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Kerry Kuroyama


Jan 1, 2000
Handler Name: The Strawsma

Handler's e-mail address: rrstrawsma@gmail.com

Character's in ring name: Kerry Kuroyama

Character's Real Name: Kerry Edward Kuroyama

Height: 6'1"

Weight: 232 lbs.

Hometown: Seattle, Washington

-Tiger Suplex
-Sit-out Gutwrench Powerbom
-Delayed Gordbuster
-Side Russian Legsweep
-Cradle Piledriver
-Spinning Back-Handed Chop
-Running Knee Strike
-Palm Strike
-Running Front Dropkick (while opponent is propped against the turnbuckle)
-Spinning Mule Kick to the Abdomen
-Katahajime Sleeper
-Cloverleaf Leglock
-Gedo Clutch
-Full Nelson Hold
-Inverted STF

Finisher: Kuroyama Driver (Pump-Handle Emerald Flowsion)

Apperance: Mixed Japanese and Caucasian descent, in the prime of his youth. Solid, toned physique and an overall fit appearance. Eye color is dark brown, hair is black, worn in a trim spike cut and a soul patch. Ring equipment consists of boots, knee pads, elbow pads, and grappling gloves (all black), with attire being emerald green grappling shorts with black trim. The seal of The Dojo appears as a decal on the left hip.

Theme Music/Entrance: "Revolve" by the Melvins

Gimmick/Other notes about your character:

At 19 years, Kerry Kuroyama is a third-generation professional wrestler; his father, Zack Kuroyama, was a prolific independent talent on both sides of the Pacific Ocean, while his grandfather, Daiske Kuroyama, spent much of his career pioneering the sport in his homeland of Japan. He was trained at The Dojo, a Seattle-based gym and wrestling school owned and operated by local wrestling legend and multi-time World Heavyweight Champion, "The Undying" Rocko Daymon (himself a student of Kerry's father).

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