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Justin Sane vs. Jevon Alexander White


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Jan 1, 2000
Springfield, Missouri
Damned if Sane does and damned if he doesn't

[updated:LAST EDITED ON Jun-09-03 AT 08:05 AM (EST)]*{Fade In}

*{The scene opens in front of a GXW: Onslaught backdrop where reporter, Mojo Massey is standing in front of it alongside Mister Jevon Alexander White and his girlfriend/manager, the beautiful Oriental-American, Lillian Watts. Jevon is wearing; white baggy PACO jean shorts, a shiney velvet white Epidemic button up shirt...unbuttoned exposing his ripped darked skinned upper body, white K-Swiss tennis shoes. His long, bleached platinum blond dreadlocks are each individually braided flowing down passed the middle of his back. Lillian is wearing a gold halter top, black tight slacks hugging her slim sexy hips, and matching shiney gold stilletto high heels. The camera crew is in position, let's listen in.}

Mojo Massey: "Here I am am standing next to Mister Jevon White, who will face Justin Sane on Onslaught. Jevon, there are many questions going on through everybody's mind such as is True Living Colors officially finished with David Black venturing out on his own and you?"

Jevon White: "You know Massey, good question man, and a the best answer is David made his bed and now he's lyin in it. As far as TLC being dead, maybe but never that out just yet, but don't expect me to do everything to bring us together. If David wants to go stabbing little animals on PPV television or get mid-evil all over gothac rejects then that's cool, but leave me out of it. I'm doin my thing and he can stick to his thing."

Massey: "So TLC is officially no more."

White: "David better recognize that I won't crawl to him on my hands and knees begging to get back together. If it happens, and TLC becomes a team again...great but if not then it's not my problem, and I ain't sweatin it. Now get off this subject Massey and onto something else."

Massey: "Genesis marked your very first singles debut match and it was a Cruiserweight title ladder match against champion Zell Hunter. Despite the fact that you lost Jevon, the talk is still buzzing that you made a giant impact, you're thoughts on that match."

White: "You know Massey, that was a hellacious match and even though I hate to lose. Regardless I lost to a hell of a champion. Hunter proved to me just why he is the Cruiserweight champion. I do look forward to fighting him, but first I know that I gotta climb my way back and claim what's rightfully mine. Mark my words Hunter, you have my respect but hte next time we fight I won't settle for second best. I will take that title that you hold so dear. I will become the next GXW Cruiserweight champion...

Or better yet, why stop with just that title, why don't I finish where David was unable to attain. Why don't I go after the GXW resident pothead, Boogie Smallz and the GXW Continential title? Yeah I think I will. Boogie, you coward and weaseled away from me with your lame ass excuse."

{White talks in a mock Boogie Smallz impression}

"There's too much black on black crime going on so I'll think I will pass on Jevon's challenge."

{Normal voice}

"I told you that was the most lame excuse I ever heard. I also said that I don't care if you're BLACK, white, pink, blue, pokadot, stripe, handicaped, mentally challenged or just plain gay as hell. This Ghetto muthaf***in freak will layeth the singles greatest whoopin the human race has ever feast their eyes upon. Poetry in motion, true living color, extreme incarnate, motion in the ocean, it's all the same. Such great things are the genetic makeup to the finest speciman you have ever witnessed with your own two eyes. I am the evolution of the GXW. I am the new beginning to the golden age of shangri...mutha...f**kin...LA. So knock it off with the black pride excuses Smallz, put that Continential title on the line against me, and allow me to do what my old friend could only dream before he had to wake up to the reality."

Mojo Massey: "But first, you have to bounce back and work your way up by going through Justin Sane on Onslaught. You're thoughts on Sane?"

White: "My thoughts? Justin Credible...

Massey: "Sane...

White: "Who?"

Massey: "Sane, Justin Sane."

White: "Who?"

Massey: "You know, you're oponant for...

White: "Yeah I know who you're talkin about. Catchy name Credible...

Massey: "Sane."

White: "I know that goddamnit! I suppose that you also think that you're INSANE...parish the thought. I'll believe it when I see it. I'll think about tremblin in my K-Swiss when I damn well feel like it. Guess what? I don't Justin, a word of advice you wannabe psycho boy. You have two choice. You can do one or the other.

1) You can be a good lil curtain jerker, step in the ring, trip, fall on your back let me pin you for the 1-2-3, then march your happy justin sane ass back to the back, collect you're paycheck and take it back to the trailer park to split with your ma, pa, and your sista Fido.

2) You can try and put up a fight, before I personally rip your heart out and hand it to you gift wrapped. Of course that's not before I pull out some daredevil, acrobatic, highlighted bad ass s*** that the world has ever seen right before I finally pin you."

Either way, you're gonna lose. How you lose all depends on you. Damned if you don't. Make the right one and quit while you still have a chance. Then after I'm done with you, I can kick my K-Swiss straight up Boogie Smallz's ass so bad he'll be having Fillet of Sole for for months. It's you're choice Justin, to get your ass kicked by Jevon White, or get your ass whooped by the mutha f***in ghetto freak in the flesh. Think about it. Come on baby, let's get out of here, we have a match to get ready for."

{Lillian and White walks off leaving Mojo Massey alone in front of the camera. He just shrugs his shoulders as he gives the motion to fade the camera out.}

*{Fade Out}

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