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Kin Hiroshi


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Name: Kin Hiroshi
Nicknames: "The Muffin Man", "The Blueberry Bomber", "The Sultan of Suzette", "Japanese Thunder", "The Prince of Pastries", "The Man That Felix Red Can't Kill"
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 245lbs
Handedness: Right
Hailing From: Tokyo, Japan

Gimmick: Thanks to Season 2 involvement by Felix Red, Kin Hiroshi is a man who has lost all sense of himself, and has developed slight paranoid schitzophrenic tendencies. Too add to the general deterioration of his "id", upon winning the NFW World Championship, Kin found himself no longer fighting FOR anything, and with no longer having to chase Felix Red, Kin is "lost".

Ring Attire: White wrestling pants with gold and black lightning strikes down the sides. "The Muffin Man" is printed in red embossed lettering across the ass of his tights. He also wears white wrestling boots with pictures of atomic explosions on the toes.

Theme Music: "Immortal" by Adema

Ring Entrance:
(CUE UP: "Immortal" by Adema. The arena lights flicker on and off for a few moments, before going completely out. Within an instant, a single spotlight shines brightly down in the middle of the ring, with Kin Hiroshi standing dead center. A "waterfall" fireworks display rains down sparks from each edge of the lighting rig above the ring, while Hiroshi points skyward. As the fireworks subside, Kin makes his way over to his corner, climbs to the second rope, and poses for the crowd as he "chats" with the fans in the front row.)

Tactics/Style: Kin considers himself a wrestling purist. That is, he prides himself on his technical prowess and mat work. However, he's not oppossed to being dangerous in order to win a match (launching himself off the top-rope, or diving out of the ring). However, he HATES using weapons or anything outside of his own body to win a match, as he sees it as underhanded garbage tactics that undermind a great sport. (Think Bryan Danielson meets Own Hart)

1) Kin never quits, which is why you will no doubt hear "Kin Hiroshi just won't die" during his matches. Exemplary resilience.
2) He's very dextrous and nimble.
3) Despite his self-destructive nature, Kin is extremely smart and knows the "ins-and-outs" of the "biz".

1) Not always aware of his surroundings (whether because of a beating or because of drugs)
2) IS a drug addict, which can hinder his usually dextrous in-ring demeanor
3) History of bad ribs, due to Felix Red and Doc Silver in Season 2.


Neck-breaker, Side Russian Leg Sweep, STF, Half-Boston Crab, DDT, Trap Headbutts, Reverse DDT, Inverted Reverse DDT, Northern Lights Suplex, Front Lay-Out Suplex, Fisherman Suplex, Fisherman Buster, Belly-to-Belly Suplex, Trap Suplex, Bridging Butterfly Suplex, Knife-edge Chops, Guilletine Headlock, European Uppercut, Running Forearm Smash

Specifically, Kin, being the "ring general" that he is, focuses on the head of his opponent as a prelude to his finisher.


Born into a wrestling family, Kin took up the family craft at an early age, and quickly made a name for himself in Japan. However, knowing that wrestling would never make him millions of dollars, he stole his mother's muffin recipe and forged a pastry empire from a deal with Hostess (this has caused quite a rift between Kin and his family). After making millions as a businessman, Kin refocused his young life on wrestling, and made his way to America, signing a contract with Erik Zieba in EWI. After a merger or two, EWI became GXW, and later GWE (holding cruiserweight and television titles within the companies), yet Kin's career continued to rise as he signed with CSWA (holding both the Greensboro and US titles), NFW (winning his first World Championship at the end of "Season 2"), EPW and participating in TEAM events.

Kin has made very few friends in the industry, as most find his muffins repulsive, and on rare occasions poisoned to give himself an advantage in the ring. However, he pals around with "Wildfire" Johnny Rage and "Mr. Irresistible" Johnny Styles (members of the tag-team The NEW VD), as he trained both men. However, he finds himself ridiculing them more than helping them out, and has them run odd tasks for him rather than helping them focus on their rekindled wrestling careers (though they find being Kin's lackey more relaxing than wrestling).

Recent events have seen Hiroshi claim his first World Championship after beating his long time enemy, Felix Red, but no one is certain Kin will be able to retain the title for long as drug addiction, paranoia, and Felix Red see to be creeping up behind Hiroshi.


Divide 120 Points between:

Provide a 20-set movelist as follows:

1-5: European Uppercut, Guilletine Headlock, Russian Legsweep, Knife-edge Chops, DDT
6-15: Dragon Suplex, Fisherman Buster, Running Forearm Smash, Trap Headbutts, Northern Lights Suplex
16-18: "Air Raid on Tokyo" (rolling Brainbusters), "Dropping The Bomb" (top-rop diving headbutt), "Pearl Harbor #2" (bridging butterfly suplex for pin)
19: "Japanese Thunder" (Tornado DDT)
20: "H.L.B." aka "Hiroshima's Little Boy" (Burning Hammer: Torture Rack into Spiccoli Driver)

Attack Value: 7
Defense Value: 5
KIN HIROSHI WON'T DIE~! mode: 12 Attack 10 Defense
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