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J.B. Ronie(f.k.a. Mr. Rottentreats)


League Member
Sep 2, 2012
- Handler Name: RC
- Contact Info: @clownrot on twitter.
- Current EFed (if any): None
- Are you representing that EFed with this character?:
- Is anyone else from your EFed entered in Battlemania?:

Character Name: J.B. Ronie(Formerly Mr. Rottentreats)
Height: 6’2”
Weight: 220lbs
Hometown: The Carnival Grounds by way of Greensboro, NC
Theme Song: Turn Down by Rittz
Alignment: Heel
Wrestling Style: Overly Aggressive Technical/Reckless Aerial

10 Favorite Move(s):
1. Fishhook
2. Never Ending Handkerchief Choke
3. Catapult into bottom rope
4. Sliding Lariat
5. Triangle Drop Kick
6. Double Knee Buster Drop
7. Fireman’s Carry Neck Breaker
8. Pump Handle Gut Buster
9. Hurricanrana Variations(out of nowhere)
10. Outside-In Springboard Moonsault DDT

5 Signature Move(s):
1. Got Your Nose!! – Squeezes Opponent’s nose from behind, yells “GOT YOUR NOSE!!” while performing a Cradled Belly To Back Brain Buster
2. Ronie Stomp – Garvin Stomp ending with Spinning Boot Scrape
3. Ronie Driver – Cliffhanger DDT
4. I’m The Foot, BITCH!!! – Irish Whip then cross cross ring with opponent, big boot to the side of the head on 3[SUP]rd[/SUP] crossing while yelling “I’M THE FOOT, BITCH!!!”
5. Black Majik – Low-Ki’s Black Magic

Set-up Move: Fireman's Carry Neck Breaker
Finishing Move: Rotten Bomb
Finishing Maneuver Description: Sit-out Straitjacket Power Bomb

Character Details:
Gimmick: Struggling with not being Mr. Rottentreats anymore; he still shows clown-like mannerisms and tendencies. At the same time trying to prove that he's more than just a wrestling clown or a clown that wrestles.

The career of the former Mr. Rottentreats has taken several unexpected turns. Before it even started he opted out of the family business by enrolling in and completing Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Clown College.

After a few months on the road with the circus he caved to the calling of professional wrestling. After washing his pride down with seltzer water he approached his uncles and grandfather about training; they agreed. They also forced him to adorn his clown attire in the ring; with hopes that his evil in-ring persona would ruin his clown business. With every blessing comes a curse, right?

It didn’t take long for Ronie (as Mr. Rottentreats) to stand out. It didn’t hurt that his name attracted a certain type of crowd to a venue either. Upon recovery from an injury he suffered in WARPED Wrestling in 2010 he was invited to Puerto Rico; a place he would often return to when he wanted a break from the American Independents.

2012 saw an imposter enter WARPED as Mr. Rottentreats. It was revealed after an unfortunate incident at the Hammerstein Ballroom in June of 2013, that the imposter was none other than Ronie’s own uncle Derrick Daniels. Despite the unfortunate incident, Ronie chose to reclaim the likeness of Mr. Rottentreats. Upon doing so he begrudgingly accepted all the AbominationZ baggage that came with it. Including, but not limited to the demise of WARPED; resulting in an ongoing personal feud with Laurel Anne Hardy. The silver lining amongst the gray, dragon breath induced smoke cloud was winning the WARPED Evolution title.

His growing erratic behavior was showcased in the main event of the first Canadian X Pro event; where he faced off with Pat Gordon Jr. Soon after, speculation began that the unfortunate incident at the Hammerstein Ballroom in June was getting the better of him.

Another blessing, another curse.

WARPED would attempt to re-open multiple times; the first time saw an injured Mr. Rottentreats be stripped of the Evolution title.

During a brief WARPED hiatus Mr. Rottentreats and AbominationZ leader Crowbar went to war with each other; resulting in partial blindness in Ronie’s left eye. This didn’t go unnoticed by fellow AbominationZ member and WARPED World Champion, William Wallace; who used this knowledge in retaining his World Championship against Mr. Rottentreats during the Murder Mitten Mayhem tour.

In the midst of the chaos that was the Murder Mitten Mayhem tour, Ronie regained and successfully defended the Evolution Title. Shortly thereafter WARPED would take another hiatus. Ronie would return to Puerto Rico; also making rare appearances for UK based, Pro-Wrestling FRONTIER.

2014 saw the birth of Ronie’s Rasslin’ Services; owned and operated by J.B. Ronie’s younger brother, Vaughn Ronie Jr. The first show was held in honor of Mr. Rottentreats getting married. Through the end of the year Mr. Rottentreats would commentate on two more Ronie’s Rasslin’ Services & WARPED Wrestling Presents: events; alongside his uncle, Dylan Daniels.

Thanks to a cease and desist letter, December 13[SUP]th [/SUP]would be the last time anyone would see him wrestle as Mr. Rottentreats. He wrestled in a losing effort against Shane Tallin during the 1[SUP]st[/SUP] round of the GFC Invitational; hosted by Pro-Wrestling FRONTIER.

The “…and A Violent New Year!” event hosted by Ronie's Rasslin' Services saw Mr. Rottentreats viciously attacked by Matty Graves and Laurel Anne Hardy. As a result, he was forced to have his left eye removed.

Speculation has it that Battlemania will be his last wrestling match..

Look: Skinny-Fat; he’s got abs, but can’t seem to get rid of those pesky love handles. Crazy amount of scar tissue up and down his left arm, random scarring on his upper body, multiple random tattoos. Flow & Comb Hairstyle. Glass left eye(covered with eye patch)

In-Ring Attire: Prussian Blue trunks w/white waist band & broad stripes down the sides; Ronie in block letters across the back. Prussian blue knee & elbow pads. Matching wrestling boots with white aglets, white tongue, and Prussian blue laces. Prussian Blue eye patch over left eye.

Anything else you think we’d need to know about a character in order to write them into the Battlemania event?
Bad left shoulder
No left eye

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