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[J-MAX] Prologue


League Member
Apr 12, 2008
"We got fucking fired."

New Orleans, Louisiana, July 2014.

Roger Stevens was lying in a hotel bed, a pillow under his back and three behind his head, watching the TV. When Lisa Loeh stomped into the room and snarled, he sat up so quickly he knocked the pillows off the bed.

"...For real?"

Lisa threw three pink slips onto the bed.

"There's an official reason, and a real reason. The official is that we were under contract as a trios team, and that we weren't wrestling as a trio often enough."

Roger growled under his breath. "And the real reason?"

"Edward White wanted to fire someone likely to oppose him to send a message to the DEFIANCE roster, and he picked us."

With another growl, Roger swung his legs off the side of the bed.

"And I'm not bothering to fight it either. We were on pay per appearance anyhow, and that meant only YAZ was making any money working DEFIANCE."

Roger nodded. Between his hot manager and his spooky-kabuki tag partner, he was fading into the background and he knew it. As did his checkbook.

"So you got any ideas?"

"Back to Japan and wait for something to open up stateside I think. I don't think I was out of things I could learn from Ramsey anyway, and it'll make YAZ happy to go home for a while."

"That, and in Japan they don't get butthurt when I chop them hard." Roger leaned back on the bed.

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