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Legion of BOOM


League Member
Jun 1, 2007
“Mic check, one two.”

[As we cut up to Da Man, he’s adjusting a mic hanging off of his new black “Da Man” Xavier Langston T-shirt, which has a cigar laying under the logo’d name and some smoke rising from the lit cherry. He stands in front of the camera, the rest of his outfit consisting of a pair of jeans some tan Timberlands.]

“Da Man” Xavier Langston:
Can ya hear me out there, Legion? I jus’ wanted ta make sure, since I lowered da BOOM on you so hard that the NFL thinks they gettin’ sued again. I don't want no confusion about da words dat are comin’ out my mouth.

I. Whooped. Yo’. Ass. At. Yo. Own. Game.

I took dat chaos you was tryin’ to interject into my match, an’ I smashed you in da face wit’ it.

Y’all can spin it any way ya want, how you relish bein’ in the ring early to stain it wit’ yo death-smellin’ stench,, but there’s one simple fact yo’ missin’. I ain’t in dis Random Rumble to cause chaos. I ain’t in dis Random Rumble to go to war. I’m in dis Random Rumble to win. I’m up in this piece to make mincemeat o’ the competition an’ take a title shot dat’s got my name written all over it. An’ I don’ care if it’s you in my way...I don’t care if it’s dat big oaf Devastator, hell, I don’t give a flyin’ [NO AUDIO] if Just Mark crawls into the ring, burlap sack and all, and starts tryin’ ta gnaw at my ankles, I’mma whoop all o’y’all dat are lef’ standin’ between me an’ my prize.

An’ when I’m done, if my name is still rollin’ outta dat sorry, mediocre rancid stinkhole you call a mouth...actually, [NO AUDIO] dat, if you got half da sack you think you got, send dem twin meat towers ahead to Chicago an’ bring yo’ ass to BRAWL so I can whoop it good an’ proper.

Cause da only sacrifice dat’s gon’ be goin’ on will be me sacrificin’ what’s left o’ yo yellow teeth to my foot. Because I am DA MAN!

An’ my will...is...LAW!


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