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IWF's Rule Book

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May 2, 2007
Here is the current list of IWF rules. They are subject to change of course.

* Having fun. Why is this rule at the top of the list? Well it's only worth participating in fantasy wrestling if you are having fun. What this also means is no personal attacks on the OOC boards, no harassment of other handlers will be tolerated, including trolling their posts. Their is a huge difference between building character heat and shooting against a handler, don't get it twisted.

*At this point in time there will be two types of shows that can possibly happen here at IWF. First type of show is the usual match thread type show. Everyone will know their assigned match and opponent. The other type of show will be booked and lineup announced on the posting of the card. One thread will be assigned for everyone to role play in for this type of show. Booking and lineup will be determined by the way rp shapes up in that thread for the specified card.

****Normal Match Thread Rp Limits: 2 and half role plays with a word count limit of 2000 words. What 2 and a half role plays means is simple, first poster in each match thread will have a chance for a rebuttal rp (word count limit of 500 words) if and only if their opponent maxes out their rp count of 2. And yes if Wrestler 1 posts first and Wrestler 2 posts two rps after Wrestler 1, Wrestler 1 can still follow that up with their second allowed 2k word count promo and a 500 rebuttal word count promo.

****Mystery Show Rp Limits: When it's a show that lineup and booking will be determined on the card itself rather then before hand, every handler that wishes to participate has a 2 rp limit at 2k words each. Simple as that.

Stacking Policy: There is a 24 hour wait period before you can post a 'stacking' role play. This does not affect your offered rebuttal rp. So yes you can post your second allowed role play followed by an immediate rebuttal rp if you desire.

Sniping Policy: If you post within the last two hours of a deadline and your opponent has an open slot left in his rp bank, then he can have an additional 12 hours after rp deadline to get a role play up in his favor. If the opponent has no rps left in his maximum then no additional posts may be made.

No Tag Teams: At this time IWF is not accepting applications for a tag division. IWF does not have the desire to support a Tag team division.

Fresh Faced characters are highly desired: IWF is a small market wrestling company right now please keep that in mind when applying.

No complaining on public forums: If you have an issue with the way something has been handled or booked then please speak to me privately before discussing your feelers in public.

Longforming vs. Shortforming: If you want your match guarenteed to be a long form match, then you can volunteer to write the match yourself. At this point with every card there will probably be one longform written, the main event. Every other match that I write will be in shortform description. The reason is simple, this isn't about 'WoW that match was so awesome.' This is about 'Wow that card was so awesome, man I loved those segments and continued storylines.' So as I said if you want a guarentee that your match will be longformed, volunteer to write it. :)
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