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LEGENDS MATCH: Eli Flair vs. Hornet

User Poets

The Shadow Pope
Jan 6, 1995
Top of the Pile
So it is down to you, and it is down to me.

Now, Hornet. Now comes the part where we talk about how much we respect each other and what we've both done for the sport in general and the CSWA in particular, the part where we reminisce about the past and speculate about the future.

You'll pardon me if I skip it. I'm about as fond of sentimental bull**** as you are.

At CSWA17, we both know what's going to happen. We've tangled enough times for me to know that you won't hold anything back. I hope you realize the same. But there's one difference between us, Hornet. At CSWA17... there is no tomorrow for me. I can beat you down all I want and take it just the same... only one of us has to come back to try and make something of themselves in the CSWA the next day.

But that's really just more smoke up your ass, Hornet. You know I always wrestle like it's my last match. Look at my style - every match could be the last.

All in all, it couldn't've happened any other way here. The friendly words when I was finding my space, the blood we spilled, the alliances and Hornet splashes, the feuding and the Fallen Ones... and a combined two World Title reigns, two United States title reigns, and one UNIFIED Championship reign all got washed aside. You were the HERO and I was the ANTI-HERO. It's fitting that this last match isn't for World Titles, isn't for bragging rights or political points of view.

You should be glad I'm your opponent for the biggest show of the year, Hornet. You've been playing the Rogue Businessman for so long, there's no way you're actually in a good place, personally, with Thomas nowadays. Your commentary in the ring showed a bit more paranoia than I'm sure you wanted to let on.

But be proud. This is me you're in the ring with. ELI. You don't get much less political than me, and when your name ain't Troy Windham, the only thing you've really gotta look out for in the ring with me is interference.

Being, the complete and total annihilation of anyone who tries to interfere in this match. That's right, Hornet. Crippling an interloper who thinks they can interfere in our business is more important to me than pinning you. I don't want any distractions, and I don't want any complications. And I'll tear my way through any that try to influence this match.

Ironic, isn't it, the fact that interference and distraction, by that time, will mean f**k all to me in the grand scheme of things.



The Godfather
Staff member
Mar 17, 1988
(Hornet's lacing up his boots before a CSWA house show in Colorado Springs. It's been a long time since the schedule has been at a place where he couldn't just sit on his sofa at home and cut a promo.)

Yeah, I've got it, Eli. This is your final hurrah. You'll forgive me if i'm not too concerned about that one, considering I'll still be around. Then again, Eli, you've had your "final" match in the fWo -- against another CSWA World Champion, even. And we'll have your NFW "finale" when you deem it as well.

“Total Elimination.” “The King of Extreme.” “The User Poet.” I’m sure I missed a couple… And now, the new Dr. Phil! Thanks for psychoanalyzing me, Eli. Then again, you’ve been too busy holding hands with Miles and Deacon out west to really know what’s been going on here.

You’re not the first to accuse me of paranoia. Of course, the last time someone did, we then found out that Miles and Southern were indeed working together and interested in knocking me off. Thomas has already made it clear that he’d love to get out from under my contract, although I’d bet you just about anything that he doesn’t even know when my contract runs out.

And I appreciate the fact that you’re the ANTI-everything, Eli. The anti-hero. Anti-political. Anti-interference. Anti-Windham – I can even join you on that one. The problem is, it’s all… how do I say this politely? A bunch of bull****.

You weren’t “political” because you always had someone to do it for you. Whether it was Ivy, or when you joined the ClaimStakers – you always had someone to either take the heat from management or to bring it for you. You got yourself fired after you powerbombed a woman through a table, but it sure wasn’t your smooth talking that brought ya back in, now was it?

As far as interference goes… it seems like the last time we stepped into the ring that someone close to you smacked me in the head with a Singapore Cane. I’m certainly not saying it wasn’t good payback, but let’s drop the pretense that I don’t have to worry about anything while I’m in the ring with you. We both know that just because Ivy and I buried the hatchet in the ring doesn’t mean that she won’t bury that cane in my skull if she feels like she needs to.

And then… there’s the anti-hero. The man who never met a cause he was so passionate about that he wouldn’t turn his back on it when given a semi-plausible reason. The ClaimStakers… the CSWA… Disney’s fWo… a friendship or two. We both know that you’re not a forgiving man, Eli… and you certainly never forget.

I’ve got no doubt that no matter how settled or ‘in the past’ things are between us, that there’s still some built-up aggression on both sides that it’ll be good to get out early in the match. Seems like there’s a sucker punch I’ve got a receipt on somewhere.

Just remember, Eli, I said I was sorry. I didn’t say I was stupid. I know what this means to you, no matter how meaningless I’m supposed to believe it is.

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