas ends up going there himself after a quick hiptoss counter. Douglas quickly gets back to his knees as Kuroyama quickly bears down on him, dropping “the Pacific Blitzkrieg” with a Fireman’s Carry before he can make a move.]

AC: Back and forth these two go in the opening moments of the match, with Douglas trying to slow the pace now as he slaps the headlock onto Kuroyama! But Kerry is already forcing himself back up!

BM: It will be interesting to see how either of these men try to dictate the pace of this match! The two are almost identical physical specimens... so what this all comes down to is skill and mindset!

AC: Kuroyama back on his feet, and Douglas backs up into the ropes... Kerry pushes him off, and here’s Scott in motion! Off the rebound... Kuroyama with a BACK-BODY DROP -- NO!! Douglas REVERSES IT with the SUNSET FLIP, rolling Kerry’s shoulders to the mat!



And Kuroyama powers out, rolling forward and trapping Scott Douglas to the mat with a grounded mount! Kerry Kuroyama, POUNDING AWAY at the face of “Sub Pop!”

[The crowd cheers loud as Kerry lands some direct shots from a position where Douglas is only able to defend himself with a forearm, but Tony Daniels quickly interjects over the use of closed fists. Kuroyama abides his request to let Douglas up, stepping back and giving his opponent ample time to recover. Scott needs only a little as he rolls back to his feet and charges straight to Kuroyama.]

AC: Douglas with a RUNNING TACKLE, and he takes Kerry Kuroyama right to the mat! And there’s a couple FOREARMS to the face to return the favor!

TA: What was that idiot thinking?! If you’re going to sock a man in the face with a closed fist, at least wait until the referee gives you until the count of four! What sort of crap are they teaching in that Dojo of his?

BM: Apparently, not the variety of wrestling you’re accustomed to, Terry...

[Stunned by the forearm strikes, Kerry is unable to react as Scott transitions over to his side and takes ahold of his wrist. Kuroyama fights him off by locking his arms together, but Douglas compensates by using his legs to break Kerry’s grasp and locking him into a crucifix armbar. The crowd CHEERS! Douglas immediately rolls over to apply more leverage, and Kuroyama GROANS in pain!]

AC: Armbar locked in by “Sub Pop” Scott Douglas, going for the submission attempt! Kerry trying to fight back the pain by clenching his jaws and eyes shut!

BM: I can’t help but notice that that’s the same shoulder that Kuroyama injured last year, which cost him time out of the ring!

AC: That is something to take note of! Scott Douglas has that crucifix armbar locked in TIGHT, and with enough time and pressure, he could just pop the shoulder right out of the socket and blow that limb once more!

TA: And POOF! There goes his big contact with his big Asian money!

AC: Kuroyama’s looking around for a way out of this predicament! He doesn’t want to lose, but no doubt, he doesn’t want that arm injured again!

[Kuroyama glances over to the ropes to see that they’re a few feet away. But instead of using his free arm to reach out and inch his way over, he hooks it back into Scott Douglas’ leg scissor around the knee, and plants both of his feet. Then, pushing off with his feet, Kuroyama rolls through to get off his back and breaks out of the hold.]

AC: WHAT A REVERSAL! Kuroyama breaks free of the arm bar, and traps Douglas leg before he can get clear! Kerry bridging over... locks in the ESS-TEE-EFF!!

BM: Kuroyama decided he’d rather wrestle his way out of it than go for the rope break! Have to say, I admire that sort of spirit... and now Scott Douglas finds himself in a similar predicament!

[The crowd cheers wildly in the midst of the submission battle. The same as his opponent, Scott Douglas opts to break free from the hold on his own power rather than make a stab for the ropes. He reaches up with his hands and pulls Kerry’s hands free to break out of the chinlock. Kuroyama immediately turns over and tries to keep on top of Douglas with a waistlock while Scott pushes himself to his feet.]

AC: Douglas is OUT of that S-T-F and back on his feet, but Kerry Kuroyama looks to put him right back to the canvas with the GUTWRENCH SUPLEX -- but Scott hooks the leg and blocks it! Douglas with an ELBOW to the ribs... and ANOTHER! Neither of these guys knows when to quit!

TA: Except Kerry, of course...

AC: Kuroyama gets the wind knocked out of him after a third elbow to the mid-section... and there goes Douglas into the ropes! Kerry in motion after him!

[As Douglas hits the ropes, Kuroyama recovers and bursts after him with a clothesline -- but Scott DUCKS as he heads the other way. Kerry’s momentum takes him into the ropes as well and both men come sprinting across the ring on a collision course. Kuroyama suddenly lunges into the air with a KNEE STRIKE!]

AC: Kuroyama GOING FOR THE KNEE TO KNOCK OUT -- NO!! Scott Douglas BLOCKS IT IN HIS ARMS!! Kerry’s on a single leg... and Douglas pulls him into the facelock!

Crowd: *POP!!*

BM: The leg is in the perfect position! He’s going for THE SUB POP DROP!!!

AC: But Kerry Kuroyama, in desperation, is trying to fight his way out of it!

[Kerry struggles in Scott’s clutch to buy himself a moment, and the hesitation is all he needs to drop his weight back and roll Douglas over his body and onto the mat with a deft overhead toss counter. Both men scramble to their feet, with Douglas roaring back up with his forearm aimed at Kuroyama’s face -- but Kerry slips to the side!]

AC: Kuroyama counters the Sub Pop... and Scott Douglas misses on the forearm! Turning around... and Kuroyama lands the mule kick -- and a BACK-HANDED CHOP -- and IMMEDIATELY followed by a Palm Strike! Scott Douglas goes to the MAT after a combination of three quick strikes by “the Pacific Blitzkrieg!”

TA: Three hits! Far short of what he needs to reach an Ultra EX Combo!

BM: You’re beginning to sound like Leyenda de Ocho now...


AC: Kuroyama going for the pin here!



KICKOUT by Scott Douglas! The Battle for Seattle continues!

[After the kickout, Kuroyama gets Douglas back to his feet and puts him in motion with an Irish Whip to the corner. Douglas connects hard, the pain etched on his face as he stumbles off of the turnbuckle... and Kerry quickly slips in behind him with a rear waistlock. Refusing to die, Scott tries to fight him off with a few elbows over his shoulder, but Kerry digs deep to lift him off his feet.]

AC: Douglas now trying to fight Kuroyama off... but “the Pacific Blitzkrieg” HAMMERS HIM to the canvas with the German Suplex!

BM: Kerry Kuroyama can sense that he’s pulling ahead in this contest! If he can keep up this kind of dominance, he’ll eventually wear “Sub Pop” Scott Douglas down to a point where he can’t possibly recover!

AC: He’s still gotta put those shoulders down for the three count! Kuroyama getting a weakened Douglas back to his feet... hooking the arms now! OH WOW, what a SIT-OUT TIGER POWERBOMB!! That should be it, as Kuroyama hooks the legs for the pin!



THREE -- NO!! Douglas kicks out!

TA: Jeez, would you guys FINISH this already?! I’m getting bored! These people paid to see PERFECTION!

[Kuroyama grits his teeth as he gets back to his feet and stoops down to get Douglas back to his feet. Scott fights back with a few shots to the gut to get Kerry doubled over. Looking for some momentum, Douglas hits the ropes and comes back at the stunned Kuroyama looking for a running clothesline, but Kerry, determined to finish things, counters with a boot to the gut, and draws him back in.]

AC: Scott Douglas still trying to make a comeback, but Kerry Kuroyama won’t give him a moment! Here’s Kuroyama, putting on the head-scissor and hooking the legs after the shot to the gut... OH MY GOD, HE LIFTS DOUGLAS UP -- GOOD GOD, WHAT A CRADLE PILEDRIVER!!


TA: Or as they say in the land of the Rising Sun... “KRAY-DORU PAIRU-DRAIBAH!!”

BM: That move put Scott Douglas straight into the mat directly onto his head! If that doesn’t do the trick, I don’t know what will!

AC: Here’s Kuroyama, for the cover!






[The crowd CHEERS LOUDLY as Scott Douglas continues the fight, and Kuroyama slaps the mat, showing mounting frustration. Determined to finish things for good, he takes Scott by the head and reels him back up to his feet, hooking the arm through the legs while getting in position from behind...]

AC: Kuroyama going for the pump-handle... THIS COULD BE IT!! He’s going for the KUROYAMA DRIVER!! But Scott Douglas is FIGHTING with everything he’s got! But it’s not enough, as Kerry PULLS DOUGLAS ONTO HIS SHOULDER!!

BM: Douglas is STILL FIGHTING... trying to get Kuroyama off balance!

AC: Kuroyama stumbling... almost runs back into the ropes, but he steadies himself! Douglas has nowhere to go! YES!! KUROYAMA DRIVER!! KERRY NAILS HIM WITH THE KUROYAMA DRIVER!! HOOKS THE LEG FOR THE PIN!!




Crowd: *GASP!!*


BM: NO!! Douglas got his FOOT ON THE BOTTOM ROPE, and referee Tony Daniels saw it right as he was bringing his hand down for the three count!

AC: Now he’s waving off the official! This match is STILL UNDERWAY!!

TA: Somebody better let that Kuroyama moron know! He thinks he won the match!

[Having heard the ref’s hand hit the canvas, Kuroyama pops to his feet and pumps his arms, assuming like many others in the crowd that the match is over. A moment later, he realizes the bell never rang, and looks to the referee as Daniels explains the foot was on the ropes. Resolute in finishing things, he goes back to Douglas, who is desperately trying to pull himself back to his feet...]

AC: Kuroyama going in for the kill as Scott Douglas tries to pull himself back up... KICK TO THE GUT by Douglas! Kerry is stunned! Douglas reels him in... HOOKS THE LEG... LIFTS HIM UP -- IT’S THE SUP POP!! HE NAILS IT!!






BM: Kuroyama kicks out a half a second too late!


[CUE UP: “Baby Takes” by Green River. Douglas rolls off of Kuroyama as “the Pacific Blitzkrieg” recovers and looks shocked at what just occurred. Though lying hurt on the mat, Douglas heroically pumps an arm to acknowledge the cheering Tacoma crowd. Tony Daniels assists him to his feet to raise his arm in victory.]

DB: Ladies and gentlemen, the winner of the match...


AC: There you have it, fans! “Sub Pop” Scott Douglas makes a triumphant return to the Immortal Wrestling Federation, scoring a victory over Kerry Kuroyama in the Battle of Seattle, and returning the favor from their first encounter!

BM: It was a strange turn of events! Kerry Kuroyama had been established as a contender with a formidable amount of resilience... but tonight, he faced a new level of resilience that he wasn’t prepared for! And much in the same way he pulled through against overwhelming odds in the past, such was his downfall in this case, as “Sub Pop” Scott Douglas, showing a level of fortitude the likes of which few can match without anything less than championship gold on the line!

AC: What a match between these two! The fans clearly were not disappointed! But it’s not over yet, as Kerry Kuroyama requests a microphone!

TA: Oh geez... here comes the farewell speech!

[Kerry is handed a microphone and immediately begins speaking, waving a hand over his head.]

KUROYAMA: Hang on... can we cut the music for just sec? Please?

[The music quickly fades out, and Kerry turns to Scott Douglas, who has his attention.]

KUROYAMA: Scott, forgive me for interrupting the celebration. But there’s just a few things I wanted to say real quick... and I wanted to say it before I left this ring for the final time.

[Scott nods and gives Kerry the floor, as “the Pacific Blitzkrieg” turns to the cameras.]

KUROYAMA: As many of you know, this was my last match in IWF. Obviously, it didn’t quite end the way I hoped it would, but... I couldn’t have been beaten by a better man than the one standing right here in the ring with me.

TA: The referee?!

AC: He’s talking about Douglas, you moron!

KUROYAMA: Tonight belongs to this man... but for me? Tomorrow, I’ll pack my bags, drive over to the Sea-Tac Airport, and hop on a flight across the Pacific Ocean, where I’ll be for the next year or so, if all goes well. But I’ll be honest... a part of me doesn’t want to go. A part of me wants to stick right here in my home.

[The crowd cheers excitedly.]

KUROYAMA: Because while a part of me is excited for my future path and the challenges that await me... it still doesn’t feel right to leave all of you behind. I know I’m following a strong family tradition by wrestling over there, but this city... this federation... and especially the Dojo... all of it almost feels like I have another family right here with the IWF.

[The crowd cheers again.]

KUROYAMA: But after tonight, I can rest easy... and you know why? Because I know my leaving won’t hurt this company. The Immortal Wrestling Federation has some amazing athletes in that locker room. Guys like JOHNNY NILES... and LEYENDA DE OCHO... and this man right here, “SUB POP” SCOTT DOUGLAS!

[The crowd pops hard again as Kerry motions to Douglas, respectfully nodding his head.]

KUROYAMA: THESE are the men who will keep fighting the good fight, and defining the Pacific Northwest as the new epicenter of professional wrestling! And whatever may come of me on the other side of the world, I will always be proud to know that at one time in my career, it all started right here, sharing the ring with these men... these IMMORTALS of professional wrestling!


[Kerry’s eyes are beginning to mist over, but he keeps his composure.]

KUROYAMA: I want to thank each and every one of you for being here tonight... and for being with us every step of the way these past few years. I want to thank you for sticking around, looking forward to the years that will come. Thank you

[Kerry redirects his attention back to Douglas.]

KUROYAMA: It’s all on you now, Scott. Don’t let me down.

[Kuroyama lowers the mic as the two exchange a respectful handshake followed by a quick bro-hug. The fans pop, with some trying to start a “One-More-Match!” chant.

TA: Well, now that THAT’S all over, he’s Japan’s problem now! So long and good riddance, Kerry Kuroyama!

BM: A man like Kerry Kuroyama’s, at his age, with a lot of potential to be a top star in this sport in the near future, must inevitably broaden his horizons if he hopes to take his game to that next level.

AC: And who knows... Kerry Kuroyama may even make a RETURN after his contract in OJPW expires! But for now, “SUB POP” SCOTT DOUGLAS is the man living in the present of the Immortal Wrestling Federation tonight... and with a win here tonight over his old hometown rival Kerry Kuroyama, no doubt he’ll be looking to broaden his own horizons within the company!

[Kerry takes Douglas by the wrist a pumps his arms into the air, both men standing side by side in a perfect photo-op moment.]

[CUT TO: The commentary table, where Terry Anderson is visibly shaking his head in disgust.]

TA: Ugh... have we had enough of the gooey emotional crap? I want to get to some actual WRESTLING!

AC: Well fans, the next match scheduled for this evening is supposed to be the contest for the Emerald City Championship, but we’re still in doubt on the condition of the challenger, LEYENDA DE OCHO! Let’s check backstage with our own Gail Martin to learn more on his condition!


Jan 1, 2000
Emerald City Title Contest (Perfection (C) vs. Leyenda de Ocho)

[FADE TO: In the backstage area of the Tacoma Dome. Gail Martin motions for the cameraman to follow her quietly as she makes her way through the halls.]

GM: Ladies and gentlemen, I’m on my way to the trainer’s room to check up on the Number One Contender for the Emerald City Championship, Leyenda de Ocho. The locker room has been very tense after pain GRILLE and the rest of the French Foreign Legion sent their message to the IWF, beating Ocho down in attack that can only be described as ‘gruesome’. I’m not sure if he’s going to be able to compete tonight – wait… do you hear that?

[Gail approaches a door with a paper sign reading “TRAINER’S ROOM” emblazoned with the new IWF logo taped on the outside. The door is partially open and the camera is able to catch a shot of what appears to be Leyenda de Ocho, back to the camera, sitting gingerly with his hands bracing his body on the trainer’s table. A massive bruise runs down his left ribcage, and several additional welts appear to be forming across his back. His right shoulder has been taped up. The blue spikes of his Sonic mask stick up from the slouched shoulders of Ocho, who appears to be alone in the room, talking to himself, his voice more tired and beat down than ever.]

OCHO: Not like this… I can’t go on like this. It’s too much… too much… There’s no save stage here. No more time to rest... where is it...? Did I bring it with me?

[Ocho reaches to the ground and pulls up a black duffel bag emblazoned with an NES controller. Digging around for a few moments while talking to himself, he pauses and pulls out a few items that the camera cannot glimpse from this angle.]

OCHO: Yes… YES! My Limit Break… my one shot… maybe I can pull this off after all…

[Ocho gingerly raises from the bench and relocates to another part of the room that the camera cannot see. Ruffling sounds, a few moments pass. Gail turns to the camera in hushed tones]

GM: Should we go in? It sounds like he might be changing clothes…I don’t want to barge in. Maybe I’ll knock.

[Martin reaches her hand up to knock at the door. Faintly rapping on the door once, the door opens briskly, taking Gail aback for a moment. Ocho emerges, still bearing the wounds of his earlier attack, though standing as tall as his 5’8” frame allows. His mask and tights are nearly identical to his Sonic the Hedgehog gear, with one key difference – rather than royal blue, he is dressed in shimmering gold.]

GM: Ocho! I’m sorry to bother you, but I couldn’t help overhearing you in there. How are you feeling? Are you going to be able to compete against Perfection?

[Ocho turns to Gail with a glint in his eye and a wry grin.]

OCHO: Are you familiar with the concept of the Limit Break, Miss Martin? When wave after wave of brutality and pain grates at the hero, it builds something more – something deeper. A second wind. A final, overwhelming force more powerful than his original form.

GM: Is that what this is? Are you sure this is wise?

OCHO: You don’t get to be Super Sonic without sacrifice, Miss Martin. Maybe it’s just what I needed to give me the power to take on Perfection. Maybe…it’s just what I needed to become the new Emerald City Champion.

[Ocho makes his way to the ring as a half-bewildered, half-excited Gail Martin turns to the camera.]

GM: We’ve heard from the challenger, Aaron. It seems like he’s intent on competing – and Leyenda de Ocho believes that the French Foreign Legion have tapped into something hidden deep within. This HAS to be one of the strangest reactions I’ve ever seen to a situation like this… but I have to say, I think if I were Perfection, I wouldn’t count on an easy win just yet! Back to you!

[FADE TO: The commentary table, where Terry Anderson sits agape in absolute shock.]

TA: I don’t believe it! How can that Eight-Bit Egghead still be standing! pain GRILLE and the French Foreign Legion absolutely OBLITERATED him! He should be out of continues!

AC: You heard it yourself, Terry! The French Foreign Legion have brought Leyenda de Ocho to his absolute LIMIT BREAK!

[CUT TO: The ring, where Donald Bell stands ready to make the announcements, and the graphical overlay takes up the screen, along with an image of the IWF EMERALD CITY CHAMPIONSHIP.]



AC: And here it is ladies and gentlemen! The first time in our new season that the Emerald City Champion Perfection will defend his title against Leyenda de Ocho!

BM: It wouldn't surprise me if Perfection paid pain GRILLE to attack Leyenda de Ocho.

TA: Oh screw you and your constant accusations! The man has done nothing wrong!

AC: Well one thing is for sure, Perfection has the advantage tonight.

[CUE UP: "Spontaneous Devotion" by Random as the house lights lower and random laser lights flash from the entrance way with smoke. Leyenda de Ocho pops out from the entrance way
favoring his ribs but goes on to the ring with his arms raised, the crowd exploding.]

AC: There he is the twenty-two year old luchador from Chicago! Has been hitting the circuits hard, notably wrestling for the IGC title against Phil Atkins.

TA: Who cares! Look at him he's going to get clobbered!

[Ocho enters the ring and takes to a turnbuckle getting the approval easily as the fans cheer him on. Ocho circles the ring a few times warming up.]

[CUE UP: “Perfect Gentleman” by Helloween as the crowd immediately turns to booing and jeering. A spotlight hits the entrance way as Perfection walks out with the belt around his shoulder. The crowd having none of it. He ignores them as usual, snickering and shrugging them off.]

BM: God I hate this man...

AC: You would think there was a bewitching going on here! The fans want that man’s blood!

[Perfection enters the ring staring Ocho down as he takes to the closest turnbuckle to him. He gets off quickly as a fan throws a popcorn in his direction which he dodges and returns with spit. Tony Daniels pulls him from the corner and directs both men to stand in their respective corners as Donald Bell makes the formal announcements preceding a title match.]

DB: Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is scheduled for one fall and is for the Emerald City Championship! Introducing the challenger! Hailing from Chicago, Illinois, and weighing in at one-hundred and eighty-eight pounds!

TA: Oh please, the challenger!? Really?!


[The crowd POPS LOUD as Leyenda de Ocho pumps both arms up.]

DB: And his opponent! Hailing from Hollywood California... weighing in at two-hundred twenty-two pounds! He is the reigning! Defending! Emerald City Champion... PEEEEERRRRFFEECCCCTTTIIIOOOONNN!!!!!

[The crowd BOOS LOUDLY as Perfection holds the Emerald City Title high into the air. With the announcements made, the official reaches over for the belt, but has to grab it himself out of the champion’s hands when Perfection looks reluctant to give it up.]

AC: Referee Tony Daniels telling Perfection to hand over his belt which seems to be a struggle on its own.

[Tony Daniels raises the belt over his head then hands it to Donald Bell who exits to ring.]


[Perfection stands tall smiling at Ocho that is clapping his hands getting the crowd behind him. Perfection impatient goes to tie up with Ocho who ducks under him, Perfection turns back around and attacks again only to be met with an arm drag from Ocho.]

BM: Leyenda de Ocho clearly showing his speed over the champ.

TA: He's toying with him! Letting the punk blow his steam.

[Perfection uses the ropes to quickly get up. The 8-Bit Hero beckons Perfection at him, they tie up! Perfection getting the upper hand and transitions to a hammer lock, Ocho sides through, an elbow to the gut of Perfection and another! Drop toe Hold. Ocho pops up, so does Perfection...]

AC: Standing drop kick from Ocho! Perfection goes through the ropes and to the floor and de Ocho is slow to get up from the attack on him earlier by way of pain GRILLE!

BM: Perfection is arguing with a fan as Tony Daniels is starting his count!

TA: Damn right he is arguing with her! I can read her lips from here!

AC: Perfection is back in the ring and is now taunting Ocho to tie up, we have already seen that Ocho is the better as far as chain wrestling!

[Ocho dives into Perfection only to be met with a knee to the gut! The crowd boos loudly as Perfection grabs Leyenda by the mask to the center of the ring only to slam his knee again into the chest of Ocho who slams back into the canvass.]

AC: Why can it never be a clean show of wrestling with that man!

BM: See! Someone finally gets it!

TA: He used a move to his advantage you bunch of cry babies, get over it!

[Perfection runs off the ropes and comes down with a knee to Ocho who quickly covers up in pain. Perfection walks back over to the ropes to taunt the fan he was arguing with earlier. Finally he returns to Leyenda for a cover.]

AC: The champ is going for the cover here!



Kick out from de Ocho as the crowd rallies behind him!

[Perfection pick him up again and hits a quick kick to the midsection, Perfection goes for a suplex....No! Leyenda swings his legs, Tornado DDT! Ocho crawling over to the ropes! Perfection shaking his head and catching his whereabouts.]

AC: Leyenda is up, the 8-Bit hero lining up on Perfection, Perfection getting up....SHINING WIZARD! BIG SHINING WIZARD AND PERFECTION TURNS OVER!!!

BM: Ocho is doing big moves out of desperation, he can't wrestle an epic here! He needs to take Perfection out fast!

AC: Ocho with the cover!!



THRRR -- !!!

TA: FOOT ON THE ROPES! Ha! Told you! Perfection is just playing possum!

AC: Perfection getting his foot on the ropes at the last second there.

[Leyenda de Ocho sits up quickly and nods to Tony Daniels accepting the call. Ocho picks up Perfection, short whip to the turnbuckle, Ocho mounts the second rope and begins punching.]

CROWD: “One! Two! Three! Four! Five! Six! Seven! Eight! “



[Perfection lays in the center of the ring as Leyenda uses the turnbuckle ropes to climb to his feet.]

BM: See the difference here, Terryy, is that Perfection is out of shape and cho is injured.

TA: What match are you watching? Perfection is in complete control.

AC: Leyenda de Ocho climbing the turnbuckle....Perfection is still down! Ocho on the top rope! MOONSAULT OFF THE TOP ROPE FROM OCHO... NO! PERFECTION GETS HIS KNEES UP AT THE LAST SECOND!!


[Ocho smashes into Perfection's knees and collapses across from him. Tony Daniels examines both of them. Perfection begins to slowly come back to awareness as he starts to crawl his way to the ropes. Tony Daniels begins his count as Ocho lays on the canvass holding his gut.]

AC: Perfection making his way to the ropes... but Leyenda de Ocho is still down. My question is why was this allowed to be booked! Someone should take blame for allowing Ocho to wrestle in this condition!

TA: He has a contract obligation to fulfill you tool!

BM: Just like Perfection broke his obligations sitting at this table instead of wrestling?

TA: Not even close, rookie.

AC: The crowd gathering behind De Ocho as he climbs to his knees!

[Perfection grabs the bottom rope and begins to pull himself under it. Leyenda is finally back to his feet as Perfection rolls out from under the bottom using the apron to gather himself.]

BM: What a coward!!!

AC: What a Perfect strategy from the Perfect champion, he is gathering himself!

[Tony Daniels looks at Perfection who makes his way to Donald Bell ripping his belt from the table staggering his way slowly towards the ramp way.]

Daniels: “ONE... TWO... THREE...”

AC: Well it seems Perfection has had enough of this and is packing it home... *sigh*...

BM: What a freaking waste of time! He should be fired! Instantly!

TA: He can do as he wishes my friends, that is why he is the champion. They have to play by his rules.

BM: He is a selfish ass who never finishes matches, two walk outs in a row!

TA: I am going to rip your face off you brat!

Daniels: “FOUR... FIVE...”

[Perfection finally makes his way around the ring to the rampway.]

AC: Leyenda de Ocho looking at Perfection as he turns to go up the ramp!

BM: Oh the balls on this guy! Perfection just turned around to flip Ocho the....



TA: He can't do that! That's an illegal move!

BM: Would you shut up already!

[Ocho lays there as does Perfection, Tony Daniels looks at them and begins his count again.]

Daniels: “ONE... TWO... THREE...”

[Ocho begins to use the guard rails to get to his feet, Perfection is still laid out the belt sprawled on the entrance.]

Daniels: “FOUR... FIVE...”

[Ocho finally gets to his feet grabbing the title first to flash it as his, the crowd going crazy. He then kicks Perfection in the side before dragging him to his feet.]

Daniels: “SIX... SEVEN... EIGHT...”

[Ocho slams Perfection's head into the apron then throws him in the ring following in after, setting down the belt he hopes will soon be his on the apron.]

AC: Ocho back in the ring! Perfection is out! Wait a second, Ocho is going back on the outside of the ring... SPRING BOARD OFF THE TOP ROPE... FRONT FLIP SENTON!!!! RIGHT ON TOP OF PERFECTION!!!!!

[Ocho and Perfection are both laid across as the crowd begins to clap for Leyenda. Perfection is across the ring from Ocho who begins to slowly roll over blood coming from mouth.]

BM: What a showing by Ocho! We may have a new champion!!!

[Ocho looks at his surroundings barely crawling his way to Perfection.]

AC: And the crowd is rallying behind Ocho! Tony Daniels at his six count for the double count out! Ocho throwing his arm over Perfection!!! The count...




TA: Yes! Perfection gets the shoulder up!! He got it up at the last second!

AC: Oh, but just barely! The light of hope is quickly fading for the Emerald City Champion! Ocho backing up for some distance now, charging up the crowd!

BM: This could be it, Aaron! He could be going for the ACTUALIZER right here!

AC: We could be on the verge of seeing a NEW CHAMPION!! What a way to kick of SEASON TWO!!

[Perfection still looks dazed as he struggles to get up... and his eyes suddenly find the Emerald City Title, left there on the apron. He reaches for it as he rises up to a knee, and without warning, Ocho comes bursting forward with a Sonic-like BURST OF SPEED -- !!]




AC: OH MY GOD!! Perfection tried to SHIELD HIS FACE WITH THE BELT right as Ocho NAILED HIM WITH THE ACTUALIZER!! That knocked him out COLD!!

[Suddenly, Tony Daniels waves to the timekeeper.]



TA: Isn’t it OBVIOUS, Creed?! He just ASSAULTED the champ, and INSULTED the Emerald City Title!

[Ocho looks shocked and confused, and the fans react much in the same way, as Daniels gives the explanation to Donald Bell.]

DB: Ladies and gentlemen... the winner of the match, as a result of DISQUALIFICATION...





[CUE UP: “Perfect Gentlemen” by Helloween. Ocho reacts in anger along with the crowd as Daniels tries to wake up the champion. As Perfection is coming to, he hears his music playing, and somehow he manages to form a wry and cocky smile...]

AC: I don’t understand! I don’t think Ocho understands either, but unlike him, I don’t have the benefit of Tony Daniels to explain this to me right now!

BM: Unfortunately for the 8-bit Legend, when Perfection held up that title in front of his face, it inadvertently became a foreign object!

AC: But it’s not like Leyenda de Ocho willingly used it that way! Perfection brought that belt into the ring by himself!

TA: It doesn’t matter who’s fault it is right now, Aaron! The damage has CLEARLY been done, and the referee watched it happen right there! He had no choice but to throw this match out, because if he kept it going, and Ocho picked up the win, it would have been CLEARLY tainted!

BM: As much as I hate to admit it, Terry makes something of a point...

AC: But look at that SMILE on the face of Perfection, as Tony Daniels assists him to his feet and hands him the very title that was just blasted into his forehead! It almost makes me wonder if he INTENDED to do that!

TA: I wouldn’t put a genius move like that past him, Creed! This masked creep doesn’t deserve to be in the ring with a superstar like HIM! Hell, they couldn’t even fill this arena to capacity!

[The fans pelt Perfection with trash, which he ignores as he taps the Emerald City Title on his shoulder, leaving the ring and backing up the ramp... although still rubbing the sore spot on his forehead, where you can almost see the plated face of the belt grooved into his skin. From in the ring, Ocho pops up to the second turnbuckle and intently stares him down, the fury in his eyes quite clearly stating that they have unfinished business.]

[CUT TO: The commentary table. Terry is doing a celebratory boogie in his seat.]

AC: Having fun over there, Terry?

TA: You know it, Creedy! Perfection came through on this one, just like I knew he would!

BM: He might slink away from this battle by the skin of his teeth, but let’s not forget here that Leyenda de Ocho could have very easily walked out of this match with the title! It just so happened that said title ended up in the ring at the wrong the moment.

TA: Well... them’s the breaks. When everything goes to hell in that ring, it takes a true athlete like James Witherhold to assess the situation and make something happen.

AC: In any case, Ocho must feel confident after this battle... knowing he has the power to overcome even the Emerald City Champion! Especially after overcoming the attack from earlier in the night!

TA: So it’s like beating Sonic 2, but without finding all the Chaos Emeralds to get the good ending!

AC: That’s one way of putting it. One title match has concluded, but another is coming up right next, fans! The King of the Mountain Main Event Rumble for the Mount Rainier Title is just moments away!


Jan 1, 2000
King of the Mountain Main Event (Niles vs. GRILLE vs. Jackson vs. Waltz vs. Cabron)

[CUT TO: The stage, where an IWF “KING of the MOUNTAIN” banner hangs over the curtain. A waist-high pedestal has been placed just at the top of the rampway.]

[CUE UP: “Vietnow” by Rage Against the Machine. Stepping out from around the banner, NATHAN FEAR emerges, smiling politely and waving briefly into the crowd. He’s closely followed by his enforcer, IVAN DALKICHEV, who carries with him a steel-bound security briefcase.]

DB: Ladies and gentlemen... please welcome the IWF Commissioner... NATHAN FEAR!!

[Fear approaches the pedestal and motions for Ivan to come over. Dalkichev holds up the briefcase so that the commissioner may enter the combination and open it. As he lifts it open, the fans CHEER upon their first glimpse of the IWF Mount Rainier Title, displaying an image of its namesake over the letters “IWF” on a unique silver face with a mahogany leather strap.]

AC: There it is, fans! The IWF MOUNT RAINIER CHAMPIONSHIP! Here tonight at King of the Mountain, a new legacy will begin!

[Fear picks the belt up out of the briefcase and holds it up for the fans to get a good look at. Then he sets it down on the black velvet-lined top of the pedestal. Nodding once to Ivan, the commissioner returns backstage while the giant moves off to the far side of the stage, keeping an eye on the belt.]

[CUT TO: The ring, as Donald Bell steps through the ropes with a mic in hand. The overlay accompanies an image of the IWF MOUNT RAINIER CHAMPIONSHIP.]



[CUE UP: “Pass Out” by I-Exist. The crowd lets out a lukewarm but supportive pop as “THE FALLEN ANGEL” STEPHEN WALTZ steps out on the stage, pumping his arms and looking excited to be competing for a big opportunity as he walks down the ramp.]

AC: Stephen Waltz is the first man out, and the anticipation for this match is clear on his face! Could this be your vaunted student’s moment of opportunity?

TA: “Could?” Listen, Creed... you may not think highly of my boy Steph-O, given his record... but I’ve been working with him exclusively these past few weeks to make sure he’s absolutely prepared for what’s ahead of him in this match! Tonight, Stephen Waltz WILL leave the Tacoma Dome a champion!

AC: You seem overly confident of that... but let the record show, YOU were the first one to point out Stephen’s poor luck in the ring. But you’re right... things can always turn around tonight if he were to win the Mount Rainier Title!

[CUE UP: “Home of the Grave” by Black Breath, of Seattle. The fans reaction is mixed as STEVE “AXION” JACKSON walks past the curtain, taking only a moment to acknowledge the Mount Rainier Title on the podium, and continues down the rampway, ignoring the fans.]

AC: On his way to the ring next is Steve “Axion” Jackson, coming to us all the way from Chicago!

TA: Wait... this guy looks NOTHING like Apollo Creed!

BM: You’re thinking of “Action Jackson”, Terry... that was a movie from the 80’s.

AC: Jackson has made a few appearances in the IWF over the past few years, but has yet to make a distinct impact within the company! With this chance tonight, he could definitely make some waves by scoring a win in this King of the Mountain rumble!

[CUE UP: “La Marseillaise”, the French National Anthem. Members of the FRENCH FOREIGN LEGION step out onto the stage greeted by a LOUD negative reaction from the fans. PAIN GRILLE appears in the center of the group, pointing to the Mount Rainier title as he hurls insults upon the crowd in his native tongue, and soon after leads the march down to the ring while the French flag is defiantly waved behind him.]

AC: No surprise to hear the jeers rain down on pain GRILLE, considering his actions at the start of the show!

TA: What, because he had the BALLS to come out and make a statement? If he keeps it up, then this French Toast guy could be the first Frenchman I actually RESPECT!

BM: Your adoration for the hated pain GRILLE could very well be the key to overcoming your racism, Terry... but I’m not very hopeful at that prospect.

TA: The hell you talking about over there, leprechaun?

[CUE UP: “Goatman” by Goat. A masked, tattooed man in a horned mask wanders out onto the stage, much to the crowd’s confusion. After performing a quick satyr’s dance, the mysterious EL CABRON’s eye is captivated by the belt on the podium. Oddly, he begins to sniff it, but a stern look from the lingering Ivan convinces the Pan-like luchadore to scamper down the ramp to the ring.]

TA: WHOA!! When the hell did we get to the mystical land of NARNIA?! I had no idea friggin’ MISTER TUMNUS was in this match!

AC: The IWF fans are getting their first look at the mysterious El Cabron!

BM: Not much was given to us on this individual in the way of a background, but I can’t help but feel I’ve seen this guy somewhere else...

TA: I just hope he doesn’t SMELL as bad as he LOOKS! Coincidentally, though, “El Cabron” is the nickname the locals gave me during my many visits to Tijuana!

[CUE UP: “Lying From You” by Linkin Park. To a strong crowd reaction, JOHNNY NILES steps out onto the stage, performing his “Straight-Edge Eight” pose at the top of the ramp and giving a determined look at the Mount Rainier Title waiting nearby. He makes belt motions around his waist as he starts down the rampway, slapping hands with the fans.]

AC: And last, but not least, we have JOHNNY NILES, the self-proclaimed “Best in the World”, rounding out this competition!

BM: I could think of at least a couple people that might dispute that “Best in the World” claim... but all the same, you have to give Johnny Niles a degree of admiration for the staunch confidence he holds in himself every time he brings it to the ring!

TA: You sure about that? Cause last I checked, this guy only got his first win back at Chain Reaction 11, and he didn’t exactly do it on his own!

AC: In any case, Johnny Niles is determined to catapult off of his success at the previous event to join the ranks of the IWF elite, which he can accomplish here tonight if he overcomes the other four men in the ring!

[Niles hits the ring and joins the forming circle of competitors, locked in a five-way staredown that includes referee Tony Daniels and the ring announcer Donald Bell in the middle. The music cuts out as Donald prepares the formal announcements for the title match.]

DB: Ladies and gentlemen... welcome to our MAIN EVENT! The following contest will be a five-man KING OF THE MOUNTAIN RUMBLE, and it will be for the EYE-DUBBLE-YOO-EFF MOUNT RAINIER CHAMPIONSHIP!! The rules for the match are as follows: The winner will be declared by the first successful pinfall or submission, but will ONLY be counted as long as all other competitors are on the outside of the ring!

TA: Seems simple enough... could either be the coolest idea ever, or a complete disaster!

DB: Introducing first... hailing from Eugene, Oregon, and weighing in at two-hundred and seventy-three fans... “THE FALLEN ANGEL”... STEPHEN WALTZ!!

[The crowd golf-claps as Waltz pumps his arms for no particular reason.]

TA: Come on, you idiots! Give the man some love!

DB: Next... fighting out of Chicago, Illinois, and tipping the scales at two-hundred and thirty-five pounds... STEVE... “AXION”... JACKSON!!

[The fans don’t react either way strongly, which gets a sneer from Jackson.]

DB: Representing the French Republic, he weighs in at one-hundred and eighty-five pounds... accompanied by the French Foreign Legion, please welcome... PAIN GRILLE!!

[The fans BOO LOUDLY as pain GRILLE pumps his arms as Rendre Singe valiantly waves the French flag from the ringside area.]

DB: And next... hailing from... (squints as he reads off the card) “Mount Capricorn”... weighing in at two-hundred and twenty eight pounds... EL CABRON!

[The fans boo again as El Cabron fidgets and strokes his beard, anticipating the start of the match.]

DB: And finally... coming to us from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and weighing in at two-hundred and forty six pounds... JOHNNY NILES!!

[The fans pop loud as Johnny Niles points both thumbs to his chest and loudly proclaims: “I’M THE BEST IN THE WORLD!” Bell quickly exits the ring as Tony Daniels checks to see if all participants are ready.]

TA: Come on, Steph-O! This is your chance! If you can’t beat these four punks, then I won’t know what to do with you!

AC: All five men are ready to get into it! Here is referee Tony Daniels give the motion to the timekeeper...


AC: ...and the King of the Mountain Rumble is underway! And right at the sound of the bell, El Cabron goes BLITZING across the ring -- and runs straight into a SUPERKICK delivered by Niles!

TA: He must have mistook him for a cameraman!

AC: El Cabron flails to the mat, and falls right into position to receive some stiff kicks from Niles, and meanwhile, Steve Jackson goes into the lock-up with Stephen Waltz! Waltz didn’t expect it... and the Axion easily scoops him up and puts him to the mat for a POWERSLAM!

[Niles continues to stomp at El Cabron as Jackson mounts the chest of Waltz and puts some heavy elbows into his face. Meanwhile, pain GRILLE stands back and watches the action, waiting for a moment of opportunity to arise. Tired of kicking him while he’s down, Niles gets Cabron back on his feet and whips him to the ropes, catching him on the rebound with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker.]

AC: BACKBREAKER by Johnny Niles, and El Cabron is getting absolutely pummeled! Meanwhile, Steve “Axion” Jackson is getting the stunned Stephen Waltz back on his feet and setting him against the ropes! And there’s a HARD knife-edge chop to the exposed chest!

TA: Come on, kid, you’re getting KILLED in there! AGAIN!

AC: And there’s a SECOND chop to the chest, sucking the wind right out of Waltz’s lungs! Jackson keeping up the pressure, pressing his forearm against Stephen’s windpipe in a blatant choke!

[Daniels is still focused on Niles, fighting with El Cabron as he tries to apply the Dragon Sleeper, which the goat-masked luchadore stubbornly resists. Suddenly, pain GRILLE runs up on Jackson while his back is turned, throwing his weight forward and sending both men out of the ring.]

BM: To the outside go Jackson and Waltz, who didn’t see pain GRILLE coming to Pearl Harbor them in the midst of their struggle against the ropes! I can already see what his strategy is going to be for this match!

AC: Two men go to the ringside floor, but one more will have to join them in order for anybody to make a move to finish this match! GRILLE now turns his attention over to the struggle between Niles and El Cabron! Niles still trying to lock in that Dragon Sleeper... but Cabron squirms out of his grip!

[El Cabron slips behind Johnny into a rear waistlock, but Niles is quick to knock him off with an elbow shot to the abdomen. As he reels back, he gets hit again as Johnny Niles spins around and goes airborne with a standing dropkick, and El Cabron falls through the ropes to the outside. The fans pop hard as Niles and pain GRILLE look at each other and see they’re the only two in the ring.]

AC: To the outside goes El Cabron, and now Niles looks to pain GRILLE, knowing if he can somehow pin him or force him to tap out before any of the other contestants get back in the ring, he’ll walk away from this match the Mount Rainier Champion!

TA: Let’s not get all excited here, Creed! GRILLE hasn’t even been touched since the bell rang! You think Niles is going to beat him in what... just a couple of moments?

BM: And it looks like only a couple moments is all they’ll have, as we can see Steve Jackson beginning to come to on the outside!

AC: Niles charging forward... but GRILLE catches him off-guard by shooting in LOW, taking him by the waist and tackling him down to the mat!

[Using his powerful legs, pain GRILLE quickly traps one of Niles’ arms under a knee and lands a flurry of left-handed chops to his exposed head! Niles takes a few hits before his other arm catches GRILLE by the wrist, and he powers out by rolling through to put pain GRILLE on the mat next to him. Before GRILLE can make a move, Niles’ legs trap him with a leg-scissor and he goes for a Buffalo sleeperhold. pain GRILLE struggles to fight him off.]

AC: Johnny Niles looking to put pain GRILLE into the BOA CONSTRICTOR -- but GRILLE is FIGHTING HIM!

BM: And desperately trying to buy himself some time! Here comes Jackson back into the ring now! Niles is defenseless!

AC: OUCH!! Axion with a boot to the SPINE of Niles, breaks up the submission attempt! pain GRILLE scrambles faster than the eggs he’s served with!

TA: Oh, I see what you did there, Creedy... VERY clever.

[Jackson stomps at Niles a few times before picking him up off the mat by the head and draws him into the clinch. Johnny winces as the Axion puts a series of HARD knee strikes into his ribs, knocking the wind out of him before dumping him into the corner. He then motions to pain GRILLE...]

AC: Into the corner goes Niles, and Jackson seems to be giving the floor over to pain GRILLE for this one! GRILLE looks more than happy to go for it... charging to the corner -- and Niles gets BLASTED with a BICYCLE KICK!!

TA: Finally! Glad to see these guys getting on the same page here and taking that moron out of the equation!

AC: And it looks like Niles is being taken out figuratively and literally, as Jackson and GRILLE link arms and PUT HIM OVER THE ROPES to the outside with the double lariat!

[As the only two men left in the ring, pain GRILLE and Steve Jackson immediately come to blows, both men looking for a quick knock-out while the chance to win is there. Jackson again goes for the clinch, but his knee strike is countered into a dragon screw by pain GRILLE. He keeps ahold of the leg to land a few kicks to the thigh when he notices Stephen Waltz climbing up to the apron.]

TA: Get in there, kid! Teach ‘em how the LEGIT wrestlers do it!

AC: GRILLE turning his attention from Jackson... and he KNOCKS WALTZ OFF THE APRON with a running dropkick!


AC: Jackson has the opportunity to get up... and he catches pain GRILLE with a snapmare to put the Best Thing Since Sliced Bread to the mat! Now El Cabron is back on the apron... but Jackson runs at the ropes and knocks him off with a forearm strike across the head!

BM: Now that these guys have the ring to themselves, they’re intent on keeping it that way until a winner is declared! But can they handle these distractions?

[pain GRILLE rolls back to his feet as Jackson returns from the ropes, meeting him with a stiff sidekick to the mid-section that sends him reeling. GRILLE stays on top of him, landing a chain of kicks to the leg, hip, and face in succession. Jackson reels backward and bounces off the turnbuckle, where GRILLE catches him again, landing to quick kicks to the chest and taking Jackson down to the mat with a VICIOUS roundhouse kick to the back of the head!]

AC: Lighting-fast kicks by pain GRILLE, and Steve “Axion” Jackson is absolutely TOASTED!! GRILLE sees the ring is clear and quickly rolls him over for the cover!



Jackson gets the shoulder up!

BM: And Johnny Niles has returned to the ring before pain GRILLE can make another attempt! I doubt we’ll see many pin attempts in this match given the stipulations, so the competitors will want to make them count!

AC: Here comes pain GRILLE, getting to Johnny Niles as the “Best in the World” rises to his feet... immediately goes for the kick -- but it’s CAUGHT by Niles! Niles whirls him around... and pain GRILLE hits the mat after the GERMAN SUPLEX!

[The crowd cheers as Niles hits the German Suplex, but as he bridges for a pin, Daniels quickly breaks it up by pointing out that Steve Jackson is still in the ring. Niles quickly jumps onto the Axion as he’s recovering from GRILLE’s kicking combination, and quickly throws him through the ropes by the head, crashing into the chest of Stephen Waltz as he yet again tries to get into the ring.]

AC: Steven Jackson is thrown from the ring, and down goes Stephen Waltz yet again! He just can’t get back in the ring no matter what he tries!

TA: Ugh... I KNEW I shouldn’t have put money down on this...

AC: Niles has pain GRILLE to himself once again, but GRILLE charges right after him -- NILES PUTS HIM DOWN with a rising knee strike! He saw that coming from a mile a -- WAIT, GRILLE KIPS UP!!

BM: ENZIGURI!! Niles thought he put GRILLE to the mat for good with that knee, but the Toasted Terrorist, showing a bizarre level of resilience from years of punishing his body, just popped back up from that out of nowhere and caught the self-proclaimed “Best in the World” off guard!

AC: pain GRILLE still shaking that knee strike from his head... could he be going for the pin after that one?! No... he draws Niles into the front facelock -- and LOCKS IN THE GUILLOTINE CHOKE!! He threatened to choke out Johnny Niles in the weeks leading up to this match, and now he has the chance to act on it!

[Niles resists the hold and refuses to tap, but slowly shows that he’s slipping under the effects of the choke. GRILLE gloats as he tightens his grip, sensing his victory moments away. Unbeknown to him, however, El Cabron has recovered on the outside, and stalks around to a corner of the ring where he can slip in undetected. Meanwhile, Daniels begins to check on Niles...]

AC: Here’s Tony Daniels, raising the arm of Niles... and it drops the first time! Daniels checking a second time... but hang on, El Cabron is back in the ring! Neither pain GRILLE nor the official see him yet, so Cabron takes the opportunity to climb the nearest turnbuckle!

BM: Niles arm drops a second time! Perhaps El Cabron should make his presence known before pain GRILLE finishes this match!

AC: The official raises the arm again... BUT HERE COMES EL CABRON OFF THE TOP ROPE -- MISSILE DROPKICK connects with the face of pain GRILLE! Niles is finally freed from the choke hold, but the damage has been done! His face is completely purple!

[El Cabron sees Niles is completely vulnerable, but tends to pain GRILLE first, bringing the Toasted Terrorist to his feet, grabbing him by the head, and sending him over the ropes -- but turning back before he can see GRILLE clutch the top rope and save himself on the apron. El Cabron stalks Johnny Niles as the Best in the World groggily gets to his feet.]

AC: pain GRILLE is still on the apron, but El Cabron is still looking for finish off Niles! Niles almost up... and he BARELY ducks a SPINNING HEEL KICK by El Cabron!

TA: Or is it a Spinning CLOVEN HOOF kick?

AC: El Cabron is whirling around off balance -- Johnny Niles catches him! Hooks the arms... and EL CABRON GETS PASTED WITH A SIT-OUT POWERBOMB!!

[Niles instinctively hooks the legs for the pin, but as does so, pain GRILLE, from his place on the apron, springboards back into the ring off of the ropes and catches Niles in the face on the way down with both feet, killing the mounting excitement of the crowd.]

AC: And pain GRILLE CATCHES HIM with a springboard flying kick back into the ring!

TA: Not like that pin would have counted anyway...

AC: The action continues among the three still in the ring, while out here in front of our commentary table, Steve “Axion” Jackson is laying a royal beatdown on Terry Anderson’s own student, Stephen Waltz!

TA: SHUT UP, Creed! The people listening at home don’t need to know THAT!

[pain GRILLE pulls Johnny Niles back to his feet by the head and attempts to throw him out of the ring, but Niles stops him in his tracks with a legsweep. He quickly tries to go for the Figure Four Leglock, but GRILLE pushes him off with his legs, knocking him back into El Cabron and sandwiching him against the turnbuckle.]

AC: pain GRILLE fends off the submission attempt by Johnny Niles, knocking him into the turnbuckle! pain GRILLE back to his feet now, blindly charging to the corner -- Niles JUMPS TO THE SIDE -- and EL CABRON gets NAILED with a rolling SENTON ATTACK by pain GRILLE!

BM: The Toasted Terrorist is putting it all on the line here tonight, and while El Cabron isn’t any worse for wear, but that move left pain GRILLE open to an attack from Johnny Niles!

AC: Niles stomping away at pain GRILLE, trying to kick him under the ropes! But GRILLE has the bottom rope clutched tight in his arms! He refuses to exit that ring!

BM: I don’t think he’s been knocked from that ring yet, Creed... GRILLE might be at the bottom of the pile in terms of weight compared to the other competitors, but he’s definitely got a ton of grit!

[As the two continue to struggle, Steve Jackson lays out Stephen Waltz with a high-angle uranage side slam, knocking the Fallen Angel out cold as he connects with the ringside floor. The Axion then turns his attention to the ring, and thinking quickly, he goes up the steps and begins to scale the turnbuckle.]

AC: Hang on a second, here comes Steve Jackson, leaving Waltz on the floor and climbing the turnbuckle! I have no idea what he has in mind, but it’s definitely going to be high-risk!

TA: Wait... what happened to Steph-O?!

BM: He’s the stain on the mats in front of our table, Terry...


AC: Niles looks like he’s had enough of pain GRILLE, turning his attention back to the weakened El Cabron and pulling him off the mat! El Cabron going up onto the SHOULDERS of Johnny Niles...

BM: It could be time for this masked man to SAY GOOD NIGHT --


[Jackson gets back to his feet and goes first after El Cabron, taking him by the mask and the tights and driving him like a battering ram into the turnbuckle! He turns around as Niles is getting back to his feet, quickly locking him up into the clinch and putting some knee strikes into him to keep him stunned. He quickly goes for an inverted atomic drop and hits the ropes for some speed...]

AC: Atomic Drop by Steve “Axion” Jackson leaves Johnny Niles frozen in place... here’s Jackson in motion, going for the CLOTHESLINE -- NO!! Niles DUCKS, and JACKSON GOES ONTO HIS SHOULDERS!! NILES LOOKING TO MAKE JACKSON SAY GOOD NIGHT --

TA: More like SAY GOOD BYE, as PAIN GRILLE pops up to the rescue and sends those scrubs OVER THE ROPES to the OUTSIDE!!

BM: Niles made a mistake thinking pain GRILLE wouldn’t come back to haunt him, and Jackson totally neglected him as he came back into the ring! Now both men are in a heap outside the ring, giving pain GRILLE a perfect opportunity!

AC: El Cabron getting to a knee as he recovers... here’s GRILLE off the ropes -- SHINING WIZARD CATCHES HIM RIGHT IN THE HEAD!! El Cabron is OUT!

[The fans BOO LOUDLY as pain GRILLE hurries over to the turnbuckle. Outside the ring, Niles’ attempts to get back into the match are cut off as dRESSAGE and Baisers stomp away at both he and Steve Jackson. Stephen Waltz still lies knocked out cold in front of the commentary table.]

AC: pain GRILLE has El Cabron all alone, and the French Foreign Legion are BLATANTLY interfering in Johnny Niles’ return to the ring!

TA: Hey, do the rules specify that as illegal? No? That’s what I thought... now shut up, and watch this Frenchie FLY!






DB: Ladies and gentlemen, the winner of the match...


Crowd: “BOOOOOO!!!”


[CUE UP: “La Marseillaise”. The fans BOO LOUDLY as the French Foreign Legion celebrate outside the ring, allowing Johnny Niles to rise. He looks completely furious, and tries to enact vengeance on Singe, but doesn’t get a chance as the lumbering fRiTtUrEs clubs him from behind with his boulder-sized fist. In the ring, pain GRILLE rises up off the mat with his arms pumping high into the air in a sign of victory.]

AC: Well, pain GRILLE has won the King of the Mountain rumble, but definitely not without controversy! If it weren’t for the involvement of the French Foreign Legion, no doubt either Johnny Niles or Steve “Axion” Jackson could have stopped the Best Thing Since Sliced Bread from finishing off the other masked competitor!

TA: You can talk about controversy, but at the end of the day, interference was never explicitly covered in this match’s stipulations. Simply put, pain GRILLE just came to this contest better prepared! In any case, if anybody SHOULD have stopped him... it should have been Stephen Waltz! Do you hear that, Steph-O? HEY, wake up you idiot!!

BM: In any case, pain GRILLE fought hard for this victory, and because he dominated the ring and refused to be thrown out, he found himself in the natural position to win. But no doubt, Johnny Niles will have a bone to pick with the French Foreign Legion down the line...

AC: This group just seems to be adding to their list of enemies every time they appear... first Leyenda de Ocho, and now Johnny Niles! Even so, I doubt pain GRILLE would feel very threatened at this point, having claimed IWF’s newest gold! Speaking of, looks like we’re about to be treated to the award ceremony...

[IWF Commissioner Nathan Fear steps out of the entry-way, applauding the winner and retrieving the IWF Mount Rainier Title from the podium at the top of the rampway. Escorted by Ivan, he comes down to the ramp with the belt in his hands, and the enforcer holds open the ropes so he may enter the ring. Johnny Niles attempts to reenter the ring and voice his displeasure, but Ivan quickly intersects him and forces him back up the rampway. Fear, with a mic in hand and with the belt in the other, approaches pain GRILLE, who is now joined by the other members of the French Foreign Legion.]

FEAR: pain GRILLE... on behalf of the Immortal Wrestling Federation, I present to you this Mount Rainier Championship. After tonight, you will have become one of the IMMORTALS. Congratulations...

[Humbly, the Commissioner holds out the silver-plated belt, which pain GRILLE rudely rips from his hands and holds up proudly for the booing fans to see. Some people loudly chant “GO-BACK-HOME!!”, but the Tricolour waves proudly in the middle of the Tacoma Dome.]

[CUT TO: The commentary table, as Stephen Waltz is rising to his feet, rubbing the back of his head, and getting an angry scowl from his instructor, Terry.]

TA: Oh, just get the hell out of here, already! You embarrass me every freakin’ time!

[Shamed and defeated, Stephen wanders out of the frame, leaving Creed to take the camera’s attention.]

AC: Well ladies and gentlemen, that brings us to the END of King of the Mountain! We hope you enjoyed the action we witnessed here tonight! We saw some thrilling performances, but it seems as though in the end... the despised came away with the last laugh! Perfection cheated his way to keep the Emerald City Title, and Mount Rainier, one of the United States’ most prized national landmarks, will today be claimed in the name of France!

BM: They might crawl away with the gold tonight, Aaron, but they shouldn’t rest easy! Johnny Niles and Leyenda de Ocho will be looking for vengeance sooner than later!

AC: They may get that opportunity at our next event, when the Immortal Wrestling Federation presents ROAD TO IMMORTALITY, which will take place here in just a few weeks at the Yakima Sundome! Will the Mount Rainier Champion build onto his new reign? Will Perfection defend the title?

TA: In front of a bunch of hicks in Yakima? You gotta be kidding me... I know Perfection’s contract, and in the fine print, it explicitly states he’s only required to defend the title for a minimum of THREE events this tour! We just saw one of them, and we’ve got two Pay Per Views down the line! Do the math!

AC: That’s only a minimum, Terry... anything can happen in this sport as you and I both know all to well! Ladies and gentlemen, we are out of time... but join us again at “Road to Immortality”! For Terry “The Idol” Anderson and Brian McGinnis... I’m Aaron Creed! Thanks for watching!

[CUE UP: “King of the Road” by Fu Manchu.]

[FADE TO: A long shot of the ring as pain GRILLE is boosted on the shoulders of Baisers and dRESSAGE, proudly holding up the Mount Rainier Championship in celebration as the disappointed fans file out of the arena. Credits roll by on the screen, ending on a still shot of the green, blue, and black IWF logo.]

[FADE TO: Black.]
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