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Jake Evans


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Apr 12, 2012
I may regret this.....but Wade talked me into it....if you get this sucker up and rolling again.....

Your real name: Chris Hopper
Your email address: CJI_hopper132@comcast.net
Yahoo IM nickname: hopper_family_3
Character have a website? (put address here): Nope

Wrestler's Name: Jake Evans
Height: 6'4"
Weight: 252 lbs.
Age: 40 yrs old
Birthdate: October 24, 1971

Orientation: Heel (draws mega-heat)

Manager/Valet (Optional): NONE
Describe manager/valet's appearance and attitude: N/A

Hometown: Red Mountain, North Carolina

Appearance and ring attire: Jake Evans has very short brown hair, which is receeding badly and very thin on the front above the forehead. He has a thin brown beard and blue eyes. He is very strong, but not terribly muscular. His strength has a more "farm boy" look to it. His arms are stocky, but very firm and strong. He has a moderately hary chest and arms. He has a few minor scars from past battles (a half inch scar over his left eye, 3 inch scar on his right shoulder just above the bicep, and a 2 inch scar on his left side right in the middle of his ribcage). He wears basic black tights and black boots when he wrestles. And usually is seen in blue jeans, t-shirts, denim....basic country boy attire when he does interviews and such.

Wrestler's personality: Can you say Old School? Jake utterly hates the "attitude era" that had come about in professional wrestling. He is determined to succeed as an old-fashioned heel. He is brash, wise-cracking, and cuts some of the best heel promos. He is also one of the dirtiest players in the game. He uses many cheating tactics to turn the tide of matches (ie - throwing fire, low blows, eye pokes, etc). He hates extreme matches (TLC, Inferno, etc etc), but doesn't have a problem with the "old school" style of "big matches" (such as cage matches, first blood, and death matches). He believes that he can hurt someone just as bad in a regular match as many guys can in an "extreme" match....and he's right.

Primary Wrestling Style: Mat Technician/suplex specialist
Secondary Style: Brawling
Emergency Style: Cheating (well honestly it isn't emergency....he'll cheat anywhere anytime)

Entrance Theme Music: "Kick It In the Sticks" by Brantley Gilbert


20 favorite moves (Please describe each move if needed):
[these are in addition to the normal basic moveset for a technician like Evans. So punch, kick, bodyslam, etc are not listed here.]
1) Brainbuster
2) Russian Legsweep
3) DDT
4) Backbreaker
5) Piledriver
6) Figure Four Leglock
7) Trailer Park Slam (Arn Anderson/Big Bossman finisher)
8) Atomic Drop
9) Running Bulldog
10) Running Powerslam
11) Vertical Suplex
12) Belly-to-Back Suplex
13) German Suplex
14) T-Bone Suplex
15) Death Valley Driver
16) Fall-away Slam
17) High Impact Clothesline
18) STF
19) Thesz Press (This is where he leaps up and tackles an opponent
from in front and lands on his chest....immediately
punching the lights out of his face)
20) Powerbomb

Main Finishing move: "Light's Out" [Stunner]

Set up move for Main Finisher: Kick to the gut

Back-up Finisher: "The Hurtlocker" [Texas Cloverleaf]

1) Technical Skill and Ring Savvy. Has a vast knowledge of wrestling moves. Rarely gets outwrestled by his opponents. He also always seems to know where he is in the ring and knows all the veteran tricks of the trade.

2) Toughness/Stamina. Not many guys can be so rough and tough for such a long period of time in the ring.

3) Cockiness and Cheating. The man is one of the best wrestlers around (which he is never shy about sharing), but he's also one of the dirtiest players in the game and he backs up everything he says in his rants and taunts.

1) Artheritis. He is 40 years old and has been in wrestling for over a decade. His joints are sore and at times swollen from artheritis.

2) Gets way too "into" the beatings he doles out. Soemtimes misses the forest for the trees. Basically he will focus on beating one guy down, and he sometimes misses attacks and hurts his tag team (if he is on one at the time)

3) Regrets. His wrestling career has taken it's tool on his family life. (As you will read in the profile) He has been divorced and hasn't been "home" in over 4 years. These regrets have caused him to go out and tie one on many times over. Some of these have been rectified, but his relationships with his family are strained, at best.


Jake Evans is a fourth generation wrestler. His family is basically a two-profession unit. His Mother came from a prominent tobacco farming family in North Carolina, who happen to also control roughly 15% of the total tobacco raised in North Carolina with their several farms. His Father, Steve Evans, was a wrestler (Wrestling all over the world as infamous "Playboy" Stevie Ray from 1958-1969); just like his Father before him (Jarrett Evans, Jr. wrestled under the name "Lone Wolf" Brady Kane from 1930 to 1940 before going off to fight in World War I) and his Father before him (Jarrett Evans, Sr. wrestled under his own name from 1908 to 1922). The men in the Evans wrestling line seemed to run one certain line; they wrestled for 10-15 years and then hung it up and started a family.

Jake's Father wanted something different for his son. He was married to a beautiful lady whose family were very successful tobacco farmers, and he knew that his son could actually own and operate his own farm one day if he worked hard enough. However Jake had his own plans. Wrestling was in his blood from watching the tapes of his Dad wrestling matches from before he was born. He loved the storytelling that a match could do. He always would horse around with his Father just hoping his dad would teach him a move or hold from his wrestling days. However his Father stood his ground and only talked about tobacco farming and how successful Jake could be at it if he wanted to be. Jake turned out to be a decent student. His High School was quite small, and Jake stood out in a crowd due to his 6'4" frame. The desire to wrestle continued to dwell in him even as he applied to college to study Agriculture and prepare for the farm work his Father dreamed for him.

While at college he met a lovely young lady named Mindy. They dated for three years and got married; and within a year had their first child (a baby girl named Stephanie). Mindy knew of Jake's desire to be a wrestler and even encouraged him to take amateur wrestling class in college to get it out of his system. Problem was that when he was getting stretched and taught all sorts of ways to punish a man...he loved every minute of it. His love for the sport began to grow even more than his love for the stories involved in it. During his final year of college, he joined a wrestling school on the side and trained 3 nights per week with them. Mindy had no knowledge of this at first, but she found out and a fight ensued. Mindy was not the kind of girl who felt at ease with thinking her husband would not be home every night, especially now that she was four months pregnant with twin boys. They finally reached a compromise that allowed Jake to wrestle his first very low-budget independent show in 1993 at the age of 22.

It was there that a small-time Indy promoter from Texas saw something in this young talent. Jake was cast as a babyface, but for some reason he gave up on working the crowd the moment his opponent connected much stiffer than expected with a punch. Jake was now just trying to hurt the man he was "scripted" to lose to. He went off and began using the submission techniques he learned in his college course and began working stiff with this guy. When the match was over, his opponent was unconscious and down for the three count. The crowd went apenuts for him (because he was the face even if he didn't pander to them), however the promoter of the league was upset. His top heel just got wasted in front of 3,000 fans by a brand new rookie. He fired Jake and began berating him for his stupidity inside the ring. Jake's temper flared and he attacked the promoter, punching him out and then throwing his body into a vending machine nearby. The promoter has a limp to this very day.

The promoter watching the matches that night was Clayton Williams. He quickly found a still angry Evans after the show and talked to him about coming to his fledgling league to be a nasty heel. The catch was that he had to move to Phoenix, Arizona and sign a two-year contract with the league. Upon hearing this news, Mindy went into a frenzy....and into labor. After many hours in the delivery room and a month in the maternity ward, Zachary and Cory Evans were brought home to their proud parents. Knowing she had to stay home with the kids for the next few years, Mindy was even more insistent about Jake going home to work on the tobacco farms. However Jake was offered a decent amount of money to wrestle in Arizona, and so a deal was struck. He would wrestle through that contract and then go to North Carolina after his wrestling dream had been realized.

Once in Phoenix, he quickly began learning more about the wrestling business. The SWCW (SouthWestern Championship Wrestling) was very small, but its fanbase was rabidly loyal to the talent. A few months into his run there, he was quickly one of the most over undercard workers around and this didn't go unnoticed by the head promoter. Mr. Williams offered him a 5 year contract extension with considerably more money and a merchandise provision as their TV deal became more expanded. Seeing dollar signs and the opportunity to do what he loved before anything else, Jake signed the extension....yet never told Mindy a thing about it.

As the original contract came to an end, Jake was becoming the main event level heel in SWCW. He had managed a Television Title reign and a run as a World Tag Champion as well. When the old contract ended, Jake's wife began thinking of moving back east. This forced Jake to tell Mindy about the extension he had signed 14 months earlier. She was terribly upset. The fight was nasty and led to Mindy taking the kids back to North Carolina and leaving Jake in Phoenix.

Jake sank deep into his career. Became one of the greatest wrestlers the Southwest areas of the United States had ever seen. However his reputation as a hot head behind the scenes kept the "bog boys" from throwing offers his way. After numerous additional Television Title reigns, another World Tag Title Reign, and 2 National Title Reigns (the highest regarded SWCW Title); Jake's meal ticket died out. The Era of Attitude hit in 1998-99 and promotions began having to go further and get more extreme to hold the interest of the casual fans. SWCW didn't change and stayed more "old school". This decision caused the league to run into financial difficulties as the sponsorship had began to garner less cash flow and the amount of people attending shows and watching the TV show were less and less. SWCW was forced to close down in early 2000.

Jake bounced around from place to place. Jake even tried going back to North Carolina and re-establishing contact with his kids...but Mindy had moved on and moved somewhere in Ohio. The divorce had been final for over 4 years and Jake's regrets fueled his wrestling passion. If he wasn't going to have a family, he intended to be the best wrestler around. However, he wasn't needed as much because he wouldn't conform to this new era. So he basically played the "old school heel" for a few extreme promotions, but never found a home.

Evans worked in such top tier leagues as AWMC, SCWE and RVRL, but never had a ton of time to catch on. AWMC never got off the ground very far before closing and the same can be said about RVRL in 2006. In between those stops was a successful run in 2002-03 in Squared Circle Wrestlign Entertainment (SCWE) where Evans managed to take the TV title a couple of times and team up with Jessee Williams to win the tag titles for a brief time. However just when it looked like a top tier push against Jessee Williams was in order, SCWE folded amid scandelous bookkeeping and Evans once again fell just short of a possible World Title.

That was until SPW came calling. After viewing some Indy wrestling shows on tape, Shootfire Pro higher-ups saw potential for Jake Evans. They felt he was a pure heel that could work well against faces, tweeners, and even against other heels. Evans signed a deal to work for SPW and faltered a little in his beginning. Jake took a role as an enforcer for Steve Greedy's stable and played his role well, but got lost int he shuffle.

Evans found life rough after Greedy left SPW and even faltered through storylines involving both The Mercenary and Gabriel Thorn. Jake finally found his "voice" though. Re-inventing himself as the southern man everybody fears. Using the slogan "Everybody fears Jake Evans" and also hurling Chuck Norris-type "facts" out....the fans really learned to hate the Tar-Heeled Redneck.

Jake got a chance to challenge for the Platinum Title and "defeated" Art Blake for the title when Blake failed to show up for the match. Evans was named champion of the "pure wrestling" division of the company....a distinction he laughed about being a pure brawler by nature. Evans defended the Platinum Title regularly, but lost the belt to The Mercenary thanks to help from outgoing CEO "Top Dog" Rick Styles.

Then came his title breakout when forced to team with "Hangman" Caleb Walters in the tag tournament for a World Tag Title shot. Evans and Walters didn't mesh right away, losing their first match, but after some time together realized they shared a lot of basic character traits and the "Southern Violence Confederacy" (SVC) was born!

The team was a heel hit that fans loved to hate, but also craved their violence. Jake and Caleb ran rampshod through the rest of the draw and the team was so over as heels, SPW management changed the finals of the Army of Two to include the tag champs and put the belts on the line! SVC won the World Tag Titles and elevated both Walters and Evans to new heights within SPW. Durign the team's run, it is an arguable point that no tag team could compete with the southern boys and they knew it.

During this time, Jake challenged "Deadpool" Ian Chirstoph for the SPW Diamond Title. There was no reason for the challenge as the Diamond Division was the "hardcore" division within SPW, but Jake also knew that challenging and possibly winning every title possible was the best way to get noticed by fans and the SPW higher ups....so he agreed to the match. Jake defeated Christoph in a brutal match to win the SPW Diamond Title., while simultaneously holding the SPW World Tag Team Titles with Walters. Making him one of the few to hold both tag team and singles titles at the same time in SPW history.

Evans held onto the belt for a long time, defeating Christoph in his rematch, Stevie Erickson in his debut/final match in SPW and also against his own tag team partner, Caleb Walters. Evans' mettle was finally tested in a Circus Net Deathmatch against Dave Pietka, Andrew Davis and SPW Platinum Champion Dan Broussard at Charity Carnage 2009. The first submission would win the Platinum belt, the first pinfall would take the Diamond. Evans walked away with the SPW Platinum Title while Dave Pietka would win the Diamond Championship. It turned out to be Jake's final match in SPW.

During an extended period of down time, Jake decided to test the waters of offers that were out there. Despite being the SPW Platinum Champion and a half of the SPW World Tag Team Champions....Jake visited PVW and ICWF along with his partner Caleb Walters. Jake walked away from SPW and he and Walters signed with ICWF in March of 2009. Jake's stay didn't last long, however.

During their debut in-ring for the ICWF, Walters snapped and viciously attacked Jake. Caleb's attack left Jake with an injured neck. It was not a career threatening injury, but it did give Jake pause for recovery time and he decided to return in early 2010 to the ill-fated GWA association in the RW region, but that region pulled out of GWA and folded after only one show and Jake decided he needed to try and repair his family life...His ex-wife was struggling, so Jake moved closer to their old home and opened a wrestling school. There he trained young men in the art of professional wrestling and even turned the results of his students into a decently successful little promition in the North Carolina mountains that would draw a few hundred fans each week.

After a couple of years out of the limelight and working in the training school, Jake decided he still covets that world title. The one title that has never been around his waist. Add to that the fact his sons turned 18 in May 2012 and getting the wrestling bug themselves (much to his ex-wife's chagrin), made it even more important that he shut his school/territory down and go back into the business. He has signed on to return to the ring iwith an open contract with IWF. Jake knows that competing with kids half his age will make it a tough task, but this Southern rebel will be ready to kick some ass and make his way to his first World Title.

The question is this: Is IWF ready to feel the fear?

Anything else we should know about your character?:
SWCW Match of the Year - won in 1994, 1996, 1999
SWCW Best Technical Wrestler - won in 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999
SWCW Most Hated Wrestler Award - won in 1994, 1995, 1996, 1998, 1999
SWCW Wrestler of the Year - won in 1994, 1995, 1998, 1999
Rated #14 in 2008 JTF Year End Awards top 100

Former 2-time SWCW National Champion
Former 6-time SWCW Television Champion
Former 2-time SWCW World Tag Team Champion
Former 2-time SCWE Television Champion
Former SCWE National Tag Team Champion
Former 2-time SCWE Volunteer Heavyweight Champion
Former SPW World Tag Team Champion
Former 2-time SPW Platinum Champion (retired title)
Former SPW Diamond Champion

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