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Johnny Raike


League Member
Feb 21, 2015
- Handler Name: Joey
- Contact Info: Will PM
- Current EFed: Warped, tacitly EWC
- Are you representing that EFed with this character?: Not especially
- Is anyone else from your EFed entered in Battlemania? Rottentreats

Character Name: Johnny Raike "The Most Liberated Man in Professional Wrestling" "The American Wet Dream" "The Beautiful Nightmare"
Height: 6'1
Weight: 195
Hometown: Salt Lake City, Utah
Theme Song: "Pure Morning" by Placebo
Alignment: Mostly heel
Wrestling Style: Catch-as-catch-can with an emphasis on kicks
10 Favorite Move(s):
Back/eye rake
School boy
Wide variety of kicks
Russian Leg Sweep
Jaw breaker
Reverse atomic drop
5 Signature Move(s):
Yakuza kick
Baby Ace Crusher(ace crushing to kneeling opponent.)
Pele kick
Tiger Suplex Pin
Set-up Move: Gooses opponents to get them to stand up
Finishing Move: Pleasure Seeker
Finishing Maneuver Description: Duat Driver/Worst Case Scenario
Finishing Move: Full Frontal
Finishing Maneuver Description: Small Package Driver
Character Details: Johnny Raike was born in 1984 in Salt Lake City, Utah to conservative Christian parents. The going theory is he was swapped at the hospital, because Johnny has never fit into that world. An early bloomer in all respects Johnny was first kicked out of the house at 13 before being forever banned at the age of 16 for sleeping with a preacher's daughter in his parents bed. His reaction? "Good thing they didn't know about the preacher's son." Johnny turned to street fighting to fill in the gaps from his days couch surfing and found a talent for it and a love of the attention it afforded him, good or bad.

Johnny is covered in an ever growing variety of tattoos and piercings, and defines himself largely by his male model good looks. Shortish brown hair matches deep brown eyes, he prides himself on his perfect teeth and amazing ass. This second part is most noticible by his ring shorts, which are skin tight and acid green, with "Want Me" written across the back. The ensemble is completed with shiny thigh high vinyl boots, in a matching acid green.

Johnny's main accomplishments came in the world of Total Mayhem Wrestling, where he was a first night Hardcore champion, the East Coast champion, Total Vendetta Champion, one time holder of both tag belts, and winner of death match tournament known as the silver crown. He credits his best moment as the time he insulted the entire roster in two sentences or less. He has recently worked for FGA, HKW, Warped, and been the 24/7 Champion for EWC.

Anything else you think we’d need to know about a character in order to write them into the Battlemania event? Has no shame. None.
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