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Judas vs. Damien Stone


Damian Stone


I guess it is now time. It will be Onslaught where we get to see the man that many have called "The Most Dangerous Man In Wrestling Today." But that was years ago. So many have followed that line of nicknames...doing things that were already invented to do by the man himself, and yet they call them their own. So, when GXW came and said he had a contract, he jumped. He knew the past would come back and haunt him, but it wasn't the past he was after. No...it was the future. At the age of 22, Damian has already secured a small legacy and could have walked away from the sport after the closing of one of the greatest feds he was ever apart of, SCW. But it was the fact that there were those that thought that he still didn't have it in him. It was those people that challenge him to climb to new heights and achieve things that most people would never ever do. It gives him the power and the energy to drive on, through the past, and attempt to conqueor the biggest prize that he can see: the World Title. The climb: it will be the toughest he has ever faced with foes that have kicked his tail so many times that it is not even funny. But these are desperate times...and desperate times call for desperate measures. So desperate...that to get someone who knows little about him to come and be his manager was very important. It's desperate enough for him to call upon aid that he hasn't had to call on since the 99 campaign. It's desperate enough...to call out a man who has the power to snuff out Damian with a wipe of a pen. These are desperate times...

[Fade into Forest Park in St. Louis, MO. We see people walking down the gravel path...some jogging...some biking. Off in the corner, we see people BBQing and having a good time. As the camera pans around, we see Damian Stone and his manager, Echo, sitting on a park bench. Stone is in windbreaker pants and a grey t-shirt. Echo is in sweatpants and a black t-shirt. Both look to have been working out...running probably...and as we see the sweat resedue on D's shirt. His long, blonde hair is matted to his face as he drinks a bottle of Fruit Punch gatorade. His left eye is squinted, due to the bright light, while we see the sweat being soaked up by Stone's eyepatch. Echo looks to be breathing hard...smiling...as she speaks]

Echo: Is it my imagination or are you getting slower?

D: I better not be...after what happened last night...getting slower is NOT high on my things to do after winning a title in another federation. In fact, it's the LAST thing on my mind.

Echo: After the knock on my head I got last night, I don't have much on my mind besides pain killer, actually I don't have anything on my mind besides that. Well that and thinking about or newest match line up.

D: [sits up] Newest match line up...from who? Which federation? EUWC or GXW?

Echo: GXW of course...you're booked on Onslaught

D: [frown] I guess that means I'll be starting on the bottom again. It seems to be harder and harder to do that when you're getting high praise from one person and crap from another. Who's the competion this week?

Echo: Some guy named Judas...

D: *coughs*ISCARIOT*coughs*

Echo: Hardly...unless he came back from Hell and aged for awhile.

D: [leans back in the bench] Anything you can tell me about him?

Echo: Other than finishing moves and his entrance, not really. I looked everywhere in the federation for some information or history, but couldn't find much. He hasn't been around in quite a while.

D: Well, I hope to be pleasantly suprised with the man when he wrestles at Onsalught...or this might be the start of another streak.

Echo: I LOOK forward to the start of another streak.

D: Why? [looks at her puzzled]

Echo: Because it means that I am doing my job well.

D: That is true. But you get no respect for destroying hapeless victims...wait...no, these people aren't that hapeless...nor are they victims. They just aren't doing their job that well.

Echo: Well, for me, instead of respect, I get a sore body and a bump on my head...

D: [chuckles] Some things even I cannot explain. [looks at her] Should we go ahead and head on back to the house?

Echo: I guess so if you're worn out...

D: I'm not worn out...but we do have business to take care of. There are a couple of things that we need to discuss concerning the GXW and that other federation. So...who's driving?

[he gets up and walks over to a plush leather, black, Dodge Viper Convertible. Echo follows]

Echo: I am...you scare the crap out of me when you drive.

D: But...it's the manager's job to wear the gold when his client wins it.

Echo: HIS client????? In case you haven't noticed [said as she climbs in the drivers seat], I am a woman, and can drive and wear gold. Since I am not male, I can do more than one thing at one time.

D: Well then, give me my title...[takes the belt off of the passenger seat and places it on his shoulder. It reades EUWC International Champion] . Hurry up and get out of here. You can't go sixty in Forest Park.

[looks at her as he says this]

Since when did you learn to drive a seven?

Echo: [evil smile] I've always been good at driving a stick...

[Damian hops into the car and looks at her in shock, and, as most guys would do, applaud her for the righteous cut that she just did. Stone speaks]

D: Let's go...

[They speed off]


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