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Jason Payne *UPDATED 6/2/08*

Jason Payne

New member
Jan 1, 2000
Great Mills, Maryland
Name: Jason
Email Address: jasonpayne@pingsteal.net
AIM/Yahoo Messenger: nfwpayne
Preferred Method of Handling: (FW Promo, Freestyle RP,)
Best Way to Contact you: (PM)


Name: Jason Payne
Nicknames: 'Too Hot for NFW', 'The Dog of War'

Height: 6', 7"
Weight: 297
Handedness: Right

Looks: Payne's appearance hasn't changed too much since he was last seen in NFW. The outlandishly long goatee is gone, replaced my a short moustache and goatee. His hair is slightly longer than it was previously. Whenever he is not in the ring, he simply pulls it back into a ponytail.

Hailing From: Payneville, Kentucky

Disposition: Pissed off at the world in general.
Gimmick: While being hated and despised for his lack of cooperation during the second Ultratitle tournament, Payne took a long sabbitcal from wrestling in order to heal various injuries that have plagued him throughout the last few years. Returning at Wrestlestock to an insane reception, Payne's sheer focus is winning the NFW World Championship. While his affiliation is that of a face currently, he is not your traditional face that never cheats, or holds himself to a high standard. Payne still pulls out all the stops in order to come out on top. In fact, if you could call it a gimmick, it is that of a pit fighter/shoot fighter hellbent on making it ot the top, though this really isn't a far departure from who Jason payne really is.

Ring Attire: Payne wears a black singlet, with silver tights with blue flames coming up from the ankles of his tights. His wrestling boots are black motorcycle boots with several securing straps around the leg. The boots come up about mid shin.

Theme Music: Dogs of War' by Pink Floyd.

Ring Entrance: As the guitar riff from his theme song screeches and pounds through the arena, the lights go out, and strobe lights activate all over the ramp. Smoke rises from the front of the entrance way and Payne slowly makes his way out of the back. Payne will stand at the top of the ramp and survey the crowd for a moment before stalking to ringside in a slow deliberate manner. Once in the ring, Payne will pace the ring, looking around before walking to the center of the ring, and raising his right fist into the air, his 'salute' to all the Dogs of War, and Payniacs worldwide.

Tactics/Style: Hardcore/Brawler, however Payne has been known to throw in the surprise technical move into his moveset every once in awhile. Mostly though, Payne is all about power, and inflicting as much damage as possible. Payne avoids moves off the top rope at all times. He is a non high flyer.

Strengths: 1. Sheer physical presence - Jason Payne is a large man. While not the biggest man to ever set foot in the business, his physical stature is imposing. Add to this, his voice is deep, and resonates with an unspoken authority, even when he restrains it to normal conversation. His entire manner in which he conducts himself, both in and out of the ring, give the image of someone who would not take it lightly if you pissed him off.

2. Deceptive - Most people look at Payne and understand that it's his power game that brought him to where he is. And while his power set is quite impressive, most forget that he was once a tag-team partner of Chris McMillan, one of the most technically sound wrestlers of his day. Payne has been known to work opponents over with submissions and wear down holds in order to catch an opponent off guard.

3. NFW Veteran Instinct - Jason Payne has been around NFW for six years. In that time, he has watched every freak and geek walk through and out of the door. Having been exposed to all manner of gimmicks, attitudes, transvestites, qualuded porn entreprenuers, self serving maniacal bookers who book themselves to win accolade after accolade, and other psychotic types, Payne has a knowledge of the NFW pond, and knows how to swim these waters without fear of being eaten alive.

Weaknesses: 1. Unwilling to take unnecessary risks - While Payne was never known as a high flyer, prior to his injury during the Dog Collar match with McMillan in Season 1, it was not uncommon for the big man to go for the top rope in a last ditch move to finish off an opponent. These days, Payne is unwilling to take such risks as he relies simply on his ability to beat his opponents down in order to secure victory.

2. Volatile temper - Jason Payne would have you believe that he is in control at all times. However as history has shown, his temper has gotten the better of him in several situations, and it's cost him on more than one occasion. Payne's temper can leave him with a bad case of tunnel vision, and instead of concentrating on the big picture, he'll try and alter the results to serve his own ends, and by doing so, can completely undo his own progress in the process.

3. Payne is an island - In a business where friendship is hard to come by, and trust a near myth, Jason Payne stands alone. He has no friends, only enemies. The current landscape of NFW is laden with self serving individuals whose purpose are not yet totally clear. This leaves Payne with few choices when it comes to allies.


Jason Payne comes across as someone that is purely about overpowering his opponent, and while that might be the case, Payne will also try and outwit opponents. It's not uncommon for Payne to watch tapes of his opponents wrestling matches for weeks in preparation for a big match. He will look for any weakness to exploit, and then will exploit it heavily.

While Payne is a cold calculating figure, he's not above getting his hands dirty. In fact, he quite enjoys it. There is literally nothing that Payne won't do to win a match. He has totally thrown out his code of ethics, and lives only to serve himself and himself only. I'll use anything, anyone, and everything to get ahead. No matter who or what it is.

Payne will not use moves off the ropes after the neck injury he suffered during Season One. Call it a latent fear if you want, but ever since then, Payne has evolved into not taking aerial risks. That's not to say that somewhere down the line however, it might be something he is forced to do. But for all intents and purposes, he will not use the top rope.

Payne has one primary finishing move, and one rarely used alternate. His primary finishing move is The Payne Killer. The Payne Killer is a full nelson slam that can be applied in most situations as needed. Whether off the ropes, or by ducking a punch, Payne can pull this finisher out of most situations.

Payne's alternate finisher, Anesthesia, is a simple Cobra Clutch type submission that Payne employs in order to try and choke out his opponents. This finisher is only used mainly on opponents that are physically too large to be put through a Payne Killer. Given Payne perceived lack of technical wrestling ability, this move is rarely seen, however, under the right matchwriting/storyline conditions, such a move from Payne could be surprising.


The story of Jason Payne is legend. His grandfather getting interested in wrestling at the tender age of five, there was nothing else he ever wanted to be. In his teens, he began to train at the Basham-Schultz Wrestling Academy which was run by Dave "The Bear" Schultz.

During his time there, he met another up and coming wrestler by the name of Chris McMillan. Chris and Jason formed an instant friendship and soon ended up tagging together for shows out of the wrestling school they attended. Calling themselves the Dogs of War, they set the south on fire with scorching hot promos and a tag team efficiency that was out of this world.

However they never seemed destined for the big time, and in the end, Jason quit wrestling in order to start a military career. However that ended abruptly after he struck an officer. Jobless and dishonorably discharged from the military, Payne went back to wrestling. After touring the country he eventually ended up in NFW, where his old partner, Chris McMillan was seeing some moderate success.

Coming into NFW, Payne and Chris engaged in one of the hottest feuds that promotion had ever seen. The waged war over the northeast and had two stellar matches. One at the PPV, Futureshock, and another during Week 5 of Season One's chase for the Ultratitle.

It would be this second encounter that would provide Jason Payne with his ultimate test to date. This was a Dog Collar match. During the match, Payne went for a move off the top rope, but McMillan pulled him off and hung him. Payne's neck was severely injured, but in one of the gutsiest moves in NFW history, Payne came back from the edge of paralysis and pulled out an amazing win.

That would be the last that NFW would see of Payne for several months. Towards the end of Season One, Payne reappeared and seemed prime to rid NFW of all the evil doers within. However, as quick as Payne reappeared, he disappeared again, waiting for the right time to come back.

Given an offer to come back to NFW for Season Two, Payne signed on the dotted line and returned to NFW for one more year. Payne's run so far in Season Two has seen its highs and lows. His performance this year is much better than last years, however he still has a long way to go before he transcends to the next level.

However on his road to the Ultratitle, it seems that all the pure wrestling talent has been falling by the wayside, while all the freaks and geeks of the promotion seem to be given more and more success. Having had enough, Payne has suddenly rebelled against the promotion that made him a star, cutting scathingly hot promos against not only fellow wrestlers, but the owners of the company as well.

NFW took small actions against Payne, silencing his entrance music and taking away his pyro. Play by play announcers began focusing on Payne's glaring drawbacks as a wrestler instead of pushing him. This only served to make Payne even angrier, and he responded by brazenly calling out the head booker of NFW East, Michael Manson. Manson mocked Payne in a supposed submission match, bringing him out in a clown suit and attempted to force him to milk a goat. Payne rebelled against Manson and attacked him and several other wrestlers during the Wild Card rounds of the NFW playoffs.

Payne ended his hopes of an Ultratitle himself by walking out during a match with Yori Yakamo Jr. Severing ties with the East, Payne showed up on Western Conference television spewing venom towards Craig Miles. Miles trumped Payne's appearance though by offering him the one thing he's sought for so long, an NFW World Championship match at Wrestlebowl. In that match, Payne met up against newly crowned NFW Champion Kin Hiroshi, and the obviously disturbed Mittens T. Cat, in a triple threat match. Though Payne was dominant against his two smaller opponents, shady officiating by Mike Randalls and surprise intervention from former champion Felix Red, saw Kin Hiroshi retain his World Championship.

His one opportunity having slipped through his fingers, Jason Payne puts the blame for this squarely on the shoulders of both Mike Randalls and Craig Miles, as well as both NFW management and it's fans as a whole. Angrily, Payne walked out of NFW as the Ultratitle tournament was coming to a close. Using the time off to heal many nagging injuries, Payne decided that it was time to make a return, and to leave his mark on the landscape of NFW. At Wrestlestock, he returned during the T.V. Title Royale. While not winning the event, he made a huge impact on many NFW superstars. His direction from here is not clear, however if the past is any indication, wherever Payne goes, there will be a trail of bodies left in his wake.


Divide 120 Points between:


(Hint: Numbers ending in 0 and 5 minimizes your potential attack/defense values, try 1's and 6's)

Provide a 20-set movelist as follows:

1-5: Basic Holds/Strikes/Takedowns
Basic chain wrestling moves (armbars, hammerlocks, side headlocks)
Spinebuster Takedown
Mongolian Chops
Knife Edge Chops
Short-Arm Clothesline

6-15: Wear Down/Mid-Late Match Holds
Rear Chinlock variations (such as with a knee in the back etc)
Sidewalk Slam
Powerbomb (any variation of such as sit-out, Jackknife)
Piledriver (multiple variations)
Rear Naked Choke

16-18: Signature/Special Holds
Tree of Woe

19: Set-up
There really isn't any setup for his finisher. Payne has been known to pull the Payne Killer out of anywhere. With his strength, once gotten into a full nelson, most victims can't hope to power out of his grasp.

20: Finisher
Payne Killer - Full Nelson Slam

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