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Apr 12, 2008
Wrestler Name: "Radical" Roger Stevens
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 238 lbs
Hometown: Waterbury, VT
Birthdate: March 3, 1984

Physical appearance: Stevens has light brown hair that he wears teased into messy spikes, a small chin goatee with a point, and chinstraps. Normal caucasian skin tone and build for a wrestler of his size.
Ring gear: Gun-metal-gray baggy jean longshorts (mid-shin length) held up with a studded black belt over black wrestling boots.
Theme music: "Pray for the Dead" - Loudness
Ring entrance:

Face or heel?: Negotiable
Gimmick: Roger is a young man who's found great success by following the lyrics of a certain song by Stroke 9 - the lyrics that go "Anger's today's fashion, so sing another song about bashing someone's head in". He's really angry, and he swears a lot, and hits people really hard and stuff. Beneath all that he's a talented all-arounder who graduated from a prestigious wrestling school, but he prefers to be known as a violent chop machine.
Ring style: All-arounder disguised as a brawler (see gimmick)
Brief biography: Roger Stevens graduated from The Wrestling Inferno and started his career as "Righteous" Roger Stevens, one half of Rip Righteous alongside Jack Cassidy, in 2004. Cassidy's young career went supernova, Stevens became known as the blander, boring-er copy of Cassidy and then suffered a back injury that kept him out of wrestling for 2 years.

On his return, he reinvented himself as "Radical" Roger Stevens, the angriest white kid from the suburbs EVER. The Lucharesu style he learned in The Wrestling Inferno no longer working for him what with the back injury, he developed what would become his trademark - his welt-raising, skin-peeling knife edge chops. After joining a promotion called Wrestlecoast Cascadia, becoming a midcard fixture but running headfirst into the upper midcard glass ceiling, Stevens aligned himself with Wrestling Inferno graduate turned slutty would-be-manager-of-champions Lisa Loeh. Cascadia closed shortly after their alliance, and Lisa and Stevens went to Japan. As Lisa's aspirations of becoming a manager of champions grew, she convinced Yoshikazu YAZ to work for her, and Stevens and YAZ teamed on occasion.

Lisa had her own agenda and joined DEFIANCE, forcing her way onto a team called Tres Brujas. After Lisa was backstabbed and kicked out of the Brujas (long story) she called Stevens and YAZ over to the USA to help gain her revenge. They ended up picking the name "White Hot Anger" for their trios team at gunpoint.

Three strengths:

1) Hard hitting - Roger's strikes pack all the venom that an angry young 20something can unleash. That's a lot of venom.
2) Training - Roger is a Wrestling Inferno graduate
3) Experience - Roger's been wrestling for close to a decade now

Three weaknesses:

1) Old back injury - Roger severely injured his back years ago, and while he's recovered, it can trouble him if it's targeted enough, or in long matches.
2) Angry - Roger's anger occasionally causes him to make mistakes
3) He's only 6'1" 228 lbs, but he acts like he's 7'1" 300ish.

5-10 signature maneuvers:

1) The most unnecessarily stiff knife edge chops ever
2) Totally Righteous (T-Bone DDT)
3) Radical Overlord ("Shining" savate kick)
4) Deemed Unrighteous (Judgement slam)
5) Savate kick
6) Facebuster
7) Flipping lariat
8) Shoulderlock
9) Indian Deathlock
10) Split leg moonsault

Finishing maneuver:

Busted to the Mat (Pumphandle Michinoku Driver/Magnum Driver)


Wrestler Name: Yoshikazu YAZ
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 210 lbs
Hometown: Nagasaki, Japan
Birthdate: 1977 (month/day unknown)

Physical appearance: Yoshikazu YAZ is tall and lanky, with very little muscular bulk for a professional wrestler. He has long black hair that hangs to his shoulderblades. His smile seems oversized and very predatory, and he’s almost always smiling. He's been known to appear without his mask
Ring gear: From the feet up. YAZ wears black jika-tabi style boots with red and gold kickguards on the front. His pants are samurai-style pants, very loose, and tucked into the top of the boots. They are black, with a red and gold pattern on the inside folds, and a matching traditional belt, knotted at the center of his waist. He wears a skin tight black long sleeved shirt, a red with gold trim vest with raised shoulders (think any ninja character from Mortal Kombat) over it. Black fingerless gloves, black with red and gold trim forearm guards.
Theme music: "Walk on Water (Demo)" - Ozzy Osbourne
Ring entrance:

Face or heel?: Negotiable
Gimmick: Great Kabuki/Great Muta inspired Asian mist spitting junior heavyweight. Rarely speaking and presented through his manager as a foreign crown jewel. (I'ma be blunt, think of J-MAX as Gary Hart's J-Tex Corporation, with Lisa as Hart, YAZ as Muta, Stevens as Buzz Sawyer and Losantio as Dragonmaster)
Ring style: Strong style junior heavyweight
Brief biography: Known for the first half of his career as Yaz Illika. The Yaz Illika character was inspired by a comic book about a demon who turned against Hell. Illika was a face, and won Junior Heavyweight titles all over Japan (and a pair of tag titles with Ultra Raptor as well). But when his home promotion was suffering from severe financial problems and was bought out by a chemical company, executives from the chemical company decided to reposes all the gimmicks/characters belonging to the junior heavyweights and give them to heavyweight wrestlers.

Yaz fled to the United States, where he ended up in Old Line Wrestling. He fell in with a bad crowd, and changed his name to Yoshikazu YAZ. He began carrying sais around and stabbed a few people, and when the sais got banned he switched over to a piano wire garrotte. Then something happened. YAZ disappeared from OLW with no explanation and wouldn't resurface even in Japan until a couple years later.

It is believed by journalists that whatever happened to end YAZ's OLW run has something to do with how Lisa Loeh convinced him to work for her. Lisa summoned him to DEFIANCE.

Three strengths:

1) Excellent striker. YAZ has a slender, long-limbed frame and a background in "Strong Style" Puroresu, which means he can hit very hard while exploiting a reach advantage.

2) Experience. YAZ's career is closing in on its second decade, and he's worked extensively in Japan and the USA, and a bit in Mexico as well.

3) The Shotei. It can come out of nowhere. It works on much bigger wrestlers. The fans absolutely love seeing it for whatever reason.

Three weaknesses:

1) Relatively poor mat game. He knows the meat and potatoes of mat grappling, but YAZ is not a submissionist.

2) Glass cannon. Unlike many strikers, YAZ is not as good at receiving as he is handing it out.

3) Age. Thirty-six (as of December 2013) isn't that old, but it's older than a lot of guys out there, and he's starting to slow down a little bit.

5-10 signature maneuvers:

1) The Asian Mist. You should know how it works, but in case you don't. Green blinds, and is by far the most commonly used mist. Red burns. Yellow burns really, really badly, as in "stop the match and flush the guy's eyes before he goes blind" badly. Blue makes you dizzy and sleepy. Orange is known to exist but so rarely used that no one knows what the crap it does.

2) Left-Arm Lariat. He's not a heavyweight and the Lariat isn't a match ender when he does it, but he can throw it out very quickly, and because he uses his left arm to deliver it, other wrestlers are even less likely to see it coming.

3) Reprisal. It's a Stunner, but YAZ uses it as a counter move. Instead of jumping he just sits out quickly, and people hit with it usually end up dazed but still on their feet.

4) Chops
5) Open hand strikes
6) Roundhouse kicks
7) Jump spinning back kick
8) Snap DDT
9) German suplex
10) Spinning heel kick

Finishing maneuver:


MDK Finisher:

Trunk-lift brainbuster DDT


Wrestler Name: "El Quezacoatl" Paco Losantio
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 208 lbs
Hometown: Durango, Mexico
Birthdate: 4/18/77

Physical appearance: Paco Losantio had a Hispanic father and an American mother. He inherited his father's bronze skin tone and dark facial features, and his mother's blond hair, which gives him a completely natural blonde hair/black beard combination. He's in good shape because wrestler.

Ring gear: Losantio wears long, rusty black pants over wrestling boots. To the ring, he wears a leather jacket with tassles from the arms, the same color as his pants. On the back of the jacket, also in black, is a large patch (covers the entire back) shaped like an Aztecan condor. The jacket is removed pre-match of course.

Theme music: "The Shadow Hunter" - Angra
Ring entrance:

Face or heel?: Negotiable
Gimmick: Representing Mexico and making J-MAX truly international and also providing a balance to Yoshikazu YAZ's unorthodoxy and Roger Stevens' wild brawling. (I'ma be blunt, think of J-MAX as Gary Hart's J-Tex Corporation, with Lisa as Hart, YAZ as Muta, Stevens as Buzz Sawyer and Losantio as Dragonmaster)
Ring style: Luchador con karaté.
Brief biography: A Wrestling Inferno graduate like Stevens but several years his senior, Losantio was in his early days known as Ultra Raptor. After floundering in Mexico, he departed to Japan, where the martial arts they expected combined with the innovative lucha libre lead to Ultra Raptor becoming one of the top Junior Heavyweights in the company - before his promotion decided to steal his gimmick from him and reassign it to a Heavyweight. See YAZ's bio for more info about that.

Ultra Raptor responded by burning his own mask in the middle of an Old Line Wrestling ring.

Losantio teamed with YAZ and a group of undesirables in OLW, but Losantio was never a bad guy, and he left the promotion and has remained in Mexico ever since. That was, until Lisa Loeh finally developed some character. She'd been trying to get him working for her and teaming with YAZ for years, and he'd always refused.

Three strengths:

1) Educated feet. Losantio hands out both legitimate martial arts kicks and flippydoo aerial kicks. Both kinds land where he wants them to and hurt when they do.

2) Experience. Losantio started wrestling in 1998 and now has over 2 decades of experience. And because he started so young, he's still got some vitality to go with that experience.

3) Cool headed. Losantio may be a kicky luchador and so he's often mistaken for a young spotmonkey, but he isn't going to be bated into making mistakes or taking dumb risks often.

Three weaknesses:

1) Small size, relatively easily set up for power moves.

2) Between his flips and kicks, his knees are an obvious target for an opponent who even bothers with the sketchiest gameplan. He's decent on the mat and knows how to defend them, but his style, while impressive, isn't hard to figure out.

3) Somewhat inefficient against larger wrestlers. His kicks can whittle them down but he's not going to be able to pick them up and drop them either.

5-10 signature maneuvers:

1) Condor’s Wings (Iconoclausm – flipping crucifix slam from the turnbuckle)

2) La Raeta (leaping roundhouse kick to the face)

3) Triangle jump enzuigiri
4) Many other kinds of kicks and flippy kicks
5) Missile dropkick
6) Moonsault
7) Hurricanrana
8) Double stomp
9) Enzuigiri

Finishing maneuver:

Sol de Lavatamiento (Ki-Krusher)


Wrestler Name: Lisa Loeh
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 144 lbs
Hometown: Tampa, Florida
Birthdate: 1986

Physical appearance: Lisa is every bit the tanned toned beach babe you'd expect someone from Tampa to be. She's short, curvy, and has that "you can tell she's muscular even though she doesn't look it" build. You want to compare her to Trish Stratus, feel free.
Attire: These days, it is usually black jean shorts cut to the very top of her thighs, and very tight heavy metal band T-shirts tied at the midsection (with a sports bra underneath just in case).

Face or heel?: Negotiable
Gimmick: Would be manager of champions. Lisa doesn't just select the wrestlers that work for her for their ability, but to show off her own managerial ability. At least, that's what she'd like people to think - really it's pretty obvious she's just begging in favors from people she already knows. But reality dropkicked Lisa in the face during her DEFIANCE run, and she's genuinely trying to make something of herself and do right by her clients. Though, she knows enough about the business to know that it needs bad guys, and that Stevens is better as a bad guy. On the other hand Losantio is better as a good guy, and YAZ is equally good as both. So, that's why alignment is Negotiable.

Brief biography: Lisa Loeh was a fitness competitor and tri-athlete before deciding to wrestle. She tried out for Cito Conarri's Wrestling Inferno and was accepted. Lisa quickly proved to have both a lot of natural athleticism and natural talent - along with some undesirable personality traits, such as failing to love "the business" and aspiring to achieve as much fame with as little effort as possible.

This lasted for about 8 years of an underachieving career. She had ended up in DEFIANCE, forcing her way into the Tres Brujas team and the Truly Untouchables stable, when she was backstabbed by her teammate Diane Parker and kicked out of the T-UTs. Seeking revenge, she brought YAZ and Stevens over to DEFIANCE from Japan and formed a trios team with them. The team, which ended up named White Hot Anger, ended up playing good guys against the Truly Untouchables, and Lisa was suddenly confronted with the fact that over the years of letting other people do the work for her, her skills had slipped. Badly.

When WHA was released from DEFIANCE due to budget cuts/roster cleanup, Lisa went to Japan with Stevens and YAZ and began trying to put her game back together. She also began managing them with their interests in mind, as opposed to her own. That attitude change is why Paco Losantio finally agreed to work for her.

With the international roster she'd always wanted, Lisa renamed White Hot Anger to J-MAX (Japan-Mexico-America, YAZ-Losantio-Stevens). Because the big money is in the American markets, Lisa signed J-Max to RLW. She doesn't intend to wrestle in RLW herself at this time.


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Dec 30, 2011
Vancouver, BC
Re: Orange Mist, funny you should mention that. When my guy Sam Hill wore a mask and wrestled as Agent ORANGE he'd blow an orange mist on occasion. Thus we can assume it is a defoliant.
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Aug 26, 2008
Apparently PURPLE causes momentarily distraction and memory loss.


When you say defoliant for the orange mist are you talking about the skin coming off?


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Apr 16, 2012
St. Louis, MO
Let it be known that all sorts of colors of mist are going to be canonically explored in RLW. Even some of the unlisted colors.
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