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"Just thinking, man, just thinking..." -- Greer


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Oct 19, 2004
[Welcome to that oh-so-wet slow fade, baby. This is how we do it, it's how we've always done it. Team Danger giving that underground, old-school love. Cue it.]

[Slow fade up.]

"Is this all there is?"

[We find Stephen Greer, hero of all heroes, sitting at a bus stop. It's pitch black, which for you not-so-bright type means "night time". Greer sits beneath a flickering streetlight, a bottle in his hand. Sirens can be heard in the distance and gunfire in the immediate.]

Greer: Is there ever going to be a time where this interests me more than casually? Will I ever find the time to devote myself completely, whole-heartedly and passionately? Will any of you out there ever bring out the demons again?

[He downs a huge swig from what we now see is a fifth of Southern Comfort. He wipes away the residue left behind with the sleeve of his black "TapouT" hoodie.]

Greer: Doubtful.

[Enter Kelly Evans. Her attire turns no heads in this part of town, but for most, "prostitute" would be the guess. Short black miniskirt, fishnet stockings, black stiletto heels and a black leather boustier and the package is complete. She takes her place next to her partner and opens her Dolce & Gabana handbag, something that DOES make her stand out amongst the "working girls".]

Evans: Are we still drinking and pontificating?

[Greer downs more of the fiery liquid into his gullet as Evans removes her cigarettes from her bag, lights one and takes a long slow drag, releasing the smoke from her crimson-coated lips as she nestles into Greer's ribcage.]

Greer: I want a challenge, Kelly. I want someone to inspire me. I'm not trying to be smug either, I'm dead serious. The best anyone has done lately is trying to set us on fire. Damian Dante Stone? What the **** is that about? Is doing to us something we did to others YEARS ago going to shake us? Never. Be innovative, be original, don't use our own material against us.

[The drinks continue as Evans adjusts herself on the bench, now sitting with her legs wide open.]

Greer: Texas Lightning tried to shoot on us in some little promo about how great he is. TL, prove to me ONCE that you are better and you can continue cutting those decade old, dead Texas wrestling promos. Your best days are behind you because they never existed. Accept this and move on.

[A car pulls up off-screen and Evans leaves the bench to approach, Greer continues.]

Greer: I guess the point I'm trying to make is that if you want my best game, you're going to have to give me a reason to bring it. If you want to see what I can do, line up some worthy opponents. Bring in some quality opposition. Classy Mike C, I don't care what happens with you. I'm looking beyond you. You might get lucky and score that pinfall, but I'll still have my title match at "Superiority" and I'll still walk out with the belt. And since I've done my quota and mentioned your pitiful existence, I can move on to the important matches.

[Evans returns to the bench, clutching a switchblade in her hand, wiping it on her skirt in a back and forth motion before sitting down once more. She begins to spin the knife in her fist.]

Greer: "Superiority." How appropriate. Team Danger proved at Blood Bath that we are the hands-down greatest competitors the EUWC has ever seen. Our first match in this place and we DESTROY every tag team on the roster and take the belts. Less than an hour later, we dominate the Blood Bath match and I walk out the victor, a guaranteed World Title Shot in my grasp.

And then I waited. And waited. And waited. And then finally, Team Danger defends the belts... and we murder Texas Lightning. Now it's time to do it all again. A big Pay-Per-View and Team Danger gets paid. The EUWC thinks they'll cripple us by putting us in two matches each, but I might ask you, did that work at Blood Bath? No, of course it didn't. Why must we prove you wrong again?

Is having us kill the Moundfields again going to prove anything aside from how weak your Tag Team division is? And speaking of which, why THEM of all the teams? Is it because they're aligning themselves with Classy Mike C to form some new group?

[Evans pokes at her breast with the knife, chiming in.]

Evans: I thought you already talked about that loser.

Greer: I did indeed, but thoughts circled and found him again in the company of two men that we crippled not once, but twice. Do you really want to walk this path again, guys? Do you want us to end you as we did Nero and Big G? Please reconsider coming to the ring boys, we might have to make you even more brain damaged than last time.

[Evans has moved the knife to her inner thigh. Pushing harder and harder until the incision is made. Her head rocks back and then forward as she plunges the tip of the blade deeper.]

Greer: And then we move onto Sean Taylor. You've got the belt, I want it. Plain and simple, no frills, no bull****. Come Sunday July tenth we will do it easy... or we'll do it REAL easy. One way or another, I'm leaving with the belt. Enough.

[Greer reaches over and removes the knife from Evans' hand and sticks it into the bench. The blood runs down her thigh as Greer pours the liquor on the wound. Evans arches back and then springs up, seeing headlights approach.]

Greer: World Champion... once again.

[A Ford Econoline van pulls up to the bus stop and rolls the passenger window down. The voice of what seems to be a black male comes from within.]

"You ****ers getting in or what?"

[And it's Tyrone Walker, of course. Greer stands up and opens the door, letting Evans climb in as he follows.]

Walker: It's three in the damn morning. What the hell are you doing out here anyway?

[Greer throws the bottle out the window and looks to his partner.]

Greer: Just thinking man, just thinking.

Walker: Well, think at home next time... and during the day... not when I'm sleeping.

[Walker's laugh causes Greer to chuckle as the van pulls away.]

[Wait for it.]

[Wait for it.]

[Slow fade.]

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