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Kason Kreed


Jan 1, 2000
San Francisco, CA
RING NAME: Kason Kreed
AGE: 24
HEIGHT: 6' 4"
WEIGHT: 245 lbs.
APPEARANCE: Kason stands 6'4 and is built like a brick house. His physique is one every man wished they had. His hair is a short blond spikey mess complimented by ice cold blue eyes. His chest, back, and arms are covered with tattoos that all tell a story of his life. Kason is a man that knows image is a big part of a person in the eyes of the world and always comes dressed to impress.
PERSONALITY: Kason is a man who thinks before he speaks. He hasn't gotten this far in life by putting his foot in his mouth. He walks and talks with a purpose. Most of the time Kason is laid back until someone get's on his nerves. His temper is one that has gotten him into trouble quite a few times, but is also the same thing that makes him so dangerous. Violence and pain is drives Kason in the ring, how much he can give and especially how much he can take. He'll keep his friends close and his enemies closer.
BACKGROUND / HISTORY: Kason comes from wealth but didn't keep his wealth like his other siblings and inherit it. Always working for what he has earned has taught Kason that you can only rely on yourself in this world. Wrestling drew his attention away from his company because the violence was appealing to the young man. Starting at the age of 18 and having a natural ability for fighting excelled Kason quickly into the world of wrestling. But old days are the old days no one cares about past accomplishments. It's only the here and now that we care about. Especially Kason.
HOMETOWN: Tampa, Florida
ENTRANCE MUSIC: "Shelter Me" by Tab Benoit
RING ENTRANCE: "Shelter Me" kick's on as the lights flicker a top of the entrance ramp. The crowd begins to sing along as Kason's shadow cascades down the entrance ramp. The fans erupt as he make his way out of the back. With one fist raised in the air Kason stands atop the entrance ramp as fireworks engulf him. Bursting through the pyros Kason blows smoke out of his nose and heads to the ring. Jumping up on the apron pyros explode out of the ring post. Smiling he steps into the ring and sits a top the turnbuckle and waits for the fun to begin.
WRESTLING STYLE: Hardcore / Showstopper

1. German Suplex
2. DDT
3. Powerslam
4. Vertical Suplex
5. Russian Legsweep
6. Top Rope Legdrop
7. Top Rope Moonsault
8. Gorilla Press Slam
9. Springboard Moonsault
10. Reverse DDT

FINISHER DESCRIPTION: Vertical Suplex into Stunner

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