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Larry Tact....what an act...


League Member
Jan 1, 2000
{The scene comes up to a back yard. Not just any back yard, but the back yard of one Michael Gettis. They seem to be having a barbeque. There are numerous people standing around talking with some sort of "beverage". The camera weaves past the crowd of people and focuses on a four men sitting around a table playing dominoes. One of those men is Michael Gettis himself. His hair is not in its usual state. It is picked out and his afro is waving in the wind. He seems to be having a good time. His mind in not on wrestling right now. He is just trying to have a good time. Michael lays down a bown.}

Michael- That be 15 points nigga!

{The four men laugh jokingly. One of the men right something down on a piece of paper. The man lays the pencil down. He looks at Michael.

Man- So Dawg...What kind of show you going to put on this time. Who you facing?

Michael- (Staring at the guy) Yo' nigga...Does it look like I want to talk about that ##### right now? I'm tryin' to chill.

Man- Oh yo'...My b'...

Michael- But you know I am going to put on a show right? I mean, come on, look who I am facing. Larry Tact, that nigga better know how to act...hit 'em with a bat...

{Michael continues to bust a little rap. He finishes and the four mean laugh with each other. They quiet down after a second or two. Michael taps the guy ,to his left, on the shoulder. The guy looks at Michael.

Guy- What's up?

Michael- What don't chu roll a guard yo'.

Guy- (Pulling a philly out of his pocket) Tru'!

{The guy proceeds to bust the philly. He empty's the philly out in a garbage can next to the table. He pulls out a dark green leafy substance. He breaks it up and rolls it up into a blunt. He lights it, hits it for a second, then passes it to Michael}

Michael- (After taking a hit off the blunt) Now...since you got me talking about this match. I don't think that Tact guy has been around. Nigga' must of run off or something. That's straight though...Got more important things to focus on.

Man- Like what?

Michael- Nigga' named GUNS. This fool goin' around disrespecting Greensboro. The time is going to come for me to show this fool what Greensboro is all about.

{Michael hits the blunt some more. He looks at his bones...looks at the board...looks back at his bones.}

Michael- (Slamming a bone down) DOMINOE NIGGA!

{Michael starts to dance a little. The scene starts to get out of focus until it totally fades to black}

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