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Knives Out


Diva Tree
Jan 1, 2000
(FADEIN to a small pool of blood on blank gray concrete. It's still wet. A drop hits it and it spreads. And another. And another. The camera pans out and we see Anarky slumped over on a bench, a medical trainer behind him. The trainer is pulling out pieces of glass and tacks from his back. Anarky barely seems to notice.)

TRAINER: "Y'know, you aren't getting any younger to be doing this to your body."


TRAINER: "This is going to require a fair number of stitches. Some of these wounds are old."

(More silence.)

TRAINER: "Uh, are you alright, buddy... ? You've lost a good amount of blood... "

ANARKY: "I'm alive, aren't I."

(At this the trainer nods, though he has a disconcerted look on his face.)

TRAINER: "So, uh... Miles and Ice Tre really did a number on you, huh?"

ANARKY: "I guess."

TRAINER: "Well... I mean, if it was me, and I'd worked that hard only to have some gangsta and manipulative jerk go and screw me like that, I'd be pretty pissed off."

ANARKY: "It is what it is."

(They return to silence. The trainer goes towards Anarky's front and takes his head into his hands as he begins to stitch up his forehead.)

TRAINER: "Hell of a fight, though."

ANARKY: "Blood was spilled. Hate gleamed into a weapon. Always the same. Nothing ever learned. Nothing ever changes."

TRAINER: "You sure you're alright there, buddy?"

ANARKY: "Of course. What's the difference? Ice Tre... Miles... Westcott... lifeless corposes dancing... no f*cking matter to me..."

(The trainer nods, pretending to understand. Eventually he finishes. He wants to speak but the glare from Anarky silences him and he simply walks out.)

ANARKY: "You think you've won... silenced me... proven something... you've done nothing.

"You cannot win... cannot achieve victory... for that only comes in the end... and this.. will never end... this war...

"... all you have earned... is my attention... my desire... my rage...

"... over and over and over and over again...

"... and even in this, nothing will be learned... nothing achieved.

"We are condemned to repeat this forever. Soon you will learn... you have done nothing...

"... but awaken me...

".. and my eyes are open...

"... and all is beautiful...

"... and we... have only... just... begun... "

(He finally looks up and smiles through the blood-soaked mask that covers his face. Even his teeth are covered in blood as he grins from ear to ear.)

ANARKY: "C'mon boys.... let's play."


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