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Krimson Kharnival


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Apr 7, 2012

Bah! It's a "safe sport" where you face each other in a wrestling ring under a list of rules. There's a clear cut winner and loser, even in the most chaotic of companies.

Welcome to the Krimson Kharnival.

Here, the warrior you face may have been drunk not six hours before. Knocked in the head and dragged here to face you in what could be the last fight of his life in a recruitment drive very similar to what was done in the British Navy a long time ago.

Or he could be a bloodthirsty warrior, dead set on proving that he is the most violent contender of all time by ripping your beating heart out of your chest and eating part of it before you die.

Though to narrow your roles to the simple of fighting to the surrender, knock out, or death would be as simple as raising the wrestling risk to a Ten and leaving it at that.

Oh no. You can play more than one role here. Just be certain of one thing. Life is not certain or valued...

1. The Fighter
Pure and simple. A fighter is brought into the Kharnival by an Agent of some kind. The Fighter is given either promises of pay, training, blackmail, or even purchased as a part of foul human traffiking deals. The fighter is to fight to the amusement of the VIP crowd and defeat all opponents to the submission, knock out, or death. No matter who or what the opponent is...

2. Entertainment
From acts at the Kharnival center stage to the numberless side acts, games, and vendors. You could do anything from riding the flying trapeze, throwing daggers, run a ring toss, be a freak show, or even sell fried treats. All gather around the Kharnival in the attempts to make money, entertain, and provide cover for the fights taking place in the secret heart of the Kharnival. In this case, things are a bit less on the compeditive side, and more storytelling on the day to day prep of the entertainment, and what kind of activities to be done during the Kharnival. Storylines can and will blossom from these actions.

3. Talent Agent
These are the dealers who bring in the actions. They hire the fighters and the entertainment to be used and abused in the Kharnival. Roleplays here can be used to help spark a tale of Entertainment or boost the score of a Fighter as it would for a tag team match. Fights can break out over who can bring prized fighters into the Kharnival. Agents can bring in extra npcs for fights and acts throughout the show.

Just be prepared to help write up fights or acts for last minute additions. Lol

4. Location Scouts
These are the people who find the places for the Kharnival to go. They seek out the abandoned places of a size enough to hold the entire Kharnival while ensuring that no one (authorities, do gooders, and so on) interfere with the Kharnival and the hidden VIP section. This also includes cleaning up afterwards with regards to bodies, trash, and so on (evidence). Roleplays here would be compeditive based on who would actually land the location that the Kharnival actually uses. Intrigue and alliances abound.

5. VIP
National Leaders, Industrial Captains, Celebtites, Crime Bosses, and so on. The Rich and the Privileged come to the VIP of the Krimson Kharnival to watch the bloody battles, bet on the outcomes, and enjoy the darkest of delights. Roleplays are to compare notes about the last fights, find the next place to be for the Kharnival, rivalries, and so on. Be a VIP! Enjoy yourself!

Locations can also be seized by force for special events. These can't often be held for long as law enforcement take a dim view of such actions.

At the end of the day you should remember this. The Krimson Kharnival is a member company of the Warhammer Corporation (as in the company is owned by Warhammer in at least 51 percent). As such, all kinds of horrific support can be called upon.

The activities of the Kharnival are illegal. If you ask anyone from the Warhammer Corporation in any official capacity, you will be told that the Kharnival does not exist.

And as a final note, these roles are not set in stone. A given character can act as more than one role. A fighter who does entertainment acts when victims are slim picking, or brings in cannon fodder for the brutalizing. A VIP who has a grudge against another, both bringing in fighters to settle the scrore (meaning that the fighter is a secondary character and you're roleplaying as the VIP). Anything is possible!

Wait, as a final...final note. If you come up with your own storylines, great. I am a bit heavy handed as they say and will "borrow" any characters during the shows to write segments around. I will do my very best to gain an understanding of the character as to not do something totally out of whack, but curve balls will be thrown. Secondary characters are at more risk than main characters. The Krimson Kharnival is not a place for your beloved characters. In the end, this is a very violent place, and everyone will meet a violent end at some point. This is a place to weave some awesome twisted stories and fly into left field from the normal wrestling promotions while attempting to remain within the "real world setting" of the interfed network. Think of the Hellboy movies as a comparison. The supernatural and the horror are out there, but best left in the shadows.

Most of your common folks know about the Kharnival and can't wait to buy tickets. The rich and the privileged pay extra to get into the VIP to watch the fights and gamble upon the outcomes. The shows and the fights are streamed online to public sites where there is the struggle to take them down, only for them to be put back up a dozen times. The common people believe that this is a fake horror show and fake snuff fighting...

Out of the many who go to the Kharnival, around ten percent are horrified beyond their capacity for their sanity. They are transformed by the experience into pale, broken shadows of their former existence that follow in the shadows of the Kharnival to waylay others to rob them of valuables or flesh.

To join, go to www.efedzone.com to set up a Handler account, make a character (wrestler) and head to the Federation list to find Krimson Kharnival and apply today!

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